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Elie OTAYEK, Ph.D., P.E.

Saint Joseph Street, Al Bouar, Keserwan, Lebanon
Tel: 961 3 272087 – 961 9 444 123
E-mails: oee@cyberia.net.lb / oee5@hotmail.com / oee1973@yahoo.com
Holding Armenian Citizenship
Holding a Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Doctor of Philosophy - Building Engineering - May 2018
Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Qc, Ca. (GPA 4.0)

«Introduction to ABET Accreditation” Seminar for 2 days (15 hours)

Certificate of Attendance – at USEK University conducted by Prof. Joseph L. Sussman &
Prof. Winston F. Erevelles, Oct. 2017 “University of Catania”, Sicilia, It.

«Pavement Analysis, design and maintenance» 3rd Teaching Workshop (32 hours)
Certificate of Attendance – TEMPUS & HiT 4Med Highway and Traffic Engineering,
Nov. 2014 “University of Catania”, Sicilia, It.

«Engineering Professional Skills Assessment» certificate by Global Professional Skills Assessment,

LLC & USEK Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness Office, three Hours Training,
Oct. 21-2014, kaslik,. Leb.

«Securité et Santé des chantiers» Certificate of Attendance – CSST, May 2011

“Ecole des métiers de la construction”, Montreal, Ca.

Certificate of Achievement – CTLS, Oct 2011

Graduate Seminar in University Teaching Concordia University, Montreal, Ca.

Master of Engineering (M.Eng) Building Engineering – Construction Management, June 2009

Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Qc, Ca. (GPA 3.77)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) Civil Engineering – Structure & Public Works, June 1995
Civil Engineering, Lebanese University Engineering Faculty II, Roumieh, Lebanon
(Equivalent to a Master of Civil Engineering) (GPA 82/100)


A Master in Civil Engineering since 1995, from the ULFG II (Univertité Libanaise Faculté de Genie,
branche II), coupled to another Master of Building engineering in Construction Management acquired from
Concordia University, Montreal, Ca. (With a PhD in construction Management) further to many training
programs in management and safety were the back ground of more than Twenty years of experience in the
professional engineering fields. Wide professional experiences in structure design and project management
are conducted and made me able to achieve the tasks listed hereunder with a high level of the
professionalism, expertise and accuracy with a remarkable capacity to manage the works and its related
problems and to lead team members further to high ability to support the work stresses:

Elie Otayek - CV 44a- Dec 2017 CV - Complete.doc-1/5

Management Field: (on many simple and complex projects from small to medium sizes)

• Coordinating with the site team (engineers, draftsman…etc.)

• Create the infrastructure for site personnel
• Set the document control system (ISO 9001:2005) and Contracts
• Equipment deployment and management
• Technical submittals and tracking
• Company safety rules & regulations
• Method statement preparation
• Quality and Quantity Control
• Cost control & cash flows
• Variation orders preparation
• Claims and contract correspondences
• Value engineering solutions
• Preparation of periodic report of work progress
• Cost Estimation and LCCA (Life-cycle Cost Analysis)

Consultancy in design Field: (Senior Civil Engineer)

• Owner Rep
• Site Supervision and Control
• Reinforced Concrete and steel structure design with Seismic/Wind analysis (under ACI/UMC &
• Preparation of the Execution drawings and conducting the coordination task for the different trades.
• Shop Drawings, Quantities and Specifications (BOQ & Specs)
• Preparation of the inspection reports
• Technical Supports and control
• Engineering judgment analysis, and proposing alternative solutions with economically analyzed

Furthermore, and taking into consideration that I am a membership at the OEA (Ordre des Ingenieurs et
Architectes Liban) and at OIQ (Ordre des Ingenieurs du Quebec – P.Eng), I am conducting continuously
researches concerning the structure design and construction management as a member of ASCE and through
the position of Head of the Civil Engineering Department at Holy Spirit University of Kaslik - USEK
(Université de Saint-Esprit – Kaslik) University. As chair, I have conducted a team work to achieve the
needed works for ABET Accreditation lead to a break my experience to higher professional levels.


USEK University (Head of the Civil Engineering Department) Since 2013

GMC310 – « Statique » - Statics

GMC330 – « Mecanique des Solides » - Solids Mechanics (Dynamics of Rigid Bodies )
GMC360 – « Dessin Industriel » - Technical Drawings (Civil)
GMC440 – « Resistance Des Materiaux » - Strength of Materials
GMC472 – « Laboratoire RDM » - Lab. Strengthening of Materials
GCV310 – « Beton Armé I » - Reinforced Concrete I
GCV320 – « Dessin Technique » - Technical Drawings
GCV401 – « Analyse des Structures » - Structural Analysis
GCV405 – « Beton Armé II » - Reinforced Concrete II

Elie Otayek - CV 44a- Dec 2017 CV - Complete.doc-2/5

GCV460 – « Gestion des Projets » – Management and Site Organisation
GCV462 – « Règlementation des Bâtiments » – Building Legislation
GCV514 – « Dallages » – Pavement Analysis, Design and Maintenance
GCV521 – « Constructions Métalliques » – Steel and Mixed Structures
GCV525 – Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Buildings
GCV526 – « Projet de batement » – Building Project
GCV596/597 – Final Year Project

Concordia University 2008-2011

Teaching Assistant TA for many courses

BLDG 6851 - Project Cost Estimating – Dr. A. Jrade
BLDG 7871 – Construction Equipment Mgt – Dr. A. Jrade
Research for a project and report:
“Seismic Modeling Analysis” – Dr. K. Galal
Training & Working out 2004-2006

Robot Soft: Design & Structure Design

AutoCAD: Application for 2D and 3D design and drafting
Civil Engineering Technical Drawings & Details


Served as session’s chair (ENG_1CCE: Engineering I) in the Iaas15 conference

USJ 2015 Apr 15-17


Otayek Elie, Jrade Ahmad and AlKass Sabah, 2012 “Integrated Decision Support System for
Bridges at Conceptual Design Stage”, CIB W78-2012 Conference, the 29th International
Conference on Applications of IT in the AEC Industry Beirut, Lebanon 17-19 October 2012.

Otayek Elie, Jrade Ahmad and AlKass Sabah, 2013 “Integrating the Artificial Intelligence
techniques into Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM)”, CSCE 2013 Annual Conference,
Montreal, Canada May 29 – June 1, 2013.

Otayek Elie, 2015 “Integrated Decision Support System for Bridges at Conceptual Design
Stage”, Research Proposal for Ph.D. of Building Engineering, ENCS, BCEE, Concordia
University, Quebec, Canada May 1-2015.

Otayek Elie and Jrade Ahmad, 2015 “Optimization for Bridge Type Selection Using Artificial
Neural Network”, ICSC2015, 5th International/11th Construction Specialty Conference,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada June 8-10, 2015.

Wehbe Rania, Otayek Elie M. and Massaad Zaher, 2017 “Using Intelligent Transportation
Systems to Enhance Pedestrian Safety at Beirut Signalized Intersection”, IEEE, MTS 2017
Napoli, 26-29 Jun 2017.

Elie Otayek - CV 44a- Dec 2017 CV - Complete.doc-3/5

Choueiri Elias M., Aoun Joelle and Otayek Elie M., 2017 “Effectiveness of the newly
introduced Variable Message Signs in Lebanon on driver behavior”, IEEE, MTS 2017 Napoli,
26-29 Jun 2017.

Choueiri Elias M., Saroufim Alain and Otayek Elie M., 2017 “Effectiveness of the newly
introduced Variable Message Signs in Lebanon on road safety”, IEEE, MTS 2017 Napoli, 26-29
Jun 2017

Otayek Elie, 2017 “Integrated Decision Support System for Bridges at Conceptual Design
Stage”, Thesis for Ph.D. of Building Engineering, ENCS, BCEE, Concordia University,
Quebec, Canada.


Design Experience

Otayek Engineering for Construction - OEC - Al Bouar – Lebanon 2008-Present

Consultancy & Construction Management Services
Design & Supervision – Covering Projects in Lebanon, Africa, Europe, North Amarica & UAE
Commitments with many companies (MH&A, Asmar Group, etc…)

Civil Design Co. – Longueil – Qc, Canada 2007-2008

As Structural Engineer – Cold Formed Steel – Racking, Industrial Shelving.

Serhal Consultant Office - Hamra – Lebanon 2002-2005

As Civil Engineer, Structural Designer & Supervision on many projects
Shop drawings, BOQ and Specs

L.D.C. - Broummana – Lebanon 1999-2002

As Civil Engineer, Structural Designer, Coordinator Engineer

S.C.I.E.M.M.A. (Office of Sleiman Haddad eng.)- Jel al dib - 1997-1999

As Civil Engineer – Structural Designer
“Lebanese University, Engineering Facult project – Hadath Campus. “

MODEX - Jounieh - Lebanon 1995-1997

As Civil Engineer – Structural Designer & Site Engineer (Execution & Supervision)
Plans & Reports

E.S.E.C. Beyrouth - Sin EL Fil - Lebanon 1995

As Civil Engineer – Site Engineer, Concrete Work at “CAP SUR VILLE”
Quantity reports for executed parts.

Elie Otayek - CV 44a- Dec 2017 CV - Complete.doc-4/5

Construction Management Experience

Otayek Engineering for Construction OEC - Al Bouar – Lebanon 2008-Present

Consultancy & Construction Management Services
Construction Management & Owner Rep.

STRATUM s.a.l. – Jounieh – Lebanon 2005-2007

As project manager on “Convivium V project “– Jemmayzeh

MODEX - Jounieh - Lebanon 1999-2005

As Project Engineer – Supervision and Managing construction works
Coordinator, Owner Rep, General Manager.


Practice & Familiar with ACI, BAEL, CSA, NBCC, UBC, IBC, PS, ASCE, EC codes.

Set of software of typing, planning, structure and drafting programs:
Ms Office, Autocad, PCA, Staadpro, Robot, Ms Project & Primavera, etc…

Arabic, French, English.

Prof. Marwan Al Rassy, Ex-Director Dr. Ahmad Jrade, Ph.D., MASCE,
Department of Civil Engineering Associate Professor
Main Building, Engineering Faculty II Department of Civil & Construction
ULFG II, Roumieh, Lebanon Engineering
Tel: 961 4 821 063 – 961 3 772 632 Ottawa University
E-mail: mrassy@hotmail.com Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 613 897 2290
Eng. Sleiman Serhal E-mail: ajrade@gmail.com
Serhal Consultancy Office - Owner
Hamra, Makdiseh Street Dr. Khaled Galal, Ph.D., Ass. Chair
Tel: 961 1 345 003 – 961 3 327 100 Department of Building,Civil &
E-mail: moni@serhal.net Environmental Engineering, Concordia
University, H3G 2W1
EV 6.167, 1515 St. Catherine W., Qc,Ca.
Tel : 514-848-2424 Ext 3196
E-mail : galal@bcee.concordia.ca

Elie Otayek - CV 44a- Dec 2017 CV - Complete.doc-5/5