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Lab Safety Badge: Compound Champion Badge:

This badge shows that students have an This is awarded to students who
understanding of lab safety and WHMIS, demonstrate ability to effectively
which are
of Science
9. This
and understand
badge would be awarded to individuals molecular compounds in Science 9,
who complete and pass their safety quiz a complex series of outcomes. This
and demonstrate safety in the lab.
badge will be given when students
are able to show this skill through
conversation, on quizzes or

Reactor Badge: Catalyst Badge:

This badge is awarded to students who This badge is awarded to students who
demonstrate understanding of chemical go above and beyond to initiate
reactions and when they take place, classroom discussion on online forums
or blogs. Students “catalyze”
outcomes within Science 9.

Growth Badge: Team Player Badge:
This badge is awarded to students who The Team Player Badge is awarded to
demonstrate improvement in work ethic students who excel in group work by
or assessment throughout the semester. going above and beyond their duties.
If a student does not understand a topic The recipient of this badge can be
at the beginning but demonstrates nominated by other students, or can be
understanding at the end of the unit, awarded by the teacher who keeps track
they may be awarded this badge. of group work via Google Docs.

Mendeleev Master:
Leader Badge: This badge is given to students who
This badge is awarded to a student who show through assessment strong
shows great work ethic and support to understanding of elements within the
other students throughout the course. periodic table including the different
This award may be given to hardworking families and how the periodic table came
students who demonstrate excellent to be.
work or are effectively facilitating a
positive online community.

Problem Solver Badge: Critical Thinker Badge:
This badge is awarded to students who This badge is awarded to students or a
show extensive problem solving skills group of students who demonstrate
within the science 9 curriculum. It could effective critical thinking skills and
analysis of scientific questions. Students
also be awarded to a group of students
who demonstrate unique abilities awarded this need to convey new ideas,
creating practical solutions to large demonstrate effective research skills and
problems posed in class. apply concepts discussed in class to
new situations.