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psT710 DESIGN OF TALL BUILDINGS LTec PURPOSE To impart the overall knowledge about the material, elements and systems analysis and design involved in Tall B INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES “To introduce various systems oft are introduced , dynamic and stability analysis of various Various structural systems wi To impart knowledge about stat systems UNITI INTRODUCTION 9 phy — History — advantages and disadvantages — Vertical city concepts - s — fire safety — water supply ~ drainage and garbage disposal - service aeee Toads, Wind loading ~ static a “method, Earthquake loa Eqt loading in various design philosophies Mat ht weight concrete — Fibre reinforced concrete Composite M for various secondary effects — Creep, shrinkage and temperature. Stability “Overall buckling, analy: frames, approximate methods, second P-A effect and various methods of analysis — influence of jals, systems and designs. TOTAL 45 ley & sons, 1977. ‘ibutors, New lings”, Me Graw Hill Co. B.S., “Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Bui 24