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Burgos, Isabela
Detailed Lesson Plan
2nd Semester School Year 2018-2019
Date: November 6, 2018
Grade: 11
Core Subject Title: 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
No. of hours/Semester: 40 hours
Content Standard-The learner will be able to understand and appreciate the elements and contexts of 21st
century Philippine literature from the regions.
Performance Standard-The learner will be able to demonstrate understanding and appreciation of 21st
Century Philippine literature from the region.
Learning Competency-The learners will identify the geographic, linguistic and ethnic dimensions of
Philippine literary history from pre-colonial to contemporary
I. Objectives
a. Identify representative texts and authors from each region.
b. Appreciate the use of poetic devices such as dramatic situation in the development of meaning in a
c. Respond critically to the poem and consequently articulate this response through a creative
visualization of the poem.
II. Content
Various dimensions of Philippine literary history from precolonial to contemporary
III. Learning Resources
 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World Curriculum Guide
 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World, 2016, Uychoco, Marikit A.
IV. Procedure:
A. Before the Lesson
Review of the past lesson
Ask: What are the different scenarios in the present time that show oppression? Students will be
grouped into 6-8 members, they will be asked to create a poster showing different instances of oppression
in the present time.(3 mins)
B. During the Lesson
Discuss: How do 21st century people combat oppression in their simple ways? Give a short
actual historical data on what happened during the time of Marcos.
Read the poem: THIRD WORLD GEOGRAPHY by Cirilo F. Bautista (Manila)
Guide Question
1. Relate the details and images in the poem.
2. Explain the dramatic situation presented in the poem.
3. Explain how allegory was demonstrated in the poem by identifying the literal and symbolic
meaning of the poem.
C. After the Lesson
The class will be divided into 4 groups. Each will be assigned to prepare a short
skit on some parts of the poem they have read. Give them time to practice and allow each
group to perform for 5 minutes.
V. Evaluation
1. Who is the author of the poem Third World Geography?
2. What happened in Manila during those times according to the author?
3. What does the author trying to convey to the readers?

VI. Remarks
VII. Reflection

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Teacher II Principal III