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N Judul Jurnal Nama

[(SeO)4P8W48O184]32-: a Tetraselenite-Embedded Derivative of the cyclic Yulia
α-Diimine transition-metal complexes: Teh Meli
mechanochemistry − a new synthetic approach
1,1-Bis(dipyrrolylphosphino)ferrocene: Synthesis, coordination chemistry Isal
and structural studies
1,10-Phenanthroline-copper mediated ligand transformations: Synthesis and Teh Meli
Characterization of unusual mixed ligand complexes of copper (II)
1,3-P,N hybrid ligands in moninuclear coordination chemistry and Silva
homogeneous catalysis
2-(Diphenylphosphino) pyridine (dppy) as monodentate or bridging Wine
ligand in homoleptic silver(I) complexes. Crystal structures of
[Ag( -dppy)41 [C1041 and [Ag2( l -dppy) ( -dppy)2] [C10412

A 2D metal-organic coordination polymer of Cu(II) based on tartrate ligands; Delia

synthesis, characterization, spectroscopic, crystal structure, solution studies
and electrochemical behavior
A dinuclear iron(II) complex bearing multidentate pyridinyl ligand: Aul
Synthesis, characterization and its catalysis on the hydroxylation of aromatic

A family of manganese complexes containing heterocyclic-based ligands Hasna

with cytotoxic properties
A full-spectrum solar chemical energy storage system with photochemical Delia
process and thermochemical process
A new photosensitive coordination compound Afifah
[RuL(bpy)2](PF6)2 and its application in
photocatalytic H2 production under the irradiation
of visible light
A new zinc(II) coordination compound of meta-aminobenzoate and 4,40- Sylvia
bipyridine with broad-band photoluminescence emission
Aluminum Complexes Based on Tridentate Amidoalkoxide NNO-Ligands: Hasna
Synthesis, Structure, and Properties
An investigation of the effect of ligands on thermal stability of luminescent Teh Mitra
samarium complexes
An iron nitride complex April
An organic–inorganic hybrid compound constructed Afifah
by Strandberg-type polyoxoanions and transition
metal coordination complexes
A tetranuclear nickel(II) complex for water oxidation: Meeting new Sandiss
A tetranuclear nickel(II) complex for water Citra
oxidation: Meeting new challenges
Antifungal activity of amino acid with phenanthroline and bipyridyl Frida
Barium–phosphonate coordination layers: Syntheses, crystal structures, and Teh Ai
luminescent propertie
Biological activity Study for some heterocyclic compounds and their impact Delia
on the gram positive and negative bacteria
Bis[N,N’-diisopropylbenzamidinao(-)]silicon(II): A Silicon(II) Compound with SuciF
Both a Bidentate and a Monodentate Amidinato Ligand
Bridging ligands comprising two or more di-2-pyridylmenthyl or amine Silva
arms: Alternatives to 2,2'-bipyridyl-containing bridging ligands
Cadmium coordination polymers based on flexible bis(imidazole) ligands: A Isal
rare example for doublet of doublet cadmium polyhedron arrangements

Carbohydrate as ligands : coordination equilibria and structure of the metal Gizka

Catalytic and conductivity studies in two dimensional coordination polymers Yuni C
built with a thiazole based ligand
Catalytic epoxidation of olefin over supramolecular compounds of Eva
molybdenum oxide clusters and a copper complex
Chemical and structural data of (1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridine-containing Ahmad
coordination compounds
Chemistry of gold(I, III) complexes with organic ligands as potential Citra
MOCVD precursors for fabrication of thin metallic films and
Chemistry of low-valent molybdenum phosphite complexes: Models Yulia
of seven-coordinate reaction intermediates
Chiral mono- and bidentate ligands derived from chromium arene Silva
complexes-synthesis, structure and catalytic applications
Chiral rare-earth metal complexes with a tridentate amido-fluorenyl ligand: Tursina
Syntheses, structures and catalytic performance
Chlorodiphenyltin(IV) dithiocarbamate complexes as chemodosimeters Aul
and host for anions and neutral compounds in solution

Chromium coordination compounds with bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl) Sylvia

acetic acid or its anion
Cytotoxicity studies of water soluble coordination compounds with a Triska [b
[Mo2O2S2]2 + core
Cobalt(II) completed of sparfloxacin : characterization, structure, Teh Rita
antimicrobial adtiviry and interaktif with DNA and albumins
Cobalt(II) completed with hydroxypyridines and halohenides Teh Rita
Cobalt(II) compounds with acetone isonicotinoyl hydrazone tautomers: Aul
Syntheses and crystal structures of complexes with free donor atoms
Cobalt(II), zirconium(IV), calcium(II) complexes with dipicolinic acidand Sylvia
imidazole derivatives: X-ray studies, thermal analyses, evaluation as in vitro
antibacterial and cytotoxic agents
Cobalt-catalyzed hydrogenation of b-enamino esters using an internal Wine
mixture of bidentate and monodentate ligands

Co(III) phenylacetylide complexes supported by tetraazamacrocyclic Teh Ratna

ligands: Syntheses and characterizations
Complexes of Cobalt (III) with a Cyclic Tetradentate Secondary Amine Yulia
Complexations of Mn(II) with SbS4 and SbS3 ligands: Hydrazine- The Mitra
solvothermal syntheses, crystal structures and photocatalytic properties of
manganese thioantimonates
Coordination capacity of cytosine, adenine and derivatives towards Teh Ai
openpaddlewheel diruthenium compounds
Coordination chemistry and oxidative addition of trifluorovinylferrocene Isal
Coordination chemistry and extraction properties of phosphonopyridyl N,P Isal
Coordination chemistry of hexadentate EDTA-type ligands with M(III) ions Silva
Coordination Chemistry of Ene‐1, 1‐diamines and a Prototype April
Coordination chemistry of manganese-salen complexes studied by Yulia
electrospray tandem masa spectometry the significance of axial ligand
Coordination chemistry of mononuclear ruthenium complexes bearing Silva
versatile 1,8-naphthyridine units: Utilization of specific reaction sites
constructed by the secondary coordination sphere
Coordination chemistry of tris(azolyl)phosphines Ahmad
coordination complexes of silver q with tertiary phosphine and related Gizka
Coordination compounds of a hydrazone Irpan
derivative with Co(III), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II):
synthesis, characterization, reactivity assessment
and biological evaluation†
Coordination compounds of Co(II) and Cu(II) halides with 2,4-dimethyl- Triska
Coordination Compounds of M(II) Biometal Ions with AcidType Anti- Ravli
inflammatory Drugs as Ligands – A Review

coordination behavior of 3 amino-5,5 'dimetylhydantoin towards Ni(ii)and zn Gizka

(ii) ions : synthesis,spectral characterization and DFT calculations
Coordination Aspects in Modern Inorganic Chemistry Ravli
Copper(II) ternary complexes with gabapentin and neurotransmitters as Aul
antiepileptic drug
Correlation between the structure and biological activity studies of Delia
supramolecular coordination azodye compounds
Cross-linked polystyrene-TiCl4 complex as a reusable Lewis acid catalyst Ine
for solvent-free Knoevenagel condensations of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds
with aldehydes
Crystallographic characterization of a synthetic 1: 1 end‐on copper dioxygen April
adduct complex
Crystal structure, thermal stability and photoluminesence properties of five Hasna
new Zn(II) coordination polymers constructed from mixed ligand; N-donor
pyridine ligands and bis(4-carboxylphenyl)phosphinic acid
Crystal structures and thermal behaviour of double complex compounds Eva
incorporating the [Cr{CO(NH2)2}6]3+ cation
Crystal Structures of Antimony(III) Chloride complexes with Pyridine Citra
Copper (I) halides: A versatile family on coordination chemistry and crystal Yulia
Copper (II) complexes of tridentate pyridylmethylethylenediamines: role of Rahma
ligand steric hindrance on DNA binding and cleavage
Copper(II) coordination compounds containing chiral functional groups as Yuni SL
Syntheses, crystal structures, and physical properties

Cr(ll), Mn(ll), Co(ll), Ni(ll) and Cu(ll) complexes of 7-((1H-benzol[d]imidazol- YuniSL

2-yl)diazenyl)-5-nitroquinolin-8-ol.synthesis, thermal, spectral, electrical
measurements, molecular modeling and biological activity
Crystal structure, solid state and solution characterisation Yuni SL
of copper(II) coordination compounds of ethyl
5-methyl-4-imidazolecarboxylate (emizco)

Current topics on inhibitors of respiratory complex I☆ Ine

Cu(II) complex with thiosemicarbazone of glyoxylic acid as an anion ligand in Neni
a polymeric structure
Cyclopentadienyl --> Synthesis, characterization and crystal structures of Sylvia
vanadium(V) complexes
derived from halido-substituted tridentate hydrazone compounds with
crobial activity
Cyclopentadienyl-ruthenium(II) complexes as efficient catalysts for the Aul
reduction of carbonyl compounds
Cytotoxicity studies of water soluble coordination compounds with a Triska
[Mo2O2S2]2 + core

Development and on the synthesizes and coordination chemistry of Yulia

macrocyclic schiff base Ligands
DFT and CV data of 4-phenyl-substituted dichloro (bis{2-[1-(phenyl)-1H- Ahmad
1,2,3-triazol-4-yl-κN3] pyridine-κN})iron(II) coordination compounds
Di-ruthenium complexes having disphosphines and carbonyl: formation, The Rita
structure, and catalytic hydrogenation of alkynes
Dinuclear copper(II) complexes of “end-off” bicompartmental ligands: Hasna
Alteration of the chelating arms on ligands to regulate the reactivity of the
complexes towards DNA
Discovery of vanadium complexes bearing tridentate shiff base ligands as Sylvia
LSD1 inhibitors

Dithiolene transfer to the molybdenum nitrosyl complex [CpMo(CO)2(NO)]: Aul

of bimetallic complexe
DNA binding, nuclease activity and cytotoxicity studies of Cu (II) complexes Rahma
of tridentate ligands
Dual-site Aqua Mononuclear Nickel(II) Complexes of Non-heme Aul
Tetradentate Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity
Dy(III) completed of Metformin Schiff-bases as glucose probe: synthesis, Huma
spectral, and thermal properties
. Efficient water oxidation catalysts based on readily Regina
available iron coordination complexes
Effects of Compound Silicate Gangue on Formation of Complex Calcium Eva
Ferrite During Sintering Process
Enhanced antidiabetic efficacy and safety of compound K ⁄ b-cyclodextrin Delia
inclusion complex in zebrafish
Excitonic Luminescence in the self assembled Organic Inorganic quantum Teh Lisna
well crystal: (C4H3SC2H4-NH3)2[PbI4]
. Expanded bite angles in tridentate ligands. Improving the photophysical Silva
properties in bistridentate Ru^II polypyridine complexes
Experimental and theoretical studies on Sudan Red G [1-(2- Isal
methoxyphenylazo)-2-naphthol] and its Cu(II) coordination compound
Exploring the intrinsic ductile metastable Fe-C compounds: Complex Eva
chemical bonds, anisotropic elasticity and variable thermal expansion
Fabrication of sub-micron protein-chitosan electrostatic complexes for Ine
encapsulation and pH-Modulated delivery of model hydrophilic active
Five chiral Cd(II) complexes with dual chiral components: Effect of Teh Lisna
positional isomerism, luminescence and SHG response
Five novel copper halide/thiocyanate coordination compounds directed by 4- Hasna
pyridyl dithioether ligands: syntheses, structures, and photocatalytic
Acylhydrazidate-based porous coordination Teh Ai
polymers and reversible I2 adsorption properties
. Free anergies, kinetics, and photoelectron-transfer properties, and Sarah
theoretical and quantitative structural relationship studies of [SWCNT (5,5)-
armchair-CnH20] [R] (R=n'2-Cm Pd(dppf), n'2-Cm Pd(dppr), and n'2-Cm
Pd(dppcym)2, n=20 to 300 and m= 60 and 70) nanostructure complexes .

From oxo to carbonyl and arene complexes; A journey through technetium Sylvia
Functionalized nitrogen ligands (CN) for palladium catalyzed cross-coupling Teh Ratna
reactions (part II)
Gadolinium (III) Complex as MRI contrast agents:Ligand design and Huma
propertest of the Complex
Gadolinium(III) complexes as MRI contrast agents: ligand design and Ravli
properties of the complexes
Gallane-coordinated transition metal complexes and related compounds Yuni SL
Guanidine platinum(II) complexes: synthesis, in vitro antitumor activity, and Delia
DNA interactions
Heoretical and experimental studies of Cu(II) and Zn(II) coordination Sylvia
compounds with N,O donor bidentate Schiff base ligand containing amino
phenol moiety.
Heteroditopic P,N ligands in gold(I) complexes: Synthesis, structure and Tursina
Hexacoppergermsesquioxanes as complexes with N-ligands: Synthesis, Teh Ratna
structure and catalytic properties
High oxidation state coordination chemistry with triamidoamine Tungsten Yulia
and molybdenum
Highly Selective Nickel Ethylene Oligomerization Catalysts Based on Yulia
Sterically Hindered Tris (pyrazoly) boratr Ligands
Human serum Albumin bingung studies of a new platinum (Iv) Complex Huma
containing the drug pregabilin: experiental and computational methods
Hydrostatic pressure induced transformasional of 6russian6 in a trimetallic Huma
CuMnFe 6russian blue analogue
Immobilization of Ir(l) complex on covalent triazine frameworks for C-H Yuni SL
borylation reactions: A combined experimental and computational study
In situ complexation versus complex isolation in synthesis of ion imprinted Sandiss

In vitro anti leishmanial and anti-fungal effects of new Sb (III) carboxylates Sarah
Highly water-soluble ruthenium(II) terpyridine coordination compounds
form stable adducts with blood-borne metal transporting proteins Ahmad
synthesis and characterization of oxidovanadium comolexes as enzyme Teh Destri
inhibitors targeting dipeptidly peptidase IV
In vitro anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activity of ternary copper(II) complexes and Ine
in vivo evaluation of the most promising complex
In vitro cytotoxic activity of a novel Schiff base ligand derived from 2- Teh Mitra
hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde and its mononuclear metal complexes
Interaction of zinc(II) Complex with 5'-GMP and their cycotoxic activity Huma
Intramolecular interactions Sn–D in organotin heterocyclic Aul
compounds [{D(C6H4CH2)}SnBr2]

Inverse coordination inorganic open and cyclic nitrogen heteroatom Huma

molecules as coorfination centers. A survey of molecular topologies
. Involement of high valent manganese-oxo intermediates in oxidation Sarah
reactions: realisation in nature, nano and molekular system
. Iron(ll) complex with modified bispidine ligand: Synthesis and catalytic Yuni SL
alkyd drying
Lactide polymerization by well-defined calcium coordination complexes: Regina
comparisons with related magnesium and zinc chemistry

Lanthanide coordination compounds with benzimidazole-based ligands. Tursina

luminescence and EPR
Laser chemistry synthesis, physicochemical properties, and chemical Sarah
processing of nanostructured carbon form
Ligand modification to stabilize the cobalt complexes for water oxidation The Mitra
Luminescent, optical, magnetic, and metamaterial behavior of cerium Teh Destri
Luminescent lanthanidecoordinationcompoundswithpyridine-2, Wine
Luminescent mixed-ligand iodido copper(I) coordination polymers Wine
having antenna effect
Luminescence properties of copper(I), zinc(II) and cadmium(II) Teh Ai
coordination compounds
Luminescent Zn(NCS)2 and Cd(NCS)2 coordination compounds with pyridine Triska
derivatives: Synthesis, structures and physical properties

Manganese (II) complexes with schiff bases immobilized on nanosilica as Sarah

catalysits of the reaction of ozone decomposition
Metal Complexes as Antimicrobial Agents April
Metal complexes used as anti-inflammatory agents:Synthesis, Ine
characterization and anti-inflammatoryaction of VO(II)-complexes
Metal complexes of azo compounds derived from 4-acetamidophenol and Delia
substituted aniline
advances in the design of organometallic anticancer complexes Teh Destri
Metal–metal distances at the limit: A coordination compound with an April
ultrashort chromium–chromium bond
Metal-Oxicam Coordination Compounds: Structure, Biological Activity and Irpan
Strategies for Administration
Mixed ligand complexes of Nickel(ll) copper(ll) and zinc(ll) with Frida
nicotinanilide and thiocyanate
Mixed-Ligan copper (II) complexes with tetrazole derivatives and 2,2- Kang Sansan
bipyridine, 1,10-phenanthroline : Synthesis, structure and cytotoxic activity
Metal/semiconductor contact properties of Al/Co(II)complex compounds Triska
Mössbauer Spectra and Electric Dipole Moments of Organotin (IV) Rahma
Complexes with Monodentate Donor Ligands
Modification of a pyridine-alkoxide ligand during the synthesis of Triska
coordination compounds
Molybdenum(V) complexes with formate: Geometric isomerism of the Teh Lisna
[Mo2O4Cl2(Py)2(HCOO)]- ion
mononuclear ferrous and ferric complexes Teh Destri
Mononuclear ferrous and ferric complexes Sandiss
Monodentate carboxylate complexes and the carboxylate shift: implications Rahma
for polymetalloprotein structure and function
Modern organometallic and coordination chemistry of beryllium Yuni C
Multi Dentate Ligands and metal complexes Derived From Ninhydrin and April
ethylen diamine
Multidentate Ligand and metal Complex derived from ninhydrin and ethylen Huma
Multi Dentate Ligands and Metal Complexes Derived from Ninhydrin and Ravli
Ethylen Diamine
Nano Structure Iron (II) and Copper (II) Schiff Base Complexes of a NNO- Siti Nur
Tridentate Ligand as
New Antibiotic Agents: Spectral, Thermal Behaviors and DNA Binding Ability

New hypercoordinated diorganotin(IV) compounds with dithiocarbamato Tursina

ligands. Synthesis and structural characterization
New organic–inorganic hybrid assemblies based on copper(I) ion, bichelate- Hasna
bridging ligand and Lindqvist-type polyoxometalate
Nickel(II) NHC-complexes with tridentate, dianionic ligands Hasna
Nickel(ll) oxaloyldhyrazone complexes : characterization, indirect banf gap Frida
energy anf antimicrobial evolution
Nickel 2, copper 1 and zinc 2 complexes supported by a (4- Gizka
diphenylphospino)phenanthridine ligand
Nitrosoalkenes and their coordination compounds with palladium chloride Triska
On the coordination chemistry of corannulene, the smallest‘‘buckybowl’’ Isal
ONS-donor ligand based Pt(II) complexes display extremely high anticancer Tursina
potency through autophagic cell death pathway
Oxidation of C-H compounds with peroxides catalyzed by polynuclear Eva
transition metal complexes in Si- or Ge-sesquioxane frameworks: A review
Oxidative coupling of 2-aminophenol to 2-amino-phenoxazine-3-one Delia
catalyzed by organotin (IV)–copper (I) cyanide coordination polymers as
heterogeneous catalysts
orthopalladated q.4 iminonaphthoquinone derivate: syntheses,redox Gizka
series,molecular nd electronic structures
Palladium (II) complex: Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and DFT Sylvia
Palladium (II) complex: Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and DFT Citra

Perspectives of the smart Cu-Iodine coordination polymers: A portage to Yuni SL

the world of new nanomaterials and composites
Photochemistry of iron complexes Sandiss
Photocytotoxic copper(II) complexes of N-salicylyl-l-tryptophan Afifah
and phenanthroline bases
Physico-Chamical investigation and biological studies of metal complexes Frida
with 2-[N-(3,4- dimethyl-2-hydroxypheniyl)-methylidinyl]-amino-4.5-
dihydronaphto [1.2D]-Thiazole
Physico-chemical study of first row transition metal ions coordination Afifah
compounds with N,N0-bis(2-tosylaminobenzylidene)-1,3-diaminopropanol.
Physico-chemical study of new ruthenium(III), Pd(II) and Co(II) complexes, Ine
DNA binding of Pd(II) complex and biological applications
Physico-chemical study of new ruthenium(III), Pd(II) and Co(II)complexes, Sandiss
DNA binding of Pd(II) complex and biological application
Platinum coordination compounds with potent anticancer activity Citra
Pnictogen ligand coordination to an iron-sulfur compound Triska
Polynuclear copper(II) complexes bridged by polycarboxylates of aromatic Triska
and N-heterocyclic compounds
Polymer immobilized Fe(III) complex of Sandiss
2-phenylbenzimidazole: An efficient catalyst
for photodegradation of dyes under UV/Visible
light irradiation

Preparation and structure of double complex compounds Aul

Preparation and structure of double complex compounds Citra

Preparation of inorganic-organic nanohybrid compound based on Ni (II) , Sarah

MoO3 and p-phenylenediamine by hydrothermal method and its
Preparation, chemistry, and structure of new ruthenium complex Neng Sri
Properties, structure and stability of V(IV) hydrazide Schiff base ligand Tursina
Pyridine solvated dioxouranium complex with salen ligand: Synthesis, Sylvia
terization and luminescence properties
Radical compounds and metal complexes with azobenzene chromophore YuniSL
Re^I(CO)3 complexes with diimine ligands synthesized in situ Silva
Reaction of lithiated thiophene-derived aminocarbene complexes with Hasna
inorganic halides: Preparation of a heteroatom containing mono- and
multicarbene complexes
recent advances in nitrogen fixation upon vanadium comolexes Gizka
Recent Advances in Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Siti Nur
Activity of Nano Sized Schiff Base Amino Acid M(II) Complexes
Laila H. Abdel Rahman 1,, Ahmed M. Abu-Dief 1,
, Nahla Ali Hashem 1 and Amin Abdou Seleem2
Review: the multivolored coorfination chemistry of violurate anions Huma
Room temperature aqueous phase syntesis and characterization of novel Sarah
nano-sized coordination polymers composed of copper (II), nickel (II), and
zinc (II) metal ions with p-phenylenediamine (PPD) as the bridging ligand .

Ruthenium(II)-arene complexes with monodentate aminopyridine ligands: Teh Ratna

Insights into redox stability and electronic structures and biological activity
Ruthenium (II) complexes of NO ligands: Synthesis, characterization and The Mitra
application in transfer hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds
Ruthenium (II) complexes of NO ligands: Synthesis, characterization and Eva
application in transfer hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds

Ruthenium (II) complexes of NO ligands : Synthesis, characterization and Kang Sansan

application in transfer hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds
Ruthenium diphosphine complexes as an efficient hydroamination catalyst. Sarah

Selective recognition of bacterial membranes by zinc(II)-coordination Regina

self-assembly and supramolecular isomerism in copper(2) coordination Gizka
compunds of pyridine-4-carboxamide based ligand
Silver (I) coordination chemistry April
Silver (I)-directed growth of metal-organic complex nanocrystals with Sarah
bidentate ligands of hydroquinine anthraquinone-1,4-diyl diethera as linkers
at the water-chloroform interface.

Silver complexes of ligand derived from adamantylamines: water soluble Neng Sri
silver donating compounds with antibacterial properties
Short-lived intermediates (encounter complexes) in cisplatin ligand exchange Teh Ratna
elucidated by infrared ion spectroscopy

Spin state switching in iron coordination compounds Irpan

Stable host–guest complexes of bis-2,6-pyridinedicarboxylate iron(III) Citra
with dihydroxybenzenes
Sterically encumbered dianionic dicarboranyl pincer ligand Tursina
(C5H3N)(C2B10H11)2 and its CNC Nickel(II) complex
Structural studies of complex compounds of Irpan
-diacetyl-2,2--bipyridine dioxime with copper(I/II),
platinum(II), and palladium(II) metal ions
Structure-activity relationship studies of antiplasmodial cyclometallated Eva
ruthenium(II), rhodium(III) and iridium(III) complexes of 2-
Structural and antimicrobial studies of coordination compounds of Huma
phenylalanine and glycine
. Structural characterization of monodentate coordination Wine
diphosphine BINAP
Studies on Dapsone in transition metal complexes Frida
Study of the structural ligand effects on the fragmentation pattern of some The Mitra
Schiff base complexes of V (IV), Cu(II) and Ni (II) against the IR laser
radiation using Matrix-free LDI-TOF technique
Structure divercity of coordination compunds derived from double- Silva
chelating and planar diazinedicarboxylate ligands
Structure relationship between bis-monodentate ligands and coordination Silva
driven self-assemblies
Structural, photophysical and electrochemical properties of a novel cardanol- Teh Ratna
based salophen ligand and its Mn(II) complex
Sustainable phosphorescene based on soleution-processable and vacuum- Teh Rita
sublimable carionic ruthenium(II) completed achieved by counter-ion control
Syntheses and Investigations on Coordination Compounds Irpan
Having Oxygen and Nitrogen Donors
Synthesis and antifungal potential of some Siti Nur
transition metal complexes of tridentate N2-Benzylidenepyridine-2, 6-
Synthesis and Antibacterial Studies of Metal Complexes of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Ravli
Co(II) with Tetradentate Ligand
Synthesis and biological evaluation of biotin-conjugated Citra
anticancer thiosemicarbazones and their iron(III) and copper(II)

Synthesis and characterization of complex compounds of of tetra-aza Frida

macrocyclic ligand
Synthesis and Characterization of Complex Compounds of Tetra-aza Ravli
Macrocyclic Ligand
Synthesis and characterization of a series of transition metal compounds of Ahmad
thioether and disulfde ligands
Synthesis and characterization of a series of transition metal compounds of Ine
thioether and disulfide ligands
Synthesis and characterization of binary and ternary complexes of Co(II), Teh Lisna
Ni(II),Cu(II) and Zn(II) ions based on 4-aminotoluene-3-sulfonic acid
Synthesis and Characterization of Complex Compounds of Tetra-aza Irpan
Macrocyclic Ligand
Synthesis and characterization of Cu(II) complexs with 1,4,8-tris(2- Teh Destri
Synthesis and characterization of some metal II complexes of sulfadoxine April
Synthesis and characterization of tetracarbonylmolybdenum(0) and Teh Ratna
pentacarbonyltungsten(0) complexes of TADDOL-derived, monodentate P-
donor ligands
Synthesis and characterization of transition metal completes of schiff base Frida
derivated from isatin and 2-amino,4-chloro benzoic acid
Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes of 4-amino-5- Sarah

Synthesis and characterization of vanillin schiff base with Ni (II) complexes April
Synthesis and crystal structure of a rhodium(III) complex bearing Wine
a hypervalent phosphorus(V) ligand as a bidentate ligand and
equilibrium between bidentate and monodentate structures in

Synthesis and structural characterization of antimicrobialf binuclear Teh Ai

copper(II) coordination compounds bridged by hydroxy- and/or
thiodipropionic acid
Syntheses and characterization of ferrocenylthiocarboxylate-containing Teh Ai
coordination compounds for nonlinear optics
Synthesis and characterization of Ferromagnetic BaFe2O4 Nanocrystals Kang Sansan
Using Novel Ionic Precursor Complex [Fe(opd)3]2[Ba(CN)8]
Synthesis and characterization of palladacyclopentadiene complexes with Tursina
N-heterocyclic carbene ligands
2.Sterically encumbered dianionic dicarboranyl pincer ligand
(C5H3N)(C2B10H11)2 and its CNC Nickel(II) complex
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Hydrated Cation-Anion Nickel(II) Kang Sansan
Thiosemicarbazide and Nickel(II) Malonate Dihydrate Complex

Synthesis and structural characterization of five copper 1 complexes of (2,3- Gizka

f)-pyrazio -(1,10)phenanthroline-2,3 dicarbonite and triphenylphosphine
Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of new tetradentate Schiff base Ahmad
and its coordination compounds of NOON donor atoms and their
antibacterial and antifungal activity
Synthesis and structural investigations of coordination compounds of palla Ravli
dium (II) with 5 methyl urail
Synthetic and structural studies of heteroleptic platinum(II) and palladium(II) Teh Meli
complexes containing thiacrown and monodentate phosphane ligands
Synthesis Characterization Of Heteroscorpionate based Manganese Carbonyl Teh Meli
Complexes as CO Releasing Moleculs
Synthesis Crystal structure and Characterization of a New Oxalate Kang San San
Chromium (III) Complex
Synthesis of [Cd(CH3COO)2(bpe)(H2O)]n (2) Teh Lisna
Synthesis of [Zn(CH3COO)2(NioxH2)(bpe)(H2O)]n (3) Teh Lisna
Synthesis of 4’-(2-ferrocenyl)-2,2’:6’2’’-terpyridine: Characterization and Teh Meli
antiprotozoal activity of Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes
Synthesis of achiral NCN pincer Pt(II) and Pd(II) Sandiss
complexes and catalytic application in the Suzuki-
Miyaura reaction

Synthesis of group 10 metal complexes with a new unsymmetrical PN3p - Neng Sri
pincer ligand through ligand post-modification : structure and reactivity

Synthesis of High Surface Area NiO Nanoparticles through Thermal Kang Sansan
Decomposition of Mixed Ligand Ni(II) complex, [Ni(binol)(bpy)].CH3OH
Syntheses of new ruthenium (II and III)-nitroimidazole complexes Citra
Synthetic Iron complexes as model for natural iron humic compounds : Teh Rita
synthesizer, characterization and alhal growth expreriments
Reprint of Divalent metal diphenate dipyridylamine coordination polymers Ahmad
Supramolecular polytypism and a rare 5-connected topology based on arc-
like hexanuclear clusters
Synthesis, antibacterial, anticancer and molecular docking studies of Ahmad
macrocyclic metal complexes of dihydrazide and diketone
Alpha-glucosidase and carbonic anhydrase inhibition studies of Pd(II)- Teh Destri
hydrazide complexes
Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of novel schiff base Frida
derived from 4-acetyl-3-methyl-1-(4-Methyl- Phenyl)-2-pyrazolin-5-one and
it's transition metal complexes
Synthesis, Characterization And Biological Investigations Of Novel Schiff Teh Meli
Base Ligands Containing Imidazoline Moiety And Their Co(ii) And Cu(ii)
Synthesis, characterization and biological screening of some Schiff base Delia
macrocyclic ligand based transition metal complexes as antifungal agents
Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of Fe(ll) Ce(ll) and Cr(ll) Frida
complexes with N, N'-bis(benzoin)-1,4 butane diimine
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic properties of the ruthenium- Teh Meli
terpyridyl complex
Synthesis, characterization, and coordination chemistry of several novel Isal
electroneutral phosphane ligands
Synthesis, characterization and crystal structures of ruthenium Wine
complexes with bidentate chiral salicylaldiminato ligands
Synthesis, characterization and crystal structures of vanadium(V) complexes Aul
derived from halido-substituted tridentate hydrazone compounds with
antimicrobial activity
Synthesis, caracterization and cytotoxic activity of naturally isolated naringin Teh Destri
metal complexes
Synthesis , characterization and luminescent properties of polymer Sarah
complexes of Nd ( III) with beta-dicarbonyl ligands
Synthesis, characterization and protonation reaction of copper and Wine
palladium complexes bearing nitrite ligands in O,O-bidentate and N-
bonding fashions
Synthesis, characterization and theoretical investigations of Wine
molybdenum carbonyl complexes with phosphorus/nitrogen/
phosphorus ligand as bidentate and tridentate modes

Synthesis, crystal structure and spectral characterization of the first Ag+ Eva
complex compounds involving O,N,O coordinated N-acylhy drazones of

Synthesis, structures, and luminescence properties of mixed ligand Teh Lisna

Cd(II) and Zn(II) coordination compounds mediated by 1,2-bis(4-
Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of phenoxido bridged Teh Ratna
dinuclear iron(III) complex with bis(phenolate)
Synthesis, characterisation, crystal structure and biological activity of Sandiss
metal(II) complexes with theophylline

Synthesis, characterization, DNA binding and catalytic applications of Teh Meli

Ru(III) complexes
Synthesis, characterization, thermal and catalytic properties of a novel Delia
carbazole derived Azo ligand
and its metal complexes
Synthesis, characterization, X-ray crystallography, and antimicrobial Ravli
activities of Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes with a salicylaldehyde-based
thiosemicarbazone ligand
Synthesis, crystal structure and spectroscopic Teh Lisna
properties of one-dimensional zinc(II)–cyanide
complex with 1-methylimidazole, [Zn(μ-CN)(CN)
Synthesis, Crystals Structure, Vibrational and Magnetic Properties of a New Kang Sansan
Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Material : 2-Amonium-methyl-1-
Ethylpyrrolidinium Tetrachlorocuprate (II)

Synthesis, Cytoyoxity, apoptosis and Cell cycle arrest of a Huma

monoruthenium(II)-subtituted Dawson polyoxotungstate
Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of an Imidazolate-Bridged Copper(I1)- Teh Lisna
Cobalt(II1) Complex
Structural, photophysical and electrochemical properties of a novel cardanol- Tursina
based salophen ligand and its Mn(II) complex
Synthesis, spectral and antifungal studies of some coordination compounds Ahmad
of cobalt(II) and copper(II) of a novel 18-membered octaaza [N8]
tetradentate macrocyclic ligand
Synthesis, spectral characterization and biological evaluation of Mn(II), Teh Meli
Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) complexes with thiosemicarbazone
ending by pyrazole and pyridyl rings
Synthesis, spectral characterization and in vitro antibacterial evaluation and Ine
Petra/Osiris/ Molinspiration analyses of new Palladium(II) iodide complexes
with thioamides
Synthesis, spectral, thermal and biological studies of mixed ligand Teh Mitra
complexes with newly prepared Schiff base and 1,10-phenanthroline ligands
Synthesis, spectroscopic and X-ray structural characterization of two novel Tursina
mixed-ligand lead(II) complexes
Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and antimicrobial activity Ine
evaluation of new tridentate Schiff bases and their Co(II) complexes
Synthesis, spectroscopic characterisation and catalytic activity of platinum Teh Lisna
(II) carbene complexs.
Synthesis, spectroscopic studies, X-ray powder diffraction data and Hasna
biological activity of mixed transition metal complexes with oxalato and
theophylline ligands
Synthesis, structure, photoluminescence and electrochemical properties of Eva
mononuclear Ag(I) and polymeric Zn(II) complexes of potassium 4-methyl

synthesis,structural characterization and antimicrobial activity of silver 1 Gizka

complexes with 1-benzyl-1H-tetrazoles
Synthesis, structural characterization and biological studies of some nalidixic Teh Meli
acid-metal complexes: Metalloantibiotic complexes of some divalent and
trivalent metal ions
Synthesis, structural characterization and biological activities of metal(II) Sandiss
complexes withSchiff bases derived from 5-bromosalicylaldehyde: Ru(II)
complexes transfer hydrogenation
Synthesis, structural characterization, electrochemical, photoluminescence, Teh Ratna
antiproliferative and antioxidant properties of Co(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II)
complexes bearing the azo-azomethine ligands
Synthesis, structural characterization and DFT analysis of an unusual Wine
tryptophan copper(II) complex bound via carboxylate monodentate
coordination: Tetraaquabis(l-tryptophan) copper(II) picrate
Syntheses,structures and vibrational spectroscopy of some 1:2 and 1:3 Gizka
adducts of silver 1 oxyanion salts with pyridine and piperidine bases
containing non-coordinating 2(,6)-substituents
Synthesis, structural studies and antituberculosis Sandiss
evaluation of new hydrazone derivatives of quinoline
and their Zn(II) complexes
Synthesis, structure, computational and catalytic activities of palladium Teh Ratna
complexes containing hydrazide based amino-phosphine ligands
The anti-cancer properties of gold (III) compounds with dianionic porphyrin Silva
and tetradentate ligands
The CO/PC analogy in coordination chemistry and catalysis Isal

The coordination chemistry and magnetism of some 3d–4f and 4f amino- Ahmad
polyalcohol compounds
The crystal structure of bis-azomethine and its cobalt(II) complex Afifah
The decomposition mechanism of new solid-state 4(5)-aminoimidazole- Triska
5(4)-carboxamide coordination compounds
The effect of the amphoteric properties of amino acids in the zwitterionic Eva
form on the structure of iodine complex compounds in aqueous solutions
The first diperoxidovanadium complex with a monodentate amine ligand: Sylvia
Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure of methylbenzylammonium
oxido-diperoxido-methylbenzylaminevanadate monohydrate
The Influence of a New-Synthesized Complex Compounds of Co(II), Zn(II) Irpan
and Cd(II) Containing a Ligand having
Tetraoxotetrahydrazin Moiety on some Pathogenic Bacteria.
The Influence of a New-Synthesized Complex Compounds of Co(II), Zn(II) Ravli
and Cd(II) Containing a Ligand having
The influence of reaction parameters on complexation of Zn(II) complexes Hasna
with biopolymeric Schiff bases prepared from chitosan and salicylaldehyde
The Sn(IV)-tetra(4-sulfonatophenyl) porphyrin complexes with Citra
antioxidants: Synthesis, structure, properties

The structural definition of adfucts of stoichiometry Mx:dppx (1:1) Gizkan

M=Cu,Ag,x=simple anion l, dppx=ph2p(CH2)xPPh2 x=3-6
.The synthesis and structure of strontium complex with antranilic acid and Frida
Theoretical investigation of organotin(lV) complexes of substituted YuniSL
benzohydroxamic acids
Transforming surface coordination polymers into covalent surface polymers: April
Lazinked polycondensed aromatics through oligomerization of N‐
heterocyclic carbine
Tricarbonylrhenium(I) complexes with the N-methylpyridine-2- The Mitra
carbothioamide ligand – Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity studies
Theoretical Investigation of Promising Molecules for Obtaining Complexes Ravli
with Planar Tetracoordinate Carbon
Tropolone as anionic and neutral ligand in lead(II) and bismuth(III) Teh Mitra
complexes: Synthesis, structure, characterization and computational studies
Two-step postsynthetic modifications of a dinuclear Zn(II) coordination Triska
compound: Investigating the stability of the coordination chromophore

Unexpected Coordination of Aminoiminophosphoranate Ligands with Alkali Yulia

Variations in the molecularity of bis(formylpyrrolyl)cobalt(ll) complexes YuniSL
Volatile sulfur compounds in tropical fruits Ine
Zinc (II) complexes of sulfonamides as antibacterial agents: Siti Nur
Design, characterization and biological activity