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The Rt. Rav. S. EDWIN JAYAKUMAR B.A., B.D., P.G.D.Th


Most Revered God Dear Bishop,

It is with a heartfull of Praise and Thanksgiving to be Lord Almighty,

I present this address of farewell to you. All the members of deer church join me in
expressing the overwhelming feelings of gratitude and loving sentiments on your
retirement from the meritorious and committed service at various capacities in the

After a fruitful pastoral service of various pastorates for nearly 29

years, you were elected as to member of venerable church council in May 2013.
Form then onwards you were also heading the church as President up to Aug 2014.
On 31st Aug 2014, you were consecrated as XII Bishop of Tranquebar and served
as President/Bishop, TELC up to April 2016. From May2016 to till date you have
discharged your sincere duty as the spiritual Head of TELC.

Hailing from a humble teacher catechist family of a Staurch Lutherans

background, you have accepted the Divine cell of The Lord to serve in this
vineyard; you have showed determined concern and commitment to uplift the
social, economical, educational and spiritual life of the vast majority of the poor
rural congregation held at your pastoral limits.

Though, a prolonged period of your office was loot is disturbances

and crisits you have endeavored greater rings for the church and opened up many
meaningful avenues for the wholesome development of the church.

To mention, some of the most significant contribution the following

few lines I dedicate.

1. During the 51/2 year of your headship you have visited Leeds 75 pastorates.

2. Total No of churches deducted is 27

3. Prestigious projects like Olugaimanjal Advent Garden Projects, Mango

Chilli Tomato, Children’s Park, through the generous support of LMW,
Germany at the cost of Rs.35 lakhs in 2015, Ziegenbals Museum Project
Tranquebar, through ELM/LMW at France foundation in 2016, New Hostel
building at Gnanpoor Illam, Porayar through ELM funding of Rs. 2.5 Cr., 1,
2017 are the fruit of your labours.

4. You have also lead the Church in the celebration and Jubilees like
reformation 500 in 2017 Rev. Aaron’s 300 years of Baptism in 2017
Tercentenary of New Jerusalem Church in 2018 and the centenary of TELC
in 2019.

5. Your social concern was established through the projects and progresses
though SEDB department of the church. The construction of kitchen sheds
to school, Deep bore-wells to the communities distribution of Relief
materials at natural disasters in 2015, 2016 & 2018. Through the sonorous
fund of TELC, LMW and ELM are some of the key achievements to

6. As a President /Bishop as later as spiritual head, your inherent support to the

Theological study of both the pastors in service and fresh Theological are
remarkably high

In addition to the above, making use of your long associations with mission
partners at Germany, you could achieve several things for the dear Church TELC.

Your representation at various International bodies through LMW/ELM and

frenche foundation initiatives yielded worthy benefits to the church your visites to
germany, Ethophia, Brazil are mutually beneficial.

Exchange of pastors , volunteers, 19 youth boys and girls, pastoral

partnership programs, besides two teams, as junior cultural teen refuneration choir
visits are the unique achievements on your part in the realm of maintaining good
relationship with mission partners.

On this happy occasion, we would like to record our heartfelt thanks to dear
Bishopina Mrs. J. Muthu Mozhiyal, who has been a source of encouragement and
comfort for you, for having stood by you in times of happiness and sorrows,
success and lonliness, that so along with the office that you held so long. I am
happy to note nere that, under her able leadership as a chairperson, the women’s
fellowship of our church, made remarkable services to the women, children,
pastors wife forum and to the young girls in many ways. She was also exhibited
her abilities in promoting the status of institutions in those she served as

Thus dear Bishop and Biskopina, we are today feel so proud on your
accomplishment during your term of office to TELC.

We wish and pray to god to protect, Bless, Guide and use you and your
family for many more years filling with you peace, happiness and good health.

Thank you

Your unfilling labour during the last five years and also the taking up of several
important portfolios, nationally and internationally, have earned many benefit
factors arount the world for the welfare of the church






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