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The NFJPIA Mindoro Roadshow 2019 of Accountancy Department was held last February

9-10, 2019 at DWCC Basic Education Campus with a theme of Megaleio: Success Favors the Bold.
It was a two-day event full of academic and non-academic activities. An event that encourage the
students to promote academic excellence in order to help them deepen their knowledge in the
field of accounting.
On the 9th day of February 2019, Day 1 of the event, registration and an opening program
was held at the Gymnasium of DWCC Basic Education which started at 12 o’clock in the
afternoon. After the short opening program, academic event commenced at 2’o clock in the
afternoon which was facilitated by JPIA and Accountancy Department Officers. Then the
participants of each group proceed to their respective room.
One of the Academic event is the RFBT Quiz Bee, and the number of participants who joined
the competition are 14 students. The RFBT Quiz Bee is facilitated by two JPIA Officer, Emerie
Macalalad (Vice President for Communication) which was assigned as the quiz master and Sheila
Mae M. Araman (Standing Committee for Non-Academics) as the scorer. Ms. Jellyren Villagracia
Gutierrez, CPA was also there to distribute the questionnaires to the participants and served as
a guide mentor throughout the RFBT Quiz Bee.
The quiz bee begin with reading the rules and regulations in the conduct of Roadshow
Academic Cup, by the quizmaster. Thereafter the participants are given the chance to raise
questions/clarifications regarding the said rules and mechanics.

The RFBT quiz bee was composed of 2 phases– the Pre-Final phase and the Final phase. It is to
be competed by 8 pairs (minimum) from each teams. Answering was through board-raising.
The Pre-Final Phase has 10 theoretical and 10 computational multiple-choice questions.
The allotted time per question type for Theoretical: Easy (10 seconds), Average (10 seconds),
and Difficult (10 seconds), while for the Computational: Easy (20 seconds), Average (45
seconds), and Difficult (60 seconds). The pointing system for each round for: EASY (5 Pts.),
AVERAGE (7 Pts.), and DIFFICULT (10 Pts.). Each team was given three (3) distinct power flags:
the green flag, blue flag, and red flag which have different corresponding consequences. And
only one (1) flag can be raised per question. Then the top 5 pairs was determined through the
results of the Pre-Final Phase only, and these participants face each other in the Final phase.

In the Final Phase, it is to be competed by the Top 5 pairs from the Pre-Final phase.
Answering the questions are also through board-raising. The Top 5 pairs was now competing
individually for the Final phase. It also has the same rule with the Pre-Final phase’ time and
pointing system, but in this phase the flags are not only 3 but 6 flags that can used by the
contestant for their ranking. The additional flags are: the orange flag, yellow flag, and white flag.
The additional flags have a special power that can be used only once for the whole time during
the final phase.
The Roadshow Academic Cup Champion was determined through the accumulated
results of the Elimination, Pre-Final and Final Phase given the following percentages: Pre-Final
(40%), and Final Phase (60%) for a total of 100%.

The flow of activity was very intense until the end of the competition, each participant are
giving their best to win the competition but only 3 students with the highest score among the
10 will win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

After answering the 20 questions which is composed of easy, average and difficult round, the
result shows that the winner for the first place is Iesa Angela P. Garcia, the second place is Rhea
Leonila Gamboa, and the third place is Pretie Trisxia Ines.

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