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i) Company background
Pusat Kesihatan Kechil Bagan Serai known as Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai
inaugurated by Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Shaari bin Shafie, P. J. K., D. P. M.
P., Menteri Besar, Perak. This opening ceremony of this clinic was held on 20th
April 1964 under Jabatan Kerja Raya Kementerian Kerja Raya, Pos dan Talikom.

ii) Type of business

Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai is a government clinic.

iii) Location of the company

The clinic operates in a strategic place which is near by the main road of Bagan
Serai, Perak . The clinic also easy to reach by the patients and also in walking
distance from the taman nearby there.

iv) Organization of the company

The clinic is operates by four doctors which are Dr. Vikneswaran (UD 48), Dr.
Mohd Riffi Adnan (UD 4 ), Dr. Farhanah bt Ibrahim (UD44) and Dr. Nor Hani bt
Abd Samad (UD 44). There are overall six staff including the ambulance driver.

v) Product/ service offered

Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai maintains the clinics reputations by providing
good and needed services. Services offered is electrocardiogram(ECG), X-ray, .
Then they have scanning , nebulize,. Asthma, COPD and other respiratory

vi) Target market

Target market of Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai are all people as there are
providing free of charge services. The patient only need to pay for the registration.

vii) Marketing strategies of the company

Sourcing: One challenge to accessibility is high upfront expenses.

Product Design: Designs should be culturally sensitive, considering social factors
su Marketing: Consumers should appreciate the tremendous value of the
merchandise, including its life-saving capacity and potential tradeoffs. For
example, “If consumers do not understand the value of safe drinking water such
as the life-saving impact and the tradeoff of water-borne diseases as honor,
disgrace, and class. Pricing for the Customer:Methods of pricing can differ
tremendously depending on the particular sector and business model. For this
clinic it was very affordable for patients. Sales channel : In order to make sales, it
is imperative to understand the target community’s buying habits.

viii) Operation of the company

Company name : Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai
Address : Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai, Bagan Serai, Perak.
Telephone Number : 05- 7215355
Type of business : Government
Incorporated year : 20th April 1964
No. of workers : 24 staff
Business hour : Monday to Friday ( 8am – 5pm )
Break Time:
Monday to Thursday ( 1pm – 2pm )
Friday ( 12.15pm – 2.45pm )


Bagan Serai is a town in the northern state of Perak. It located in the area kerian and
the northern town of Taiping, Perak. Bagan Serai name refers to the two words "bagan"
which means jetty, and "serai" that is a herbaceous plant widely grown historically in the
region. Total population of Bagan Serai are 45,900 peoples.

Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai was located nearby town are which was at Bagan Serai,
Perak. It was a strategy place to operate this business because it is located nearby Jabatan
Pengaliran dan Saliran ( JPS ) office, Fire Bridge station, primary school ( SK Jalan Matang
Buluh ) and secondary school ( SMK Bagan Serai ). In opposite of this clinic, there are post
office, residential area, Tenaga Nasional Berhad ( TNB ) office and petrol station.

In 1964, this clinic known as Pusat Kesihatan Kechil Bagan Serai which was
inaugurated by Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Shaari bin Shafie, P. J. K., D. P. M. P., Menteri
Besar, Perak. This opening ceremony of this clinic was held on 20th April 1964 under Jabatan
Kerja Raya Kementerian Kerja Raya, Pos dan Talikom. The clinic was the important
facilities to the Bagan Serai as they need to go far such as Hospital Taiping or Hospital Parit
Buntar to get treatment.

The mission of the clinic is to ensure and make easy the community to achieve their
potential in health, know about the advantage of wellness as the asset and take positive
responsibility for the health. Other than that, it ensure the high quality of health system

Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai maintains the clinics reputations by providing good
and needed services . There are few services offered by the clinic such as dressing
wounds. Dressing wounds is done by the staff nurse with the doctor’s
Next is procedure electrocardiogram(ECG). Is a diagnostic that measures and
records the electrical activity of the heart in exquisite detail. X-ray also one of the
service. It is a safe and painless procedure that’s often used to produce images of
the inside of the body. Then they have scanning , nebulizer (are commonly used
for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases,
Toilet and suture (TNS) for small injuries is a process of joining two surface or
edges together along a line by sewing.

More over , the clinic also providing physical examination for government and
NGO workers. Physical examination such as rebound tenderness ( is a clinical
sign that is elicited during physical examination of patients abdomen by the
doctor), murphy sign it is about hypersensitivity to deep palpation in subcostal
area when a patient with gallbladder disease takes a deep breath and the physical
examination also includes shifting dullness. Shifting dullness test evaluates the
presence of ascites or intraperitoneal fluid.

Other than that, is surgical procedure and pap smear. Pap smear is a screening
test for cervical cancer and precancerous changes in the cervix. Urine test is the
main in physical examination in this clinic. Urinalysis is used to detect and assess
a wide range of disorders, such as urinary tract infection, kidney disease and
diabetes. Urinalysis involves examining the appearance, concentration and content
of urine.


Marketing Strategy is the marketing logic by which the company hopes to create
customer value and achieve profitable customer relationship. A good marketing strategy
should be drawn from market research and focus on the right product mix in order to achieve
the maximum profit potential and sustain the business. When a company is making decisions
on marketing they generally fall into four controllable categories known as the 4 P which are
product, price, place and promotion. It’s the important process of communicating the value of
products and service to potential customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.


The location choose by owner is strategical place in an town area and also housing
area. There are no competitor as there is only one government clinic is available there.
Advantage of this location is it is nearby Hospital Parit Buntar which was 20 minutes far
from Bagan Serai. This makes the doctors easy to send any emergency cases after giving
them early stage treatment because there is less facility at this clinic.


In this clinic, the price does not play a main role as all the medicines that provided are
free of charge as this is a government clinic. Other than that, the patients need to pay RM
1.00 for the registration. Then they will be given a receipt as prove of their payment. The
registration fees are free for old people, Orang Kurang Upaya ( OKU ), police, military and
government pensioner. However, non Malaysian need to pay RM 5.00 for the registration.
The prices are charged are not imposed goods and services tax ( GST ). The charges are
according to the services that are provided. For an example, patient need to pay RM 15.00 for
the X-Ray service.


The products that are offered are medicines and medical machines. It is to say they
offered services more than product. So, there are not so much of products. The services they
offer are no smoking campaign, free medical advices, drug addictor advice and other medical
related services.


The promotions that are offered are medical treatment. They distribute the promotion
available using pamphlet, voucher and other advertisement. There are less promotion as this
is government clinic because all medicines are free of charge. Only the diabetic check up
machine is charged below RM 100 for the patient. If they are government servant, they can
get for half price.



Strength relies on the quality of the product and the management. Klinik Kesihatan Bagan
Serai provides the best quality and enough stock of medicine. The medicine usually are
parcelled from Taiping Hospital to Bagan Serai clinic once a week. Moreover, workers are
provided schedule to complete their work.


The weakness of company is there are only one ambulance available. If there are any
emergency cases, they will use only one ambulance and this make them difficult to handle
other emergency case in the same time. Besides that, the dressing room always busy as there
are a lot of patients. This is because, as we known well the accident cases are increasing. So,
they can’t handle the dressing patients as there are only one nurse available for dressing.


The opportunity for this business is the management of clinic can increase the amount of staff
so that the crowd can be lessen. The lab management can increase their staff for Wednesday
and Friday only to handle the amount of patient. Other than that, they can demand for another
ambulance for other emergency cases.


There are no threat for this company as they have no competitor at all. One of the reason is, it
is a government clinic and the demand for it increasing.


Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai reach the efficiency level is when the manual
system for registration is changed to computer system. Manual system is known
when the patients data’s was recorded in the cards and the computer system is
where the patients data’s were key in via the computer. The computer system
make the work easier and it reduces the usage of the cards and papers. The
computer system keeps the data’s and the transactions neat and safe. The clinic
staff let me know about the computer system . They explain about how to key in
every and each data of the patients.

Moreover , they also taught me what does entrepreneurship means and how to be
a successful entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, we should learn what are the
strength and weakness of our organization so that we can know in which part can
get profit and how to maximize the profit and loss. Being an entrepreneur is very
easy if we get what actually the role of an entrepreneur in an organization. As an
entrepreneur we should be an open minded person so that we can accept all the
critics from all the side such as from patients , competitors, government and more.
As they mention to me this is the main matter how this clinic became popular
among the patients
In addition , they also let me know how and where to get the stock of the
medicine. The management of clinic will order the medicine once the medicines
remains in little quantity. And they also order the medicines after the doctors
permissions. The clinic also having a secretary, Farhana Nadia to manage the
invoice , utilities, bills, and about the mth using , safe and beneficial the doctor
will purchase.
aintenance of the clinic. She’ll look after all the invoices twice in week to record
and clear the pending cheque. She give me a chance to have a look on the clinic
invoice. She taught me how to record and clear each and every cheque. Moreover
she guide me how to manage the invoice and calculate the profit and loss for

every month. She also plays the role to increase the clinic profits and loss. She
also taught how to prepare the short and long term marketing system to increase
the profit of the clinic. And in this way I know how to prepare short and long term
marketing system for a clinic itself.


These are my daily activities for the ten days programme :

First day
For the first day I was introduced to other workers and the head of workers gave me some
explanation about the daily activities in the business. For the first day, I was explained about
the payment for the certain treatment for the patient. I was given a book and I go through the
book which include the type of payment for each disease and payment for Malaysian
nationality and non- Malaysian. Besides that, I had learn how to find the patient’s card and
filing it back to the places after used by doctors.

Second day
At second day morning, I went to clinic early morning about 7.50 am. This is because on
Wednesday the lab is busy and the registration also getting crowd. Normally in this clinic,
Wednesday and Thursday are specified to blood test. The patients will wait in the queue
because most of them will fast before the blood test.

Third day
On the third day, the staff, En. Borhannudin taught me the steps of cutting and packing the
gauze. This ensure the gauze can be used when emergency cases. The staffs always make
sure the gauze in the stock all the time. Besides that, I helped the staff to find out the diabetic
patients book for the nurses and doctors go through the books to update their patient record.

Fourth day
Today I went to Klinik Kesihatan Teluk Medan with my Medical Officer U32, En. Zamri bin
Yacob. I survey the clinic and he explains me about the working ethics at clinic. Other than
that, he explains me the disease that related to Tuberculosis (TB) disease as the disease case
was serious on that time. I also collect information about how to handle hypertension through
pamphlet that displayed at the clinic.

Fifth day
In the morning, I find the patients card and handle it to nurses. After that, I and my senior
staff cut the gauze and pack it as usual as we are running out of the gauze because the gauze
prepared before had been used on Saturday and Sunday. Besides that, I had survey the lab
that test the blood, urine and others. In the evening, I file back the patients record to its
original place.

Sixth day
This time they thought me to ‘cook’ the gauze. ‘Cook’ in this case means the gauze was heat
in a machine for about forty five minutes to make sure the bacteria killed. This will make sure
the dressing staff can use the gauze safely to clean the patients wound. I also do my routine at
find the patients book and filing it.

Seventh day
On seventh day, I find the diabetic patients book and filing it back to the place. Other than
that, I learned to pack the cotton wool and cook it. The cotton wool abundantly used in the
lab especially when do blood test.

Eighth day
Today, I learned something new and interesting. My senior staff taught me the way to register
patients name, their purpose and patient’s payment in the record book. We need to do so
because they will calculate the total of patients to be written in their daily record. Besides
that, I find the patients book and filing it back to its place as usual.

Ninth day
As usual, I find the patients book and filing it back to the place. And then, I cut the gauze and
pack it by myself without other staffs help. Same also with the cotton wool, i had pack it by
myself. However, I need their help for cooking the gauze and cotton wool.

Tenth day
Today is my last day of SIEP. So, I gathered extra information about Klinik Kesihatan Bagan
Serai and services that are offered there. This will really help me in completing the SIEP.
Although I was busy in gathering information, I didn’t forget my daily routine which was
finding and filing the patients book.

As a siep student for 10 days in the Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai I obtained some
knowledge how to operate a clinic and how an entrepreneur runs an organization
successfully. As a staff for 10 days I make sure the efficiency of operation. I
works from 8 am to 5pm, it helps the organization to perform well. As the most
popular clinic in Kuala Selangor the efficiency of operation is very important so
that the patients will satisfy. As a manpower I contribute as much as I can to the
clinic. I have implement some of the techniques which I was studied in my first
and second semester. It helps me to make some improvement to the management
department. Some of my ideas was agreed by the clinic management. This will
make the organization perform more systematic and effectively.

I also helps the staffs to take part in the admin department if there was a lot of
patients. There was three parts in each registration after key in the ID card
numbers of patients. Administration department is very challenging because we
should have the good communication skill among the patients. They will see how
we pleased each and every patients. Good communication skill will increase the
profit of the clinic because SOP of patients management is very useful in this part.


Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai was located nearby town are which was at Bagan
Serai, Perak. It was a strategy place to operate this business for operates from 8am
to 5pm. The break time is from 1pm to 2pm. There are 24 staffs in that clinic.
There will be two workers to maintain the efficiency level. Their good
communication skills maintains the good reputation among the patients. They
make the patients satisfied with their services.

There are not much recommendation for this government clinic because all is under
government construction. However, I would like to suggest the management should be more
systematic. Other than that, they need to increase the amount of ambulances especially for the
emergency cases especially during festival time.


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The counter for blood pressure and weight checking

Sign board of Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Serai, Bagan Serai, Perak.

Packing the cotton wool and gauze

The gauze after been heated to remove the bacteria