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World War II Battle Poster

DIRECTIONS: Groups of 2-3 (NO MORE) students will construct a poster depicting a World War II battle.
The following requirements will be used to determine your grade. Each requirement is worth 10 points for a
total of 100 points.

Name of Battle
*Should be large enough to be seen anywhere in the classroom

Date of Battle
*Must include accurate dates of the battle

Theater of War
*All battles are either part of the Pacific Theater or European Theater of Operations

Medal of Honor Story

*Name a person and tell the story of a CMH winner from your battle
*If your battle is NON-American, then choose a hero story from a nation involved

*Each battle has a specific significance to the outcome of WWII
*FIVE words is about right, no more than TEN
*If you have been writing a paragraph for significance you have been doing it WRONG!
*Get instructor approval before placing significance on poster

*Name and picture of the most important commander from each side
*That means TWO…1 Axis & 1 Allies….no more, no less…find out who is REALLY in COMMAND

Battle Pictures
*Poster must include 5 pictures of the battle
*Pictures should illustrate important features of the battle

Fun Facts
*Poster must include 5 fun facts from the battle
*These facts should illustrate important features of the battle
*These facts could include eyewitness accounts of the battle

WWII Timeline
*Time line must include 10 key battles/dates from WWII
*These dates could be beginning and ending reference points and SIGNIFICANT battles
*These dates must match significant items you choose to place on your map

*Map must include your battle
*Map must include ten SIGNIFICANT battles from WWII
*These battles must match the significant items you choose to put on your timeline

DUE DATE: Monday, March 11, 2019

European Theatre
Invasion of Poland (1939) Invasion of France (1940)
Dunkirk Battle of Britain
Invasion of USSR Operation Torch
El Alamein Invasion of Sicily
Stalingrad Kursk
D-Day Battle of the Bulge
Battle of Berlin Kasserine Pass
Salerno, Anzio, Monte Casino

Pacific Theatre
Pearl Harbor Doolittle’s Raid
Coral Sea Midway
Guadalcanal Saipan
Leyte Gulf Iwo Jima
Okinawa Hiroshima