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Lesson Plan in Reading and Writing

Date: November 29, 2018

Prepared by: Melody A. Cabilin

Baylimango National High School


1. Identify the different properties of a well- written text;

2. Cite the importance of a well-written text; and
3. Create a short well-written paragraph employing the properties of a well-written text.

The learner realizes that information in a written text may be selected and organized
to achieve a particular purpose.

The learner critiques a chosen sample of each pattern of development focusing on
information selection, organization, and development.

The learner identifies properties of a well-written text:
a. organization
b. coherence and cohesion
c. language use
d. mechanics

D. LC Code:

Reading and Thinking Strategies across Text types
Properties of a well-written Text

SHS Core Reading and Writing CG
Projector, Manila Paper

Ask the students to pick up pieces of papers and arrange their chairs.
Prayer: Call a student to lead the prayer.
Attendance Checking: (Teacher will call the class monitor to report who are absent
and teacher will verify)
House Rules: Students will read the rules.


A. Motivation: PICTURE IT OUT!

1. Divide the class into three groups and instruct each group to write a 1 paragraph
-a ride at the theme park
-your dream house
-your comfort food

2. Instruct them to write it on a piece of paper and advise them that a representative from
each group will read the essay in front of the class.
3. Ask the following questions for processing:
a. What are the things you considered in writing the essay?
b. What kind of words and grammar rules did you use in conveying the message you
wanted to express?

B. Lesson Proper
The teacher will discuss the topic with the aid of a powerpoint presentation.

Activity: The teacher will group the class into four. Each group will be given a task. She will
instruct the groups to choose a representative to present their outputs.

1. What are the properties of a well-written text?
2. How can one ensure that the text is well-written?

C. Evaluation
Direction: Identify the following by writing it on the space before the item number.
___________1. This is achieved when these ideas are logically and accurately arranged.
___________2. The details of a paragraph are arranged according to the order in which
they happened.
___________3. It is a set of conventions on how to spell, abbreviate, punctuate, and
___________4. These are words that connect one idea to another, in order for our ideas to
flow smoothly.
___________5. This means that sentences are arranged in a logical manner, making them
easily understood by the reader.
____________6. These are words similar in meaning to important words or phrases that
prevent tedious repetitions.
____________7. The sentences of a paragraph are arranged according to geographical
location, such as left-to-right, up-to-down, etc.
____________8.These are words that give readers an idea of how the points in your
paragraph are progressing.
____________9.These are the words that connect readers to the original word that they
____________10.To attain this property, one must be consistent with the use of pronouns.

Key to Correction:
Signal Devices
Language Use

V. ASSIGNMENT (2 minutes)
Create a short well-written paragraph (about anything) employing the properties of a well-
written text. Your essay will be rated according to this analytic rubric. Consequently, use this
rubric as a guide when writing your essay and check it again before you submit your essay.
TRAITS 4 3 2 1
Focus & Details There is one clear, well- focused topic. There is one clear, well-focused There is one topic. The topic and main ideas are not
Main ideas are clear and are well topic. Main ideas are clear but are Main ideas are somewhat clear. clear.
supported by detailed and accurate not well supported by detailed
information. information.

Organization The introduction is inviting, states the The introduction states The introduction states the main There is no clear introduction,
main topic, and provides an overview the main topic and provides an topic. A conclusion is included. structure, or conclusion.
of the paper. Information is relevant overview of the paper. Aconclusion
and presented in a logical order. The is included.
conclusion is strong.

Voice The author’s purpose The author’s purpose of writing is The author’s purpose The author’s purpose of writing is
of writing is very clear, somewhat clear, and there is some of writing is somewhat unclear.
and there is strong evidence of evidence of attention to audience. clear, and there is
attention to audience. The The author’s knowledge and/or evidence of attention to audience.
author’s extensive experience with the topic is/are The author’s knowledge
knowledge and/or evident. and/or experience with the topic
experience with the topic is/are is/are limited.
Word Choice The author uses vivid words and The author uses vivid words and The author uses words The writer uses a limited vocabulary.
phrases. The phrases. The choice and placement that communicate clearly, but the Jargon or clichés may
choice and placement of words seems of words is inaccurate at times writing lacks variety. be present and detract from the
accurate, natural, and not forced. and/or seems overdone. meaning.

Sentence Structure, All sentences are well Most sentences are Most sentences are well Sentences sound
Grammar, Mechanics, & constructed and have well-constructed and constructed, but they awkward, are distractingly repetitive,
Spelling varied structure and length. The have varied structure and length. have a similar structure or are difficult to understand. The
author The author and/or length. The author
makes no errors in makes a few errorsin author makes several makes numerous errors
grammar, mechanics, grammar, mechanics, errors in grammar, in grammar, mechanics,
and/or spelling. and/or spelling, but mechanics, and/or and/or spelling
they do not interfere spelling that interfere with that interfere with understanding.
with understanding understanding.