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Hoisting Machine Design

Introduction to Hoisting Machine

Every hoisting machine that is powered driven such as electric, diesel, pneumatic and any other
means other than manual driven need to have valid certificate of fitness before being used.
Therefore, design approval of such hoisting machine shall be obtained from the head office of
Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) prior to fabrication, installation or

The definition of "Hoisting Machine' under Factory and machinery (amendment) Act 2006, Section
3 (e)

"hoisting machine" means any equipment for lifting, raising or lowering load such as a lift,
escalator, hoist, crane, winch, dragline, piling machine, aerial cableway, funicular railway, access
platform, dumbwaiter, vertical conveyor lifter, and mechanical loading ramp, and includes
transporter, walkalator and other similar equipment, but does not include manual hoist and
materials handling equipment;

The definition of 'material handling equipment' under Factory and machinery (amendment) Act
2006, Section 3 (h)

"material handling equipment" means any power-driven equipment for handling materials, and
includes forklift, conveyor, stacker, excavator, tractor, dumper or bulldozer but does not include
hoisting machine;

There are several type of hosting machine and approval validity given for the design approval :-

1) For hoisting machine that built according to the user (customize) for example Overhead
Traveling Crane, Monorail Crane, Portal Crane, Jib Crane, Container Crane / Quay Crane),
gondola, Scissors Lift, goods hoist others, validity of the design approval from the department
is only for 2 (two) years.

For local fabricated hoisting machine, the fabricator need to be registered with Department.

2) For Mobile Crane, Crawler Crane, Truck Mounted Crane, Piling Crane, Boring Rig and others,
the approval is issued base on the model of the equipment. Design approval need to be
obtained from DOSH HQ before the equipment could be used.

http://www.dosh.gov.my/doshV2/index.php?view=article&catid=88%3Aapproval&id=219... 8/23/2011
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3) In the case of mass production machineries such as Aerial Platform, Post Lift and others in
the same category design approvals are based on the model and applicant.

4) For Tower Crane, passenger hoist and skip/material hoist, approval are base on numbers of
unit applied and serial numbers by the manufacturers. Design approval will be issued for new
machineries only and application need to attached with AP from MITI and erector company
need to register with DOSH.

Any queries can be forwarded to

Hoisting Machine Unit,

Design Approval Section,
Industrial Safety Division,
Department Of Occupational Safety and Health,
Level 3, Block D3, Complex D,
Federal Government Administration Centre,
62530 Federal Territory Putrajaya

Tel : 03-88865342
Fax : 03-88892349

Related Information


1) For monorail crane fabricated using I Beam or H beam as a girder where the safe working
load (SWL) is same or less than 4 tons, design approval is not needed but still need to
register at Local DOSH.

The fabricator or the owner have to furnished drawing, calculation and other related document
to State DOSH prior to inspection and test.

2) Tail-lift and Dock Leveller are exempted for Certificate of Fitness (CF) but still need to get
design approval.

Information Needed For Hoisting Machine Design Approval

Hoisting Machine Design approval Form

http://www.dosh.gov.my/doshV2/index.php?view=article&catid=88%3Aapproval&id=219... 8/23/2011
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Information for Hoisting Machine Design Approval

All complete application can be submitted to

Director General
Department Of Occupational Safety And Health
Level 2, 3 and 4, Block D3, Complex D,
62530 Federal Territory Putrajaya

Hoisting Machine Head Unit
Design Section
Industrial Safety Division

http://www.dosh.gov.my/doshV2/index.php?view=article&catid=88%3Aapproval&id=219... 8/23/2011