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Ref No : 90000009/11680600/14052018/151805 Date : 14.May.


Name : Elijah Lobo

College Name : Model College of Arts, Commerce And Science
Project Start Date : 21.May.2018
Project End Date : 23.Jun.2018

Welcome to 'Digital Champions' Program!

'Digital Champions' Program is a one-of-a-kind digital learning initiative from Jio combining theoretical knowledge and
practical training. Practical training involves application of knowledge and interaction with people. Both are critical to
success in the real world.

This program shall provide you an opportunity to:

(i) Effectively interact with people

(ii) Systematically collect and analyse data
(iii) Manage time and deliver on tasks

And finally earn a certificate !

We shall like to draw your attention to the following points which will help you to participate in the program more effectively:

(i) Program duration: Program duration is 5 weeks but Jio reserves right to alter or modify this duration
at any point of time.
(ii) Training Material and Videos: During this period you shall have access to online training material and
videos which will help you to sharpen your skills and to complete your assignment.
(iii) Voluntary Participation: The participation in the program is totally voluntary and you are at liberty to leave
the program anytime during its duration by informing Jio.
(iv) Hand over of Company Documents / Information: At the end of the program or as may be advised, you
will handover / transfer any documents / information related to the project to Jio.
(v) Confidentiality: You will maintain confidentiality of prospective or current customers or any other business
information you will become privy to during this program.
(vi) Flexible Scheduling: You are at liberty to plan your time and complete the project deliverables at your
convenience within the duration of the training.
(vi) Periodic Reporting: You shall periodically report / submit your project deliverables at a time as intimated
for reporting and to review your training.
(viii) Non Remunerative Learning Opportunity: As you are aware, the program is non- remunerative and you will
not receive any monetary compensation or stipend for the same.
(ix) Adherence to processes and protocols: During the program, you will adhere to all processes and protocols
as may be communicated by Jio. They will include personal safety and grooming standards as also other
operational standards / protocols.
(x) Presenting your credentials: During this program, you may interact with many outsiders. Before starting the
interaction, you are expected to present your credentials including a Letter of Introduction from Jio.
(xi) Courtesy and Decorum: You will maintain courtesy and decorum while interacting with people and visiting
(xii) Certificate of Successful Participation: You will receive a Certificate from Jio at the end of the program upon
successful completion.

We wish you the very best and hope you will fully utilise this opportunity for your development!

With best wishes,

Team 'Digital Champions'