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Abarquez, Rafaissen S.
Bachao, Aaron Jake T.
Degracia, Francis Kharylle
Girado, John Pethuel B.
Leones, Raymart M.
Lozada, John Ezequel S.
Mesias, Danilo Jr.
Rebua, Jammae E.

Our organization proposes a sports camp program for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
entitled, “Play in, Don’t Quit”. This will help those people who dreamed to play sports but
cannot because of their limitations to do so. The Philippine Sports Association has been
committed in helping organizations about sports related activities while Alay Sa May Mga
Kapansanan Association, Inc. is committed to help people with physical and mental disability.
We, The Silver Line Organization, are humbly asking for your full support and cooperation in
terms ofmaterials and facilities to make the program come true.This project will address to
Philippine Sports Association’s goal of encouraging different people to play sports related
activities and Alalay SaMay Mga Kapansanan Association, Inc.’s goal to help those people with

“More than one billion people or 15% of world’s population experience some form of
disability. Barriers to full social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities include
inaccessible physical environments and transportation, the unavailability of assistive devices and
technologies, non-adapted means of communication, gaps in service delivery, and discriminatory
prejudice and stigma in society” (Worldbank, 2018). Some of them dreamed to be a player in
their own sports. However, they can’t achieve their dream because of their disability. Some of
them has potential in sports. Yet, they are scared to join because they lose confidence to their
selves. The lack of appreciation for disabled persons in terms of sports also became a problem.

Sports is the solution to social inclusion of disabled persons, “We're trying to drive that
broader inclusion component where sport is the initial introduction and the thing that gets
communities seeing the remarkable things that people with disabilities are capable of — and then
from there push it out into a hopefully, eventually, full inclusion in society,”(Markt, 2009).We,
The Silver Line Organization, decided to propose a sports related project for these people to be
inclined to society and to do the things they wanted to do. In this project, we included the sports
basketball and volleyball prepared for the participants of the program.
Helping them to achieve their dream and to be socially included is the main goal of this
project. Our side goals is to build their self-confidence and to pursue them in playing sports
related activities, to build a strong camaraderie towards to their companions.

To achieve these goals, we propose the following objectives:

Objective 1: Join them in a friendly match to build their camaraderie.
Objective 2: Conduct a training and practice to achieve their confidence in their own skills.
Objective 3: To help them see beyond their physical appearance the strength lying within their

In this program, we need a diverse population of 144 disabled persons for participating in
the basketball game while a diverse population of 144 disabled persons for participating in
volleyball game, with 288 participants in total. In order to gather this number of participants, we
will distribute flyers to different places in Pasig City.These 288 participants both basketball and
volleyball will be grouped into 12 members forming one team. The total team of participants
would be 12 and then will be divided again into 3 groups. The program will last for 4 days. Each
day (except the last day), the 4 teams will match randomly. Two teams will win every day.

Actions Date
Distribution of flyers April 2-8, 2019
Meeting for finalization of players April 9, 2019
Organizing the event/program April 11-13, 2019
Opening Ceremony April 15, 2019
First set of teams to play
2nd Set of teams to play April 16, 2019
3rd Set of teams to play April 17, 2019
Closing Ceremony (Awarding for the winners) April 18, 2019
In partnering with us, our organization can help you to promote your organization’s goal
and to help you bring the enthusiasm and spirit of sports into the smallest unit of community
which will encourage our youth to participate, especially the disabled ones. In addition, by
conducting this project, many organizations may arise with the same purpose to look beyond the
weakness of Persons with Disabilities.


To be able to achieve and to succeed our goals, we need your support to meet the
following needs:

Needs Costs
Flyers P5,000
Food & Drinks P300,000
Basketball & Volleyball Balls P13,500
Venue (Courts) P80,000
Attires P300,000
Referee P28,000
Medic P20,000
Total P746,500


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