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The A.P.

Mineral Development Corporation

(A State Government Undertaking)



Preparation of Detailed Project Report for

Integrated Heavy Mineral Beach Sands Project

The A.P. Mineral Development Corporation Limited

(A State Government Undertaking)

294/1D, Tadigadapa to Enikepadu 100 ft. Road, Kanuru Village, Penamaluru Mandal,
Vijayawada - 521137, Andhra Pradesh
Tel: +91 866 2429999, Fax: +91 866 2429977

Nodal Officer:
Sri T. Nathaniel,
Deputy General Manager (Geology)
Contact: +91 9491035727
Email id: apmdchmbs@gmail.com;
Tender No.: APMDC/HMBS/2018-19

Dated: 10th October, 2018

Tender Document Fee: INR 10,000/- + 18% GST

(Non-Refundable) (Indian Ten thousand only)

Note: The Tender Document Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Notice Inviting Tender

The A.P. Mineral Development Corporation Limited

294/ 1D, Tadigadapa to Enikepadu 100 ft. Road, Kanuru Village, Penamaluru
Mandal , Vijayawada - 521137, Andhra Pradesh
Tel: +91 866 2429999, Fax: +91 866 2429977
E-Mail: apmdchmbs@gmail.com

E- Tender for Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Integrated Heavy Mineral
Beach Sands project

Tender No: APMDC/HMBS/2018-19 dated 10th October, 2018

APMDC, a fully owned undertaking of the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, invites tenders from reputed
Agencies for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Integrated Heavy Mineral Beach
Sands Project. APMDC has been granted 3 HMBS leases over an extant of 3,333 Ha.

The tender document for the e-tender can be downloaded from the APMDC website
www.apmdc.ap.gov.in or from the website of AP E-Procurement
www.tender.apeprocurement.gov.in from 10.10.2018 onwards. Terms and conditions, timelines
etc. for participating in the e-tender shall be as provided in the tender document and the terms
and conditions of AP E-Procurement portal shall also apply, if any.

The intending bidders shall register themselves with the AP E-procurement portal using valid
Digital Signer Certificate. Interested bidders can participate in the bidding only after payment of
a non-refundable tender fee of INR 10,000 (Indian Rupees Ten Thousand Only) along with
18% GST (Total INR 11,800/- (Indian Rupees Eleven Thousand eight hundred only) in
addition to bid security and other required documents. Last date for submission of Technical Bid
is 01.11.2018 by 15:00 hrs. Any further communications, amendments etc. shall be available on
the above website of AP E-Procurement and the website of APMDC and there will be no
newspaper notification/advertisement in this regard.

Nodal Officer for this Tender Document shall be Mr. T. Nathaniel – Deputy General Manager –
Geology, APMDC, Email: apmdchmbs@gmail.com, Phone: +91-866-2429999; Fax: +91-866-

APMDC reserves the right to (i) reject any or all bids without assigning any reasons whatsoever,
(ii) reschedule / postpone the bid date (s) due to any unforeseen circumstances at any stage of
the bid process, (iii) cancel or annul the entire bid process without assigning any reasons
(Ch. Venkaiah Chowdary, IRS)
Vice Chairman & Managing Director, APMDC

Key Dates

Sl. No. Event Description Timeline Date

Posting of tender document on APMDC website & T0 10.10.2018

AP E-Procurement portal
Last date of receiving queries from Interested T0 + 5 15.10.2018
At 11:30 IST,
Pre-bid conference for registered bidders T0 + 13
(@ APMDC Office, Vijayawada) 23.10.2018

4. Responses to queries by APMDC T0 + 15 25.10.2018

15:00 Hours IST

5. Technical Bid due date T0 + 22
Announcement of the Technically Qualified T0 + 27 06.11.2018
Commercial Bid opening of technically qualified T0 + 27 06.11.2018
8. Announcement of Preferred Bidder T0 + 29 08.11.2018

9. LOI and LOE T0 + 29 08.11.2018

Note: In case any of the dates fall on a holiday/ Sunday, the date will automatically shift to the
next working day.

Data Sheet

Parameter Details

INR 10,000 + 18% GST = INR 11,800 (Rupees

1 Tender Document Fee
Eleven thousand Eight hundred only)

AP E-Procurement Transaction fees INR. 7,500/- + GST online in the E-Procurement

for the tender portal during Bid submission

2 Amount of Bid Security

INR 5,00,000 (Rupees Five Lakhs Only)

3 Amount of Performance Security 10% of the value of the contract

Mr. T. Nathaniel,
4 Nodal Officer Deputy General Manager (Geology)
Mobile: +91 9491035727
E-mail address for submitting pre-bid
5 apmdchmbs@gmail.com

294/ 1D, Tadigadapa to Enikepadu 100 ft. Road,

Kanuru Village, Penamaluru Mandal , Vijayawada -
6 Address of Corporation
521137, Andhra Pradesh
Tel: +91 866 2429999,
Fax: +91 866 2429977
7 Venue for pre-bid meeting APMDC Office at Vijayawada

8 Tender No. APMDC/HMBS/2018-19


A. Disclaimer .................................................................................................................................... 6

B. Introduction.................................................................................................................................. 7

C. Background ................................................................................................................................. 7

D. Scope of Work ............................................................................................................................ 9

E. Eligibility Criteria ....................................................................................................................... 13

F. Pre-Bid Conference ................................................................................................................. 14

G. Terms and Conditions ............................................................................................................. 15

ANNEXURE 1- Proforma to acknowledge the bid Document ................................................... 24

ANNEXURE 2- Bidders Organization & Experience .................................................................. 25

ANNEXURE-3: Letter of Offer ........................................................................................................ 26

ANNEXURE 4: Price Bid Format ................................................................................................... 27

ANNEXURE 5: Performance Bank Guarantee ............................................................................ 28

ANNEXURE-6: Authorization Letter .............................................................................................. 30

ANNEXURE 7: Format for Power of Attorney for Authorized signatory .................................. 31

ANNEXURE 8: Exploration and Land Details .............................................................................. 33

ANNEXURE-9: Format for Queries ............................................................................................... 34

A. Disclaimer
The Information contained in this Tender document or subsequently provided to Bidder(s),
whether verbally or in documentary or any other form by or on behalf of APMDC or any of
their employees or advisors, is provided to Bidder(s) on the terms and conditions set out in
this Tender and such other terms and conditions subject to which such information is

This Tender is neither an agreement nor an offer by APMDC to the prospective Bidders or
any other person. The purpose of this Tender is to provide interested Bidders with
information that may be useful to them in making their Bids/Proposals pursuant to this
Tender. This tender may not be appropriate for all persons, and it is not possible for APMDC,
its employees or advisors to consider the investment objectives, financial situation and
particular needs of each bidder who reads or uses this tender.

APMDC, its employees and advisors make no representation or warranty and shall have no
liability to any person, including any Bidder under any law, statute, rules or regulations or
tort, principles of restitution or unjust enrichment or otherwise for any loss, damages, cost or
expense which may arise from or be incurred or suffered on account of anything contained in
this tender or otherwise, including the accuracy, adequacy, correctness, completeness or
reliability of the Tender and any statement or information contained therein or deemed to
form part of this Tender or arising in any way for participation in the Bidding Process.

APMDC also accepts no liability of any nature whether resulting from negligence or
otherwise howsoever caused arising from reliance of any Bidder upon the statements
contained in this Tender.

APMDC may in its absolute discretion, but without being under any obligation to do so,
update, amend or supplement the information, assessment or assumptions contained in this

The issue of this tender document does not imply that APMDC is bound to select a bidder
and APMDC reserves the right to reject all or any of the Bidders or bids without assigning
any reason whatsoever.

Each Bidder shall bear all its costs associated with or relating to the preparation and
submission of its Bid including but not limited to preparation, copying, postage, delivery fees,
expenses associated with any demonstrations or presentations which may be required by
APMDC or any other costs incurred in connection with or relating to its Bid. All such costs
and expenses will remain with the Bidder

This Tender Document is not transferable. The price paid by the Bidder for the Tender
Document shall not be refunded.

B. Introduction

The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. (“APMDC” or the

“Corporation”) is a fully owned undertaking of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. It was
incorporated on 24 February 1961 under the Companies Act 1956.

APMDC is engaged in commercial exploitation of various minerals. APMDC is playing a pro-

active role in the exploitation of valuable mineral resources and in the development of mining
infrastructure and mineral based industries in the state of Andhra Pradesh. APMDC is set to
undertake several innovative and definitive measures in this regard.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has granted 3 Heavy Minerals Beach Sand leases to
APMDC. The 3 HMBS leases are also executed in favor of APMDC Ltd. The beach sands
along the coastline of Srikakulam District contain valuable heavy minerals, inter-alia Ilmenite,
Rutile, Leucoxene, Zircon, Garnet, Sillimanite and traces of Monazite. APMDC intends to
operationalize an Integrated Project for Development of HMBS covering Mining, Pre-
Concentration and Mineral Separation Plant for the minerals.

This tender document is being issued by APMDC to hire an agency for preparation of a
Bankable Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Integrated Project of Heavy Mineral Beach
Sands covering Mining, Pre-concentration Plant and Mineral Separation Plant.

C. Background

The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation has been granted Mining Lease for
Beach Sand Minerals containing Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon, Leucoxene, Monazite, Garnet, &
Sillimanite etc. over an total area 3333.60 Ha (3 leases together, ML 1284 Ha, 1049.60 Ha &
1000 Ha areas) under various Survey Nos covering Ranastalam to Etcherla Mandals. The
mining leases are spread over a stretch of 27 km along the coastline.

The Integrated Project for development of Heavy mineral Beach sands shall cover activities
of Mining, Pre-concentration and mineral Separation Plant. In this regard, APMDC has
already undertaken and completed detailed Exploration for assessment of Total Heavy
Mineral (THM) reserves in the lease hold area. Details of Detailed Exploration and Land
Classification details are provided in Annexure 8. The Mining plan for the proposed Project
has already been approved.

The proposed project shall have three distinct units covering Mining, Pre-concentration plant
& Mineral Separation plant, to be operated in tandem for most economic production of

marketable beach sand minerals. The tentative capacities for the three units are provided as

Sr. Part of the Project Plant Capacity

1 Mining of Beach Sand 8.5 to 9.0 MTPA

2 Pre-concentration plant THM: 8,50,000 to 9,00,000 TPA

Ilmenite: 2,00,000 to 2,50,000 TPA

Rutile: 20,000 – 30,000 TPA
Leucoxene: 1,500 – 2,500 TPA
3 Mineral separation plant Zircon: 7,500 – 8,000 TPA
Garnet: 1,35,000 – 1,45,000 TPA
Sillimanite: 1,35,000 – 1,45,000 TPA
*As per the estimated mineral assemblage

The minerals so produced from MSP Plant shall be sold in Local and International market or
appropriately stored in stockyards based on demand scenario.

APMDC has already taken up active steps towards project commencement. The status of
pre-commencement activities are outlined below

Sl. No Activity Status

1. Detailed Exploration Done

2. Mining Plan Approved

EIA is in process. Social Impact Assessment
3. Environment Clearance
to be done.
4. Forest Clearance Online Application filed

5. Land Acquisition To be initiated

D. Scope of Work
The selected Bidder shall undertake preparation of a Bankable Detailed Project Report
(DPR) for the entire Project (covering all the three units of Mining, Pre-Concentration plant
and Mineral Separation Plant). APMDC shall provide all the necessary details pertaining to
lease hold area, detailed exploration, reserve details and mining plan.

The scope of the detailed project report shall include, but is not limited to the below
mentioned aspects. The selected bidder shall be obliged to provide any other relevant
information needed for a bankable DPR.

I. Detailed Report for Integrated project of Heavy Mineral Beach Sands covering
Mining, Pre-concentration and Mineral Separation Plant.
1. Market study Report
a. Market Demand-Supply & Competition Assessment for Heavy Mineral Beach Sands
i. International and domestic market assessment in terms of supply, demand and
competition for heavy minerals
ii. Review (Previous 5 years) and Forecast of International & domestic Prices for
Heavy minerals
Note: No field studies are mandated for preparation of the Market Demand-
supply estimation
2. Technical Report
a. Brief of APMDC’s HMBS Mining Leases, Minerals resources established so far,
future potential of establishing additional resources based on geology etc.
b. Certification from competent person/ Qualified person(s) authorized for public
reporting of minerals exploration results, mineral resources and ore reserves as per
JORC/ NI 43-101/ SAMREC codes certifying the reserve details and its convertibility
onto commercial scale.
c. Assessment of Capacities for Mining, Pre-concentration plant and Mineral separation
Plant taking into account the reserve details, detailed exploration report and Mining
d. Preparation of flowsheet design through a certified laboratory for Pre-concentration
plant and Mineral separation plant based on pilot plant testing and operations,
material balance and chemical analysis of the final Products from Mineral Separation
Plant. Pilot Plant Study shall be part of the scope of work of the selected agency.
e. Mass Balance, Water balance and Energy balance for each of the above mentioned
three units indicating tailings waste management for each of the above three units.
f. Assessment of Infrastructure & technology requirements for setting up of project.
i. Available technology options to harness the minerals for each of the
mentioned units and recommended choice of technology and process
scheme (Dry mining versus wet dredge mining, Pre-concentrator

configuration, Process flowchart etc.) depending upon the reserve
ii. Identification of all major equipment along with their nominal capacities and
throughput for all the above mentioned three units.
iii. Assessment of Civil & Structural work required for operationalization of
iv. Estimation of Power requirement for Mining, Pre-Concentration Plant &
Mineral Separation Operations.
v. Assessment of total water requirement and water balance sheet for Pre-
concentration plant and Mineral Separation Plant with details of water
storage facilities to be installed
vi. Assess requirement of other utilities, if any and provide for the same, if
vii. Assess requirements of auxiliary facilities such as laboratory, stores and
warehouses, mobile equipment, ancillary buildings, office complex,
communication systems etc.
viii. Assessment of technology for the plant including capacity output
ix. Preparation of layout for all the above mentioned three units considering
Coastal Regulation zone (CRZ) restrictions for economic operations and
minimum logistics costs.
x. Preparation of general Layout, design and flowsheet of proposed Pre-
Concentration plant & Mineral Separation Plant.
xi. Identify key equipment and the suppliers of such technology/ equipment
and Identification of suitable parties for procurement of capital equipment
g. Assessment of Logistics setup for transportation of materials from one unit to the
other for optimal and economic operations.
h. Assessment of storage requirements for radioactive minerals (Monazite) extracted
from Mineral Separation plant.
i. Assessment of storage requirements of other heavy minerals taking into account the
production run-rate and market demand.
j. Assessment of capability required and manpower requirement, separately for Mining
cum Pre-concentration Plant and Mineral Separation Plant.
k. Excavation/Mining Sequence: Assessment of most appropriate plan for speedy
implementation of the project at minimum cost with optimum production through
sensitivity analysis of cost and revenue for each alternatives and recommend most
suitable scientific mining technique.
l. Risk Assessment for the proposed Project including the following:
i. Market risk
ii. Technology risk affecting markets of these products
iii. Socio political risk
iv. Risk of environmental impact

3. Financial report
a. Capital Cost Estimates, separately for Mining, Pre-Concentration Plant and Mineral
Separation plant for undertaking the Project. The DPR should provide detailed cost
estimates for:
i. Costs for obtaining Statutory Clearances including but not limited to
preparation of EIA EMP report, Social Impact assessment report, CRZ
clearance, consent from State Pollution control Boards, forest clearance,
Department of Atomic Energy authorization (DAE) to handle atomic minerals
ii. land acquisition (Purchase or lease basis), Rehabilitation and Resettlement
iii. Civil and structural work, mechanical and electrical equipment, Plant &
machinery, instruments, utilities and service facilities, any other associated
facilities and contingencies.
b. Operation and Maintenance Cost Estimates, separately for Mining cum Pre-
Concentration Plant & Mineral Separation plant for the complete life of Project
including manpower costs, repair and maintenance, housekeeping and security,
communications, regulatory compliances, electricity, water, manpower incidentals,
packing and handling finished products, if and as applicable etc. This should include
costs escalation over the life of the project.
c. Revenue Estimation over the life of mine, for the complete project keeping in view
the overall market scenario of Heavy Minerals, available Mining plan and detailed
exploration report.
d. Recommended mining sequence and time line, keeping in view the total cost and
revenue models.
e. Preparation of Financial Model:
i. Develop the Sales and Revenue projections
ii. Develop the Operating expenditure plan along with detailed working
capital requirement
iii. Develop the overall financial projection (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow
analysis) for the Project lifecycle.
iv. Assessment of the project returns (NPV, IRR etc.), IPR and Sensitivity
v. Develop suitable scenarios for capital raising (Debt, equity etc.) and
assessment of Project Returns accordingly.
vi. Selected agency shall also provide the working & editable financial model (in
excel format), including the assumptions along with the draft DPR.

II. Inputs on Financial Parameters for Selection of Mine Developer cum operator

APMDC intends to operationalize this project through the following Business Model:

 Mining cum Pre-Concentrated Plant: APMDC intends to outsource the operations

of Mining and PCP plant to a Mine Developer & Operator (MDO). The MDO shall
undertake all pre-mining activities towards operationalization of the project on behalf
of APMDC, including but not limited to obtaining Environmental Clearance & Forest
Clearance, Land Acquisition, R & R Activities etc. APMDC shall bear all the statutory
costs towards such pre-mining activities done by MDO on its behalf. The MDO shall
also be responsible for Mining as well as establishing & operating the Pre-
concentration Plant and shall deliver Total heavy Minerals concentrate (THM) to
APMDC for a pre-determined price (per ton of THM), which would be determined
through a transparent selection process.
 Mineral Separation Plant: APMDC intends to completely invest in setting up of the
Mineral Separation plant. APMDC shall be responsible for complete operations of
Mineral Separation plant and subsequent sales of Separate minerals.

Keeping in view the proposed Business Structure and broad division of work between
APMDC & MDO Contractor, the successful bidder shall assess the optimum cost for
engaging an MDO contractor duly incorporating the following:

a. Capital costs estimates for MDO

b. Operational costs for MDO
c. Sensitivity analysis of MDO returns (IRR etc.) with their Contract prices (Rupees per
ton of THM delivered to Mineral Separation Plant)
d. Optimum contract rate (per ton of THM delivered) for engaging an MDO Contractor
taking into account a reasonable return for the MDO.
e. Selected agency shall also provide the working & editable financial model (in excel
format) for the above analysis, including the assumptions.
III. Timelines
The appointed agency shall be required to adhere to the following timelines:

Sl. No Deliverable Period

1. Market Assessment Report T + 15 days

2. Submission of Draft DPR T + 30 days

3. Submission of Final DPR 10 days after receiving comments on Draft DPR

* T being the date of signing of Agreement

E. Eligibility Criteria
The interested bidder shall qualify all of the following requirements.

S No Criteria Specific requirement Documents required

Bid Security & The Bidder shall submit tender
Scan Copies of Proof of
1 Tender document fee and Bid Security as
Document Fee prescribed in clause G (3) & G(4)
The bidder should be a registered
• Certificates of Incorporation
Partnership firm registered under the
• Memorandum of Association
Partnership Act 1932 or a Limited
and Articles of Association
Liability Partnership under the Limited
Liability Partnership Act of India, 2008
Partnership deed
2 Legal entity or a Company registered in India under
(As applicable)
Indian Companies Act 1956 or 2013.
• Registration Certificate
No consortium will be allowed.
• GSTIN, GST Registration
• PAN No.
The bidder must have a valid PAN No.
and valid GST registration number.
Certificate from the statutory
The bidder should have a minimum
auditor / independent chartered
average annual turnover of INR 10
accountant, supported by
3 Bidder turnover Crore from Indian operations over the
extracts from the audited
last three financial years (FY 15-16, FY
Balance sheet and Profit & Loss
16-17 and FY 17-18)
During the last seven (7) years, Bidder
should have completed at least 1 DPR
Projects related to heavy Mineral beach
Sands, which should include both
Copies of work order along with
Mining and Mineral Separation. completion certificate of the
4 Technical
capability The input capacity of the Mineral
Separation Plant shall be at least 7 lakh
tonnes of THM. In case of multiple
projects, the cumulative capacities of all
such projects shall be considered.

The company should have at least 10 Summary Sheet of the

full time professionals with at least CA employees including name,
5 Bidder
/MBA/equivalent OR B.E. / B. Tech /M qualification and experience,
Sc. on the rolls of the company as on along with their CVs and should
tender publication date. be attested by authorized
Provided that it includes at least one signatory

MBA (Finance)/C.A professional and at
least one M.Sc. Geology professional.
Authorized A power of attorney/copy of Board Original Power of
6 representative resolution with due authorization in the Attorney (notarized) (Annexure
from bidder name of the person signing the bid 7)/ Board Resolution Copy
A self-certified letter by the authorized
signatory of the bidder that the bidder
has not been blacklisted by any Central
/ State Government (Central/State
Undertaking by the Authorized
Government and Public Sector) or
7 Blacklisting Signatory
under a declaration of ineligibility for
corrupt or fraudulent practices as on
date of Bid Submission must be
submitted on original letter head of the
bidder with signature and stamp.

*In the event audited financials for the latest financial year (2017-18) are not available, the
financials for the immediately preceding three years must be provided.

F. Pre-Bid Conference

1. Bidders may seek clarifications or request further information regarding this Tender
Document, only in the format provided in Annexure 9.

2. Any queries or requests for additional information concerning this Tender Document
may be sent in excel format by e-mail to the Corporation at apmdchmbs@gmail.com.
3. The email should clearly bear the following subject line: “Queries/Request for
Additional Information under Tender no. APMDC/HMBS/2018-19 f o r “Preparation of
Detailed Project Report for Integrated Project of Heavy Mineral Beach Sands”.
4. Each query should contain complete details of facts, information and Applicable Law
relevant to the query and also the particulars of the person or Company posing the
query. The Corporation reserves the right to not answer any query, including any
query which is incomplete or anonymous.
5. The queries should be emailed on or before the due date specified for receiving
6. The Corporation shall endeavor to respond to the queries within the period specified.
However, the Corporation reserves the right to not respond to any question or provide
any clarification, in its sole discretion, and nothing in this Tender Document shall be
taken or read as compelling or requiring the Corporation to respond to any question or
to provide any clarification.
7. The Corporation shall upload the responses/ clarifications for queries on the websites
of APMDC & AP E-Procurement portal. The source of the query will not be mentioned.
8. A maximum of two representatives of each Bidder shall be allowed to participate in pre
bid conference on production of duly issued authorization letter from the Bidder and

proof of identity documents. During the course of pre-bid conference(s), the Bidders
may seek additional clarifications and make suggestions for consideration of the
9. The Corporation may also on its own, if deemed necessary, issue interpretations and
clarifications to all Bidders. All clarifications and interpretations issued by the
Corporation shall be deemed to be part of the Tender Document. Provided,
however, that any non-written clarifications and information provided by the
Corporation, its employees, consultants or representatives in any manner
whatsoever shall not in any way or manner be binding on the Corporation.
10. The Corporation reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the pre-bid conference due to
unforeseen circumstances with prior intimation to the Bidders on the website of
APMDC/AP E-procurement portal.

G. Terms and Conditions

1. Conflict of Interest

The Corporation requires that the selected bidder provide professional, objective, and
impartial advice and at all times hold the Corporation’s interests paramount, avoid
conflicts with assignments of other companies or their own corporate interest.

Any bidder for any assignment that would be in conflict with their prior or current
obligations to other Corporations / Entities, or that may place them in a position of not
being able to carry out the assignment in the best interest of the Corporation, shall not
be recruited.
Hence, Bidders who are engaged in supply of beach sands mineral separation
equipment, or its agents/associates shall not be allowed to participate in the Bid.

2. Amendment of Tender Document:

a. At any time prior to the e-Tender due date, APMDC may, for any reason, whether
at its own initiative or in response to clarifications requested by a Bidder, modify the
Tender Document by the issuance of Addenda/Corrigenda.
b. Any Addendum/Corrigendum issued hereunder shall be posted in the website of
AP E-procurement portal and APMDC. No newspaper advertisement shall be
issued in this regard.
c. In order to afford the Bidders a reasonable time for taking an
Addendum/Corrigendum into account, or for any other reason, APMDC may, in its
sole discretion, extend the Technical Bid or the e-Tender due date, if required.
d. APMDC also reserves the right to modify or alter the Tender Document and also to
withdraw or cancel the Bidding Process at any stage.

3. Tender Document fee

Bidders are required to remit non-refundable tender document fee of INR 10,000 along
with GST at the rate of 18% (Total INR 11,800/- (Indian Rupees Eleven Thousand
eight hundred only) in favor of The AP Mineral Development Corporation Limited.
Tender document fee may be received either in form of DD drawn in favor of “The
Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.” on any Scheduled /
Nationalized Bank payable at Vijayawada or through RTGS / NEFT transfers.
Document fee may be remitted through RTGS/ NEFT to the following Bank Account:


2. Account Number 053411100003509
3. IFS CODE ANDB0001193
4. Name of the Bank and Branch Andhra Bank, Tadigadapa, Vijayawada

Note: Bank transfer charges either way would be on bidder’s a/c only.

4. Bid Security

The bidders are required to pay Bid security of INR 5,00,000/- in respect of Tender No:
APMDC/HMBS/2018-19 dated 21.09.2018 through online payment in the E-
procurement portal of Government of Andhra Pradesh, except for Micro and Small
Enterprises (MSEs) as defined in MSE Procurement Policy issued by Department of
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) or are registered with the Central
Purchase Organization or the concerned Ministry or Department or Startups as
recognized by Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP). Such bidders shall
provide all the relevant documents as proof of eligibility for exemption from payment of
EMD/bid security while submitting the bid documents. If the document is found
unsatisfactory, at the discretion of technical committee, the bidder would be liable to

a. Cheques or Bank guarantees and also requests for adjustment against credit
balances with the Corporation, if any, towards Bid security shall not be accepted.
b. The offers without Bid security will be rejected. Proof of payment through
NEFT/RTGS/Online payment shall be uploaded on E-Procurement portal along with
the technical bid and submitted at the office of APMDC.
c. The Bid security of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned u p o n f i n a l i z a t i o n
o f t h e T e n d e r through Online “EMD Refund option” in the E-Procurement portal
at the earliest. In case of the successful bidder(s), the same shall be refunded post
submission of Performance Security Deposit (PSD).
d. APMDC shall not be liable to pay any interest on the Bid security deposit so made
and the same shall be interest free.
e. The Bid security shall be forfeited by the Corporation in the following events.

i. If a Bidder varies/modifies the Bid during the Bid validity period and any
extension thereof as agreed between the Bidder and APMDC; or
ii. If a Bidder engages in a Corrupt Practice, Fraudulent Practice, Coercive
Practice, Undesirable Practice or Restrictive Practice as specified in Clause
27 of this Tender Document; or
iii. If a Bidder does not submits the commercial bid; or
iv. If a Bidder withdraws its bid during the period of bid validity as specified in

this Tender Document or as extended by mutual consent of the respective
Bidder(s) and APMDC; or
v. In the case of Successful Bidder, if it fails within the specified time limit to
furnish the Performance Security within the period prescribed in this Tender
Document; or
vi. If a bidder does not accept the Letter of Award (LoA) or fails to sign the Contract
or abide by any other terms and conditions of the LoA

5. Preparation of Technical Bid:

a. The Technical Bid and all related correspondence and documents in relation to the
Bidding Process shall be in English language. For the purpose of interpretation and
evaluation of the Bid, the English language translation shall prevail.
b. The Technical Bid submissions shall be typed or written in indelible ink and signed by
the authorized signatory of the Bidder who shall also initial each page. The Technical
Bid submissions written in pencil will not be valid. In case of printed and published
documents, only the cover shall be initialed. All the alterations, omissions, additions or
any other amendments made to the Technical Bid submissions shall be initialed by the
person(s) signing the Bid submissions. The Bid submissions shall also contain page
c. The Technical Bid submissions and accompanying information shall be complete and
strictly as per the requirements in the Tender Document.
d. Erasing and overwriting shall be avoided in the Technical Bid submissions. If any
corrections are to be made, the part to be corrected shall be neatly written duly attesting
the correction.
e. The Technical Bid submissions shall be duly signed by an authorized person. The
power of attorney shall be uploaded along with the accompanying documents. APMDC
may reject, outright any Bid unsupported by the adequate proof of the signatory's
authority. The decision of APMDC in this connection is final and binding on the bidder.

6. Cost of submission of bid:

The Bidder shall bear all costs of preparation and submission of Bid. Corporation in no case
be responsible or liable for such costs of the Bidder, regardless of the conduct or outcome of
the process of evaluation of Bids.

7. Process of submission of bids

a. Transaction Fee for Tender: All the participating bidders should pay a Transaction
fee of Rs. 7,500/- + GST online in the E-Procurement portal during Bid submission and
this shall be payable to M/s. A.P. Technology Services Limited, Hyderabad by adopting
the following channels / modes of payment: 1. Net banking 2. Credit cards/Debit cards
(Any MASTER / VISA Card) issued by any bank 3. NEFT/RTGS Challan payment by
utilizing the Payment Gateways provided in the portal. Please note that CC/DC payment
options would incur higher charges than Net banking / NEFT Challan payments.

b. The bidder shall submit his response through Bid submission to the tender on e-
Procurement platform at www.apeprocurement.gov.in by following the procedure given
below. The bidder would be required to register on the e-procurement market place
www.apeprocurement.gov.in or https://tender.apeprocurement.gov.in and submit
their bids online. Offline bids shall not be entertained by the Tender Inviting Authority for
the tenders published in AP e-procurement platform.
c. The bidders shall submit their eligibility and qualification details, Technical bid etc., in the
online standard formats UNDER PQ/TQ templates as displayed in AP e-Procurement
web site. The bidders shall also upload the scanned copies of all the relevant
certificates, documents etc., which shall include the following:
i. Proof of payment of tender document fee and Bid Security
ii. The following extracts of Audited financial reports for the last 3 years
a. Auditor’s Report
b. Balance sheet
c. Statement of Profit & loss
d. Schedules to balance sheet and statement of Profit & loss
e. Notes forming part of financial statements
iii. All Documents pertaining to Eligibility Criteria as mentioned under clause E
iv. Duly filled Annexure 1 acknowledging the bid document
v. Duly filled Annexure 2 giving a brief description of the bidder’s organization and
an outline of recent experience of the Bidder on assignments of a similar nature.
The information on each assignment should indicate, inter-alia, the profiles of
the staff provided, duration, contract amount and firm’s involvement. The details
of assignments on hand shall also be furnished.

All the relevant documents, certificates shall be uploaded in the e-Procurement web site
before the technical bid due date. APMDC may reject any bid that is not complete in
terms of submission of the documents mentioned above and the decision of APMDC
shall be final and binding in this regard.

d. The bidder shall sign on the statements, documents, certificates, uploaded by him,
owning responsibility for their correctness/authenticity. APMDC may reject, outright any
Bid unsupported by the adequate proof of the signatory's authority. The decision of
APMDC in this connection is final and binding on the bidder.
e. The bidders shall submit the commercial bids in the standard online format
provided by the bid due date. They shall also upload online scanned copies of duly
filled letter of offer and commercial bid as per Annexure 3 and 4 respectively. The
commercial bid of only the eligible technically qualified bidders shall be opened.
f. The bidders shall quote the lump-sum rate for the complete scope of work (exclusive of
GST) as provided in Annexure 4. This rate will be the sole bid parameter for evaluation.
g. Registration with e-Procurement platform: For registration and online bid submission
bidders may contact HELP DESK of M/s.Vupadhi Techno Services Pvt Ltd on 040-
39999700/701/702/703/704,www.apeprocurement.gov.in or
h. Digital Certificate authentication: The bidder shall authenticate the bid with his Digital
Certificate for submitting the bid electronically on e-Procurement platform and the bids
not authenticated by digital certificate of the bidder will not be accepted on the e-
Procurement platform.

For obtaining Digital Signature Certificate, you may please Contact: Andhra Pradesh
Technology Services Limited, BRKR Bhavan, B-Block, Tankbund Road, Hyderabad-
500022. Phone: +91-40-23220305, Fax: +91-40-23228057
You may please Contact Registration Authorities of any Certifying Authorities (CA) in
India. The list of CAs are available by clicking the link
Hard copies:
All Documents that shall be uploaded on the E-Procurement portal along with technical
bid shall also be submitted in original in a sealed envelope addressed to the Vice-
Chairman and Managing Director of the APMDC at the address on the first page of the
tender document super-scribing “Submission of Technical Bid under Tender No:
APMDC/HMBS/2018-19 dated 10.10.2018” before technical bid submission closing due
date and time.

In the case of any discrepancy between the documents uploaded on E-Procurement

portal and the hard copies submitted to APMDC, the documents uploaded on AP E-
procurement portal may be considered for bid evaluation. However, in this case, APMDC
shall have the right to reject the bid and the decision of the corporation shall be final and
binding in this regard. The bidder shall not submit their commercial bid as part of
hard copy submission. However, the bidders shall submit the commercial bid as
per the online format provided in the E-Procurement portal by technical bid due

8. Late bids

a. Tenders received after due date and time of closing will be out rightly rejected.
Corporation will not be responsible for the loss of tender or for transit delays. Bidders
are advised in their own interest to ensure that their bids are submitted and
documents are uploaded in the AP-E-procurement portal and also that the hard
copies reach this Office well before the closing date and time of the tender.
b. The Corporation at its discretion may extend the deadline for submission of bids by
issuing an amendment on the website of APMDC and AP E-procurement portal in
which case all rights and obligations of the Corporation and Bidders previously
subject to the original dead line shall thereafter be subject to new deadline as

9. Opening of Bids

a. The Corporation shall open the technical bids on the technical bid due date as
specified in the tender document in presence of the Bidder/authorized representative
of the Bidder who may like to be present. Only bidder or authorized representative of
the Bidder will be allowed at the time of opening the bids (Authorization letter as in
Annexure 6 shall be provided in respect of the Authorized representative).

b. In case of unscheduled holiday on the closing / opening day of the tender, the next
working day will be treated as scheduled day of closing / opening of the tender, the
time notified remaining the same.
c. The corporation shall initially evaluate only the technical bids as per the timeline
mentioned in the tender document and only the E-Tender (Commercial bids) of
eligible/ technically qualified bidders shall be opened.

APMDC reserves right to reject any or all bids received without assigning any reason.

10. Bid Evaluation

a. The commercial bid of only the eligible technically qualified bidders shall be opened.
b. The bid evaluation criteria as adopted by the Corporation deemed fit is final and
binding on the bidders.
c. The lump-sum rate quoted for the complete scope of work (Annexure 4) shall be the
sole criteria for bid evaluation and the L1 bidder shall be adjudged the preferred

11. Period of validity of bids

Validity date is 60 days from last date of submission. A proposal valid for a shorter
period may be rejected as nonresponsive. The Corporation will make its best effort to
complete negotiations within this period. In case of need, the Corporation may request
the Bidders to extend the validity period of their Proposals. Bidders who do not agree
have right to refuse to extend the validity of their proposal and under such
circumstances, the Corporation shall not consider such proposal for further evaluation.

12. Withdrawal of bids:

No Bid shall be withdrawn in the interval between Bid submission and expiry period of
validity (Clause 11). Any such withdrawal of Bid shall result in forfeiture of Bid security.

13. APMDCs right to accept/reject bids:

The Corporation reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid and to annul the entire Bid
process and reject all Bids at any time prior to award of tender without there by incurring
any liability to the affected Bidders or any obligation to inform the affected bidders of the
grounds for the Corporation's action.

14. Contract Negotiation & Award of Contract

a. APMDC reserves the right to invite the Selected Bidder for negotiation.
b. In case there is only one bidder or there is only one technically qualified bidder, the
contract can be concluded based on the negotiation.
c. The Corporation may, at its discretion, take technical interview of the agency. For
this purpose, the successful bidder shall confirm the availability of its team. Failure in
satisfying such requirements may result in the Corporation proceeding to initiate the
negotiation process with the next Technically Qualified bidder.
d. Representatives conducting negotiations on behalf of the Bidder must have written
authority to negotiate and conclude the Contract.

15. Acceptance of offers:

a. Acceptance by the Corporation will be communicated by E-Mail/ /Registered letter /

Courier. The notification of the award will constitute the formation of the contract.
b. The successful bidder(s) shall sign a contract(s) with the Corporation within 14 days
from the date of acceptance of his tender b y paying the performance Security
Deposit, PSD as per clause 18.

16. Payment terms

Payment shall be made as per the following schedule:
 20% on submission of Market assessment Report
 40% on submission of Draft DPR Report
 40% on acceptance of Final DPR Report

17. Failure and Termination:

i. The contract can be terminated by written notice of 7 days from either side.
However, during the currency of contract, all parties shall discharge their due
ii. If the bidder fails to furnish the required report as per the schedule given by the
Corporation to the satisfaction of the Corporation, the Corporation may without
prejudice to any other remedy available to it:
a. Reserves the right to get the work done by making alternate arrangements at
Bidder’s risk and cost without cancelling the Agreement and such cost shall
be adjusted from the PSD. (Or)
b. Reserves the right to levy penalty equal to 0.5% of the contract price per day
delayed subject to a maximum 10% of the contract value at the discretion of
the VC&MD of the Corporation.(Or)
c. Cancel the Agreement by serving 7 days’ notice to bidder and forfeit the PSD
amount submitted.
iii. The bidder is liable to bear any damages and demurrages suffered by the
Corporation from what-so-ever quarter due to any reason and the same shall be
recovered from the bidder.

18. Performance Security Deposit (PSD):

a. The successful bidder (s) shall pay performance security deposit (PSD) equal to 10%
value of the contract/purchase order.
b. The Bid security amount of the successful bidder will be refunded on submission of
Performance Security Deposit. The Performance Security Deposit amount shall be paid
by the successful bidder(s) by a cross DD in favour of AP Mineral Development
Corporation Ltd payable at Vijayawada or in the form of an unconditional and
irrevocable Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) in favor of APMDC, payable at
Vijayawada from any Scheduled Commercial Nationalized Bank, acceptable to the
Corporation, in India as per the pro-forma in Annexure 5 at the time of signing the
contract. The PBG must be valid for a period of six (6) months beyond the stipulated
date of completion of services. The Corporation shall reserve the right to reject bank
guarantee from certain banks not acceptable to the Corporation. APMDC will have the
right to invoke the security deposit without assigning any reasons if performance of the
successful bidder is not found up to the mark.

c. The performance Security Deposit including Performance Bank guarantee shall not
bear any interest. Any bank charges or commission on account off furnishing the
performance bank guarantee shall be borne by the successful bidder only. Failure to
comply with the requirements under this clause by the successful bidder shall lead to
annulment of the contract and forfeiture of Bid security submitted by the successful
bidder. The Performance Security Deposit amount including Performance Bank
Guarantee as above will be returned to the successful bidder by the Corporation within
2 months from the date of expiry of the contract.
i. The Corporation reserves the right to forfeit PSD or adjust the amounts recoverable
as against Performance Security Deposit (including invocation of Performance Bank
Guarantee) in accordance with Failure and Termination clause of the RFP. The
decision of the Corporation is final and binding on the bidder / Agency.
ii. The Corporation also reserves the right to adjust any sum of money due and
payable by the agency to the Corporation against Performance Security Deposit in
case the Corporation is unable to recover the due amounts from the Agency.

19. Indemnity
It is the prime responsibility of the selected bidder/agency to meet all the statutory
compliances/obligations of payments for their man-power deployed. However if APMDC
sustains any loss due to improper performance of its manpower, the bidder will indemnify
APMDC of all legal obligations of its manpower deployed at site.

20. Unsolicited modification (s) to the tender

In case any clarification(s) is sought by the Corporation after opening of the bids, the reply
by the bidder should be restricted only to such clarification and any modification including
the one which has effect on price or value of the offer without specific reference by the
Corporation shall render the bid rejected without notice and further reference to the bidder.
No bidder shall submit revised bid after bids are opened unless otherwise the Corporation
requests for such revised bids. Submission of unsolicited revised offers shall result in
forfeiture of Bid security.

21. Transfer of tender document

The tender documents are non-transferable.

22. Correspondence:

All correspondence should bear reference of the tender number, the postal address and
Fax address mentioned in the tender document.

23. Clarification in respect of incomplete offers:

The Corporation has to finalize the tender within a limited time schedule. Therefore, it may
not be feasible in all cases for the Corporation to seek clarifications in respect of incomplete
offers. Prospective bidders are advised to ensure that their bids are complete in all respects
and conform to tender terms and conditions. Bids not complying with the Corporation's
requirements maybe rejected without seeking any clarifications.

24. Income Tax liability

The Bidder shall have to bear all Income Tax liability both for Corporate and Personal Tax.

25. Insurance

Insurance cover for the men employed by the bidder and for material losses, damages and
shortages should be borne by the bidder only.

26. Refund of Bid Security

In the event tender is cancelled, the Bid security will be refunded to the concerned bidder.

27. Fraud and Corruption

APMDC requires that the Bidders observe the highest standard of ethics during their
execution of such contracts. In such pursuance of this policy,
27.1. Defined, for the purposes of this provision, the terms set forth as follows:
(i) “Corrupt practice” means behavior on the part of officials in the public or private
sectors by which they improperly and unlawfully enrich themselves and/or those close
to them, or induce others to do so, by misusing the position in which they are placed,
and it includes the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of anything of value to
influence the action of any such official in the procurement process or in contract
execution; and
(ii) “Fraudulent practice” means a misrepresentation of facts in order to influence a
procurement process or the execution of a contract to the detriment of the borrower,
and includes collusive practices among bidders (prior to or after bid submission)
designed to establish bid prices at artificial, non-competitive levels and to deprive the
borrower of the benefits of free and open competition).
27.2. Will reject a Proposal for award if it determines that the bidder recommended for
award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract; and
27.3. Will declare a firm ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period of time for
awarding any contract if it at any time determines that the firm has engaged in corrupt or
fraudulent practices in competing for, or in executing, any contract.

ANNEXURE 1- Proforma to acknowledge the bid Document


The Vice Chairman & Managing Director,
A P Mineral Development Corporation Ltd,
294/ 1D, Tadigadapa to Enikepadu 100 ft. Road,
Kanuru Village, Penamaluru Mandal ,
Vijayawada - 521137

Dear Sir,

We hereby acknowledge receipt of complete set of bid documents pertaining to the Tender No:
APMDC/HMBS/2018-19 dated 10.10.2018.

We have noted the technical bid due date 01.11.2018

Our address for further correspondence on this tender will be asunder.





Yours faithfully,

(Signature of the Bidder)

Telephone No.

Fax No.

Personal attention of (if


ANNEXURE 2- Bidders Organization & Experience

1. Bidder’s Organization

Provide here a brief (maximum 10 pages) description of the background and organization
Name of Bidder / Agency:
Address of Registered Office of Bidder:
Year of Establishment:
Contact Person with Contact Details:
Annual Turnover* in last three years (in Lakhs) FY 2017-
18, FY 2016-17: FY 2015-16::
*Audited Statements to be enclosed
Audited Net worth as on 31.03.2018 (Positive/ Negative):
Experience in Similar Assignment:
 Number of years:
 Total assignments:
 Assignment completed in last 10 years:
 Similar Assignments (DPR for Heavy Minerals Beach
Sands) in last 10 years:
Any Award or Felicitation received by your Agency
Any Other

2. Bidder’s Experience

Assignment Name : Country:

Name of Client Firm/Entity: No. of Site professionals:
Address: No. of Site Professionals-Months:
Duration of Assignment
Start Date Completion Date Value of Services (in Indian Rupee):
(Month / Year) (Month / Year)
Name of Associated Consultants, If No. of Months of Professionals; Provided by
Any: Associated Consultants
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions
Narrative Description of project:
Description of Actual Services * Provided by Your Site Professionals:
* (Completion Certificate from Employer regarding experience should be furnished)

Firm’s Name: Signature of Authorized Representative:

 Summary table of all the experiences to be furnished additionally.
 Relevant documents (Work Order, Completion Certificate, etc.) to be attached.

ANNEXURE-3: Letter of Offer

APMDC/HMBS/2018-19, dated 10.10.2018


------------------------------------------------ Dt.

The Vice Chairman && Mg. Director
A P Mineral Development Corporation Ltd,
294/ 1D, Tadigadapa to Enikepadu 100 ft. Road,
Kanuru Village, Penamaluru Mandal ,
Vijayawada - 521137

Dear Sir,

I/We hereby submit our offer for Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Integrated project for
Heavy Mineral beach sands as detailed in the tender schedule hereto and agree to hold this offer
valid for a period of 60 days from last date of submission.

We are submitting our Proposal in individual capacity. We hereby declare that all the information
and statements made in this Proposal are true and accept that any misinterpretation contained in
it may lead to our disqualification.

I/We have carefully followed the tender documents and understood the instructions and terms
and conditions contained in all the Annexures and I/We have made such investigation of the
work required to be taken up as to enable me/us to thoroughly understand the intention of the
same and requirements/covenants, installations and restrictions contained in the tender.

The following pages have been added to and form part of this tender

Yours faithfully,

(Signature of the Bidder with seal)


ANNEXURE 4: Price Bid Format
Reference Price Bid format under Tender No: APMDC/HMBS/2018 dated 10.10.2018

(To be submitted on line only (through AP E-Procurement portal) no physical

submission of price bid)
Name of Bidder:

Item Price (Exclusive of GST)

INR ___________
(in figures)
1 The lump sum fee for the whole scope of work
INR ___________
(in words)

 The above price includes all Out of the pocket expenses (OPEs) including any
travel/lodging related expenses for any meeting at APMDC office.
 The above price excludes GST, but shall include all other applicable taxes.
1. The scanned PDF copy of the duly filled in Financial Bid Format needs to be uploaded online
on the e-procurement portal and the Total Contract Value (in figures) has to be entered in the
relevant field in the portal.
2. The Commercial Bid should not be submitted offline or uploaded along with the Technical Bid
documents. Non-adherence to this could lead to dis-qualification.

(Signature of Authorized Signatory with Seal)


Ph No.

ANNEXURE 5: Performance Bank Guarantee



Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited (APMDC),

Door No. 294/1D,
100 feet Road (Tadigadapa to Enikepadu Road),
Kanuru, Vijayawada – 521137

Dear Sirs,

1. In consideration of M/s Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited

(hereinafter also referred to as 'corporation'), having its Registered Office at Door No.
294/1D , 100 feet Road (Tadigadapa to Enikepadu Road), Kanuru, Vijayawada – 521137,
India (hereinafter referred to as the 'Corporation') which expression shall unless repugnant to
the context or meaning thereof, including all its successors, and Administrators, and
Executors and having entered into a contract dt. ……………, with M/s ……………
(hereinafter referred to as 'Agency' or ‘Contractor’ which expression unless repugnant to the
context or meaning thereof, shall include all the Successors, Administrators, Executors and
Assigns), for “Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Integrated Heavy Mineral
Beach Sands project” and the Corporation having agreed that the Agency shall furnish to the
Corporation an irrevocable and unconditional Performance Bank Guarantee for the faithful
performance of the entire contract to the extent of Rs. ……………… (Rupees ……. only).

We ……………… (name of the Bank with address) …………….. (hereinafter referred to as

'BANK' which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, include
all its successors, Administrators, Executors and Assigns) do hereby Guarantee and
undertake to pay immediately on first demand in writing Rs
……………………………………lakhs in aggregate at any time without any demur,
reservation, recourse, contest, or protests, and/or without any reference to the Agency. Any
such demand made by Corporation on the Bank in respect of this Performance Bank
Guarantee shall be conclusive and binding notwithstanding any differences between the
Corporation and the Agency or any dispute pending before any Court, Tribunal, Arbitrator or
any other Authority. We agree that Guarantee herein contained shall be unconditional and
irrevocable and shall continue to be enforceable till it is discharged by the Corporation in

2. The Corporation shall have the fullest liberty, without affecting in any way the liability of the
Bank under this Guarantee from time to time, to extend the time for performance of the
contract. The Corporation shall have fullest liberty without affecting this Guarantee to
postpone, from time to time, the exercise of power vested in them or of any right which they
might have against the Agency and to exercise the same at any time in any manner, and
either to enforce, or forbear to enforce, any covenants contained or implied in the contract
between the Corporation and the Agency or any other course or remedy or Security available
to the Corporation. The Bank shall not be relieved of its obligations under these presents by
exercise by the Corporation of its liberty with reference to matters aforesaid or any of them or
by any reason of any other Act or forbearance or any other Acts of omissions or
commissions on the part of the Corporation or any other indulgence shown by the
Corporation or any other matter or thing whatsoever, which under Law would, but for this
provision have the effect of relieving the Bank.

3. The Bank also agrees that the Corporation at its option shall be entitled to enforce this
Guarantee against the Bank as a Principle Debtor, in the first instance, without proceeding
against the agency and notwithstanding any Security or other Guarantee that the
Corporation may have in relation to the agency's liabilities.

4. The Bank further, agrees that the Guarantee herein contained shall remain in full force
during the period of the contract and 6 months thereafter.

5. We further agree that as between us and Corporation for the purpose of this Guarantee, any
notice given to us by the Corporation that the money is payable by the Agency and any
amount claimed in such notice by the Corporation shall be conclusive and binding on us
notwithstanding any difference between the Corporation and the Agency, or any dispute
pending before any Court, Tribunal, Arbitrator or any other authority. We further agree that
this Guarantee shall not be affected/ discharged by any change in our constitution or in the
constitution of the Corporation or in that of the Agency. We also undertake not to revoke this
Guarantee during its currency. This Guarantee shall not be determined, discharged or
affected by the liquidation, winding up, dissolution or insolvency of the Agency and shall
remain valid binding and operative against the Bank.

6. Notwithstanding anything contained herein above our liability under this

Guarantee is limited to Rs……………Lakhs (Rupees………..only) in aggregate and it shall
remain in full force upto and including 6 months after ……. unless extended further, from
time to time for such period as may be instructed in writing by M/s Andhra Pradesh Mineral
Development Corporation Limited, Vijayawada on whose behalf this guarantee has been
given in which case it shall remain in full force upto and including 6 months after expiry of the
extended period. Any claim under this Guarantee must be received by us before the expiry of
6 months from ……..or before the expiry of the 6 months after the expiry of extended period
if any. If no such claim has been received by us within the 6 months after the said date/
extended date, the right of the Corporation under the Guarantee will cease. However, if such
a claim has been received by us within and upto 6 months after the said date/extended date
all the rights of the Corporation under this guarantee shall be valid and shall not cease until
we have satisfied that claim.

The Bank also agrees that courts of Vijayawada shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Dated this .................... day of. ....................20__.


ANNEXURE-6: Authorization Letter
(To be submitted at the time of opening of the tender)

No. ……………………………………………………………………………………..

The Vice Chairman & Mg. Director

A P Mineral Development Corporation Ltd,
294/ 1D, Tadigadapa to Enikepadu 100 ft. Road,
Kanuru Village, Penamaluru Mandal ,
Vijayawada - 521137

Sub: Tender No. APMDC/HMBS/2018, dated 10.10.2018


Shri. ………………………………………. has been authorized to be present at the time of

opening of the above tender due at 16.00 Hrs (IST) on 01.11.2018 at the Registered Office of the
Corporation on my/our behalf.

Yours faithfully,

(Signature of the Tenderer with


Copy to: Shri………………………………………………………………… for information and

production before the tender opening officers at the time of opening of the tenders.

ANNEXURE 7: Format for Power of Attorney for Authorized signatory

Know all men by these presents, We_____________ (name of the firm and address of the
registered office) do hereby irrevocably constitute, nominate, appoint and authorize Mr./
Ms.(name), _____________ son/daughter/wife______________
of______________________and presently residing
at_____________________, holding the position of , as our
true and lawful attorney (hereinafter referred to as the “Attorney”) to do in our name and
on our behalf, all such acts, deeds and things as are necessary or required in connection
with or incidental to submission of our Proposals[s] for providing Management Consultancy
support to The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited (APMDC), including
but not limited to signing and submission of all applications, Proposals and other documents
and writings, participate in Pre-Applications and other conferences and providing information/
responses to APMDC, representing us in all matters before APMDC, signing and
execution of all Agreements and undertakings consequent to acceptance of our
Proposal, and generally dealing with APMDC in all matters in connection with or
relating to or arising out of our Proposal for the said tender and/ or upon award thereof to
us and/or till the entering into Agreements with APMDC.

AND we hereby agree to ratify and confirm and do hereby ratify and confirm all acts, deeds and
things lawfully done or caused to be done by our said Attorney pursuant to and in exercise of the
powers conferred by this Power of Attorney and that all acts, deeds and things done by our said
Attorney in exercise of the powers hereby conferred shall and shall always be deemed to have
been done by us.


, 20___








a. The mode of execution of the Power of Attorney should be in accordance with the
procedure, if any, laid down by the applicable law and the charter documents of the
executant(s) and when it is so required, the same should be under common seal affixed in
accordance with the required procedure.
b. Also, wherever required, the Applicant should submit for verification the extract of the
charter documents and documents such as a resolution/ power of attorney in favor of
the person executing this Power of Attorney for the delegation of power hereunder on behalf
of the Applicant.

ANNEXURE 8: Exploration and Land Details
Land details
* Govt. Pro. Forest Patta/Private Unserveyed Total Extent
Name of ML Area
Land.(Ha) Land (Ha.) Land (Ha.) Land (Ha.) (Ha.)
Jirupalem Mineral Sand 384.05 410.55 Ha 86.160 403.24 1284.00
Kuppili-Koyyam Mineral
92.77 742.12 Ha 36.860 128.25 1000.00
Sand Deposit-I

Kuppili-Koyyam Mineral
129.59 - 920.01 - 1049.60
Sand Deposit-II

Total 606.41 1152.67 1043.03 531.49 3333.60

Note:* Total Govt. Land area registered in name of Corporation

Exploration Details

Number of
ML Areas Number of Bore Total Depth
Name of the Lease Samples
Extent (Ha.) Holes (Meterage)
Ramachandrapuram-Jirupalem 4001
1284.0 679 3982
Minerals Sand Deposit
Kuppli-Koyyam-Dharmavaram 6034
1000.0 1304 5712
Minerals Sand Deposit-I
Kuppli-Koyyam-Dharmavaram 1060
1049.6 761 748
Minerals Sand Deposit-II
TOTAL 11,095
3333.6 Ha 2,744 10,442

As per the detailed exploration conducted by the Corporation, there is about 21.59 MnT of THM reserves in
the above areas. The exploration reports conducted shall be shared with the selected bidder only.

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