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2018 -------
English 4
------- 2019
Mrs. Phillips & Mrs. Gordon

In the know:
How to Stay
with the teacher Twitter: Remind:
Follow: Text @73a84b
1 abigail.phillips@bullitt.kyschools.us @aphillipsBE to 81010
2 melissa.gordon@bullitt.kyschools.us
3 Remind app chat Website:
4 (502) 869-6400 www.abigailcphillips.weebly.com
5 Planning: 6th Period

class materials preparation

Come prepared to class with all supplies
$10 class fee ___
1 needed for the day. You will know ahead of
___ time if you need your charged chromebook.
loose-leaf college
_ __
ruled paper _____ Start working on bell ringers immediately so
pen/pencil ___________
2 class can start within five minutes of the bell.
This is when I will do housekeeping/attendance.
charged ________
chromebook Work should be turned in on its due date. Late

sticky notes &_____

___ 3 work will lose points on a per-day-late basis.
Absent work accepted without penalty (if
highlighters absence is excused).

grades responsibility
60% 40% Scale: Grades will be updated weekly, but please keep in
mind that I am also very busy! Please check grades
regularly and feel free to ask me any questions that
A --- 90-100

you might have about a particular grade.

Tests &

B --- 80-89

If you are absent, you are responsible for

C --- 70-79 completing your make-up work (absent work is due
in n+1 days, n being number of missed days).
D --- 60-69
If you need to talk to me or Mrs. Gordon, this can be
F --- 59 & below done before or after school, during planning, or via
course content & description policy for absences & grades
The purpose of this class is to enable students Grades will be updated weekly. Please check grades
to master the 11-12 Kentucky Core Content regularly and feel free to ask me any questions that
English Standards. Over the course of the you might have about a particular grade.
year, we will examine many types of literature
and writing, and will respond in a variety of If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get
ways. Your learning doesn’t stop here! yourself caught up. Refer to the class webpage, the
designated folder for handouts, and talk to your
peers. I will post a link to Google Slides on our Google
Classroom that can provide any/all agendas for the
assignment day. I will discuss make up work before or after
school, not during, or even right before/after class.

formatting Per BCPS policy, absent work must be completed

within n+1 instructional days to receive full credit. N =
numbers of excused days absent. After the allotted
time, or if the absence is unexcused, the student can
All typed assignments must be in 12 PT TIMES receive a maximum of 60% on the assignment.
NEW ROMAN FONT, double-spaced, and have 1”
margins with your name, class period, and date I am available for help before and after school, during
in the top left corner with a centered title. planning, and by appointment if necessary.

Should you need to print your assignment, you If you know you are going to be absent beforehand,
may utilize the library computers for 10 cents you should ask me for your make-up work before the
per page, or share it with me. However, if you absence. This can be done before or after school or
need it printed by me, it needs to be done via e-mail.
before or after school (NOT the period it’s due).

expectations electronic devices

& other Non-Negotiables
Mrs. Phillips’ 5 P’s CELL PHONES: First offense:
1. Prompt: be here, on time, & in assigned seat Student will turn the phone into
the teacher until the end of class.
2. Prepared: have all materials necessary for class Second offense: Student will
turn the phone into the teacher
3. Patient: stay in seat bell-to-bell; no yelling
until the end of the day. Third
4. Polite: be respectful & kind; no cursing or hate offense: Phone will be turned
into office and office will follow
5. Productive: be in seat, on task, no sleeping schoolwide cell phone policy.

homework ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: your writing should be just

that – your writing. Overreliance on sources, copying &
pasting, not crediting the original other, or copying from
Homework is only given when
another student will result in a ZERO for the assignment
absolutely necessary, so when it
until it is made up for a late grade in your OWN words.
is given, it is expected to be done
BULLYING: there is a no-tolerance policy for no
before class. Work done before
or during class won’t be tolerance. The moment this is broken, disciplinary
accepted. action will be taken.
Hello Parents and Students!

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! I am very excited about Senior English IV! This is my third year at Bullitt
East High School and I am loving every moment being a part of the Mt. Washington community. I am very
much looking forward to seeing your student grow over the year! I hold my B.S. in Middle and Secondary
English Education from the University of Louisville, and am currently pursuing my M.A. in Teacher Leadership,
with a specialization in English, from the University of the Cumberlands. I hold great expectations for a
successful and positive year!

The main goal for the semester is not for students to LOVE English or reading, or even writing, but instead to
understand the beauty of learning and curiosity. I believe that what we do in the classroom is vital to students
becoming lifelong learners!

Today in class, we discussed the class syllabus and course expectations. This letter is being sent home to ensure
accountability with students and partnership with parents. Required materials are on page 1 of the syllabus. In
order for students to reach their full potential, it requires effort from student, teacher, administrators and
home. Therefore, I would like to keep communication open and constant for all reasons. Please fill in the
appropriate blanks below and have your student return this page to Mrs. Phillips. The best way to reach me is
email. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns, questions, comments or suggestions that will aide
in the success of the student.


Abigail C. Phillips

Parent/Guardian Name:

Parent/Guardian Signature:

Name of student:

Parent / guardian email:


Parent / guardian phone:


Preferred time/method to contact you:


Please list your favorite thing about your student/what makes them special and unique: