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ATMOS energy. Ms Kaci Freeh Direc, Oversight and Safty Division Ralosd Commission of Texas Ms Freeh: Please fin aac fo you vviw and approval the Atos Eaeray Mi-‘Tex Division's Disb Falitie Replacement Complton Rep and Distrbtion Faltes Replacement Work Pan prs to the rg Rand Conasston of Teas 16TAC 8209 Dstuton Faces ephemera tig te caledar ear ending December 3,206, he Atmos nergy Mid-Tex Divison laced ‘ees based onan assent of ext, kaon ie and it espn to cheng conto ht scat ka they presetedthenselves rng he year (Le. cosarence of els, newly identified thet, {te ntl te Mus Tex Division plc ppeinately 718270 feof clin, 2741S ft of at ironman, 17.218 feof paste mr, and 20,37 servis ince. The Dinan Faction Repacoment Completion Repo deaiing the daibton ite replaced by the Md-Te Diving the ‘alsa year ening December 3,201 iced wan ents a this corepondence. uring the calendar yer ening Deceber 3, 2017, he Atmos Energy Mié-Tex Division il ean to replace fs bse on a anetsnent of exg, known rik tl nresonse fo hmong codons tin creat as they preset hanselves diag te year etl the Mie Tex Divison pln place ppecninately 634,00 fet of tel mai, 386,00 fet of xt oe min 123,00 fet of plastic mai, and 14000 servis Las. The Disuibuion Fotis Repacemet Wok Pin oatining te fies proposed for replacement by the Mld-Tex Division during the clea ea ending Deer 31,2017 sued. tan eclonre os comepondence ‘Amos Ener recogni tht rik character nthe Work Pan is ened by “ow contin that ‘exist within aes Us th dsbaion satan athe ine the ik tenet is perfor an the Work ia sesublsbed. Arak model canat gas) unknov,uoliscovered or waned ik, Atos Energy wl take eo acount thee rkrow’ conditions in angen year ashe preset Hemscves and ay roor elo felis inorder ogee thse ks, \We pprecinte the oppor to ype the Ratroad Commission on wor completed in 216 and your ‘onldraon feu replacement lan or 2017 We ok forward 0 your repre, sec y Director, Complies, MiéTex Broloses (2) Distribution Facilities Replacement Reporting Atmos Energy Mid-Tex Division Completion Report (2016) Distribution Piping (ft) 718,270 274,515 Grand Total Work Plan (2017) 170,218 1,163,003 Distribution Piping (ft) Service Lines {ea) 15,253 478 4,639 20,370 Service Lines (ea) Components (ca) ‘Components (ca) 634,000 396,000 11,000 123,000, 3,000 Grand Total 3,153,000, 34,000, Distribution Facilities Replacement Completion Report (201 ‘Atmos Energy Mid-Tex Division