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1. I don’t have time to work because I study full – time; I’m a Biology ______.
a. teacher
b. career
c. major

2. I love cats B: _____.

a. I do too
b. Me neither
c. I am too

3. I want to invite Raul to the party. Great! I really like _______.

a. he
b. him
c. her

4. I can’t stand reality shows. I hate ______.

a. it
b. them
c. watch

5. Do you play cards? Yes, but only with my friends. _______ in my family likes to play.
a. Everyone
b. Nobody
c. They

6. I really enjoy ________ because I love taking care of plants.

a. gardening
b. hoarding
c. growing

7. When I play soccer, I ______ a lot of water.

a. drink
b. am going to drink
c. will drink

8. I’m ______ out to party these days. But I’ll go out with you tonight.
a. not going
b. not
c. don’t go

9. I run 10 miles every weekend. _______. That’s amazing!

a. Well
b. Not really
c. No way!

10. I had a very high fever last night. _________. That is not good! You should see a doctor.
a. I bet
b. Are you serious?
c. All right

11. I wear my wedding ________ on my left hand

a. loop
b. ring
c. rim

12. Homer is my favorite Simpson’s _________.

a. character
b. portrait
c. person

13. My favorite hobby is knitting. I love making caps, sweaters, _________.

a. I guess
b. and things like that
c. and else
14. Do you enjoy swimming? Um, ______. Only if the water is warm.
a. generally
b. sure
c. it depends

15. I was an animal lover when I was a child, I _______ a lot of pets.
a. would have
b. had
c. was having

16. How many of your friends speak English? _______ them do.
a. A lot
b. Some
c. A lot of

17. I think I was thirteen, ______ twelve, when I first read The Lord of the Rings.
a. no, wait…
b. gosh
c. I guess…

18. Do you want to go the movies tomorrow? Sure! _______, I just remembered I have a doctor’s appointment.
a. You are kidding
b. To be honest
c. No, wait

19. Where is your office? It is ______ Mariana de Jesus Ave.

a. at
b. between
c. on

20. Is there _______ around here? I need some cash.

a. an ATM
b. a maching
c. a P E

21. My friends have a nice beach house in Tonsupa. Do you want to go? I’m sorry. _______?
a. how so
b. how far
c. where

22. The gym I go to is five minutes away from my house. Excuse me, it’s _______?
a. how far
b. how many
c. how much

23. I’m going to fail the math exam. _____ so hard to remember all the topics!
a. It is
b. They’re
c. They are

24. Excuse me, do you work here? Yes, I do! I’m here _______.
a. for give help
b. to help
c. in helping

25. Be careful…don’t touch the ______. It is really hot.

a. stove
b. dresser
c. cabinets

26. Put the dishes in the ______. I’ll wash them later.
a. sink
b. bathtub
c. shower
27. Do you mind going with me to the store? _______. I need to go, too.
a. No problem
b. No, not at all
c. Sure

28. Do you mind if I am a little late? There’s a lot of traffic. ________. Take your time!
a. Of course I do
b. Oh, no. No problem
c. Well, I do

29. You didn’t answer the phone. _______ you sleeping when I called you?
a. Were
b. We’re
c. Was

30. Was Fernando with you when he fell? No, he was skating ______ himself.
a. for
b. by
c. with

31. I was walking when it started raining. But I had my ______ with me, so I didn’t get wet.
a. kindness
b. briefcase
c. umbrella

32. Yesterday, I got into a fight, and a guy punched me. That’s why I have a ________ eye
a. blue
b. black
c. purple

33. I had seafood for lunch. Really? _________ it was delicious.

a. I mean
b. I realize
c. I bet

34. Yesterday I broke my girlfriend’s favorite sunglasses. Oh, no! _______ she got really mad at you.
a. I bet
b. I’m not sure
c. Maybe

35. Mr. Anton is not here right now. Would you like to ________ a message?
a. call in
b. drop
c. leave

36. Mrs. Cordero doesn’t live here. I think you have the ________ number.
a. wrong
b. bad
c. worse

37. Do you and your sister look _______? Not at all. We look very different.
a. like
b. after
c. alike

38. I think ________ got the curliest hair in my family.

a. I’m
b. he is
c. I’ve

39. I assist doctors and take care of sick people. I am a __________.

a. waiter
b. nurse
c. lawyer

40. Could you recommend a good ______? I need a new dresser.

a. carpenter
b. producer
c. builder

41. Does he want this last piece of pizza? ______.

a. No, he doesn’t
b. I do too
c. Ye, he do

42. Do you like to dance? Yes, I do. I really enjoy _______ reggaetton!
a. dancing
b. in dance
c. to dance

43. I love ______ the guitar.

a. playing
b. played
c. am playing

44. Do you want to come to the party? _______ from the office is here.
a. All
b. Every
c. Everybody

45. _______ I feel run down, I usually stay at home.

a. Shouldn’t
b. If
c. While

46. Do you like pizza? I love it, but at the moment I _____ to eat more healthy foods.
a. am trying
b. trying
c. will try

47. I love skiing. It is my favorite sport. _____ I do too!

a. How come?
b. Really?
c. How embarrassing!

48. Hell, Mrs. Galindo. Can I see Gina? You can’t see the _______ before the wedding. It is bad luck.
a. bride
b. girl
c. groom

49. My doctor recommends eating five ______ a day.

a. foods
b. lunches
c. meals

50. Does Gabriela want anything from the supermarket? _______ Let me ask her.
a. I’m not sure.
b. Really?
c. Not at all.

51. Are you older than me? I’m not sure. ________
a. When were you born?
b. When you born?
c. When did you born?

52. Did you study French last year? No, I didn’t. I _______ German,
a. took
b. take
c. were taking

53. My mother wants to invite you to lunch… ________ dinner tomorrow.

a. really
b. not at all
c. I mean
54. The coffee shop is across the street _______ Banco Guayaquil.
a. of
b. in
c. from

55. Cotopaxi will be on your left. You can’t ________ it!

a. pass
b. lose
c. miss

56. Do you want a Smart Phone? It’s not difficult ________.

a. to have used
b. to use
c. for using

57. You _______ fix your car. It is making a horrible noise.

a. should
b. would to
c. could

58. How many ________ of laundry do you wash every week?

a. inputs
b. sets
c. loads

59. Can you help me with my homework? __________. What do you want me to do?
a. No, thanks
b. Go ahead
c. No problem

60. When my friend told me the address, I was thinking about something else. I _______ listening, actually.
a. didn’t
b. wasn’t
c. was

61. I was sitting in the park when a bird ________ me. It was very funny, actually!
a. was attacking
b. attacking
c. attacked

62. Yesterday at work, I fell in front of everybody. Everybody laughed! I was so _______!
a. surprised
b. mad
c. embarrassed

63. If you don’t sit correctly, you could hurt your ________.
a. toes
b. back
c. front

64. ________ you father is going to love this book. He loves to read.
a. I mean
b. I bet
c. I mind

65. On my trip to Paris, I visited the Eiffel Tower. It was so amazing! _________.
a. Oh, that’s funny
b. I bet
c. I guess

66. My phone _______ was really high last month. I paid 180 dollars!
a. connection
b. bill
c. fact

67. Does anybody in your family ______ you? No, I’m the only one with blue eyes.
a. look like
b. seem like
c. look at

68. Who’s the girl _______ to Clark Kent? You don’t know her? That’s Lois Lane
a. speaks
b. speaking
c. spoke

69. My _______ next year is to eat less junk food and do more exercise.
a. up
b. out
c. off

70. My tooth hurts a lot. I’m going to make an appointment with my _______.
a. nurse
b. doctor
c. dentist

71. I have four pets. I guess I am _______.

a. a veterinarian
b. a big fan
c. an animal lover

72. I really like my _______. It has a nice park

a. house
b. neighborhood
c. garden

73. I don’t like soccer. I can’t believe it! Everybody I know __________ soccer.
a. likes
b. like
c. liked

74. I really like Messi. He is really good ________.

a. to play soccer
b. for play soccer
c. at soccer

75. Monopoly, Scrabble, and Parcheesi are types of ________

a. jigsaw puzzles
b. board games
c. skills

76. I hardly ever ______ to other countries, but I really want to visit Italy.
a. am traveling
b. am going to travel
c. travel

77. There are too many _________ on your birthday cake. You are getting old!
a. flames
b. candles
c. toppings

78. ________ are the things you wear when you graduate.
a. A cap and scarf
b. A hat and suit
c. A cap and gown

79. Did you pass your final exam? I did. I answered ________ of the questions correctly.
a. none
b. a few
c. most

80. If you want to get to my house, _______ a left on Pichincha Street.

a. walk
b. turn
c. make
81. I want _______ to draw, so I need to buy some pencils and stuff.
a. to learn
b. for learn
c. learning

82. I’m going to climb Chimborazo. I am very excited! Awesome, ________ take a lot of pictures.
a. You would
b. You need
c. Don’t forget to

83. Where can I find a clean glass to drink water? You can get one from the _______ on the right.
a. carpet
b. cabinet
c. stove

84. If you want very loud music, you should buy bigger ________.
a. cushions
b. speakers
c. equipment

85. Could you please wait a few minutes? We have another call. ______ I’ll wait.
a. No problem
b. I bet
c. Actually

86. When my sister _______ my new sweater, she spilled coffee on it.
a. wear
b. had worn
c. was wearing

87. I ________ my ankle last weekend. It still hurts a lot.

a. sprained
b. slipped
c. turned

88. Did you bring the chocolate ice-cream I asked? Sorry, I bought vanilla by _______.
a. error
b. wrong
c. mistake

89. Sorry I didn’t answer your call. My cell phone is _______:

a. hurt
b. broken
c. sprained

90. _______ got red hair in your family?

a. Who’s
b. Who is
c. Whose

91. Do you know the name of the famous ________ who wrote that article in the newspaper about corruption?
a. receptionist
b. business executive
c. journalist

92. My boss is very busy and needs someone to help him with everything. If you need a job, I can talk to him because he’s
looking for ________
a. a neighbor
b. an architect
c. an assistant

93. Do you want to go shopping? I don’t think I can. I’m________.

a. broke
b. rich
c. expensive

94. Are you interested ______ politics?

a. at
b. wtih
c. in

95. Driving in the rain can be really dangerous. With the water, the road gets very ________.
a. careless
b. unreliable
c. slippery

96. I think I have the flu, doctor, but I _________ any medicine.
b. don’t want
c. don’t wanting

97. Christmas is a family _______.

a. meeting
b. date
c. holiday

98. What do you like to put on your sandwich? I like mayonnaise, cheese and ______.
a. ham
b. mashed
c. candle

99. Cristina, were you born in Machala? Yes, I ________.

a. was
b. did
c. were

100. Did you play any instruments when you _____ a kid?
a. were being
b. was
c. were

101. Is your family going with you to Manta? _______, not all of them. My brother Juan has to work.
a. At least
b. I mean
c. Well

102. Can you tell me where the tattoo shop is? Sure, it is _______ the corner of Montufar and 10 de Agosto Ave.
a. within
b. through
c. on

103. The gym I do to is five minutes away from my house. Excuse me, it’s ________?
a. how far
b. how many
c. how much

104. I want to read “The Hobbit” in English. My friend told me it is a good way________ English.
a. for learn
b. to learning
c. to learn

105. When you are in another country, it is really important ________ your passport with you at all times.
a. for having
b. have to
c. to have

106. What were you doing when I called? I _______ home.

a. was walking
b. was walked
c. walked

107. My mom called _________ I was playing soccer. I didn’t answer.

a. if
b. yet
c. while

108. I like cooking, but I can’t ________ vegetables. I am afraid of knives.

a. cut
b. bump
c. chop

109. I love that silver watch. Put it on your ________ to see how it looks.
a. elbow
b. thumb
c. wrist

110. Hi, Dimitri! I’m in a conference right now. Can I call you _______ in an hour?
a. return
b. back
c. off

111. I lost my cell phone. Could you call me on my ________ phone?

a. traditional
b. simple
c. regular

112. I worked hard and got really good grades in college. If I don’t get a good job, I will be very _______.
a. relaxed
b. sore
c. disappointed

113. Do your friends like to watch tennis? _________. They are big Rafael Nadal fans.
a. No, he doesn’t
b. Yes, they do
c. Yes, they are

114. I really like to travel. ________. We have a lot in common.

a. I can’t too
b. I don’t either
c. Me too

115. My girlfriend Alejandra is coming. Do you want to meet _________?

a. his
b. he
c. her

116. So you want to learn to play the trumpet? Yes, I am looking for ________.
a. practice
b. lessons
c. training

117. I always ________ when I have a sore throat.

a. cough
b. am coughing
c. will cough

118. Where _______ these days? I haven’t seen you in so long.

a. do you work
b. do you working
c. are you working

119. Everyday I wake up at 5:30 am. __________ How come?

a. You are kidding!
b. Sure.
c. Um, kind of.

120. A ________ is a kind of jewelry.

a. belt
b. necklace
c. sock
121. A: Do you know any good Italian restaurant around here? B: There is one nearby. It has pizzas, pasta, ________.
a. more or less
b. and elsewhere
c. and stuff like that

122. _________ in my class play an instrument.

a. Most of people
b. None the people
c. Most of the people

123. When _________ you get your Biology degree? About a year ago.
a. did
b. do
c. were

124. Hi, Jessica. I’m here waiting for you. I’m almost here. I’m three ______ away.
a. stations
b. jogs
c. blocks

125. Did you go to the theater last night? Yeah! The _________ was amazing, actually.
a. act
b. sight
c. play

126. I want to eat shrimp ceviche. Excuse me, ________ of ceviche?

a. what kind
b. how kind
c. what cost

127. I’m new in town. Can you tell me how to get to the bus terminal? Sure. It’s not hard _______ find.
a. to
b. of
c. for

128. Your kitchen _________ is not working. I can’t get any water.
a. faucet
b. stove
c. sink

129. Does your ________ work? I need it to bake some cookies.

a. stove
b. oven
c. kitchen

130. You were telling me something about your pet _________ those guys interrupted us.
a. as
b. when
c. where

131. I was doing my homework, and I _________ to call you. Sorry!

a. am forgetting
b. have forgotten
c. forgot

132. I don’t like black and white movies. They are so _________.
a. bright
b. boring
c. bored

133. What does Maria look like? She is ________.

a. fun
b. very nice
c. tall and thin

134. Do you see that house across the street? I think there is fire there. On, my gosh! Call the ________.
a. firefighters
b. water boys
c. officers

135. _________ Juan work in Banco Guayaquil?

a. Do
b. Does
c. What does

136. Do you like to study? Yes, my favorite ________ is Math.

a. major
b. activity
c. class

137. What do you guys want to do on the weekend? We want to climb a mountain. Would you like to come with _________?
a. it
b. we
c. us

138. I need to buy a cake. Do you want to go to the _________ with me?
a. bakery
b. shopping
c. vet

139. What _______ when you feel bored?

a. do you do
b. are you doing
c. will you do

140. _______ us travel to Salinas Beach in the holidays.

a. Most of
b. No
c. All

141. I don’t know how to ride a bike. Really? I’ll teach you. It ________ to learn.
a. was hard
b. would be easy
c. is easy

142. I’ll cook if you ________ the dishes.

a. do
b. make
c. water

143. Tell me more about _______. What do you like to do on weekends?

a. self
b. yourself
c. you’re

144. Daniel’s coffee spilled on the floor, so I ________ mine with him.
a. exchange
b. shared
c. complained

145. I had a horrible day yesterday. I dropped something heavy on my foot and broke a ________.
a. hip
b. finger
c. toe

146. Could you ________? I have another call.

a. hold on
b. hold off
c. allow

147. Do you know the girl ________ the dark blue shirt? Yes, that’s my sister.
a. on
b. by
c. in
148. I don’t have water in my house. Can you call the _______?
a. letter carrier
b. plumber
c. gardner

149. If my boss likes my work, I might get ________ and earn more money.
a. an improvement
b. a promotion
c. a degree

150. No, I don’t have any sisters. In fact, I’m ________.

a. an only child
b. single
c. alone

151. I don’t like going to the mall. It is too _________. I prefer places with fewer people.
a. crowded
b. quiet
c. boring

152. What´s your favorite sport? I like to go the gym and ________.
a. practice
b. study
c. work out

153. ______ your stuff? We leave in 10 minutes.

a. Should you pack
b. Do you pack
c. Are you pack

154. Only _______ actors have won an Academy Award.

a. a few of the
b. most
c. a few

155. I think I lived on 10 de Agosto Avenue until 2009. No, you _________. You moved in 2007!
a. don’t
b. didn’t
c. weren’t

156. Can I drive my car there? No! There is only a walking ________.
a. way
b. ferry
c. path

157. The new iPhone is 650 dollars. Sorry, it costs ________?

a. what kind
b. how many
c. how much

158. Your sofa is uncomfortable. You should buy softer _________.

a. pillow
b. fabrics
c. cushions

159. ________ are you? I think I’m five feet tall.

a. How big
b. How tall
c. What tall

160. ________ I train everyday, I might run a marathon.

a. If
b. When
c. Maybe
161. _______ favorite food?
a. Are you
b. What’s your
c. What is you’re

162. I love bachata; I can listen to it all day. B: _________, but I prefer salsa.
a. I am too
b. I does
c. I can too

163. Do you like to use Twitter? Of course! I enjoy ________ Twitter to share online articles with my friends.
a. use
b. in using
c. using

164. Do you want to ________ a dance class? You can go with me.
a. join
b. get
c. go out

165. Mario is a huge Liga de Loga fan. He _______ to the stadium every Sunday.
a. is going
b. goes
c. does go

166. Cuenca’s independence is celebrated _____ the 3rd of November.

a. in
b. at
c. on

167. Can you please clean the table? And, put the dirty dishes in the ________...I’m too tired to wash them by hand.
a. cabinets
b. shower
c. diswasher

168. Could you put this glass of water on my _______?

a. cushion
b. faucet
c. nightstand

169. I think you didn’t give me the correct number. When I called, a _______ answered.
a. regular
b. mistake
c. stranger

170. Do you see that guy? He’s my best friend. Which one? The one _______ the spiked hair or the other one?
a. in
b. by
c. with

171. Who is the guy ______ the guitar? Are you serious? That’s Paul McCartney!
a. playing
b. to play
c. plays

172. Are you travelling ______ next year? No, I’m staying here in Ecuador.
a. abroad
b. outdoors
c. here

173. Do you like to have milk with you breakfast? I can’t drink milk. I’m ________.
a. vegetarian
b. allergic
c. sick

174. Do you go out on Friday nights? ________. I really like to party.

a. No, he doesn’t
b. No, I don’t
c. Yes, I do

175. Are you ______ baseball? Not really. I prefer other sports.
a. good
b. into
c. well

176. Can you teach me to knit? I want to learn a new _______.

a. skill
b. game
c. interest

177. The weather ________ for tomorrow is rain. Get your umbrellas ready!
a. alarm
b. predictions
c. instruction

178. ________ me, Ma’am. Can you help me find Diego de Almagro Ave.?
a. Excuse
b. Bless
c. Sorry

179. I _______ at my phone when I crashed my parent’s car. I don’t know what to do now.
a. have been looking
b. was looking
c. am looking

180. When I to the gym, I enjoy ________ weights.

a. carrying
b. raising
c. lifting

181. _______ do for fun?

a. Do you
b. Are you
c. What do your friends

182. Where do you work? _________.

a. I have a part-time job.
b. Well, I work in Quito
c. Yes, I do.

183. All you do is play video games. You need to get a job and stop being so ________!
a. amazing
b. good with your hands
c. lazy

184. Hey, Paul, do you want to go out for lunch with me? Hi, Vanessa! Sorry but I can’t right now. I _______ a lot of work
during the middle of the day.
a. am always having
b. always have
c. should always have

185. What are you doing after graduation? I want to get a _______ in History.
a. title
b. degree
c. class

186. I love your vacation home. It was a wonderful ________ of the ocean.
a. look
b. view
c. landscape

187. I’m going to France next month. What _______ I buy for your?
a. should
b. have to
c. need to

188. Why is your backpack a lot ______ than mine? Because I have all my books in there.
a. heavier
b. wider
c. stranger

189. _______ your girlfriend look like?

a. How does
b. How is
c. What does

190. I live __________. It’s only a few minutes walking

a. here
b. nearby
c. far away

191. I work on weekends, so I don’t have a lot of ________.

a. responsibilities
b. free time
c. homework

192. What are you doing? I am planning a huge surprise birthday party I __________ for John!
a. should throw
b. throw
c. am going to throw

193. My father never answers the phone. You should send _________ an e-mail, then.
a. her
b. him
c. his

194. Today I am visiting the _________. I really want to see the Virgen del Panecillo.
a. sights
b. views
c. landscapes

195. What ________ I do to help you? Well, you can make dessert.
a. can’t
b. would
c. can

196. _______ you recommend a movie? Sure! You should watch “Back to the Future”
a. Can
b. Are
c. Will

197. Are there any good theaters around here? There is _______ nearby. It is called Cinemark.
a. some
b. any
c. one

198. I’m traveling to Tena tomorrow. ________ insect repellent. There are so many mosquitos there!
a. You’ll take
b. Take
c. Take to

199. I need to take a bath, but there is no _______.

a. soap
b. paste
c. jam

200. Can you buy me a _______? I need to cut some newspaper articles.
a. pair of scissors
b. pack of scissors
c. set of scissors
201. Are these your sister’s high heels? Those are not _______, they are mine.
a. hers
b. her
c. she’s

202. How old are your kids? Eight and twelve years old. How old are _______?
a. your
b. your’s
c. yours

203. I’m so tired of ________ my bed every morning.

a. changing
b. making
c. doing

204. Well, I’m going outside to skateboard. Oh, that is dangerous. Don’t hurt ________.
a. yourself
b. yourselfes
c. you

205. You should buy a car. It is more convenient. I don’t think so. Taking the bus is _________.
a. more cheap
b. cheaper than
c. cheaper

206. I need to spend _______ time playing video games and more time studying.
a. less
b. few
c. fewer

207. Do you like guys who have long hair? Yes, but only if the wear it in a _________.
a. ponytail
b. tail
c. curly

208. I have black hair, but I prefer to wear it blond, so I _______ my hair every month.
a. paint
b. bleach
c. spike

209. A new computer _______ be cheap, so I need to save some money.

a. maybe
b. may
c. won’t

210. What are you doing to study after you _________?

a. graduate
b. are going to graduate
c. will graduate

211. Does Pablo _______ to the movie theater with you a lot?
a. comes
b. came
c. come

212. I need to buy some snacks. Do you want to go to the _______ with me?
a. restaurant
b. shopping
c. store

213. A: When are you going to the movies? B: Right now, __________, because the movie starts in 15 minutes!
a. maybe
b. hope
c. actually

214. A: Do you exercise a lot? B: Yes, I like to go the gym and ________.
a. work out
b. study
c. practice

215. A: Do you like surfing? B: _________, I prefer swimming.

a. I do, too
b. Me neither
c. Not really

216. A: I had a horrible dream last night. B: Oh, you mean a ________.
a. scary
b. nightmare
c. sleepwalker

217. You are invited tomorrow. We _________ Mexican food and drinks! It will be fun!
a. might prepare
b. were preparing
c. are preparing

218. I hate working as a waiter. I think I’m going to _________.

a. quit
b. stop
c. drop

219. I’m looking for shoe stores. _______ any around?

a. Are there
b. There’s
c. Is there

220. A: I need to buy a camera, but I don’t have much money. B: If you a used one, you can get a good ________.
a. relative
b. bargain
c. reservation

221. A: If you go to Greece, you need to take a phrasebook. B: _________, but I already speak Greek.
a. It depends
b. That’s a bad idea
c. I guess I could

222. A: Can you share your sandwich with me? I’m very hungry and forgot my food. B: You have to ask Benjamin because it
is _________.
a. him
b. he’s
c. his

223. I was chopping some onions when I cut _________.

a. my
b. myself
c. me

224. A: Should I buy a car or a new refrigerator? B: I think a car is _________ right now.
a. more important than
b. important than
c. more important

225. Hi, mom! Sorry, but I can’t talk right now. I’m very _________.
a. useful
b. busy
c. difficult

226. Can you hold for ________ a minute? Someone else is calling me.
a. something
b. just
c. rather

227. My brother and I are ________. That’s why we look exactly alike!
a. twisted
b. replicas
c. twins
228. A: Have you ever traveled to the capital of England? _________ B: You mean London?
a. What do you call it?
b. What were you saying?
c. What was her name?

229. Do you think _______ a famous singer someday?

a. she’d been
b. she’ll be
c. she’d be

230. Can you do me a favor? I need you to help me carry these chairs. B: _______.
a. Right
b. All right
c. I bet

231. A: What is your _______? B: Everyone calls me Pepito.

a. short name
b. middle name
c. nickname

232. A: Your sofa looks very comfortable. B: _________, it is a little hard.

a. Really
b. Actually
c. I guess

233. Pedro would like to learn Russian. He really likes _________.

a. to languages
b. languages
c. speak languages

234. Are you into videogames? No, I actually prefer __________.

a. working out
b. at exercise
c. to working out

235. Do you like the house? I love it! Can you show _________ the pool area?
a. I
b. my
c. me

236. Hi, Esteban. Did you bring all the ingredients? I think so, I _________ bread, cheese, and ham. Is that everything.
a. was bringing
b. brought
c. bring

237. I’m lost. Could you _________ me find Centenario Park?

a. helped
b. help
c. to help

238. Teacher, how is my chemistry exam? Great! _________ no mistakes.

a. There’s
b. There are
c. There’s

239. My head hurts. I need to find a _________ and get some aspirin.
a. medicinal
b. drugstore
c. boutique

240. _________ easy to drive around Quito? No, not really.

a. Is it
b. Be it
c. Is there

241. You look at a lot taller when you wear _________.

a. high shoes
b. high heels
c. sandals

242. The weather is really hot in Brazil. Take _________ clothes.

a. soft
b. light
c. warm

243. I liked the first apartment we visited. _________ did you like?
a. Whose one
b. What
c. Which one

244. Whose is this calculator? I guess _________ Pablo’s. It has his name on ti.
a. its
b. it’s
c. it

245. You should put a nice _________ on the living room under your coffee table.
a. mirror
b. rug
c. stove

246. You have to turn off your cell phone during class. The teacher gets mad if it _________.
a. rings
b. raps
c. knocks

247. I hurt my _________ playing tennis. Now I can’t bend my arm.

a. cushion
b. elbow
c. ankle

248. She’s in better shape than me. I exercise a lot _________ than she does.
a. lesser
b. fewer
c. less

249. I find novels _________ movies

a. interesting than
b. more interesting than
c. more interesting

250. If you move to Guayaquil, do you promise we will keep in _________.

a. cushion
b. touch
c. equipment

251. I want to start wearing earrings. Really? How? You don’t have _________!
a. pierced ears
b. piercings
c. spiked ears

252. I can’t read the words on the TV. You might need to get some _________.
a. mirrors
b. glass
c. glasses

253. What are you going to do on Spring Break? I don’t know yet. _________ I will go to Loja.
a. Maybe
b. Might
c. May

254. Do you live with your bother? No, I don’t. He ___________.

a. lives alone
b. live with his wife
c. lives with me

255. What is your favorite outdoor activity? I really like _______.

a. to ski
b. in mounta in climbing
c. camp

256. My car is not working. Can you ________ it?

a. work
b. fix
c. solve

257. Were you a good student when you were young? Well, actually, I was a great student. I _______ good grades.
a. was getting
b. have got
c. got

258. Wait for me. I need to go to the _______ and wash my hands.
a. restroom
b. showroom
c. laundry room

259. You don't have a ticket yet? It is very important to ___ it early!
a. getting
b. get
c. got

260. I _________ when I saw an insect in my food. It was disgusting!

a. were eating
b. am eating
c. was eating

261. When I go to the gym, I enjoy ________ weights.

a. carrying
b. raising
c. lifting

262. My best friend Raul has a great job and _______ a really high salary.
a. wins
b. earns
c. pays

263. I'm selling some Poodle puppies. Do you want to see _____?
a. it
b. them
c. they

264. I'm going to wear a superhero _________ to your Halloween party!

a. grown
b. costume
c. suit

265. If you don’t have a _______ in your bathroom, how do you put on your makeup in the morning?
a. sink
b. glass
c. mirror

266. Does you mother have blond hair? Actually, no _______ light brown hair.
a. She gets
b. She’s got
c. She is got

267. Do you like to knit a lot? Yes, I am actually making a _______ for my daughter.
a. jewel
b. sweater
c. cake

268. How tall is your dad? ______ six foot three

a. He’s got
b. He’s
c. Has
269. ______ Pamela do in Cuenca? She studies here.
a. Where does
b. Does
c. What does

270. Do you like shellfish? ________ shellfish because I'm allergic

a. I’m not eating
b. I don’t eat
c. I will not be eating

271. I can’t check my e-mail. I think we have a bad _________.

a. communication
b. wire
c. connection

272. You are too lazy. I ________ think you should exercise a little.
a. anyway
b. currently
c. really

273. I need to leave right now! I have a doctor’s ________ in half an hour,
a. appointment
b. activity
c. reunion

274. A: How old is David? B: He _________ 25 next Tuesday, actually!

a. is going to be
b. is being
c. is

275. A: What’s your favorite subject in school? B: ________, I think. I love singing.
a. Choir
b. Orchestra
c. Track

276. Before you go to Thailand, you need to ________ some money. People don’t use U.S. dollars there.
a. charge
b. interact
c. change

277. ________ sports equipment is this?

a. Whose
b. Who’s
c. How’s

278. ________ your father is going to love this book about James Bond because he loves to read spy novels.
a. I bet
b. I mean
c. I mind

279. My sister spends a lot of money in restaurants, but I spend ________ than her, actually.
a. more important than
b. more
c. higher

280 A: Sorry, mom, I’m really busy. B: Oh, well, I was _________ calling to ask you to bring some bread.
a. just
b. also
c. so

281. A: What are you going to study after high school? B: Well, I like working with computers, so I think I’ll be a computer
a. asistent
b. specialist
c. diver

282. A: Why is it so _________ around here? B: That’s because there is a karaoke bar nearby.
a. music
b. noisy
c. singing

283. A: Do you work here? B: Yes, I do. I work in the Financial Department _________.
a. I mean
b. actually
c. if I can

284. A: Wow, you have a lot of pictures! B: Yes, I ________ like photography!
a. just
b. actually
c. really

285. Mary told me you are sick. How ________?

a. are feeling
b. you feel
c. are you feeling

286. A: How do you wake up so early in the morning? B: I use ________.

a. an alarm clock
b. a ringing clock
c. a beeper

287. _________ the movie starting at 8:00 or at 8:30?

a. Does
b. When does
c. Is

288. Everybody ________ me because I can’t play soccer well.

a. crowds
b. fails
c. teases

289. Travelling can be very dangerous. Take a ________ in case you get sick or hurt.
a. first-aid kit
b. tie
c. tent

290. I hurt my _________ playing tennis. Now I can’t bend my arm.

a. cushion
b. elbow
c. ankle

291. We should rent this apartment. It is cleaner ________ the other one.
a. to
b. that
c. than

292. Sorry for interrupting you. What _________.

a. what were you are saying?
b. are you ready?
c. is this it?

293. A: He has a lot of money and a very big house. B: _________ he’s rich.
a. Actually
b. You mean
c. You guess

294. If I _________ him, I’ll call him again.

a. like
b. I’m liking
c. I’ll

295. I really need to see you. Do you want to _______ tomorrow?

a. split up
b. call back
c. get together

296. The doctor told me to ________ a pill to help me with my headache.

a. take
b. drink
c. have

297. A: Did you know it is Carla’s and Juan’s anniversary next month? B: Really? Let’s send _________ a card!
a. they
b. their
c. them

298. A: Are you old enough to drive? B: Of course! I ________ in 1994.

a. am born
b. was born
c. born

299. I am learning Chinese because it is very ________ nowadays.

a. actual
b. useful
c. unusual

300. A: What’s your favorite subject? B: _______ many I enjoy, like math, physics, and chemistry.
a. There’re
b. There are
c. There isn’t

301. A: I am going to swim in the pool, mom. B: Ok, Gerardo. Don’t forget to wear ________.
a. a flashlight
b. toothpaste
c. sunscreen

302. A: You could borrow my tent for your camping trip. B: _________! Thank you so much!
a. That’s a great idea
b. Actually
c. I bet

303. A motorcycle is ________ than a car.

a. less fast
b. more fast
c. faster

304. A: What’s your son like? B: Well, people say he takes _________ me.
a. like
b. after
c. alike

305. If I win the tournament, I _________ a one-thousand dollar prize.

a. got
b. will get
c. was getting

306. A: Do you practice soccer daily? B: Right now, I’m really sick, so _________ at all.
a. I’m practicing
b. I don’t practice
c. I’m not practicing

307. I take sleeping pills when I have ________ sleeping.

a. trouble
b. snore
c. problem

308. A: What is your favorite ________? B: I like chemistry the most.

a. study
b. grade
c. subject

309. A: I want to cook tonight. B: Ok! But you ________ be careful with the knife.
a. would
b. need to
c. take to

310. If you are traveling to France, you should buy a French phrasebook. It is ________ to speak to people if you have one.
a. easier than
b. easier
c. easy than

311. A: Are you going to fix your teeth? B: Yes, I think I’m getting _________ next week.
a. braces
b. mustache
c. fingernails

312. A: What are you going to do next year? B: We’re not sure. We _________ travel to India.
a. are
b. will
c. might

313. A: Do you have a __________ job? B: Yes, I work form 9 till 5.

a. full-time
b. part-time
c. any

314. I have a ________. Do you know any dentists around here?

a. tooth pain
b. toothache
c. sore in my tooth

315. A: Welcome back Mr. and Mrs. Intriago! How can I help you? B: Hi! Can you give _________ information about the tour?
a. us
b. our
c. they

316. I’m from Canada but I live here in Ecuador. I came to Loja five years ________.
a. old
b. ago
c. before

317. _________ a way to get to Portoviejo from here?

a. Am I
b. What does
c. Is there

318. My brother lives in a small ________. He doesn’t like the noise of big cities.
a. hike
b. castles
c. village

319. I think that guy lifts weights. He’s very _________.

a. muscles
b. muscular
c. strenuous

320. Do you _______? Not really. I don’t like sleeping during the day.
a. snores
b. bedtime
c. naps

321. Excuse me, Sir. _________ give me directions to Murcielago Beach? Sure. Go to the end left.
a. Do you
b. Could you
c. Are you going

322. Yes, _______ a drugstore on 6 de Diciembre Avenue.

a. they’s
b. there is
c. is

323. Hi! Is Paco there? Yes, one ________ please.

a. instant
b. aspect
c. moment

324. Hold on a second. Someone is at the door…. Okay, ________.

a. where were you?
b. where are you?
c. how come?

325. _______ dark in a few minutes, so let’s turn the lights on.
a. It will be
b. Maybe it’ll be
c. I might be

326. I need to get my jacket before ______ leave.

a. will
b. we’ll
c. we

327. I have a ________ because it hurts when I talk, and I am coughing a lot.
a. headache
b. sore throat
c. fever

328. When I don’t sleep well, I feel ________ all day.

a. sleepy
b. interested
c. stressing

329. When is Carlos’s and Viviana’s anniversary? On the _________.

a. 25st of April
b. 25th of October
c. 15nd of June

330. When I was at the mall, I ______ into my boss.

a. went
b. ran
c. met

331. Do you see the guy _______ the beard? He is my roommate.

a. with
b. by
c. in

332. If it ________ tonight, we won’t go to the soccer game.

a. has been raining
b. rains
c. might rain

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