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CSC 110 – Introduction to Computers

Fall 2018
Online course



Jennefer Tillotson
E-mail: jennefer.tillotson@indianhills.edu1
Office: Off Campus
Phone: 641/799-9114

This course is an introduction to business computer software and hardware. Students will use
basic and intermediate features of word processing and spreadsheet software, and basic features
of database and presentation software. General computer concepts and the Internet will also be


Required materials: The Illustrated Collection – Introductory; Beskeen, et. Al. Cengage

Most of the course uses assignments done through the book publisher’s online assignments.
You have two options: One using only the ebook, and one to have the ebook available, but
also have a loose leaf printed copy. There are different ISBN numbers for each option.
Option #1: Printed access code (w/eBook) + Loose leaf printed text
Bundle ISBN: 9780357012512
MindTap Computing, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card for The Illustrated
Collection. You will need the access code in order to set up your student account in MindTap.
Instructions are under the MindTap link in your course in MyHills.

Option #2: Printed access code (w/eBook) only

ISBN: 9781337391405
MindTap Computing, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card for The Illustrated

Option #3: Printed access code for Cengage Unlimited

9780357700037 - 1 term access

Cengage Unlimited is new from this publisher this fall. If you choose this option, you
will pay one price and have access to all your Indian Hills courses that use Cengage as the
textbook option. Please contact the bookstore for more information about this.

You must have Office 2016. If you don’t already have that, there is a free download in the
home page of MyHills for a trial period that will get you through the course. NOTE: The
Access portion of the course does not work for Macs.

Preferred Internet Browser: Google Chrome or Firefox. DO NOT use Internet Explorer.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. use basic features of the Windows operating system

2. demonstrate how to effectively use an Internet search engine
3. demonstrate the use of electronic resources, including e-mail and Web Services
4. demonstrate proficiency in database software
5. demonstrate proficiency in word processing software
6. demonstrate proficiency in spreadsheet software
7. demonstrate proficiency in presentation software
8. explain how computers can be used in various professions
9. demonstrate software integration
10. explain the functions of and relationship between system software and application
11. explain computer system components
12. demonstrate an understanding of computer network technology
13. explain computer privacy and ethics issues


The majority of this course will utilize the MindTap technology offered through the textbook
publishing company Cengage. Links to the assignments and log in instructions for MindTap will
be provided through MyHills. Please read through all instructions carefully!

Please note that there are specific due dates for each module. The module will close after the due
date passes and cannot be re-opened. You may work ahead.

The final project –due the last week of the term – is the only assignment that will not be
completed in MindTap. This is a capstone project where you will use the skills learned by
preparing a Word document, Excel spreadsheet and Power Point presentation from research
gained through the Internet. I highly encourage you to review the instructions for that project
early in the term and, if possible, begin work on it as you go through each software module.
Waiting until the very last week to start the project would take considerable time and

Learning Unit Module Name Graded Assignments Due Date

1 Introduction/Understanding Quiz: Essential Computer June 7 2
Essential Computer Concepts
Concepts Quiz: Outlook
Graded Assignments and due dates: Note: All assignments are due on Thursdays by 11:59
p.m. with the exception of the Final Project which is due on a Monday. The modules will
close after the due date passes. I recommend you work through the practice projects in the
software units before starting on the graded assignments.

Learning Unit Module Name Graded Assignments Due Date

1 Introduction/Understanding Quiz: Essential Computer September 6
Essential Computer Concepts
Concepts Quiz: Outlook
2 Windows 10 3 quizzes (Quiz on each of September 13
the 3 modules)
3 Microsoft Word: Module 1 Textbook project September 20
- Essentials SAM project
4 Microsoft Word: Module 4 Textbook project September 27
– Going Further SAM project
5 Microsoft Excel: Textbook project October 4
Module 1 – Essentials SAM project
Module 2 – Formatting a For each module.
6 Microsoft Excel: Textbook project October 11
Module 3: Working with SAM project
formulas and functions
7 Microsoft Excel: Module Textbook project October 18
4; Working with charts SAM project
8 Microsoft Access: Textbook project October 26
Module 1: Essentials SAM project
Module 2: Queries For each module
9 Microsoft Access: Textbook project November 1
Module 4: Using reports SAM project
10 Microsoft Power Point: Module 1: Textbook November 8
Module 1: Essentials project only
Module 2: Inserting objects Module 2: Textbook
project AND SAM project
11 Integration – putting it all Final project Monday,
together. Instructions in November 12
MyHills (not a MindTap

Grading: The standard grading scale is:

A = 90% - 100% B = 80% - 89%
C = 70% - 79% D = 60% - 69% F = 0% - 59%

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IHCC Disability Services for assistance. Services are available to students who need classroom
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Students enrolling in credit programs should make their requests for accommodations at the time
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