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Data sheet Dalits Manual presetting valve MSV-F2, PN 16/25, DN 15 - 400 Description (MSV-F2 DN 15-150, (MSV-F2 DN 200-400 MSV-F2 valves are manual presetng valves. Main data: They ate ued fr balancing te own esting + DN 5-400 and cooing installations 1 PN Thevalveshave poston ndicatorand stoke flow temperature:-10°C... 180°C Tete neaes oad ofspindlessintegrates ~ Froyytemperature:—10°C .. 150°C + Valves re mounted on flow or return pe Setting canbe locked Valve characteris are Set upin measuring device PM 5001/76 100 Values ar tree of asbestos Shuteftfunction Application ate orchard inglterminalunt LENO" SS). In constant flow installations MSV valves keeps constant pressure drop. Its value may be set on several levels depending on presetting VO.S.Ai.02 © Danfoss Tar 7 Data sheet Manual presetting valve MSV-F2 Ordering MSV-F2 valves-PN 15 ree too) ony ne oy win neve cet 9199 I , 9 asses eosz091 = MSV-F2 valves -PN25 mee cy oa mR Coden fo wm °o ost nna et pgs 20 | 90321093 iS a Ba] eoxzi07i 0 m3 | 203z1072 Too zoo | * 20321073 2 sou] eonz1074 i FET 2031098 Va Accessories Reco DWEIDS, ooxzor08 is. 20320179 Trtensionpiceforten phgréSmm | gpazaroa] | Hand-wheet [ON 203zo181 Flow measuring navamentPFHSOOT | oan taba ‘ean oonLeae VORS.Ai02 © Danone TRS | Data sheet Manual presetting valve MSV-F2 Technical data (MSV-F2 valves-PN 16 Nominal dameer ow fe [=[s[s = [es te [a [20 [oo [xo | so | eo Nominal pressure ee Leakage ate ‘Grade A hecording 161505008 Table No vbeleolage Flow edhe Wer and water mites wth secondary coolant (ike ghyol fr clad heating nd oalng apsers ax Nowiempeature | © 0 Weigh ws l= l=[>els[al=[v[al»l«[sls>sl ew] | Materia Body Ganon ROL BOER Sent seaing om Cone awe Cased tanks el Peavy compabity been materials andracondon coolant with apple MSV-F2 valves-PN.25 Neninal darter pw fe [=[s[» =[e[« ws [0 [200 [20 [0 0 Nominal presure ae e Leakage ate ‘Grade A hecording 161505008 Table Novae eokage Flom mechan Weter ane water misures wih seconery colts ike hel or closeeating and cooling ters Connections Flanges according to 10922 Weigh « |=>e[>e[s[el=[v[a|»|[«lalelel 300 Material wee Body Duta ron ENGI 40015 EGA Sextsaing ero Cone ween Cased ne el Pease very compabiy between mates andsecondory coolants with supple. Pressure-temperature classification (flanges according to EN 1092-2) GANG ZA" 7D) Vaheshovebuitin flow imitation ates have stoke itelocked byl Sova VO.S.A1.02 © Danone a