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Ball Pen in 4 colours



Main features with medium point

Long writing length: 2 to 3 kilometers
0.38 gr of ink
Oil based ink: excellent writing quality
No leaking and good clear drain resistant holding
Hexagon-shaped barrel, easy to handle Polypropylene tube
Estimated shelf life: 3 years for blue & black, Polystyrene barrel
2 years for green & red Oil based ink Robust and light
Complies with technical requirements of Permanent and water resistant
ISO 12757-1&2 (General & documentary use) Quick drying (< 2seconds)
Smooth writing

Clear Barrel Hole in barrel

Process & Controls to see ink supply Equalizes the pressure
inside the pen with
More than 50 years of experience in mass Medium point the one outside
production 1 mm diameter To allow writing
Line width: 0.4 mm To prevent ink leakage
Full in-house manufacturing: ball, point, ink,
barrel and cap Hexagonal barrel
Unique point manufacturing process: cold Comfortable handling
forming, no scratchy 8.3 mm diameter
Assembling and injection process PP point support 14.7 cm of length
Direct connection
Laboratory controls between point and ink Ventilated cap
Start up, writing quality, smoothness, laydown to minimizes asphyxiation
Tungsten carbide ball hazard for children
Mileage, ageing, dry time, wearing, seepage,
back leak, clear drain, clogging resistance, Perfect sphere
line width Very resistant

Production controls
Ball, point, pieces presence control on 100 %
of products
4 controls a day for ink: viscosity, pH, humidity
rate, writing quality
Controls per statistical pick up: dimension,
roughness, aspect, resistance Environment
French official ecolabel NF Environment (NF400): awarded to products that have
a reduced effect environment while offering an equivalent performance

Product Safety Light & long lasting (< 3grs/per writing km)
PVC free product
Ink assessed by an external toxicologist Packaging compliant with packaging & packaging waste European directive:
(ASTM D-4236) 94/62/EC (on volume/weight reduction and on dangerous substances restriction)
Manufactured in an ISO 14001 factory (Environment management system)
Heavy metal content tested by an external
January 2011

laboratory (EN71-3, ASTM F 963, CPSCIA-

section 101, REACH - Annex XVII - part n°23) Social Audit Country of origin
Cap compliant with safety cap standard BIC Group Code of Conduct based on ILO conventions Made in France
(ISO 11540 / BS 7272-1) Made in BIC factory: self assessment
process with corrective action plan
End-plug compliant with safety end-plug
Auditing process with corrective action
standard (BS 7272-2) plan by an independent company

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