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Cody Thomas

(780) 991-1614


3D Generalist with a background in mobile game development (iPhone/ Android), eLearning

videos, VR experiences, and mixed media productions. Primarily responsible for 3D solutions,
but also work within the graphic designer and motion graphics spectrum. Daily problem solver
who keeps up to date with current workflows and software.


● Modeling: Characters, Props, and Environments

● Animation: Characters, Props, and Environments
● Lighting/Rendering: Characters, Props, and Environments
● Rigging: Characters, Props, and Environments
● Developer: iPhone/Android apps, Vive VR, and Oculus/ Oculus Go VR
● Advanced in: Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Substance Painter, and
Unreal Engine 4
● Texture creation for low to high poly assets
● Motion Graphics: After Effects and Maya MASH
● MOCAP data use for animations
● Backburner render farm management and use for Maya Arnold rendering


● Always seeking ways to optimize workflows to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks
● Share and learn top tips and tricks with employees to boost performance and quality
● Willing to make sacrifices to achieve project goals
● Always motivated toward self-improvement
● Positive attitude and easy to talk to

Lil’ Pirates​ (iPhone/iPad)

ZA! 2 XL​ (iPad)

Prop Modeler

Escape: Norms World XL​ (iPad)

Character art/ Animator

Implode!​ (iPhone/iPad)

Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet​ (iPhone)

Character/Prop Modeler

Freeballin’​ (iPhone)
3D Modeler

A.D.D.​ (iPhone)

Spy Bot Chronicles​ (iPhone)

Artist/ Level Designer

Toy Bot Mini Missions​ (iPhone)


Shaky Summit​ (iPhone)

Character/ Prop Modeler

Toy Bot Diaries Trilogy​ (iPhone)

Artist/ Level Designer

Office Jerk, Office Zombie, Holiday Jerk: Holiday Edition, Office Jerk: Judged!​ (iPhone, iPad,
Android Devices)
Artist/ Animator

Streaker​ (iPhone, iPad, Android Devices)

Artist/ Animator

Plumber Crack​ (iPhone, iPad, Android Devices)

Artist/ Animator

Grumpy Bears​ (iPhone, iPad, Android Devices)

Artist/ Animator

Airport Madness Challenge​ (iPhone, iPad)


Death Drop​ (iPhone, iPad, Android Device

Artist/ Animator

Snow Racer Friends​ (iPhone, iPad, Android Devices)


Bubble Rainbow​ (iPhone, iPad)

Sprite Creation

Kitten Assassin (iphone, Android devices, Amazon Devices)

3D Technical Artist/ Animation

Gaybots (Android Devices)



Grant MacEwan College, Edmonton

Digital Arts and Media
Sep 2003 - 2004

The Art Institute of Vancouver, Burnaby

Game Art and Design Graduate
Sept 2005 - June 2007


3D Generalist
Dynacor Media
Dec 2015 - Current

- 3D and Motion Graphic solutions for eLearning tools (courses, safety videos, VR training etc.)

Fluik Entertainment
June 2011 - Feb 2015

- Primary 3D modeling, texturing, and rigging characters/props

- Animating characters and props
- Creating storyboards and conceptuals
- Use of Unity to arrange art assets and animations for programmers

IUGO Mobile
July 2008 - February 2011

- 3D modeling, and texturing characters, props, and environments

- Box 2D level design
- Creating user interface
- 2D character, prop, and environment art
- Sprite sheet creation

QA Test Specialist
QA Labs Inc.
2007 - 2008

- Carried out various types of tests on nokia mobile games such as functionality testing,
compliance testing, regression testing, soak testing, localization testing etc.
- Worked with developers within bug reporting software
- Daily meetings within QA team to report issues and to avoid overlap