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House to Senate:Why scrap scholars'funding?

MILLIONS of scholars are in danger of them of making realignments in the bud- tration including removing the fimding
losing their scholarships if the Senate get after ratification, it is the Senate that allocation for the Natibnal Greening
would insist on keeping the lump sum should be asked where it put multi-billon Program, TESDA scholarships, right of
appropriations it wants to keep in the projects olPresident Rodrigo Dulerte. way projects of the DPWH and other
2019 budget. In a prcss conference, Marcoleta said foreign assisted proj€cts.
This was revealed today by House the Senate had realigned P74 billion in "Actr-rally, you should ask the Senate.
Deputy Speaker Dante Marcoleta who the budget by removing key govem- For example, out ofthe P74 billion that
said that while the Senate is accusing ment programs of the DuLene adminis- Next Poge

Frcm AI

they realigned, they took P2.5 billion from the Na-

tional Greening Program. That program has disap-
peared excepl for a particular provilce' and I would
not tell vou lwhich],'' Marcoleta-saidinTilipino.
"Sorne P3 billion was taken from the TESDA
scholarships. What will you do with the rebel re-
turnees and the out-of-school youth and the reha-
tilitated drug addicts? They removed Pl1 billion
from the DPWH for right of way acquisition. So
what will happen to the Build, Build, Build pro-
If anyone realigned funds, he said, it was the
Senate because it removed budget allocations of
those key govelnment programs and t'ransferred
them to otler unspecified programs.
Thi: House members merely identified and item-
ized the projects that had already been covered by
a lump gum allocation in the bicameral-approved
budget. he said.
He said this was all right as long as the aggregate
numbers were not altered or modified.
He added that when the House members asked
their Senate counterparts to point out an unconsti-
tutional act. they failed to answer.
"Find a provision in the Constitution that we vio-
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