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438 + chapter 10 Continuous Boams and One-Way Slabs whee As the area of oe bu. (See Table Ain Appendix A) a ST nits, (108) be (eee Table AM) 100m ne 0s a specing ina sie a ing whichever in smaller (ACT Section 7.63). The asin br spacing is ao gre by’ eaceeontol provisions, as wat discussed in Secon 9-3 (ACI Seton 106§ ‘Because a lb is thinner than the beams support i the concrete in the shuns mere oily than te concrete the beams, This may lead ostrinkage ca theslah Shrinkage cracks perpendculs tothe san wil be crossed by Hex if ‘men, eich wil iit the width ofthese cracks, To limi the width of shrinkage ali the span, adtiona shrinkage and temperaare enforcement is placed ‘cule w the fetal reinforcement. The soa required especie in ACI Se 712, which reuies the following eto of enrcement rea fo ross corte rea 1 Slabs with Grade-40 $0 deformed bars 10000, 2 Slabs with Grade-60 deformed bars of welded-wite frie (smth formes}: 0.0018 3. Slab with einocenet wield strength, fin excess of 60,0 pl 20018 5 60.00 ot es tan 00014 Shrinkage and temperate oiforcement i paced not fare pat than the salle five times tesa hikes and IB in (ACT Seton 7.1222). Slices of such a meat mast be designed a deel the fl ye strength f ters in tesion (ACTS 7223) Te should be sot that shrinkage cracks coud be wide een whe this 0 stinkage enforcement is provided (102) abusing, hs may our when shea lage calurns,c others elements etn the srnkage and tenga ‘ACT Section 7.12.12 sues thu if shrinkage ad temperate movements ae ‘gnc, the equiremens of ACT Sections 8:2 and 9.2.3 hall be considered Sections as he dsinero make alist sessment ofthe shrinkage defloration {W estimate the resis resulng fom these movements. If he shrinkage move restrained completely, the shrinkage ad emperatire steel wil ic at the racks ingin afew wide cracks. About he ime the minimum shikage snd tenga forcement specifi in ACI Secon 712 is rege to limit the shrinkage ca reasonable widths Alleraively, aneaerete contol rp nay be eft arn on tobe filled in with concrete aft th ital srinkage has ocared. Meta ‘tng svinkage and temperate eackng in concrete sures are reviewed i secaleo Seton 93, ied stn of 0.35 percent ‘he minimum exuralweinocemen all ston 712 for shrinkage and tempest vows the maximum spacing of exaeinforceent tei ‘General, NO. and larger free ed for flex enforcement in sab) ‘smaller bars o wise tend tobe bet ou of positon by workers walking om he il nent during constuction. hiss more eal fo tp rlnfererent than fr bosta fovement, because the effective deh ofthe top se! reduced if tx pshed heres th fhe hoon sel snes Section 104 OneiWay Slabs + 445 are x (146/12) 2 = 0N8VFi bl) = o7s(aVa0 x 12x 625) = ei90 Wy here ACI Seine 9.123 get = 075 for ser nl in, Since gic Note sachsen wdoqat fer sat. Tetfr,we = 7.25 fy orl ACI Tate 5a, exe nd hers oer 2. on af infovemt The clan ae dea 1 Reto st i ‘ale! Line The har pans ee opts shown in, 114, Fre sper area ew ace pans 5 1585 in Tle 10, Lies? 3 and 4—The amet compa tM, = fl > momen ce “he vin ftre ment ben ace in ine 02 pt We wl eal at te nfo ued isco Loss he exe fa oft ft ine a, data conespmting ver wth eh fatal ter etal cos. ice ‘he omat esol lo een far ar owl bo es oo sal see ‘Stetina ath arg agan on fe ane de Neth hve Tae 10 ne SU G0 an iy = id p/m ne oie Fara as hat = 09284 for ah Asn steed = 090 fr atemsion contol a a 9 aon (925 x 635) sain an E101 Caodtons On ty Siad—Dage 104 ‘np ven se een econ Sietinn meine ano am) ate Se ate Notes Wz oar pe Steel i Be eer ee “aren eithe be or yolt bev ene! 7 ecationt 446 + captor 10 Continuous Besms and One-Way Siabs 625-938 - g10i, (tet j (976 nhs case compe wit te ae val of 925) Beceem ofA, mashed on ga of we wil acme eee MX 12000 as x ena 610 1 as6e 44, (ip/8) iin) = Reseed cine A) = 004 <~Tabie 1-1 Line 6 Compote te minima exral renfercemen, sing ACI Seve. 109 \ Asn) = 00TH — Check relfrcment spacing fr rack conta. To oa he with fc il i jet ne ent tome ty 06, = 08 ll O75 n fom ACL Sexton 17.16), eee ggg 0 This ves the 1m mannan cing ated inte previo pn he ds, Sele the tp and baton exalt The emsning Mercato ieee che he nace ow cables ey ig te by wing Fig AS since he sa ety alow th we uf oe ACH moet Bxample PLE MC