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‘CERTIFICATE OF INCUMBENCY of ‘QUILTMERE LIMTED “We, MOSSACK FONSECA & GO. (8v.L) LID. ur capacy ws Rays Ayen of QULTMERE LIMITED, Bais Vig elands Business Company (he “Company), do hereby cet ho fowing 1. The Cgmpany was rgistred n tha Ertisn Vegi ands asa BV! Business Company numbered *054598 the 19% day of dune, 188, ‘The Reslsteed Agent of the Company ¢ Motasok Fonseca & Co, (BV) Lid, PO, Box 9198, Rend Ton ‘oral sth Vig lands. Totela, Brteh Vigilance ‘The sthrized capil of he Company s USS50000 00 Sided no 80.000 shares wih a parva of USE 0] Insofar i evderced by the documents fad ate Reger Ofc, the Company isin enstence end In good aang ‘coring tthe dossmets fad on the Company fla 2 at 16" Api. 2013, tere reno scons, Pesg roan pan Cony arr son arb i rape Carey ae 7. Aecotng fo our reads tne Company hes ot cated any charges overt asses £8. Accor oto reeds avaiable atthe Registered Ofice, he Diectr othe Company itor ate of Aci cols Xavier Kovehnie pp 2003 ‘According othe rei avalabo at the Regstored Ofice, he Secretary ofthe Company is sextant Dale Aapoind Seaway Services Limited 25% October, 2006 10.Accorsing ote record aatabe at tha Registered Ofee, he Shareholder ofthe Company is: Stareelder No.of Shares, Nicolas Xaver Kosch ik(@) Shares Dated ni 16 day of a 208, ToRTOLA RcusLANDS | Charles Kerns, Notary Public, herby catty thal his Cette of Incumbency was executed by Bryan Seat in his capaety as Assistant Seoretary of Mossack Foneees & Co (BV) Li. Dated thie 18h dy of Apa, 2018. fe ‘aries Karine - NOTARY PUBLIC 125WMainStoet P.O. Bows Rood Town, Tortola Bish Virgin lands ‘APOSTILLE (Convention dela Haye di § Octobre 1861) 4. County: sh Veg Islands ‘This publ document 2. hasbeen sgned by Shares Kerns 8. acting nthe capacty of Noten PUB. 4. Bears te seaistamp of. Shares Kerns Certified 5, at Road Town, he, 18h Arh, 2013, 7. by Deputy Governar 8. No. G284549. 8 40. Signature {e Deputy Governor = othe aI