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Tudor Vladimirescu campus, Nr 109, Bl.

T7, 2nd floor Iasi, 25th of May 2017

700560, Iasi, ROMANIA



To whom it may concern,

I would hereby like to apply for the Master Program of CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND
ENGINEERING, specialization Design Management in Construction at the University of Twente for
the 2017 fall term. I am very interested in the program at the University of Twente and I strongly
believe that my academic background in Civil Engineering may fulfill your requirements.

I’m currently studying Civil Engineering, specialization Civil, Industrial and Agricultural
Engineering, in the eight semester at the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of
Civil Engineering and Building Services.

My passion for construction engineering started at the age of 15, as a boy who loved being
in any surroundings where action took places. That’s when my uncle, a 45 years old engineer took
me to his work site and explained to me how he reads and understands every project sketch and
works together with the team to transform it into reality. That was the moment when I realized that
I want to stand along the best people in this industry and learn about every step that is necessary for
the building to look exactly like the architect drew it.

The biggest step yet for my career was to start a bachelor program at Faculty of Civil
Engineering of Iasi, having only one wish, to create the best environment for people to live in and be
awarded for all the work that I’d do. I’ve spent the last two summers working as a blacksmith-
concreter on two different work sites and doing an internship related to the work that a civil
engineer is responsible for. This made me understand why it is so necessary to learn about any
subject that school is providing us. We cannot put people’s lives in risk especially when the culprits
are those who sign on the project.

After my bachelor experience where I’ve learned the basisc and developed my abilities, I
decided that it’s time I take a major leap in my education and apply for a very good level master
programme in a different country. There are several reasons for which I want to study in The
Netherlands. Firstly, it has one of the most inspiring architecture in the world, from a historical point
of view to contemporary approaches. Secondly, the challenge to experience and try to assimilate a
new culture from a student’s perspective. Thirdly, it’s two hours away from my sister’s house, which
will help me not only with my financial needs but also with knowing that I have someone I can count
on close by. And finally, I believe that studying here I can be part of a great educational system
which focuses on the student and his further development. Talking with Romanian students at U
Twente I was impressed by the positive experiences and their work done there during their bachelor
and master programmes.

I’m convinced that at U Twente I will have the opportunity to achieve both theoretical and
practical fulfillment in my engineering studies. The excellent reputation of the University in
leadership, research and teaching and especially a great environment for international students
where we can interact and create new friendships are an important factors for which I am applying
for the university`s distinguished Master Programme. Personally, I think I will get the chance to
develop in a very good intellectual environment, with challenging competitions between students

Letter of intention 1
and under outstanding supervision and mentoring, allowing me to focus on every aspect of what
construction management means but also to expand my knowledge about new methods and
innovations in construction.

The most prominent personal reasons for studying at U Twente is solving problems and
understanding every aspect of new methods and innovations in construction, especially in Design
Management and Engineering field where I can learn among the dedicated students and teachers.
Other reasons are the excellent facilities and services for foreign students. At U Twente I’m sure that
I’ll find a good balance between theory and practice, project work and hands-on experience with the
help of their research facilities, which will gain me the skills that every engineer needs.

Why I am applying for the Master Programme at the University of Twente? Mainly I wish to
further develop new skills and conceptual approaches. Secondly, learning to work with new
programs in management and organization. Also, I know, there is always more to know and more to
learn, and even if in 4 years of university I only had a grasp about what being an engineer consists of,
I also know that being a hard worker and optimist will help me when I’ll get to practice it.
In addition to my technical background, I also have great communication and social skills,
and also leadership abilities, which I have developed throughout many years as the leader of the
volleyball team in Bacau and working in a time limit conditions in creating furniture inside my
family’s business. I can also mention that, during my first year study, I was part of the team that won
the science competition at Concrete Department as a team member and, in the third year, a 4 th
place at the Carpatcement Holding Competition.

I am convinced that my education at the University of Twente will lead to the best
performances regarding high quality perspectives about engineering, design, construction
techniques, management and conceptual approach. I am confident that I will meet the requirements
demanded by the programme and rise up to any challenge and surpass it.

Thank you in advance for considering my application.

Sincerely yours, Signature,

Daniel Ionuţ Budăeş

Letter of intention 2