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 Kiing Fah

hd Uniiversityy of Pe
um & M
anical En
ng Depa

ME 5553 Advannced Vibrrations HW

W # 04

Asssigned: Tuuesday, 18 April

A 2017 Due: Tuesdday, 25 Ap
pril 2017

1) Prooblem # 01:0
Calcullate and thhen plot (y
you can uuse MATL LAB), andd describee the respo
onse of
the sinngle storyy building
g below ffor the tw ns, f(t),
wo differeent blast excitation
shownn. Use thee Fourier Series appproach, annd assume M=1000,000 kg, K=100K
kN/m, C=1000 N-s/m,
N to=4
= sec, To==12 sec, and
a Fo=10 0 kN. Whaat happenss to the
responnses as to approaches
a s zero?

2) Prooblem # 02:
Will thhe force illustrated
d in te beelow figuure lead too a stablee oscillation (no
growthh in amplitude) forr a direct force exccitation off a spring mass sysstem of
mass 1100 kg andd stiffness k = 2500ππ2 N/m (USE A CONV VOLUTION N APPROAC CH)

3) Prooblem # 03:
Considder a seconnd order system
s govverned by
y the follow
wing equaation of mo

mx  cx  kx  F (t )  0.5t 2

1- Obttain the ressponse x(tt) for m=c=k=1 and using the Laplace ttransformaation.
2- Obttain the samme responnse using MMATLAB B.