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We are the students from the Engineering Department currently conducting a

research entitled “How Hobby Works on the Academic Performance of the Selected Engineering
Students”. We are hoping for your cooperation as you answer the questions in order to make our
research successful. Thank you and God bless.

Rest assured that all the data gathered will be strictly for research purposes only and will
be kept with utmost confidentiality.

Name: ______________________________ Age: _______________

Course: __________________ Gender: _____________

Direction: Please read the questions carefully. Choose and check only one answer before the
blank in every choices below. If your answer is not in the choices, answer it in the 4th blank.

1. Who choose your hobby?

___ Self- chosen
___ Parents or Family choice
___ Peers
___ Others please specify: _________________________

2. What are the usual hobbies of an Engineering student?

___ Web Surfing
___ Reading or Writing
___ Listening to music
___ Others please specify: _________________________

3. How much time do you spend doing your hobbies?

___ less than 1 hour
___ 1 to 3 hours
___ 3 to 5 hours
___ Others please specify: ________________________

4. Whom do you spend your hobbies with?

___ Doing it alone
___ With friends
___ With family
___ Others please specify: ________________________

5. When is the best time for you to do your hobby?

___ Whenever you want
___ When you have time to spare
___ When you feel you need to
___ Others please specify: _________________________
6. What hobby do you think will make you productive?
___ Writing or Composing
___ Reading
___ Running or Yoga
___ Others please specify: _______________________

7. What hobby do you think will make you smarter?

___ Reading veraciously
___ Learning new language
___ Travelling to new places
___ Others please specify: ________________________

8. What are the importance of hobbies in your academic performance?

___ Generates positive feeling and boosts creativity
___ Helps you to build up your self-esteem
___ It can enrich perspective
___ Others please specify

9. What are the benefits of hobbies on your studies?

___ Helps you to relieve stress
___ Helps you to strengthen friendship
___ Helps you to improve critical thinking
___ Others please specify: ________________________

10. What are the disadvantages of your hobbies to your studies?

___ It is a distraction
___ Cause of lack of sleep
___ Tardiness
___ Others please specify: _________________________