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f4SANSUI SAMA ‘SANS-00772 SERVICE MANUAL SPECIFICATION (MODEL:RZ-5100/5110/5200AV “ANPLIFIER: “TUNER 4. When SURROUND ie “OFF™ 1. FM secTION Senate and Impedance Frqunney ange: 870M wo 1080 Peon mura ope tt sp) CD.APE AV onia2 ASKAmercaCtOOe step) Fraquaney Raspes Swett 3048: 300" PHONODIAA STANDARD CARVE) Taal Harmon Dire “soe ~ 150 18) coTAPeavane — TaKHE ign! to Hele ato PHONO (HF A 8 COTAPEAY OA) 8598 SOOAWASIAIR-S200AVETC POWER: Tow. ~ axcesomn05% THO 1-STOAVIR-S10AYEwropOM POWER: ‘Megas TH 2. When SURROUND Is “ON* (6'Ch suround mode) Poet Outpt 1 SYOOAWASIYRZ- 200A ron 80 + SOW (120% THD ohm) fear 18+ 16 (oas% TOs) 1-ST0AVR-STOAY(EuropeXDM POWER: ron 50 + SIW (20 THD ohn) oar 15+ W CRS TO ek) ‘3 When Dobby Pro Logie la “OW” Power ext 1a SYOOA ASIANA 52004¥ Fron: 0 + SOW (203% THO ohm) Cora 5 (KH. THO) Paar! 18 + 16W (Ki 05% THO eam) 1-SHOMYfZ-STOAVIEropeOO POWER: Frome: 0 © SOW (Kies NOB Ca 504 (20% TH.) Pear 15 +154 (Ki 05 THD Bod Frequency ange E-SHORUR ST0OEopa + TOW L-SIOAVASMIRE-S2UAWSTO 100 zs) 1H Power spy E-STHMVIRG-StOOWEuop): 2302 z-SYOAVIASAIRZ S008 STD). 20050, 00% RE-SOMAVUL : 12.6 Dimer WH) 450% 47398 men Operates mana = "© Besute wo continual svete Improve ur products, we roses Ga gt te er —epeciatons wilt notes = 32 CONTENTS SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. MEASUREMENTS AND ADJUSTMENTS. ‘ADJUSTMENT POINT. IC PIN FUNCTION... ACTIVE DEVICES VOLTAGE... WIRING DIAGRAM. BLOCK DIAGRAM. ‘SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM. PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS... EXPLODED VIEW. PARTS LIST. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS PRECAUTIONS DURING SERVICING 1. Pans iene by the, symbol pats ae ries {orssey. Replace ont wn pars murbe speed 2, In asain safety, ther person assembles are “pteeg for conformance wit svch regulations ‘hse solving to purousrediton ‘Theee mut sizo be replaced only with specie repscoment Examples ‘RF converters, tuner units, antenna tawrtehes, RF cabo, Poe bockngeapactos, owe backing iter, ee 2. Urespoctind intra wnng Note ape 17 Wes covered with PVE Wing 2 Double insulted wires 5) High voltage leads 4 Uoespected insulating mato pons Not especial 1 tration Tape 2) Pucbing 2 Spaceratinnsating baie) 1) inuiton shone for raneitore 5} Plate screws or ng mer svtchos 5, When replacing AC primary side components {tansormers, power cores, nse blrking caps tom, ete), wrap ends of wires securely about the {ominas before soldeng oho l® 1. Mate sure thot wires to donot contact heat produc Ing pars haat sinks, oxide metal fm reitors, 7. Check that ropiaced wires do not ontaet sharp ‘Syd or pointed part 1, ls check arse surrounding repaired locations. {Mate sure that foreign objects Iserews,soider ‘rapes, do not remain sie the st MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO PROTECT ‘THE ENVIRONMENT Used tateries with he 50 symbol for reyeing 135 wo as smal acumulators(rechargeble Samora mints les and star bet teri shuld not be thrown nt the garbege Pence ave them tan aproprit dept. A ar Nose hol ates cone hon wth tho novshlé wat ‘SAFETY CHECK AFTER SERVICING [tor senting, make measurements of eskage-surent Cr resstanc ord to determine ha expoced pte te septal insulted rom the supply eet ‘The lakage'current measurement should be done between secessie metal parts (such as chassis, mirophane jc, signal inputoutput onmactrs, ete and the earth ground through fosiste of 1800 ohms paid wih 90.18 capac tor, under the nite normal working condone. for nzadous tive ‘The leakage corer shoul be es than SMA rms AC The restanca measurement should be done between {essere exposed metal parte nd power cord pg prongs withthe prose If incleded “ON”. The fesitonce should more than 22M Obs PRECAUTIONS IY REPAIRING ‘When repairing oradjuting the unt please note the Do not put sxcasive pressure onthe machaniea pat (operation pat, ican the kp Bock, 95 bromely high mechanical precson is requted in those pas 2. When the bate i rmovad for repair austment, ‘ote sure tht here reno meal abiet nthe na ‘ow gap betwoun the . board or the mecha pt 2. The Mier Computer and the CO signs processing Ics canbe darned by state elect or akape from’ aoldeg on during repaling. Whe 0 ‘ering, ploae ike the precautions gaint lskage Sinha station, 4 Do not loosen any srewsin the pickup block. ‘Whon handing ne pcp block, pase eter the points o NOTE when eploing te ick up lose 5 Keop suey forhazetdous invisible Laser Radon, Do NOT watch the Laser Beam (Objective esl ‘rect. 1. Mod fr sore county, ater warning label ar ffsed onthe sit an nade of te Unt stow below. Read t carefully Tor your safety, when repairing or adsting te ut