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The MasterClass Sustainable Development is
focusing on south-south cooperation for sustainable
development for maximizing social benefits while
reducing environmental harm.
The learning outcomes of the MasterClass :
• Explain fundamental environmental concepts and principles within the
context of urbanization/ecosystem.
• Demonstrate basic skills in applying appropriate techniques to inspect or
analyze environmental condition.
• Discuss current urban environmental issues; the factors, condition, impacts,
and possible solutions.
• Express and share idea or knowledge about the environment, through oral
presentation and written report, clearly.
• Be able to collaborate effectively in a team work and solve the environment
issues and problems.

Date Malaysia Module Titles Lecturer Institution
(GMT +8:00)
Session 1 : Basic Principles on Environment & Ecosystem

9:00 AM Module 1 : Introduction of Environmental Dr. Irina Safitri Zen Universiti

12-Mar Science/ Studies/Management and Sustainable (Environmental Management Sustainability) Teknologi
Thursday Development Malaysia (UTM)
Module 2 : Global Cycles and System Dr. Asyirah Abdul Rahim Universiti Sains
11:00 AM
(Environmental Geography) Malaysia (USM)
Session 2 : Planning for Sustainable Cities

16-Mar Module 3 : Sustainable communities, Smart Prof. Dr. Shuhana Shamsuddin Universiti
10:00 AM
Monday growth/Transit oriented Development, Urban GUEST LECTURE Teknologi
Sprawl/compact city, and Eco city/ Green city. (Sustainable Urban Planning) Malaysia (UTM)

Sesion 3 : Environmental Issues

Module 4 : Climate Change, Global Warming and Dr. Connie Susilawati Queensland
10:00 AM Low Carbon Development (Building Environment) University of
• Environmental Policies & Laws Technology
Module 5 : Biodiversity & Human Population - Dr. Irina Safitri Zen Universiti
Biodiversity: Trends, Threat & Protection - Human (Environmental Management Sustainability) Teknologi
12:00 PM
Population : Trends, Patterns & Problems Malaysia (UTM)

Session 4 : Urban Environment

19-Mar Module 6 : Built and Natural Env, Urban Heat Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohmad Rafee Bin Majid Universiti
10:00 AM island, Policies to enhance the physical urban (Urban Environment) Teknologi
environment Malaysia (UTM)

NOTE : INDONESIA : GMT +7:00, AUSTRALIA : GMT + 10:00, JAPAN : GMT +9:00 https://www.facebook.com/Connect.Asia.RENS

For the registration and further infomation please contact : p.aprilia@unesco.org https://twitter.com/connectasiarens

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