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Related Literature

This chapter provides a review of the literature of the effect of depression in Grade II

students. Many Senior High School administrators have begun to appreciate the effect that a

student’s depression can have on overall functioning in the Senior High School Community.

Depression has been linked to academic difficulties as well as interpersonal problems at school.

Depression is the most common disturbance of mood experienced by grade 11 students. It

is a pathological mood disturbance characterized by feelings, attitude, hopelessness, helpless,

lower self-esteem and a guilt feeling. Depression will increase in magnitude as the grade 11

students increase year by year. Hence, there is a need for considering the emotional states of

students when they are treated for any of physical problem especially at home. This motivated the

administrator to conduct the study to assess the level of depression among the grade 11 students.

There is an abundance of information of depression. Depression is a state of low mood

and aversion to activity that affects the grade 11 students’ thoughts, behavior, feelings, and

physical well-being. Depressed mood is not necessarily a psychiatric disorder. Depressed is

normal reaction to certain life event, a symptom of some medical conditions and side effects.
Related Studies

The researcher identifies the factors of the effect of depression to the behavior of the

selected grade 11 students in Tanauan School of Craftsmanship and Home Industries S.Y. 2018-

2019. A second one terrorism-related perceived stress, adolescent, depression, and social support

from friends.

The researchers pick out the title above to penetrate depression. In light of the high

prevalence of depression among grade 11 students today and the perceived stress adolescent

depression and the risks of this illness poses if not diagnosed and treated early and effectively, it

is imperative that research funding and increased for both naturalistic and intervention studies of

depression outcomes in the grade 11 students.

Models that explore the effectiveness of integration, medication, and psychotherapy are all

important targets for future study by conducting and such research effective treatment model and

benchmarks of treatment outcomes in the grade 11 population can be developed and integrated

onto grade 11 mental health practice.