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2i2ii2019 Government Corporation/Non-Profit Search of Alberta @ Corporate Registration System Date of Search: 2019/02/21 Time of Search: 01:27 PM ‘Search provided by: REYNOLDS, MIRTH, RICHARDS & FARMER LLP. Service Request Number: 30516809 Customer Reference Number: 114261-003 Corporate Access Number: 2021565367 Legal Entity Name: 2156536 ALBERTA LTD. | Legal Entity Status: Active Alberta Corporation Type: Numbered Alberta Corporati Registration Date: 2018/11/20 YYYYI" ° Registered Office: e Street: 1400-10303 JASPER nt City EDMONTON e Province: ALBERTA Postal Code ‘T5J 3N6 Records Address: Street: 1400-10303 JASPER AVE NW. City EDMONTON Province: ALBERTA. PostalCode: —T5J 3N6 Directors: Last Name: HAQUE First Name: SHELBY, Street/Box Number: 18003 61 AVE NW City: EDMONTON Province: ALBERTA Postal Code: ‘TOM 174 Last Name: KHADR, 43 2i2ii2019 First Name: OMAR Street/Box Number: 17720 57 AVENUE NW City: EDMONTON Province: ALBERTA, Postal Code: ‘T6M 1G7 Details From Current Articles: ‘The information in this legal entity table supersedes equivalent electronic attachments Share Structure: AS PROVIDED IN SCHEDULE "A" ATTACHED HERETO. Share Transfers. NO SHARES SHALL BE SOLD, TRANSFERRED, ASSIGNED, PLEDG] Restrictions: HYPOTHECATED WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE DIRECTORS. Restricted Fro1 e Other AS PROVIDED IN SCI -ACHED Provisions: Other Information: Filing History: [List Date (YYYY/MM/DD)|Type of Filing aoisii1/20 [incorporate Alberta Corporation| Attachments: [Attachment Type [Microfilm Bar Code|Date Recorded (YYYY/MM/DD) [Share Structure [ELECTRONIC _|2018/11/20 [Other Rules or Provisions|ELECTRONIC 2018/11/20 The Registrar of Corporations certifies that, as of the date of this search, the above information is an accurate reproduction of data contained in the official public records of Corporate Registry. Min Number Of Directors: Max Number Of 20 Directors: Business Restricted To; NONE e a Business NONE 4 28