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Background information

Name: ______________________________________________________

Age: _______________________________________________________


☐ Male ☐ Female

Employment Status:

☐ Institutional Contract of Service; Position: ________________________

☐ Contract of Service; Position: ___________________________

☐ Job Order; Position: ____________________________________

Educational Attainment:

☐ Highschool Graduate ☐ College Graduate

☐ College Under Graduate ☐ Others: _______________

Government Agency: ____________________________________


Length of service in Government Agency:

☐ Less than a year ☐ 1-2 years

☐ 3-5 years ☐ Over 5 years

II. Hiring Process

1. How did you know the vacancy of your current position?

 Newspaper
 Referral by relatives
 Referral by friends
 Online
 Others:___________________

2. What is the mode of submission of your application?

 Online
 Thru relatives
 Thru friends
 Personal
 Others:____________________

3. Which of the following did you undergo before getting hired in the agency?

 Interviews
 Aptitude and Personality Tests
 Medical Examination
 Others:_________________

4. How long did the contractual employment process took?

 1-2 weeks
 3-4 weeks
 Others:_________________

5. Are you aware of the Resolution No. 020790, “Policy Guidelines for Contract of


 Yes
 No
III. Awareness to the Resolution No. 020790, “Policy Guidelines for Contract of

1 Your work covers piece of work or jobs of short duration not
exceeding six months.
2 Your pay is on daily basis.
3 There is no employee-employer relationship that exists
between you and the government agency you are working
4 The services you are rendering are not considered as
government service.
5 Your project/job is not part of the regular functions of the
6 Your project/job does not perform functions which are part of
the job description of the agencies’ regular employees.
7 You are not designated to positions exercising control or
supervision over regular and career employees.
8 You do not enjoy the benefits enjoyed by the regular
employees such as leave, PERA, RATA and etc.
9 There was an execution of Contract of Service or
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or Job Order between
you and the agency concerned before you render services.
10 According to your COS, MOA or Job Order, you are not
required to report to the office and render service during
office hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or for forty (40) hours
per week.
IV. The implications of hiring contractual employees to Public Governance

Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree
(4) (3) (2) (1)
1 Contractualization helps the government
agencies save a lot of money.
2 Contractual employees are not able to
create loyalty for the organization.
3 Contractual employees find it stressful to
be working for an organization that does
not give job security.
4 The employees who work on contract
basis are often seen leaving the
5 Work efficiency decreases on contractual
employees in the long run.
6 Contractual employees often waste time
and resources
7 Contractual employees often feel isolated
and not well-respected by other
8 Contractual employees are dissatisfied
with their current situation.
9 Contractual employees often do the job of
a permanent or regular employee.
10 Contractual employees do not find value
in what they are doing.