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The government's economicmanagers revise their projection for this year to 6-7 percent from
7-g percent I
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percentage points if the budget prospects of a resolution. gions who, according lo their Speaking on behalf of the very well that any slowdown i
nllil ff is reenact€d untilApril2olg, mi-
nus L4-r.9 percentage points
Malacaflang said on
if Wednesday thal it could cush-
union; the Allianc'e of concemed
Teachers (ACT), have not been
economic team, Abuel urged
Congress to submit the 2019
growth in our trading partners
will affect our growth possibili-
until August zor9, and minus ion the effects of a reenacted paid for two months because of budget for President Duterte to ties."
t Ben O.de Vera 2.1-2.8 percentage points under budget, but appeated to the law- the absence ofa newbudget' sign so that the government Asked about the lmpact of a
bendel/glqIxq a full-year reenacted budget," makers to ,break the impasse Reports about unpaid teach- could proceed with its develop- reenacted budget, Dominguez
Abuel said. and submit the new budget for ers initially came from the cen- ment priorities-public infras- replied: "The fact that we did
esident Duterte's economic ad- Leaders of the Senate and Mr. Duterte's signature. tral Visayas and Caraga regions, tructure and social services. not have the budgetwe present-
sers on Wednesday cut their the House of Representatives "We call on the senators and but the list elpanded on "The long€r the budget im- ed meant we had P46 billionless
owth target this yea-r to 6-7 per- failed to break a stalemate over representatives to break the Wednesday to include Central passe lasts, the lbrger the ad- ,to spend in the [first 90 days of
nt from 7-8 percent in expecta- postratification realignments in stalemate and deliver to the Fil- Luzon and the Davao regron. verse effects to the Philippine 20191. That's half a biltion pesos
)n of the governnent operating the final version of the 2ot9 ipino people an appropriations economy and [the] people," a day that we are not spending
r a reenacted 2018 budget as a budgetbill at a meeting inMala- law that can aid this govern- Nofunds . Abuel said. to create jobs, to improve in-
sult of a congressional dead- caflang called by President ment better their lives and help The ACT said most of the un- Socioeconomic Planning Sec- frastructure, for better health
:k over pork in the P3.8-trillion Duterte on Tuesday night. our country move forward," paid teachers were regular gov- retary Ernesto Pernia said the care, and better education."
fional spending bill for 2019. Sen. Panfilo Lacson earlier presidential spokespJrson Sal- emment employees but, accord- team rolled back its target for this Dominguez lamented the
After a meeting of the Cabi- said Speaker Gloria Macapagal- vador Panelo said. ing to local offices of the Depart- year 'because it seems to be a failurd tp implement new in-
rt-level Development Budget Arroyo funneled P95 billion in / ment of Educatio[ the re€nacted foregone conclusion that the frastructure projectS at the start
,ordination Committee, act- Department of Public Works Public servtcls budget does not include funds to budget will be reenacted until ofthe year.
g Budget Secretary Janet and Highways and Department Panelo gave assurance tlat pay the salaries of teachers hired April, which is ttre least harmftd . "The first quarter is the best
)uel told a news conference of Iducation funds to projects t}Ie government would continue after May 3L 2018. of the possible reenactrnents.f' period to do construction-we
at the gross domestic product arbitrarily identified by her al- delivering public services despite "This is iust further testa- have dry weather, no t'?hoons.
DP) growth target ranges for lies in the House. operating on a reenacted budget. ment to what we have been say- El Niio effbct That delay in starting new pro-
19 and 2o2o were adjusted Senate President Vicente Sot- Lacson and Sotto said Execu, ing all thistime-it is us ord! Besides a reenacted budget, jects will delay the infrastruc-
le keeping the earlier medi- to III has refused to sign the final tive Secretary Salvador Medi- nary citizens and Workers who Pernia said he also expected the ture program," Dominguez said.
r-term goal of 7-8 percent version of the budget with the re- aldea and Finance Secretary Car- suffer the consequences of the effects on agriculture of tfre "We're concerned that this
Jwth for 2o2L-2o22. aligiments, saying they were un- los Dominguez III agreed wittr insatiable greed of our legisla- . "mild" dryspell causedby El Ni- delay [in budget approval] is
For 2o2o, the GDP growth constitutional, while President them that Pqesidgnt Duterte tors," said Raymond Basilio, fro to slow economic growth. dragging on too long. There's an
rge was downgrad€d to 6.5- Duterte has threatened to veto could sign a supplemental bud- ACT secretary general' Dominguez, head of the tear4 issue in the House, and we hope
percent. the budget if it is i[egal get to deal with fuiancial matters "The impasse cannot contin- said the US-Chirn trade war ttrcse issues are resolved and the
House leaders maintained affected by Congress' failure to ue,', Basilio said. i.Nonpayment would also slow growth prospect certified budget is presented to
mpact of reenacted budget that the congressmeniust item- enact a new budget of salaries in two months is a "The international trade is- the President for his action," he
"The impact on economic izedthe changes they had intro- That may be the solution to grave violation of our right to be sue between our maior trading said. -wrx nrporrs FRoM cHrus-
)wth of budget reenactment duced in the budget, and the the difficulties of 134 public compenslib4 accordinglY for partnets is a source ofconcern," T|NE o AvENDAfto, MARLoN RAMos
estimated at minus o.7-o.9 meeting broke up rqithout , school teachers from four re- our services." Dominguez said. "We also know ANoMATTHEwREYSIo-cruz INQ
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