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CSPU 621 Fieldwork Summary Log of Hours

Candidate Name Tyrone Robinson Dates of Service 4/30/18 - 6/7/18

Site Name and Level Encinal Jr. & Sr. High School

Directions: Each week Candidates are required to log their fieldwork hours in the weekly tabs below. Additionally,
each week Candidates need to have their Site Supervisor sign (electronically or physically) their weekly hours. The
information will be transferred from the weekly logs to this Summary page automatically, and at the end of the term
(300 hours) this summary page needs to be signed (electronically or physically) by the Site Supervisor, University
Supervisor, and the Candidate, verifying that these hours accurately represent the Candidate's work.

Standard Area Activities: Standard Area Hours Accumulated

Core Knowledge Base And Foundation (CKB) (note - these will likely be over 300 hours total because of overlap)
Standard 17 - Foundations of the School Counseling Profession 0
Standard 18 - Professionalism, Ethics & Legal Mandates 5.5
Domains of School Counseling and Guidance (DSC)
Standard 19 - Academic Development. 2
Standard 20 - Career Development 7
Standard 21 - Personal and Social Development 10
Themes of School Counseling (TSC)
Standard 22 - Leadership 15
Standard 23 - Advocacy 25
Standard 24 - Learning, Achievement and Instruction 5
Functions of School Counselors (FSC)
Standard 25 - Individual Counseling 162.5
Standard 26 - Group Counseling and Facilitation 10
Standard 27 - Collaboration, Coordination and Team Building 53.5
Standard 28 - Organizational and System Development 0
Standard 29 - Prevention Education and Training 26.5
Standard 30 - Research, Program Evaluation and Technology 0

Total number of PPS Fieldwork Hours (from weeks 1 to 7) 301.5

Total number of hours with students of different racial/ethnic background 197
Site Supervisor Name Tracy Allegrotti

Site Supervisor (E)Signature Tracy Allegrotti Date 6/18/18

University Supervisor Name Denise Hitch

University Supervisor (E)Signature Denise Hitch Date

Candidate (E)Signature Tyrone Robinson Date 6/18/18