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Checklist Response

Corporate Level
Shareholding Pattern (mention ESOPs, if any) Private Limited Company
1 International Partners: 60%
Indian Partners: 40%
Organization Structure and Brief Profiles of key personnel. Overall number and breakup of on-roll The company has 4 directors (2 International and 2 Indian). The company's
employees and contracted employees. Please specify by department (R&D, QA, etc.) chairman is an Omani National.
The company operations are managed by a Managing Director from India who is a
2 Scientist with a strong technical background and over 25 years of experience in
simlar capacity with many multinational pharmaceutical companies in India.
The company has senior and highly experienced professonals for managing
production. QA. QC and R&D functions.

Mention details of ERP/ accounting system, auditor & bankers Accounting System: Tally
3 Banker: State Bank of India
Auditor: Professional and Leading Audit Firm in Chandigarh
Last three years Audited Financial Statements and YTD unaudited B/S
4 Adobe Acrobat

FY17 Budgeted sales, 9M actuals and order book as of today

5 Budgeted Sales: INR 120 Cr with increase in Net Profit Margin by 15-20%

Please provide sales projections by products for the next 5 years. Also provide financial projections for
the next 5 years
6 Adobe Acrobat

Product / Commericals
Historical product sales (last 3 years, cover atleast 80% of revenues) breakup by customer, geography,
quantity, value, export /local and currency (US dollar, UK pound etc.).
For each product please provide details on - Adobe Acrobat
i) API / intermediate
ii) therapeutic segment and end API (for intermediate)
iii) size of end formulations market
iv) product patent (mention expiry date, if not patented)
v) supply for generic manufacturing or innovator
vi) Any DMF/ CEP Filed. Mention total # of IPs
vii) degree of complexity in manufacturing of intermediate / API
viii) describe which level / stage intermediate is being manufactured
ix) Classify each end customer as intermediate player / API manufacturer / formulation player
x) key customer relationships / tenure of relationship / any long term contracts
xi) other suppliers / competitors for these products
xii) competition analysis: total # of purchasers and # /share catered by the company?
xiii) gross margin

Plant / Infrastructure
Location of Plant Location: Chandigarh, India
# of Units No. of units: 01 (catering to non-regulated markets only)
Any specific units for regulated markets? Capacity Utilization (over last 3 years): 60%
Current plant capacity & the capacity can be used for catering to regulated markets Total Available Land Area: 7500 sqm.; Build-up Area: 50%; Further lad available in
Number of reactors and their size in each unit. the adjacent plot.
Capacity utilization data for last 3 years. Expansion Plans and preparations under process for new products and entry into
8 Identify the reactors etc dedicated (or approved by customer) for any particular product semi-regulatory and regulatory markets.
Is there land available for future expansion. (For other details, please refer the document attached in point 7)
Any expansion plan in progress / planned? If planned / underway - Details on expansion plan - capacity,
progress, expenditure (budgeted, actual), timelines

Last 3 years list of customer audits and regulatory bodies audit - also mention successful / unsuccessful
9 (mention key observations) Local GMP and Customers Audit

Are there any other Companies in the group? If yes, please provide demarcation of business
10 development / resources between sister companies of the group No