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1. Title: Botolinum Toxin Injection for Forehead Wrinkle Lines with Different
Pattern: A CaseSeries

2. Author and Co-authors: Yuli Kurniawati, Hari Darmawan

3. Institution: Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Faculty of

Medicine Sriwijaya University/Dr. Moh. Hoesin General Hospital

4. Address: Jendral Sudirman Street KM 3.5 , Palembang 30121, Indonesia

Yuli Kurniawati
E-mail: yk_indun@yahoo.co.id WhatsApp: +628127150511

Hari Darmawan
E-mail: dr.haridarmawan@yahoo.com WhatsApp: +6281278118898
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Case Presentation : Two patients, male of 29 and 30 years old with

forehead wrinkle lines were enrolled. Injections were done 2 cm apart
from previous injection site and measured 3-4 cm above supraorbital
bony margin. Each sites were injected with 2 units of botulinum toxin.
One male patient, had V line wrinkles, with one eyebrow higher than
the other. On this patient, injection points were done in 6 sites. The
injections were higher in one eyebrow and lower in other eyebrow. It
was done accordingly to the patient’s V line shape wrinkles. Other
male patient, had horizontal wrinkle lines and were injected in 11 sites.
Injections were done in linear fashion across the forehead. Both
patients were advised to avoid supine position for approximately four
hours post-treatment. Patients were also advised to avoid massaging
or applying heat to the treatment area and to avoid activities that cause
flushing on the day of the treatment. The study showed a significant
difference in the elimination of forehead wrinkles at rest and in action
when assessed at 1st week and 4th week and it was consistent at 12th
week. The patients showed positive satisfaction responses without any
side effect.
Brief Review the Importance of the Presentation: Botulinum toxin
injection for treatment of facial wrinkles is the most popular performed
cosmetic and aesthetic treatments in Indonesia. The number and
dosage of the injections will depend on many factors, including the
number and depth of the wrinkles, size, shape, and strength of the
muscle and the height, width, and shape of the forehead. The aim of
this case series was to see the efficacy and safety botulinum toxin
injection for forehead wrinkle lines with different pattern.
Conclusion : Botulinum toxin injection are simple, safe, and effective
procedures for forehead wrinkle lines. It is one of the most performed
minimal invasive procedures for skin rejuvenation nowadays.