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One day QA-QC Welding Program evaluation Test

1. What mode of metal transfer allows for consistent all position GMAW welding?
a. Axial Spray b. Short Circuit
c. Spray Arc d. Globular

2. GMAW is generally done with what polarity?

a. Direct Current Electrode Negative (DC-) b. Direct Current Electrode Positive (DC+)
c. Alternating Current (AC) d. Does not matter

3. What type of power source is generally used for GMAW welding?

a. Constant Current b. Variable Voltage
c. Alternating Current d. Constant Voltage

4. Inadequate gas flow can cause what defect in GMAW welding?

a. Undercut b. Porosity
c. Worm tracking d. Hydrogen cracking

5. What is the limitation of SMAW process

a. Frequent stop/starts to change electrode b. Low cost
c. Suitable for out-of position welding d. Adaptable to confined spaces & remote locations

6. In electrode classification of E-7018, 1 stands for :

a. Low hydrogen b. 1 G position
c. All position d. Flat & horizontal position

7. The following is not a technique of movement of holder / torch

a. Push b. Perpendicular
c. Drag d. Tapping

8. Which is not a plate position

a. 3G b. 6G
c. 4G d. 2G

9. In boiler and pressure vessel industries, welders are qualified according to :

a. AWS D 1.1 b. ASME Section IX
c. AWS D 1.5 d. API 1104

10. The ISO standard for Welding Procedure Qualification is :

a. 9712 b. 3834
c. 15614 d. 15609

11. According to ASME Section IX, the following test is not mandatory for PQR
a. Visual b. All weld metal tensile
c. Transverse Tensile d. Bend

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12.Which of the following is geometrical defect :
a. Mismatch b. Laminar Tearing
c. Crater crack d. Heat affected zone crack

13, Heat input is related with :-

a. Current b. Voltage
c. Travel speed d. All of the above

14.As per ISO 15614, a welder who satisfactory complete the test for the qualification of WPS:-
a. needs to weld a specific new test to be qualified b.automatically qualified in accordance with ISO
in accordance with ISO 9606-1 9606-1 with the relevant range
c.Must be previously qualified to be allowed to weld d. None of the above is correct
a test pieces for the qualification of that WPS

15. The Bridge cam weld gauge can not measure

a. Bevel angle b. Misalignment
c. Undercut d. Temperature

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