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HPL India Ltd.


Submitted To University Of Pune

In Partial Fulfillment of 2 Year Full Time Course
Master In Business Administration (M. B. A.).

Submitted By

Atul G. Gawande

(Batch- 2007-09)


Institute for Industrial, Computer, Management and Research

Sector 27, Pradhikaran Nigdi, Pune.

The Power of Technology.

Ref. No. Date

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Atul G. Gawande, a M.B.A. student of I.I.C.M. R. institute
Nigdi have undergone a training and complete a project on “SALES AND
PROMOTION OF CFL FOR HPL INDIA LTD.” In Pune Region. He has carried out this
project for HPL India Ltd. From 01/06/08 to 31/07/08.

In the span of project duration his candidature was found to be very sincere &

We wish him a bright future.


I had the privilege to do my summer project in HPL India Ltd. In this attempt I
have received the help, guidance and inspiration from many people.

First of all I am thankful to the director Prof. Dr. Abhay Kulkarni for providing me
an opportunity to do my summer training in such a prestigious company, by which
has truly been a learning experience.

I am also very thankful to Mr.Santosh Karve (Branch Manager HPL India Ltd.) for
his invaluable instruction & support from time to time. Also I am very much
thankful to Mr. Joshi, Mr. Sandip Kalbhor and Mr. Kuthval of HPL India Ltd. Who
help me from time to time.

I would like to render my deep sense of gratitude to Prof. Mrs. Shital Bhura who is
my project guide. Without whose guidance and feedback it would not have been
possible for me to undertake the task and utilize the tools appropriately.

I hereby declare that the project report on “SALES AND PROMOTION OF CFL FOR
HPL INDIA LTD” is written and submitted by me to University of Pune through
IICMR towards the partial fulfillment for the study of the M.B.A. in year 2007-09.
The report written is original work and this project is based on primary and
secondary data. It based on the knowledge and material gained from the
company. The contents provided are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I further declare that, this project report is not been submitted to any other
University for the any other degree, or requirement course.

Atul Gawande

(M.B.A. marketing)

No. Topic Page No.

1 Executive Summary

2 Objective and Scope

3 Company Profile

4 Research Methodology

5 Observations

6 Data Presentation and Analysis

7 Findings

8 Suggestions or Recommendations

9 Conclusion

10 Limitations of the study

11 Annexure

12 Bibliography

13 Questionnaire

HPL India LTD. Is the conglomerate in Indian Electrical Industry. It has strong
presence in the manufacture of Reliable Electrical Protection equipments,
switchgears, energy meters, energy manufacturing systems & lightning systems.
The HPL India Ltd. has built a reputation of high quality, latest technology &
dedicated approach.

The HPL India Ltd. is working with 3D principles which are – Duty to
work, discipline to quality & Devotion to customer. HPL is poised for a steady
growth by providing safety electrical equipment for various segments of society in
Domestic, Commercial & Industrial sector. The quality driven attitude has given
HPL an edge in the competitive market & a market leader in its own segment. The
companies’ commitment to quality & connected policy has attracted major
international companies to collaborate with HPL & work successfully together.

The project consisted of surveying the different retailers in the outskirt of city &
the project area consisted of regions of Pune & PCMC which helps organization to
correct decisions for implementations of Marketing strategies. During this project
I have visited 300 retailers of city, out of which some are already engaged with
organization & many new shows interest to become a part of it. Also many
retailer shows interest towards good schemes & attractive offers of company.
During my project span, many retailers give their views, expectations and
suggestions in favors of HPL India Ltd.
Objectives of the Project:

The main objectives of projects are –

I. To collect the basic information of retailer force.

II. To study the main obstacle in selling of companies products.

III. To manipulate the average sell of CFL per month.

 Research Methodology Used:

The research methodology used during project is as –

1. Descriptive Research Design.

2. Marketing Research Design – It includes

I. Qualitative Marketing Research

II. Quantitative Marketing Research

III. Cluster Analysis.

 Observation:

There is high market for CFL due to its low consumption of electricity. The
observations during projects are –

1. It has higher demand in rich locality than slum area.

2. Average sell of CFL in city closes to 30,000 units per month.

 Findings:

The findings during projects are -

1. Out of visited retailers 25% shows interest for HPL India Ltd.

2. Potential Retailers showed hesitation to buy HPL CFL due to low


 Suggestions:

I have given certain suggestions to company based on my observations, which are

as fallows-

1. Aggressive promotional steps should be taken by company including

various promotional medium like T.V., Newspaper, Transport systems.

2. The credit limit for Retailer should be increased from 1 month to 2 months.

 Conclusions:

As per findings it is conclude that there is good scope for company due to
increasing demand of CFL .But as peoples are not so aware with HPL India Ltd. is
the main obstacle of retailer for CFL sale.
Objectives & scope of the project.


There are two types of objectives-

1. Primary Objective.

2. Secondary Objective.

 Primary Objective:

a. To find the Market Share of HPL India Ltd.

b. To search the potential Retailer for our products.
c. To study the main obstacle in selling of our product.
d. To intimate retailer about forth coming products.

 Secondary Objective:

a. To collect the basic data of retailer.

b. To find the competitive marketing strategy.
c. To increase the brand awareness of the company.
Scope of the Project:

As in the present age all world facing lot of problems such as energy crisis,
pollution, global warming, food shortage etc. hence combine efforts are
going on to protect the Earth. As electricity production creates lot of
pollution & which is responsible for imbalance of environment. Also many
countries like India are facing electricity problem which slowed its
development. Hence now it’s mandatory to use electrical equipments which
consumes minimum electricity & works more efficiently.

Now it’s a time of modern lightning system which works

more efficiently at lowest electricity consumption. Hence CFL is the
premium lightning which consumes only one fourth of electricity as
compared to traditional lightning & available in all shapes & sizes. Hence
by seeing the increasing demand for electricity & to keep away problem of
Load Shading all government as well as private organizations instructed for
use of CFL than traditional one.

As CFL is one time investment & it gives 80%

more life, more efficiency & reduces electricity bill. Hence forthcoming time
is only of CFL light. Hence more & more organizations are engaged in CFL
production. At present almost 20 branded & many more local organizations
working for CFL Light. Also lot of Research is going on to improve the
efficiency & quality of CFL light.

Hence compare to all this benefits more

customers are turning towards CFL lights hence by seeing future market
more research towards CFL continuous to upgrade the quality of CFL more
& more. Hence more companies are engaged in CFL production which will
produces more & more employment to make society living brighter.
Two words about HPL INDIA LTD.

HPL INDIA LTD. Is known as conglomerate in Indian Electrical industry. It has

makeable share in Indian Electrical industry. From more than last five decades it gives
great service to industrial area. A small plant to today’s position of organization is an
achievement due to vision of management & hard work of employee. Since 1956 has
been pursuing vision of creating a niche, as a major player in Indian Electrical industry
with commitment to state of the art technological world class products. There is hardly
any floor hop who is not using HPL products in country & also company starts his
exporting to abroad also. Now company has proud to healthy and growing Joint venture
with worlds well known organization.

Now HPL INDIA LTD. possess Six most modern manufacturing units and ISO
9001:2000 certified with 300000 sq. ft. covered area to manufacture products confirming
to International & Indian Standards. Now HPL works with Head office at New Delhi with
63 branches, over 800 authorized dealers & 4000 retailers across country who are
committed to provide solutions & services to customer delight. HPL products also tested
at CPRI, ERDA, ERTL, NPL, ETC. Also it has approvals from CPWD state PWD’s,
MES, BSNL & many more Institutional users.

In compact fluorescent lamp HPL installed two most

modern plants one of them is SPIRAL Tube Plant which is the first of its kind in the
country. Using the latest technology & quality components from the best sources across
the world HPL INDIA LTD. is ready to serve Electrical Industry.
Company Profile
HPL, with its unwavering commitment to the creation of world-class quality products, the
HPL Group has created a niche for itself in the electrical industry. Today, HPL is
regarded as “The Technology Brand of India” and is one of the premium
manufacturers of reliable Electrical Protection Equipments, Switchgears, Energy Meters
and Energy Management Systems. Consistent and sound policies have helped the HPL
Group mark a strong presence nationally as well as globally. In its own special way,
HPL is committed to the growth and expansion of Brand India. Through our
deliberations in the electrical industry, we believe we can actively participate in
furthering the cause of Brand India. Superior technology, impressive product portfolio
and a quality driven attitude have given HPL an edge in the competitive market. This
has also attracted major international players to collaborate with HPL and work
successfully together.

HPL, current year with a turnover of around Rs. 400 crores, has a strong work force of
over 2700 talented individuals, including Technocrats, Design and R&D Engineers and
Marketing Professionals.
Foreign Tie-ups

HPL has collaborations with equity participation with world renowned multi-national
companies in the electrical field such as Moeller in Austria & Germany and Socomec
S.A., in France.

Moeller is over a billion Euro company renowned for its low and high voltage electrical
equipments and circuit breakers. It is having equity participation with HPL in Moeller
HPL (P) Ltd.

Socomec of France which specializes in Switchgear & Energy Management Products in

Europe is having equity participation with HPL in HPL Socomec (P) Ltd and Socomec
HPL (P) Ltd.

The product manufactured by these joint ventures companies are the best in
Technology, Quality and Design that is available in Europe & now in India.

HPL manufactures a wide range of Products: HPL manufactures a wide range of

Products in Switchgears, Metering, Lighting, protection equipments

Product benefits are latest technology, value for money and strong relationships are the
real strengths of the group. We have a broad network of 63 Branches and rep offices in
every major city which successfully delivers the goods have over 600 dealers and
around 4000 retailers stock our products. Our team of over 260 sales and service
engineers are there for effective and quick before-and-after sales service.

HPL is a dynamic Group with a clear vision to be “Bring the Best” by not losing focus on
the challenges the new economic order the world over poses for growing companies.


HPL enjoys a fine reputation in the international market, thanks to its high quality
standards, excellent after sales support & timely deliveries.

Currently, HPL is on a global expansion policy to expand its business horizons and is
looking for marketing alliances for its products from unexplored markets. HPL is mainly
exporting its products to Middle East, SAARC and European Countries.
Mission & Vision.


Our mission is to provide the latest and the best technology

product in the field of Switchgear, Electronic Meters, and Lighting.

Future Vision

In line with its global ambitions, HPL has been gearing up its
operations by strengthening current business practices and
aligning them with the best global standards to create new
benchmarks of quality and customer satisfaction. HPL is committed
to develop empowering technology in the form of easy to use,
dependable products that meet the Customers needs.

Exporting its products to Middle East, SAARC and European Countries, HPL is
increasingly focused on export-led growth through optimal utilization of its comparative
technical advantage vis-à-vis competitors.
Two key factors at HPL ensure a lasting competitive advantage: an innovative business
model, and complete market intelligence. Optimum implementation of these factors
enables HPL to create a more effective, sustainable operation, and more value for the
customers and it will continue to focus on consolidating its dominant position in India,
while expanding its reach globally.
About Joint Ventures

The HPL Group has joint venture with Europe’s leading switchgear company Socomec
S.A. France. Socomec is a market leader in switches & protection equipment
manufacturing on load changeover switches, isolators, onload fuse changeover
switches, Electronic energy Meters & DIRIS, the energy management Control &
protection system. HPL – Socomec is today the top of mind brand in the market. HPL &
Socomec joint venture activities manufacture products such as Switchgears, Electronic
Energy Meters (Single phase & three phases), Energy Management systems & are the
brand leaders in the country in almost all the products manufactured by the joint venture

Socomec S.A. France was formed in 1922 by Mr. Joseph Siat in Benfeld near
Strasbourg, France. The company socializes in distribution, control & switchgear
protection equipments & its allied products. Socomec started its operations with a small
range of switchgear products. Over the years the company has now grown to
manufacture wide range of switching & protection equipments, Energy Control systems
& Energy management Equipments. The company also manufactures Uninterrupted
Power Supply (UPS) up to an enormous 4800 KVA.

In 1968, the Socomec S. A. France launched its electronic division & began to market
high power UPS equipment. Today the company is one of the top three manufacturers
of UPS equipment in the world.

Mr. Bernard Steyart became the chairman of Socomec S. A. France in 1989.

Under his leadership the company opened its door to foster development of new ideas,
initiatives & expansion. Today, the company has its presence in 60 countries with 15
subsidiaries worldwide. Socomec S. A. France has 8 manufacturing sites with 2 in India
& 3 in France & Italy. The company has a workforce of over 3000 people in these
manufacturing units.

Socomec S. A. France has a turnover of Rs. 1350 crores (USD 300

millions). All the company’s products are well certified by concerned agencies, all
manufacturing divisions are ISO: 9001 & products equipment are tested at the leading
laboratories in Europe.

HPL – Elektra:

HPL has technical alliance with Elektra Tailfingen of Germany. HPL – Elektra is an
alliance with Electra Tailfingen of Germany. Through this alliance HPL produces new
age Cam operated Rotary switches. Elektra Tailfingen A leading European Group of
Germany in the field of(An Alliance) Rotary Switches, Plugs & Sockets

The Group has five most modern states- of –art manufacturing

plants located in Gurgaon (Haryana), Noida (U.P.) & Okhala (New Delhi). These units
are equipped with research & development laboratories. Here products are upgraded,
new products are conceptualized, created & developed, keeping in tune with changing
designs & technological developments.

Moeller Group One of the leading suppliers from Austria of power distribution and
Automation worldwide
Head Office:
Corporate & Marketing Office:

1/21, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi – 110002

Phone: 91-11-23234411, Fax: 91-11-23232639

E-mail: hpl@hplindia.com, exports@hplindia.com

Website: www.hplindia.com .

Branch Office:

Pune :

1, Sai Complex, 3rd Floor, 917/22,

Fergussan, College Road, Shivaji Nagar

Pune – 411005

Telefax: 020 – 25672928

E-mail: pune@hplindia.com

Along with this HPL India Ltd. has large network across allover country, having branch
offices at different location & Residence offices at different parts of country.
General Information of HPL INDIA LTD.

Date established 1956

Number of employees (total in the


Company type Headquarters

Noida (U. P), Gurgoan (Haryana), Jabli (HP), Sonipat

Other locations:

Office hours 10:00 AM To 6:00 PM

Quality assessment: ISO 9001 :, 2000

Quality assessment: UKAS : UK

Quality assessment: TUV : Germany

Members of

Email addresses hpl@hplindia.com

web link http://www.hplindia.com

Turnover Exceeds USD 100 Millions.

Export Revenue: (2007) 3 800 000 000 INR

Bank(s) Oriental Bank of Commerce

Nature of Business
 Activities:
HPL introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of
L.T. Switchgears including On Load Changeover Switches, Isolators, Bye pass
Switches, MCBs, ELCBs, MCCB, Distribution System, Rotary Switches,
Fusegear, CFLs, and Energy Metering Solutions/Energy management systems in

HPL is an established group in existence since 1956. A wide range of products
conforming to international standards are available under one roof. A select
range is available with CE marking.
HPL having eight State of Art manufacturing facilities having international quality
certificate ISO-9001 from UKAS.UK & TUV Germany.

 Present Annual group turnover exceeds USD 100 Millions.

 Having 8 most modern state of the art manufacturing plants in & around Indian
capital New Delhi supported by 2700 employees.

 More than 54 Branch Offices, 600 authorized dealers and 4000 + authorized
retail outlets all over India and exclusive agents in selected parts of world.

 More than 25 Countries worldwide presence.

 We are a one-stop shop for all your electrical engineering requirements.

 To add to our credentials, we are having three major on-going international joint
ventures & Alliances:

 1. Socomec S.A.A leading European Group of France in the field of

Switchgear, UPS & Energy Meters

 Moeller Group One of the leading suppliers from Austria of power distribution
and Automation worldwide

 Elektra Tailfingen leading European Group of Germany in the field of

(An Alliance) Rotary Switches, Plugs & Sockets
 Trade names

"HPL" 

 Agent

Overseas Co's Socomec S. A France, JV Partners, Moeller Austria,

represented: Elektra Tailfingen Germany

 Export

Worldwide, South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa

About Management

The Management consists of:

Chairman: Mr. Lalit Seth

A visionary entrepreneur endowed with inimitable dynamism and

futuristic sagacity is a keen observer of market trends all over
the world. It was his distinctive idea of import substantiation that
resulted in growth of HPL, having experience of over 37 years in
the Industry.

Board of Directors:

Mr. Rishi Seth

Mr. Rishi Seth an MBA has been in business for the past 15
years looking after the Energy Meter marketing, Production,
Planning, General Administration of a few units.
Mr. Gautam Seth
Mr. Gautam Seth a Qualified Chartered Accountant has been in
Business for 12 years and is handling Finance, Accounts,
taxation and other related activities.

Mr. C. P. Jain
Mr. C.P. Jain is SSA Electrical Engineer with 23 years of
experience of manufacturing electrical product. He has worked
with leading companies. He has been working with HPL Group
for the past 11 years and is the Executive Director of Electronic
Meter Division besides being in charge of Research,
Development and Quality Control.

Mr. M.R. Khanna

Mr. R. K. Khanna is the Chief Executive of the Company's plant
at Gurgaon. Being an Electrical Engineer and having 38 years of
experience in electrical manufacturing, he looks after the
procurement, production, planning and allied activities associated
with the manufacture of the product. He heads a group of
qualified Technical team who assist him in the manufacturing
activity and he is also responsible for maintaining the quality of
the finished product.
Two words about Chairperson

Mr. Lalit Seth

Mr. Lalit Seth, heading the HPL Group, has been visionary in the electricity field and has
more than 32 years experience. Born in 1946, Mr. Lalit Seth has done Electrical
Engineering from Faraday House, Engineering College, affiliated to London University.
At HPL, Mr. Seth leads a team of more than 120 professionals & workforce of over 2700
people. He is leading HPL with a vision of Duty, discipline & Devotion.

Under his inspiring leadership & approach, the HPL Group’s reputation in the
market is synonymous with high quality, updated technology & dedicated approach.
Under Mr. Seth’s guidance, the HPL Group has collaborations with three leading
European Companies, namely M/S Socomec S. A. France, M/S. Electra Tailfingen of
Germany & M/S. Mollear of Austria.

With his force on Power sector, Mr. Lalit Seth formed his third joint
venture with Socomec in 2003 for manufacturing a complete range of UPS in India. In
1992 Mr. Seth ventured into a tie up with Socomec S.A. & formed the first joint venture,
HPL Socomec Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture on load changeover switches. This company
has the largest market share in its field i.e., 70% share on all India basis.

In 1996 he created the second venture with Socomec S. A. to start

development of electric energy meters with focus on original R & D. Within 4 years of
product launch, the company became amongst the first four electric energy meters
manufactures in India. The Company was also the second largest volume manufacture
in India.
Product Profile:
HPL India Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing of products confirming to International &
Indian standards.HPL products are as follows:

1. LV switchgears
2. LV protection Devices.
3. Metering & energy Management system.
4. Lighting.

Lighting –

HPL Group who is well known for its quality manufacturing has now engaged in the
world of lighting with own production of Compact Fluorescent Lamp. Installing two most
modern plants at its works at Sonepat (H.P.). One of them is Spiral tube plant, which is
the first of its kind in the country. Using the latest technology & quality components from
the best sources across the world.

After the innovation of light by enormous personality

Thomas A. Edison, a new version of life gets started. From this stage continuous
research is going on to upgrade the quality of light & CFL light is the peak in this all.
Technically Compact Fluoroscent Lamp (CFL) works same as Fluorescent Tube Light
(FTL). It is a compact version of FTL only. The Triband Phosphor applied on the inner
wall of the glass tube, converts the UV radiation into visible light.
CFL Range:

Main Benefits of CFL:

 Consumes 80% less energy compared to ordinary GLS bulbs.

 Longer life up to 8000 burning hours.
 Low cost of maintenance because of the reduced frequency of replacement.
 Generate 80% less heat than ordinary bulbs, which reduce fire risk & load on Air
– Conditioners.
 Compact size & various shapes add elegance& aesthetics.
 Wide range of wattages, shapes & colors increase your option of choice.
 Reduces load on standby energy providers like Generators/ Invertors/ Batteries.
 Environment & eco friendly.
How CFL are beneficial than Traditional bulbs.

HPL is committed to constantly pushing new frontiers of knowledge in pursuit of new

horizons of technology. HPL has seven integrated state-of-the-art Manufacturing
facilities having international quality certificate ISO-9001:2000. These production units
dedicated to deliver international quality standards are located at Okhla (Delhi), Noida
(U.P.), Gurgaon (Haryana), Jabli (Himachal Pradesh) and Sonipat (Haryana).

We have a well equipped:

 R & D Centre for energy Meters

 Electronic Meter Test Benches
 CFL Manufacturing Plants
 Molding shop
 Machine shop
 Press Shop
 Electroplating
 Paint shop

All our products go through various intricate stages of testing and inspection that
conform to national and international standards of quality. We take pride in ensuring that
our entire product range from start to finish goes through challenging tests to come out
excellent in use and performance.

During 2005, large investments were directed towards enhancing the manufacturing
strengths. In addition to expansion and modernization of the existing facilities,
significant investments were made in building substantial capacities for new products,
targeted to drive growth in key geographies in the coming years.
Quality Policy

HPL is committed to have satisfied customers through supply of quality Energy Meters,
Energy Measurements Systems, Switchgears, Circuit Breakers, Distribution Systems,
Sheet Metal Enclosures and Lighting products by way of fulfilling the customer’s
requirements, timely delivery and services.

This shall be achieved by Quality Management Systems and continual improvement in

products, process & Systems which will be achieved by time bound quantified Quality

Our quality management policies ensure customer satisfaction, reduce cycle time and
costs, and also eliminate errors and rework. At HPL, We strongly believe that results
(performance and financial) are the natural consequence of effective quality

Ardent Research and Development efforts have always been a great strength of HPL.
R&D Division plays a very important role in the long & short term Technology Strategy
formulation. It concentrates on development of new technology & sustenance and
improvement of current technology for its products.

The R&D Division is an expertise center with over 60 Design Engineers working on
advanced products & systems. It is structured into expert centered groups with
sophisticated laboratories. The Engineers constantly enhance the competencies in
relevant areas through interaction and association with research organizations of repute
& with individual experts.

Firm belief in high standards of quality and creativity at all levels provides HPL a
tremendous confidence to make breakthroughs in new products and processes.
The Group has five most modern states- of –art manufacturing plants located in
Gurgaon (Haryana), Noida (U.P.) & Okhala (New Delhi). These units are equipped with
research & development laboratories. Here products are upgraded, new products are
conceptualized, created & developed, keeping in tune with changing designs &
technological developments.

These Plants are well located as:

Manufacturing Units Unit Product

Plot No. 756-P Sector - 37 Changeover Switches

Pace City Gurgaon

132-133, Sector 37 Pace Multifunction Management

City, Gurgaon Haryana, System, Panel Mounted
India Meters & Electronic Energy

D-392,Sector X Noida, Switch Fuse Disconnectors,

(U.P.) India Rotary Switches, HRC Fuse
Links, Plug & Sockets.
F-90/26, Phase-1 Okhla Changeover Switches, Load
New Delhi, India Isolators, Double Break
Switches, Distribution Board
and Kit Kats

Sonipat Lighting Division

Along with this two plants are located in Jabli & Noida having production of MCB
& Changeover Switches, Load Isolators, Double Break Switches, Distribution Board and
Kit Kats respectively.

Research in common parlance refers to a search of knowledge. One can also define
research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific
topic. In fact, research is an art of scientific investigation. Redmon and Mory define
research as a “Systematized effort to gain new knowledge.” It is actually a voyage of

Marketing research is the function which links the consumers, customers, and public to
the marketer through information. Information used to identify and define marketing
opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor
marketing performance; and improve understanding of market as process.

“Market Research is the systematic, objective and exhaustive search

for and study of the facts relating to any problem in the field of marketing.”


Almost every organization will benefit from even the most elementary market
research. If it does not provide new information, it then will confirm what is known.
Market research is the process of gaining information about your market. Preferably,
this is specific information about your target market and the factors that influence their
buying decisions. It can be causal and limited in scope and, although it may not be
“statistically significant” research, it can still be valuable. The value and ‘degree of fit’
may be based on the quality, cost or the amount of time to acquire the information.
Research design is the plan, structure, and strategy of investigation conceived so as to
obtain answer to research question and to control variance. There are three types of
research design:-

a) Exploratory research: It focuses on the discovery of ideas. It is generally based

on the secondary data that are readily available.

b) Descriptive studies: It is used to know the characteristics of certain group such

as age, sex, occupation or income. Descriptive studies are well structured.

c) Casual design: It investigates the cause and effect relationship between two or
more variables. The design of casual research is based on reasoning along well
tested lines.

Research design is blueprint for the collection, measurement and analysis of data.

Sample is a part of the population which is selected according to some rule for studying
some characteristics of the population. It refers to the technique or the procedure the
researcher would adopt in selecting items for the sample.

Some of the popular complex random sampling designs are as follows:

a) Systematic sampling: In systematic sampling only the only the first unit is
selected randomly and the remaining units of the sample are selected at fixed
intervals. It is used when list of population are available and they are of
considerable length.

b) Stratified sampling: Under stratified sampling the population is divided into

several sub-populations that are individually more homogeneous than the total
population and we select items from each stratum to constitute a sample.

c) Cluster sampling: In cluster sampling the total population is divided into a number
of relatively small subdivisions which are themselves cluster of still smaller units
and ten some of these cluster are randomly selected for inclusion in overall
d) Area sampling: If cluster happen to be some geographic subdivisions, in that
case cluster sampling is better known as area sampling. The plus and minus
points of cluster sampling are also applicable to area sampling.

e) Multi-stage sampling: Multi-stage sampling is a further development of the

principle of cluster sampling. Ordinarily multi-stage sampling is applied in big
inquires extending to a considerable large geographical area, say, the entire

A Fact on which the decision is based to take a particular action. The task of data
collection begins after a research problem has been defined and research design/ plan
chalked out.


There are two types of data viz. primary and secondary.




a) Primary data: The primary data are those which are collected afresh and for first
time, and thus happen to be original in character. There are several methods of
collecting primary data such as:-
i. Observation method.

ii. Interview method.

iii. Through Questionnaires.

I have used all the above methods for collecting primary data. The
observation method was most commonly used.

b) Secondary Data: The secondary data are those data which have already been
collected by someone else and which have already been passed through
statistical process. Usually secondary data are available in:-

 Magazines and newspapers.

 From Company source.

I have used both internal and external source in collecting secondary data. They are as

Internal source: Internal secondary data includes the data generated within the

 Company profile.

 Company Documents

 Through help by Mr. Santosh Karve

External source: External secondary data is collected from outside of organization


 Internet; www.hplindia.com

 More information; www.google.com

With the help of both primary and secondary data, it helps me a lot to collect the
information required for the project. I have used others methods to collect data like
depth interview, content analysis, through projective techniques and consumer panels. I
have make a scrutiny of available data because it is possible that data may be
unsuitable or may be inadequate in the context of project.
1. Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may
be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. The
methodology used by me during this project is as follows:-

 Descriptive research design: My study was concerned with specific prediction,

with narration of facts and characteristics concerning individual, group or
situation. This helps me for formulating the objective of the study and processing
and analyzing the data.

 Marketing research design: It uses the following types of research design:-

1. Qualitative marketing research: Qualitative marketing research is a set of

research techniques, used in marketing and the social sciences, in which data is
obtained from a relatively small group of respondents and not analyzed with
statistical techniques. They are used to define the problem, generate
hypotheses, identify determinants, and develop quantitative research designs.

I have used Quality marketing research because it is very flexible and very rich
depth of information. It is best method for in-depth probing of personal opinions,
beliefs, and values.

2. Quantitative marketing research: Quantitative marketing research is the

application of quantitative research techniques to the field of marketing. It has
roots in both the positivist view of the world, and the modern marketing viewpoint
that marketing is an interactive process in which both the buyer and seller reach
a satisfying agreement on the "four Ps" of Marketing: Product, Price, Place
(location) and Promotion. As a social research method, it typically involves the
construction of questionnaires and scales. People who respond (respondents)
are asked to complete the survey. Marketers use the information so obtained to
understand the needs of individuals in the marketplace, and to create strategies
and marketing plans.

I have used Quantitative marketing research for reliability, generalizability,

and validity. It helps me to define problem, data collection and data analysis.

 Cluster Analysis: Cluster analysis is used to classify person or objects into a

smaller number of mutually exclusive and exhausted groups. I have used cluster
analysis because of its utility in resolving the problem of classifying consumers,
products, etc.
Statistical Tools:
The role of statistics in research is to function as a tool & designing research, analyzing
its data & drawing conclusion there from. Most Research studies result in a large
volume of raw data which must be suitably reduced so that the same can be read easily
& can be used for further analysis.

The various statistical tools that are used in the research are as following:

 Pie chart
 Tough Chart.
 Bar Graph.
 Histograms.
 Frequency Polygons.
There is high market for CFL due to its low consumption of electricity. The
observations during projects are –

1. It has higher demand in rich locality than slum area.

2. Average sell of CFL in city closes to 30,000 units per month.

3. Customer demands only reputed products.

4. Retailers favor continuous shuffled & attractive schemes.

5. Rather than gifts or prize retailers prefer deduction of respective


Data analysis
In data analysis I have studied retailer by dividing into two groups as new &
existed retailer. The overall data is based on the total study of Retailer visited i.e. they
are considered as 100 & hence from that approximate data is calculated.

1. New Retailer-

Are u aware from CFL of HPL India Ltd?




30 Series 1



Yes No
i. According to you who is market leader in CFL?




Series 1


Philips Wipro Bajaj Orpat Other

ii. Are you interested to sell our Product?

50 Column2
40 Column1
30 Series 1
Yes No
I. What is your expected commission of sale of CFL?





Series 1
Series 2
Series 3



Around 30 - 40% Around 20 - 30% As per company
a) According to you for our product which is best medium for advertise?




40 Column1
Series 1



Newspaper TV Transport system Other
For Existed Retailers –

I. Are you satisfied from our Service?





50 Column2
85 Column1
Series 1


Yes No
II. What’s the complaint rate for each 100 CFL light?
Compare to other brands.



8 Column2
Series 1

Philips Wipro Bajaj HPL Others

III. What’s the average overall sell of CFL per month?



10000 Series 1


IV. Rather than HPL another brands you have?





40 Series 1



Philips Wipro Bajaj Others
During my project span my findings are –

The estimated share of HPL is 20% according to retailers I have studied.

Retailer survey indicates that Philips is market leader & HPL is market challenger.

HPL has very low complaint rate than it’s competitive.

Competitive continuously rotates attractive schemes regarding retailers.

Maximum retailer chooses Philips because of customer demand & local brands due
to good commission.

Lot of promotion activity of competitive by providing promotion equipment.

HPL CFL is available in 37 outlets.

15 watts CFL have good demand than another.

There are almost 20 competitors & good challenge by local producers.

Many retailers are interested to sell our product but their expectations for good
commission & more credit.

An irregular visit to retailer is another main obstacle for selling of our product.
I have given certain suggestions to company based on my observations, which are
as fallows –

1. Aggressive promotional steps should be taken by company including

various promotional medium like T.V., Newspaper, Transport systems.

2. The credit limit for Retailer should be increased from 1 month to 2 months.

3. Give more discounts to seller & special discounts for higher sell retailers.

4. Arrange regular discussions with retailer team for interchanging their views
& solve their quarries.

5. Provide promotional tools to retailer for product advertising.

6. Make availability of higher voltage CFL regularly & colorful CFL immediately.
As per findings it is conclude that there is good scope for company due to
increasing demand of CFL .But as peoples are not so aware with HPL India Ltd. is
the main obstacle of retailer for CFL sale. Also there is good competition from
competitives & local producers of CFL.

Hence main obstacle in selling of our

product is lack of advertising & low commission of our product.
of the study:
The main limitation of the study is insufficient time of the study. In fact two months
time is not sufficient to detailed study of the retailer. Also many retailers avoid giving
their details about total sales, their selling brands which creates problem for study.
The findings, suggestions and conclusions are based on the primary data collected
There is a chance that the primary data may be biased.
General Information
 Name of Retailer :
 Name of Propritor :
 Address :
 Contact No. :
 E mail Id :

1. How many times u place an order in a month ? 1 ( ) 2 ( ) more

2. Can u get ordered products delivery on right time ? Yes ( ) No ( )

3. Can u get quick response from us about any complaint ? Yes ( ) No ( )

4. Can there is quick response to alter the breakage or wastage product ? Yes ( ) No ( )

5. Can u think there is more need for the products advertise ? Yes ( ) No ( )

6. How is the response to our product in a market ? Good ( ) Satisfactory ( ) Not Considerable ( )

7. Can u feel there is requirement of more information about certain product ? Yes ( ) No ()

8. Can there is complaint about certain products from customer ? Yes ( ) No ( )

9. If yes mainly from which product u get more complaint ? 1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3 ( )

10. Can u feel difficult to sale particcular product ? Yes ( ) No ( )

11. If yes mainly which products sale is difficult ? 1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3 ( )

12. According to u who is companies nearest competitive ? 1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3 ( )

13. Which special facility is providing by our competitive ?

14. Out of our competitive product which product has highest demand ?

15. What is u’r opinion about our service ? Satisfactory( ) Good ( ) Unsatisfactory ( )
16. If there is any suggestion or improvement demand about product from customer :

17. If there is any suggestion or complaint from u’r side :


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