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On 23rd of February 2019, I have the opportunity to interview an academic leader who, in my opinion,

a role model in Sekolah Kebangsaan Alam Damai. My interviewee was named Mohd Mokhtar or
better known as Cikgu Mokhtar. My assignment dictates me to interview an academic leader who is a
role model at school during my internship where the interview should include the characteristic of a
professional academic leader, the issues and challenges of leadership faced by academic leaders
regarding the legislation in teaching profession and the role of academic leaders in implementing
various innovative teaching and learning strategies.

In the interview, Cikgu Mokhtar first describe professional academic leader as a teacher who have
embodied teacher’s professionalism which are teachers that are capable to plan interesting and
engaging lesson plans and carry out said lesson plans with the pupils. He believes that the
characteristics of a professional academic leader are teachers that are capable to reinvigorate pupils
attention in their lesson able to fully utilize various strategies and approaches in their lesson planning
so that the pupils are developed holistically based on the topic that are taught.

When asked on any issues or challenges that he had faced in regards to the legislation in the teaching
profession, he replies that essentially, the MOE has done a great job in giving out courses designed to
increase professionalism within teachers in schools however, it also comes with its own sets of
problem. According to Cikgu Mokhtar, every time there are new officers in MOE, there will surely be
new ideas or projects that are hoisted to teachers when the teachers themselves is running
themselves to the ground trying to fulfil their obligation and any other additional tasks set by the
MOE. He believes that due to this circumstances, the teachers are unable to produce satisfactory
work which resulted to being reprimanded by the administration thus leading to additional stress to
the teachers.

On the issue of the role of academic leaders in implementing various innovative teaching and learning
strategies, Cikgu Mokhtar believes that teachers should hold professional learning community
programme as a way to share knowledge on teaching as well as help teachers who are struggling with
their teaching in general. He also mentions that qualified leaders could also do workshops to help
teach teachers the way to innovate their own teaching and developing learning strategies so that they
are on par in terms of professionalism as dictated by the MOE

As a conclusion, the interview with Cikgu Mokhtar has been enlightening for the interviewer as the
interviewer are not exposed to a teacher in actual service views on the teaching professionalism
therefore this assignment has helped the interviewer to broaden his horizon.