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Thursday, March 14, 2019 • Your community news from Evart, Reed City, Hersey, Sears & Chase.

IS YOUR Feeding
Baskets and boxes were filled Feeding America food bank
with fruit, vegetables, bread and at Evart Middle School on
231-779-4127 other goodies as community Thursday, March 7 afternoon.
Kevin D. Mist - members went through the See Page 7 for more photos
Digital Marketing Specialist

‘This is a scam, we are homeless’

If you get a call to verify she was admitting this
was a scam, she hung up, wrote

asking for money,

Upon calling the Evart
resident to inform her of Swift-

assume it is a scam
Ekart’s findings, the resident in-
formed her they had also called
back the number and was hung
up on as well.
By Victoria Martin With this being a fresh lead
Weekly Voice and a “live person,” answering
on the other line, Swift-Ekart
EVART — Though she receives wrote she reported the incident
dozens of scam complaints per to the FTC immediately.
month, the Evart Police Depart- In receiving multiple com-
ment administrative assistant plaints a month regarding scam
never thought she would bet one calls, Swift-Ekart makes sure all
admitting they are scamming of them are reported to the FTC.
people. “The more information they
Teresa Swift-Ekart received have, the better chance they
a call from an Evart resident have to pin down and prosecute
on Tuesday, March 5 claiming these scam rings,” she wrote.
that she received a voicemail Swift-Ekart advises if anyone
from someone claiming they gets a call asking for money,
were from the US Government File photo they should always assume it is
and wanted to make sure it got Evart police department received yet another phone scam complaint on Tuesday, March 5. a scam and that she is happy to
reported to the Federal Trade help anyone who any issues dis-
Commission. cerning the validity of a call.
The FTC takes complaints in- tion, credit reports and financial “I called the number myself to Swift-Ekart then informed the If a resident receives a call and
volving identity theft, National matters. see if I could speak with some- woman on the other line that they think it is a scam, Swift-
Do Not Call Registry violations, The voicemail, Swift-Ekart one,” she wrote. “A woman with she was with the Evart Police Ekart can be reached Monday
computers, the internet and wrote in an email, instructed the a strong Latino accent answered Department in Michigan and through Thursday from 8 a.m. to
online privacy, telemarketing resident to call back the number saying: ’Hello, how can I help that she was calling to verify 2 p.m. at the Evart Police Depart-
scams, credit scams, immigra- to discuss legal actions being you.’ I asked the woman who I the woman was with the IRS. To ment at 231-734-5911. A person
tion services, sweepstakes, busi- taken against them. was speaking with, to which she which the woman responded, “I can also email her at evartpd@
ness opportunities and work- After receiving the complaint, responded: ’This is the Internal am sorry, this is a scam, we are evart.org or send a message
at-home schemes, health and Swift-Ekart called the number to Revenue Service of the United homeless, we cannot help it.” from the department’s Facebook
weight loss products, debt collec- see if anyone would pick up. States Government’.” When the woman was asked page.

Reed City Rebranding Committee works on marketing

By Victoria Martin travelers who pass by. ‘The point isn’t to change the logo or the slogan seen as a positive,” said Reed
Weekly Voice “We need to look at what Reed City Area District Library Direc-

REED CITY — Still early in the

City means to us and the commu-
nity and then use that to promote
of the city.’ tor and committee member Tom
Burnosky. “People are coming
planning stages, the Reed City the city,” said Council Member through, so it is a matter of how
Nate Bailey
Rebranding Committee focused and committee head Nate Bailey. we get them to stop and check us
on how to start marketing the The point of this committee, Rebranding Committee out.”
city to those outside the com- said Bailey, is to bring new ideas n With Reed City right by US 131
munity. to the table on how to marketing and US 10, it becomes a great
At its second meeting March Reed City and bring more people businesses to come to the city they think of Reed City. Member location to get things started
6, the Rebranding Committee in. and to get the community that Brian Hervy said he thought and to draw people in, said com-
honed in on what made Reed “The point isn’t to change the currently is here to get behind of Reed City as a place for hard mittee member Lyndsey Eccles
City stand out from other com- logo or the slogan of the city,” the city.” workers in relation to the facto- when discussing location being
munities in the area to eventu- he said. “The point of the com- To kick off the meeting, Bai- ries in the area but the majority key and important to marketing
ally use in branding the city to mittee is to come up with more ley asked committee members thought of the crossroads. the city.
potential business ventures and ways to bring outside people and to say what they think of when “The crossroads should be See Rebranding on page 2
2 • weekly voice www.weeklyvoice.net | Thursday, march 14, 2019


Jackie Ringler’s first-grade class poses with their 421 items to donate to the St. Philip Neri Catholic Church food pantry before volunteers came to gather from G.T. Norman Elementary School in Reed City
on March 6.

Elementary students make giving an annual event

REED CITY — G.T. Norman Elementary The students had been collecting the And a little healthy competition paid off While Ringler and her class raised the
students gathered 1,420 food items to do- food items from Jan. 29 to Feb. 16 and the for Jackie Ringler’s first-grade class, who most out of the entire school, the different
nate to a local Reed City food pantry. classrooms who collected the most re- raised 241 items. grades also had their own winners. Stacy
St. Philip Neri Catholic Church food ceived ice cream as an ice cream treat. “RINGLER,” she said. Gillard’s kindergarten class collected 57
pantry went to the elementary school on The 1,420 food items, however, is not un- This is Ringler’s classes’ fourth year items; Payton Lupu’s second-grade class
Wednesday, March 6 with five trucks in common for the school to gather, said G.T. in a row raising the most items for the collected 59 items; Dawn Hillard’s third-
tow to pick up the large donation the kids Norman teacher Pam Bloom. school’s food drive. Ringler said her secret grade class collected 204 items; Julie Gar-
had put together. “We always raise around this much. The to getting the kids excited in collecting the ner’s fourth-grade class raised 58 items
“This is a huge donation for us, huge,” kids really look forward to it and they like food is ... and Marie Calabrese’s fifth-grade class
said Food Pantry Director Nedra Ball. to see who can raise the most,” she said. “RINGLER,” said Ringler. raised 40 items.

Reed City Rebranding Committee takes fresh look at the city

Continued from page 1 from Lake Michigan and a areas,” said Burnosky. roads and the people who munity, Bailey strongly needed,” he said.
lot of other big recreation After members focused live and work in the city, suggested using more so- In wrapping up the meet-
“We have a great place centers without the big on items like being a cross- Bailey started a conversa- cial media. ing, the committee agreed
here. We are an hour away expense of living in those road city, location to main tion about how t use that “We should use social that they would continue
all to market the city. media as the primary to reach out to the com-
“So what I am hearing is source in promoting munity and see what else
there are geographical and events. It is the least they would like to see come
cultural benefits to Reed amount of cost with the to Reed City and bring it to
City,” said Bailey. “But we greatest amount of ben- the next meeting.
have yet to have economic efits,” said Bailey. However, the Rebranding
benefits. However, we There will be some fum- Committee cannot move
can use geographics and bling around with that, forward with anything un-
culture as a foundation to though, and some trial and til they present something
grow as a community.” error involved to get what to council and get the OK.
On how to best market works best for promoting The next meeting sched-
the gowings on in Reed the city, said Bailey. uled for Wednesday, April 3
City to draw more atten- “We will have to keep will focus on getting ideas
tion to events to those both track of the metrics and an plans together to then
inside and outside the com- change our strategy as present to city council.

The Reed City Rebranding Committee focused on what it means to be a part of Reed City’s commu-
Victoria Martin | Weekly Voice
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nity at its second meeting.
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Thursday, March 14, 2019 | www.weeklyvoice.net weekly voice • 3

Spectrum Health offers

What’s Happening in the Area
register or for more infor- 4 p.m. at the Lake-Osceola cardiopulmonary depart- ics will be held on the third performing outpatient sur-
free “Helping the Whole mation. State Bank, 217 S. Chestnut ment for Big Rapids and Tuesday each month, 10 gery and other procedures,
You” class Ave., in Reed City. Reed City Hospitals. a.m. to noon. The Marion including lithotripsy on
We are always looking for For more information or meal site is at 101 E. Main the fourth Friday.
REED CITY — Spectrum
DivorceCare classes board members, volunteers to register, call 231-592-4204.
St. The Tustin meal site is The clinic is located at
Health Big Rapids and held weekly and helpful suggestions — at 213 South Neilson. 300 N. Patterson Road. Con-
Reed City hospitals are of- EVART — DivorceCare everyone is welcome. No Walk-in clinics. If you tact Spectrum Health Reed
fering a new class as part classes are being offered appointment necessary.
TOPS weight loss wish to eat at the meal site, City Hospital Specialty
of the free “Helping the in Evart on Wednesday For more information, call meeting call 231-734-5559 at least a Clinic at 231-832-7108 for
Whole You” series. The evenings through May 1. 231-775-7561. REED CITY— TOPS day before to reserve a spot. more information.
presentation this month, Those who are separated or weight loss meetings, Reed
“Nutrition Label Investiga- divorced are welcome and City, Chapter 1682, Monday
tors,” focuses on making encouraged to attend.
Free dinner weigh-in at 5:30 p.m. and
Food pantries Crossroads Quilt Guild
informed decisions while Class time is 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Reed City Church meeting from 6 to 7 p.m. at A food pantry is available meeting
navigating the aisles of the at 7th St. Coffee, and is led REED CITY— There will St. Paul Lutheran Church. to residents in need who REED CITY— The Cross-
grocery store. by facilitator Sarah Bailey. be a free dinner every Mon- live in Osceola County. The roads Quilt Guild will hold
Registered dietitian Bai- Workbooks are available day from 5 to 7 p.m. at the following is a list of the dif- meetings on the fourth
ley Parmelee will teach for $15. Church of the Firstborn
Al-Anon meeting ferent locations, hours and Tuesday of each month,
the class how to decode a Call Crossroads Commu- Revival Center, 310 S. Hig- REED CITY— Al-Anon contact people. except December, from 6
nutrition label and how to nity Church at 231-734-1100 bee. meetings will be held on SEARS— Former Orient to 8 p.m. at the Reed City
properly read ingredients. with any questions. Donations accepted but Mondays at 1 p.m. at St. Township Hall, next to the Church of the Nazarene.
Participants will gain an not necessary. Philips Church in Reed Post Office
understanding of how City and Tuesdays at 7 Every Tuesday, 1 to 4 p.m.
to create a well-balanced
Spectrum to offer p.m., also at the church. Contact Ken at 231-620-
Activities at the Reed
meal utilizing the USDA Diabetes Prevention South Quilt Club • EVART— Thursdays 2504 City Senior Center
MyPlate guidelines. Identi- Program holding bi-weekly at 7 p.m. at Sacred Heart MARION— Marion Food REED CITY— The Senior
cal classes are scheduled in meetings Church in Evart. Pantry, 112 N. Clark St., Center, 219 Todd Ave., has
Big Rapids and Reed City REED CITY — Spectrum open 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. the the following activities:
and include a free lunch.
• March 20 from noon to
Health is offering a free
program to help commu-
EVART— The South Ev-
art Quilt Club will be hold-
Fish fry at Evart Moose third Wednesday of each
month or by appointment
Wednesday: Fun Bingo
(18 and older) at 12:30 p.m.
1 p.m. at the Big Rapids De-nity members diagnosed ing their bi-weekly quilt- Lodge Call 231-743-6092 Thursday: Euchre at
partment of Public Safety, with prediabetes or those ing meetings on the first EVART— A fish fry or TUSTIN— Augustana 12:30 p.m.
435 North Michigan Ave. in who may be at high risk for and third Wednesdays of shrimp dinner will be held Lutheran Church Friday night: Regular
Big Rapids. developing Type 2 diabetes. each month through June. on Fridays from 5 to 8 p.m. Every Monday, 9 a.m. to Bingo (weather permit-
• March 21 from noon to The Spectrum Health Will take place at the Evart at the Evart Moose Lodge, noon, for Pine River school ting). Doors open at 4:30
1 p.m. at Michigan Works, Diabetes Education team Township Hall, South Main 8400 U.S. 10 in Evart. district residents only p.m. Early Birds start at 6
240 East Church Ave. in will facilitate two Diabetes Street, from 11 a.m. until 2 For more information, Contact Katie at 231-768- p.m. (License No.A22502)
Reed City. Prevention Program (DPP) or 3 p.m. with a members' call 231-734-6181. 4418 For further information,
Sessions are open to all sessions for the community potluck lunch at noon. LEROY — Rose Lake Free contact Carolyn at 231-832-
and require advance reg- to help make those lifestyle All quilters or want-to-be Methodist Church 2676.
istration by visiting www. changes. The first program quilters are welcome. No
Bingo at Evart Moose Second Tuesday of the
spectrumhealth.org/htwy will be held at Spectrum dues, just occasional dona- EVART— Evart Moose month from 3-5 p.m. for all
or calling 231-592-4204. Health Big Rapids Hospital tions for supplies. Lodge will host Bingo each Osceola County residents
Free movie nights
Two more free Helping starting March 19, with the For more information, Monday at 8400 U.S. 10. Contact Vicky at 231-388- SEARS— Free movie
the Whole You sessions are second at Spectrum Health contact Margie at 231-734- Doors open at 4 p.m. Early 1782 nights will be held the sec-
scheduled for April 17 and Reed City Hospital May 8. 3857 or Ann at 231-867-3237. bird takes place at 6 p.m. REED CITY— St. Phillip ond Friday night of the
18, and May 15 and 16. Groups meet for a year — with regular Bingo at 6:30 Neri Church month at 7 p.m. at Brooks
weekly for the first 16 ses- p.m. (License No. A21600). Every Tuesday from 10 Corner Hall, U.S. 66 and 10.
T.O.P.S. meets on a.m. to 5 p.m.
Matter of Balance to be sions, then monthly for six
to eight months to main- Thursdays Contact Nedra Ball at 231-
Free popcorn and hot dogs.

held in Reed City tain the skills they have EVART — T.O.P.S. Weight
Rock, gem and mineral 215-6996.
REED CITY — Matter of learned. Loss Group meets every club meetings Day book club
Balance is a program de- For more information or Thursday at 8:20 a.m. at BIG RAPIDS — Big Rap-
AARP meeting at Reed City Library
signed to manage falls and to register for the program, Evart United Methodist ids Rock, Gem and Mineral REED CITY— A day book
increase activity levels. call 231-832-6636. Church. Club will hold meetings atREED CITY— AARP No. club will be held on the first
This free program consists Weigh-in is from 8:30 to 6:30 p.m. on the first Thurs-
2418 meets on the second Wednesday of the month
of eight two-hour sessions. 9:15 a.m., and the meeting day of the month (March Wednesday of every month at 1:30 p.m. at the Reed City
Osceola County Commis-
Wexford-Osceola begins at 9:30 p.m. through December) at theat the United Methodist Public Library.
sion on Aging will hold the Habitat for Humanity Geology lab, room 138, sci-
Church in Reed City.
sessions on Wednesdays, meeting ence building, at Ferris Potluck lunch (bring own
10 a.m. to noon, beginning
Better Breathers Club State University. table service) will start
OLAH holding monthly
April 3 and ending May REED CITY — The forms at noon followed by a pro- meetings
22. Classes will be held at Osceola County Commit- BIG RAPIDS — Spectrum gram starting at 1 p.m. Ev- EVART— The Osceola
Meadowview Village, 802 tee of the Wexford-Osceo- Health Big Rapids Hospital
Free blood pressure eryone welcome. League for Arts and Hu-
Mill St., Reed City. la Habitat for Humanity is hosting a free support clinics For more information, manities will be holding
Registration is required, needs your help. The com- group for people who live EVART— Osceola Coun- contact Marylou at 231-832- a monthly meeting on
as class size is limited. mittee meets every second with lung disease. ty Commission on Aging 4938. the first Tuesday of each
Please call 231-734-5559 to Wednesday of the month at The meetings are 2 p.m. is offering free blood pres- month at 6:30 p.m. at 207
on the third Monday of sure clinics for adults 60 N. Main St., Evart, 231-734-
each month in the hospi- years and older. Monthly
Shepherd’s Table 9900.
tal’s third-floor classroom. blood pressure screenings REED CITY— Church of Art, antiques, crafts.
Caregivers, as well as lung will be conducted at the the Nazarene, Shepherd’s Open Thursday, Friday and
disease patients, are wel- OCCOA meal sites in Ev- Table makes a free meal ev- Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The classes will be led
art, Marion and Tustin. ery Thursday at 5:30 p.m.,
Evart’s clinic will be held 5300 220th Ave. Donations
by Melinda Hutson, a re- on the second Tuesday ev- welcome.
Lapidary Class, Saturday,
1 to 5 p.m.
Classes in other areas of
spiratory therapist in the ery month, 10 a.m. to noon. the arts will be offered for

cardiac and pulmonary The Evart meal site is lo- those interested.
rehabilitation department, cated at 732 West Seventh
Volunteers needed
and Cassie Tower, lead re- St. (U.S. 10). for Road to Recovery
SHOPPING? spiratory therapist in the Marion and Tustin’s clin- REED CITY— Road to
Recovery is an American
Free health care
Check Out Cancer Society volunteer- CADILLAC— Free lim-
Polar Seal Vinyl Windows
for Your Home! Add based program that pro- ited health care services

vides transportation for are available in Cadillac for
• Energy Efficient • Maintenance Free • Easily Cleaned cancer patients to and from residents of Wexford, Mis-
• FINANCING AVAILABLE • their treatments. Volunteer saukee and parts of Osceo-
“Your Full Service Glass Shop”

drivers transport patients la and Lake counties with
from their home to cancer low income and no health
800-922-GLAS • 231-779-3960 Located next to Arby’s • Cadillac

treatment centers, doctor insurance. Weekly health
visits and other cancer-re- clinics are scheduled based
lated appointments. on the availability of vol-
The American Cancer unteer healthcare provid-
IS YOUR Society is working with ers. New patients need to
to the Spectrum Health Reed City
Hospital, Susan P. Wheat-
call for an eligibility ap-

lake Regional Cancer Cen- Medication assistance
WIN AT THE ter to recruit volunteer may be available through

INTERNET? drivers and coordinators

from Osceola and its sur-
the Stehouwer Free Clinic.
Qualified applicants must
Send your local rounding counties to help have a Munson Health-
Call Me: drive cancer patients to care Cadillac Hospital af-
stories, news, events, and from their treatment.
231-779-4127 filiated provider and meet
F R E E C O N S U LTAT I O N and pictures in to All volunteers’ need is a guidelines set by pharma-
few hours during the week ceutical companies. Eli-
the Weekly Voice. and a desire to make a dif- gibility appointments are
The FREE weekly ference. scheduled for Tuesday and
Local community mem- Wednesday mornings.
Where your brand paper for Evart, bers who are interested Office hours are Monday
is our business! Reed City, Hersey, in volunteering for the through Thursday, 9 a.m.
pens signs banners table covers tote bags Sears & Chase. Road to Recovery program to 4:30 p.m. (closed noon to
should contact the Ameri- 1 p.m.)
drinkWare custoM apparel note pads & Much Much More can Cancer Society at 1-800- Stehouwer Free Clinic is
CN Promotional Products can offer any
We want to publish YOUR voice! 227-2345. located at 201 N. Mitchell
customized promotional items! All available with St. (lower level).
your unique branding. If you think it, we make it! Hersey Congregational
Email: news@weeklyvoice.net Free community dinner Church services
For more information contact your advertising specialist today! Cadillac News - Weekly Voice SEARS— Free commu-
nity dinner will be held
HERSEY— Service time
for Hersey Congregational
231-775-6565 130 N. Mitchell St., every Saturday night at Church, 216 S. Main St., is a
PO Box 640, Cadillac, MI 49601 5:45 p.m. in Brooks Corners 10 a.m. traditional service.
Hall with a contemporary
CALL LINDA Or call: 1-231-775-6564 worship at 6:30 p.m. Invite
a friend.
Beginning line dancing
AT 231.779.4155 DIRECT Toll Free: 1-888-330-4144 classes in Evart
OR 231.920.9486 CELL *All material is due Friday at 5PM a week before publication.
Health specialty clinic EVART— Line dancing
101 (beginner line dancing)

REED CITY— Urologist, will be held every Wednes-
Weekly John Anema, M.D. will be day from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at
offering outpatient servic- 110 U.S. 10 in Evart.
es at the hospital’s Special- There will be a $3 dona-
ty Clinic twice a month. tion.
Your Town. Your Paper. Your Voice.
He will be consulting For more information,
Your town. Your Paper. Your VOICE. with patients on the second contact Carol at 231-734-
Friday of the month and 5305.
4 • weekly voice www.weeklyvoice.net | Thursday, march 14, 2019

Obituaries College news

Evelyn Lucille Tomlin Reed City student Rakowski, Sara
MANISTEE — Evelyn graduates from Molina, Mariesa
Lucille Tomlin of Manist- Molina, Anniesa
ee passed away Wednesday, Northern Michigan Leonhardt, Brittani
March 6, 2019 at Munson University Bullock, Nicole
Healthcare Manistee Hos- Bashore, Brenton
pital. She was 96. REED CITY — Cody Nix • Hersey:
Mrs. Tomlin was born of Reed City graduated Buss, Elizabeth
June 27, 1922 in Oak Grove, from Northern Michigan Saul, Andrew
Michigan, to George and University in December Willard, Devin
Edna (Root) Holcomb. She with a BSN in nursing. Willard, Trent
graduated from Fowler- Ondrus, Hana
ville High School in 1940. daughters, Joyce Howerton Osborn, Patrick
She married Gerald R. in 2012, Jone Kopke in 2005;
Madelynn Dennis Varriale, Casey
Tomlin April 25, 1942 in daughter-in-law, Patricia named to resident’s list Roberts, Allison
Fowlerville and he pre- Tomlin in 2018; sons-in-law, CLINTON, Miss. — Holland, Danielle
ceded her in death July 8, Dennis Rees in 2013, Duane Madelynn Dennis of Tus- Russell, Marissa
2005. Evelyn and Gerald Gilboe in 2014; three grand- tin has been named to the White, Tyler
moved from the Howell/ daughters, Ann Marie Ten- President’s List of Missis- • Leroy:
Fowlerville area to Kaleva nant, Tracy Lynn Tomlin, sippi College for fall 2018. Halladay, Austin
in 1984, then to Evart in and Lisa Anne Gilboe; and To be eligible for the Dean, Macey
1997. Evelyn moved to the three sisters, Alice Lind- President’s List, a student McDonald, Myranda
Cadillac/Manistee area in say, Aletha Hall, and Lila must maintain a 4.0 grade Harris, Lucas
2008. Moore. point average, based on Bigelow, April
Mrs. Tomlin is survived Funeral services hon- a 4.0 system. The student Nelson, Tristen
by two daughters, Carole oring the life of Evelyn must take a full course Cornelius, Mckenzie
Gilboe of Waterford, Karen Lucille Tomlin are 1 p.m. load of at least 12 semes- • Marion:
(Randy) Oliver of Manist- Monday, March 11, at the ter hours of undergradu- Bressler, Samantha
ee; two sons, Robert Tom- Corey Funeral Home in ate credit with all academ- Veltema, Justin
lin of Flint, Gene (Judy) Evart with Pastor Paul ic courses impacting their • Reed City:
Tomlin of Arkansas; many, Weissenborn officiating. grade point average. Leonard, Jacob
many grandchildren, Visitation will be noon un- Mississippi College, Crandall, Mickayla
great-grandchildren, and til time of services. Evelyn affiliated with the Missis- Emington, Elizabeth
great-great-grandchildren. will be laid to rest next to sippi Baptist Convention, Workman, Ryan
She was preceded in her husband in Forest Hill is a private, co-education- Allen, Brooke
death by her parents; her Cemetery when weather al, Christian university of Allen, Mallorie
husband, Gerald in 2005; allows. liberal arts and sciences Marsh, Stephen
serving more than 5,100 Price, Hanna
David Allen Grover students, from 40 states
and more than three doz-
Nashed, Mariam
Leonard, Joshua
SEARS — David Allen en countries. Founded in Kinsey, Elizabeth
Grover, of Sears, passed 1826, Mississippi College Allen, Madilyn
away suddenly and unex- is the oldest institution of Parmelee, Paige
pectedly at his home in higher learning in Missis- Barnes, Maxton
Evart Township, Friday, sippi, the largest private Sturdavant, Kelly
March 8, 2019. He was 55. university in the state and Lockhart, Rhonda
Mr. Grover was born America’s second oldest Schneidt, Zachary
May 27, 1963 in Dearborn, Baptist college. Williams, Britney
Michigan to Earl Edwin Edmonds, Tina
and Carol Jean (Brayman) Washburn, Karren
Baker. David was then
Ferris releases Wineman, Sean
raised by Carol and Terry Amy (Kyle) Nunn of Evart, academic honors list Andres, Ashley
Grover. He attended Pine Christopher (Becky) Web- BIG RAPIDS — Uni- Kissinger, Kandis
River High School and was ster of Evart, Mary Web- versity officials have Myntti, Abigail
a proud veteran of the U.S. ster of Evart, Sarah (Joe announced that 4,236 stu- Myntti, Warner
Army. David had been a Scott) Webster of Evart, dents received Academic Shelton, Josephine
Sears area resident since Abel Eisenhauer of Mari- Honors for the semester Park, Gregory
1992. He married Nancy on and Isiah Eisenhauer of that ended in December Enos, Ashley
Ann Stevenson June 10, Sears, 23 grandchildren, 15 2018 at Ferris State Uni- Neahr, Hannah
1995 in Sears. Mr. Grover great grandchildren, two versity and Kendall Col- Mund, Spencer
worked as an over-the-road sisters, Deborah (Linda) lege of Art and Design. Dzikowicz, Amber
truck driver for over 20 Pollard-Baker of Hersey, Local honorees include: Wirth, Elisa
years and recently started and April (Arnold) Now- Cutler, Yvonne
working for Ventra in Ev- land of Cadillac, and two • Evart: • Sears:
art. brothers, Terry (Andrea) Tapling, Robert Morgan, Melissa
David was an avid Grover II of West Bloom- Payne, Laura Turley, Tabitha
outdoorsman and was field Township, Michigan, Goddard, Christopher • Tustin:
passionate about fishing, and Aaron (Amanda) Gro- Pritchard, Cody Whitmore, Victoria
and enjoyed passing that ver of Manton. He was pre- McPherson, Elizabeth Zywica, Taylor
knowledge on to anyone. ceded in death by his par- Hale, Kayla Whitley, Elizabeth
He was a kid that never ents, son Wesley A. Butler, McLachlan, Taylor Jessup, Chelsea
grew up and possessed a and two infant grandsons. Devos, Jennifer Nelson, Kassy
keen sense of humor. His A Celebration of Life is Mounts, Kevin Guffey, Benjamin
true love and enjoyment in its planning stage and
was his family. will be announced later.
Mr. Grover is survived by Memorial contributions
his wife, Nancy A. Grover may be directed to David’s
of Sears, seven children, family to help offset final
Carla Webster of Evart, expenses.

Thomas Michael Kenny

EVART — Thomas Mi-
chael Kenny of Hicks Lake,
near Evart, passed away
peacefully in his sleep
surrounded by his family
Wednesday, March 7, 2019.
He was 80.
Mr. Kenny was born
June 30, 1939 in Saginaw to
Joseph M. and Anna (Holi-
han) Kenny. He was a mem-
ber of Holy Family Catho-
lic Church in Saginaw great grandchildren, Da-
where he was schooled kota, Austin Thomas, and
and graduated and then Abygail, and his sister
went on to earn a Bachelor Kathleen (Dick) Baker of
Degree in Science. Thomas Saginaw.
married Carolyn Wa- Funeral services hon-
chowski on June 24, 1961 in oring the life of Thomas
Saginaw and she preceded Michael Kenny will be at
him in death in 2017. They 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, March
retired to Hicks Lake from 12 at the Sacred Heart
Saginaw in 1995. He was a Catholic Church in Evart
Life Member of the Evart with Father Joe Fix offici-
Moose Lodge 2452. Thomas ating. Visitation will take
was a very loving husband place Tuesday 12:30 p.m.
and his family was his life. until time of services. Mr.
Mr. Kenny is survived Kenny will be laid to rest
by his daughter Laurie beside his wife in Cherry
A. Nichols of Evart, his Valley Cemetery, Hartwick
son, Joseph M. Kenny of Township, Osceola County,
Evart, five grandchildren, Michigan. Memorial con-
Ryan, Alisha (Jimmy), tributions may be directed
Zack, Amanda, Brieanna to Mr. Kenny’s family to
(Ben), and Jacob, three help with final expenses.

Want to see your

pictures in the paper?
Send your photos to
and watch for your photos
on the community page.


Your town. Your Paper. Your VOICE.
Thursday, March 14, 2019 | www.weeklyvoice.net weekly voice • 5

Evart looks to establish a historical district

Mayor John Joyce in discussing By Victoria Martin Local Government.
their conversation with a historical Weekly Voice With renovations, however, comes
architect. a price. Without becoming a Certi-
EVART — The City of Evart “The historical architect is going fied Local District, the city might
Council is looking at revitalizing to give us their opinion on what we not be able to fund such an under-
the Depot by establishing a histori- can and cannot do with that build- taking, said Devoracek.
cal district in the downtown area. ing,” said Devoracek. “We gave her “I received all the financial docu-
The drive to becoming a Certified the names of some of the people we ments stating that all of the banks
Local Government, comes from a re- worked with through MDOT who and that they will not finance,” said
cent discovery that the Evart Depot referenced the original restoration Devoracek. “With that, I wanted to
might have potential in becoming of the building.” make sure that we were not miss-
the city hall once again with some To help fund the project, Evart ing any pieces of the puzzle, for in-
renovations. City Council approved exploring stance, the Depot. When I contacted
“There may be hope for the De- the establishment of a Historic (the State Historic Preservation Of-
pot,” said City Manager Sarah De- District as well as seeking Certified fices), they basically said since you
voracek. “We are now at the point Local Government status through are not a certified government we
where we are exploring if the city the State Historic Preservation really aren’t going to give you much
could reuse the Depot and the best Office during their Monday, Feb. 4 value.”
way to do that.” meeting. But there is still no guarantee that
Previously, it had been thought “The process is quite intense,” the city will be able to do anything
that the Depot was inhabitable for said Devoracek. “However, it is do- with the Depot that would allow
long periods of time due to a mold able. We would have to start our for it to function as a city hall. But
problem discovered in 2017. own local (commission) and we Devoracek said it is at least worth
But, extra precautions and some would have to adopt some ordinanc- looking into.
renovations may allow for the Depot es. I want to start the process to see Even if it comes back that not
to once again have a permanent if we can get any movement on it.” much can be done with the Depot,
purpose in housing city hall and As of January 2019, only 30 com- there is potential for other opportu-
it’s staff, said Devoracek and Evart munities hold the title of a Certified nities, said Evart Mayor John Joyce.

Springing forward
with a fashion show Public record
Evart Police was issued a citation. • Officers were dispatched to a 911
EVART — The GFWC ership programs, and weekly report 3-7-2019 Miscellaneous — Officers hang-up call. Officers found the call
Evart Women’s Club is donated shoes and warm were dispatched to a report of a had been made by a child playing
hosting a Spring Forward clothing for children in 3-4-2019 Bond Violation — Offi- possible assault. It was determined with a phone.
and Look Fabulous Fash- area schools. They are cers were dispatched to a report of that the incident had taken place Thursday, 3/7/19
ion Show 1:30 p.m. on Sat- the strawberry shortcake a bond violation. The case has been outside of the city limits. The case • Officers assisted when a tractor-
urday. ladies on the Fourth of referred to the prosecutor for re- was turned over to the Osceola trailer that was turning into a busi-
The event will feature July, the sellers of brats at view. County Sheriff ’s Department. ness became stuck in the snowbank
fashions by Chelle’s Bou- the Labor Day Car Show 3-5-2019 Felony Warrant — While 3-8-2019 Juvenile Complaint — Of- of the narrow drive. The rig was
tique and Consignment, as and the ones who put on on patrol, officers made contact ficers were dispatched to a runaway partially blocking one lane for ap-
well as clothing, jewelry, the Valentine’s Day Sweet- with a subject known to have an complaint. The subject was located proximately one-half hour before it
silent auction baskets, heart Dance. They are outstanding warrant. The subject and returned to their residence. was pulled free.
refreshments and more. It also the ones who got the was arrested and transported to 3-8-2019 Assist — Officers were • Officers responded to a possible
will be held at the Osceola ball rolling for the Evart the Osceola County Jail where they dispatched to conduct a stand-by for domestic assault in progress. It was
County Fairgrounds. Ad- National Night Out Block were lodged on their warrant. with the Osceola County Sheriff ’s determined to be a verbal argument
mission is $10. Party. 3-5-2019 Assist — Officers were Department while a warrant arrest only.
Since it began more than GFWC is an internation- called to assist the Evart Elemen- was conducted. • Officers received a report of a
100 years ago, General al organization and the tary School with a disorderly stu- 3-11-2019 Alarm — Officers were larceny. The caller reported his ex-
Federation of Woman’s largest women’s volunteer dent. The student was transported dispatched to an alarm at a local girlfriend pawned his guitars before
Clubs (GFWC), Evart group in the world. If this to their home by school staff. business. The premises were found moving out of state. A warrant re-
Woman’s Club has been kind of volunteer organi- 3-5-2019 Domestic — Officers were to be secure. quest has been turned over to the
an active part of the Evart zation is something you dispatched to a possible domestic Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.
community. It started the would like to be a part of, it dispute. It was determined that no • Officers received a report re-
first lending library in meets at 7 p.m. the second services were required. The report
Reed City Police garding the larceny of a cell phone.
town, has planted flowers Tuesday of the month at has been forwarded to the prosecu- weekly report The matter is under investigation.
on Main Street, provided the Evart United Method- tor for review. If you see any suspicious activity, Friday, 3/8/19
scholarships to students, ist Church, 619 N. Cherry 3-5-2019 Check Well Being — Of- call 911. For a non-emergency, call • Officers were dispatched to a
and sent students to lead- St. ficers were called to conduct a well- 832-3255. Email tips to policereedc- possible violation of a Personal
being check. Contact was made ity@gmail.com. Protection Order. The caller stated

with the subject who was found to Monday, 3/4/19 the individual was in the apart-
be secure. No further services were • Officers were dispatched to re- ment complex laundry room and
requested. spond to a two-vehicle property was not supposed to be. The pro-
damage accident. No injuries were tected person was not in or near
3-6-2019 Transport — Officers reported. the laundry room at the time.
Wish a friend or loved one were called to assist Osceola Coun- • Officers were dispatched to re- • Officers were dispatched to a
Happy BirtHday for just $15.00 ty Juvenile Probation with a trans- spond to a two-vehicle property local business in regards to prank
port of a high-risk subject. The damage accident. EMS responded phone calls. When the juveniles in-
with an ad in the Weekly Voice. transport was completed without to check out two individuals who volved discovered that even though
incident. were released at the scene. they gave a fake number, the
3-6-2019 Death Investigation — Tuesday, 3/5/19 business had caller ID. The calls
Officers were called to assist EMS • Officers received a report of a stopped and it went to voicemail
and the Evart Area Fire Depart- larceny of household items. It was when the officers tried to call.
ment with an unresponsive sub- discovered the caller was too intoxi- Saturday, 3/9/19
ject. Emergency medical care was cated to make an accurate report. • Officers responded to a two-ve-
administered to the subject but the The matter was unfounded. hicle private property damage ac-
subject could not be revived and • Officers responded to a report of cident. Minor damage and no inju-
was ultimately pronounced de- an individual walking who was not ries were reported.
ceased. dressed for the weather and looked • While out on patrol, officers
3-6-2019 No Security — While on confused. Due to the wind chill and observed a vehicle parked outside
Call 888-330-4144 for details or to place an ad. patrol, officers observed a vehicle the person’s apparel they were giv- a business late in the evening. Of-
traveling on the roadway with a flat en a ride approximately three miles ficers spoke with the driver of the
tire. A traffic stop was conducted to their residence to avoid medical vehicle and explained he was not to
and it was determined that the vehi- problems arising from cold expo- be loitering after business hours.
cle did not have insurance. The ve- sure. The man then left the area.
hicle was impounded and the driver Wednesday, 3/6/19

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Weekend, december 9-10, 2017
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Veterans museum
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‘Sheriff Joe’ mulls
run for US Senate
Arctic air
Manton Veterans Memorial
please take one features photos of over Museum Former
ted. 500 area vets, Arizona lawman

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cadillacnews.com Area 2

Cadillac News
Thursday, December starting to add up: WEEKEND, December 9-10, 2017morE prEpS b2
28, 2017 • Your commu
nity news from er
ov Reed City, Hersey, Sears & Chase.
their fifth
The Pistons lost
straight game, falling to the
lioNS b3

old ‘days’ Cadillac News but the Weekly Voice and Cadillac
SportS briEfS b4
GOOD PEOPLE region defending champion Warriors.
www.cadillacnews.com | weekend,
ScorEboard b4

december 9-10, 2017

WITH BAD Bitter cold expe

cted Editor: Marc Vieau | sports@cadillacn
ews.com | (231) 775-NEWS

Traverse City CentralMissa

cadillacnews.com Sports
ugh connecTed.
CREDIT to linger thro cadillac news | TrusTed. local.

Cadillac girls score win over

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arrival of new $1.50
Committee plan
(3-1) with 11 points while
FINANCING By alexanDer
ukee County board while
rebounds and six steals Area 5
had 15 points, Brown
and Molly Anderson

for return of
CadillaC News games."
the Area 4 the first Hannah Emingtonfive steals. eight points apiece. Makayla
FOR EVERYONE! after three losses to start Cadillac led 12-11 after seven assists and
considers new policies for

A hiddtonen
blast Area news
cadillac 1 at half- Knight added seven.
An Arctic season. quarter and trailed 27-22 points,

McBain Days
CADILLAC — ratures plung
- to- Kallie Poulos had 12 • Cadillac won the freshman
"The girls played together on in the
Manton Vet time before turning it steals.
PUSH - PULL - DRAG has sent tempe in Northern TRAVERSE CITY —
Now, each
night and started trusting Kaye third quarter.
three rebounds and three game 49-39.
ing below
and the bitter
cold that's more like it. other," Cadillac coach
Vikings outscored TC
Cen- Cadillac (1-3 overall,
1-1 BNC)
on Tuesday.
Emma McTaggart paced
purchasing, bidding
Michigan, the put together a strong of the The hosts Manistee 12 points while
remain into Cadillac Johns said. "I am proud lead into Vikings with
is likely to and tral 21-12 to take a 43-34 • Cadillac won the JV
game Livi Meyer
By Karen Hopper
effort from start to finish way they played. Madi Drabik had 11,
new year. 58-47 that the fourth quarter. eight. Rules cover use of
packed with
beat Traverse City Central nine and Chesni Birgy
12 42-22.
CadillaC News of minus "They dug deep and found Makenna Bryant paced
Ca- Vikings and look for good prices
A reading in a Big North Conference
girls that had Baily Little paced the
the Wexfo
fire to compete and win eight credit cards by staff, but not expected to

Comeback Comets jewe

degrees at dillac with 22 points,

etting splash es- night. have
basketball contest Friday the first couple of


rt on
County Airpowas the result items from
Vikings been missing large purchases a bidding process.

by a firem
mid- ing It's the first win for the For purchases of $500
hose in the day morn
, calm Tuesd
1700s to today
to $5,000, the depart-
dle of the

can be great er, anyway. The

MINIMUM of a frigid ding to Gay-
night, accor Weather 2
By kaRen hoppeR UsheR
CadillaC News
ment head would have
to approve
In the summ ned in McBain a TRADE lord Natio
Service meteo
rologist Jeff Top Scores chase, the money would
the pur-

happe by chris lamphere LAKE CITY — Missaukee
game last
couple years
hoses to
firemen used street. The
Payments As Low As Zoltowski. on a north
Cadillac sits plateau of
ern boys Hoops
cadillac neWs 4 County commissioners have to be in the budget,
and employees would

$150 mo.
maNtoN are considering new be
Teams of
gan 57 expected to hold an
t around the standing Lower Michi

TC West
ned, tc WESt ucked into the credit card and pur- in-
push a bucke
water cooled
✔ Bankruptcy and the elevat
ski explai
hills, Zoltow ion can help
mcbaiN Nmc 66
corner of Man-
NMC girls rally to 6 chasing rules. formal bidding process
over phone or email.

ton’s Rotary County employees
nearby. of the perfec ratures plum- 45 For purchases of
so it was kind those tempe tc chriStiaN Memorial Park, have been using their
score a big win over
“It was hot, City Councilman
game,” recall
✔ Foreclosures
that featur
ed a met. effect clouds 79 Manton
the Area Veter-
7 own credit cards to
$5,000 to $10,000, a for-
things the county needs mal bidding process
While lake
Rangers to face host
games cause rEEd city Museum
Smith are variety of
✔ Repossession can Memorial
Smith. Roberts and
Mayor Joey something like it,
again. and activi
ties, Smith have and snow
to move in
both NEWaygo
72 Manton
is a hidden jewel of
as- online and are then
would be required,
the county administra-
told there games, he-
8 Petoskey in
it, or a- the needle history just imbursed.
plans to do summer celebr He’s been rs, concerts, to catch a Zoltowski
the city’s ittently. In OVER 100 CARS
the said.
chicken dinne CadillaC News
File PHoTo
directions, is pro- hEritagE chr. sembled
62 cadillacbynews Under a proposed
tor would have to ap-
McBain Days, a contest ntial snow y waiting to be enjoyed Among the biggest news stories
it was been er rides and even 23 prove the purchase.
tion, has been held
Smith has
only interm
lived in McBa in,
was a pan- could soon return
under a new
McBain Days summer celebration has
little substa
jected for
Wexford Count
bEth havEN
gIrLs Hoops the public.MANTON — Stay calm.
in the dispute over Cadillac of 2017 were, clockwise, from
Junction, the Skatetricity fire, top left, the Green Mill Motel invitational today
CadillaC News file
explosion and fire, the court photos
revised policy, de-
partment heads and For purchases greater
three years greased pig. he remembers, there Some light
snow 58Hanging on the and the opening of the new ruling than $10,000, commis-
name. The city’s ttently. In the three years cadillac
WE CAN HELP! this week.
Rob- by Fri- defense.
themore Wexford County Jail. approved employees

What was the big story of 2017

of one said. Extendare
held just once. is a key part At the parade, he 1-3 inches 47 the museum
of cadillac news sioners would need
ng it back his fast and a ed in recen
held only intermiDoug Smith has lived g it
in could bring er 2-3 tc cENtral All will be of fine.
vet- would be able to have to
But bringi big part of cake break photos archivgreased-pole with anoth than 500 pictures
the city and a ac News City Councilmanheld just once. But bringin day, he said, of
Northern whom live
Michigan Chris- county credit
approve the purchase

for said. a most — The cards
erts’ plan office, he Cadill
dunk tanks
and Mayor Joey
nd. 51
tc St. fraNciS erans, PETOSKEY with and the there would
to run for ille, Tenne
years show McBain, it was over the weeketuRn to pAge A2 21 lived tianwithin rallied to beat Manton
a 20-mile credit limits of
motivation up in Knoxv the part of Smith a big part of his mcbaiN or news is they won. have to be a formal,
Roberts grew up in McBain. He’s be.
contest. named Smith er back is a key and For more,
radius of in a Highland Confer-
48-41 $2,000.
news is
il recently for the city
but his wife
grew to
in Days used to,” he
The city councittee to bring back
“a summ Roberts’ plan run for office, Smith said.
mcbaiN Nmc 48Each photoence girls a story, contest
The not-so-good
they've got a lottor
to work on Administra-
competitive, sealed
what McBa motivation to
s of to get back headCHEVROLET
of a comm Tulio Herani Oliveira 41 former
and Friday museum night.
Google Maps aerial photo.
opened itsGarland told

t a lot early
storie A2 maNtoN Still, Mantoncommission Under the current pol-
I’m trying
“That’s what ts family moved here
for the

For more,
tuRn to pAge
and host mother Tracie Koopman. curator and TheKoreanCometsWar were down
Cadillac News readers can vote
Manton Area Veterans Memorial
The half
Museum is pictured in this
season with a the 63-57 win ers that icy, the board reviews

le latese bu
Corner digits in the first
online, on Facebook, Twitter all

Reed City fami

said. The Rober , he said. of M-55 & M-66 Rick cHARMoli | Weekly Voice
piNE rivEr 54
veteran Neal Bennett
double over Traversestill Citypurchases
West in would purchases greater than
stories in the third

n is alylittshar
community er celebrJust
South of Lake City 34 but took
them all, control need
of theto be work-
small-town knows the north but they the opening game

connection with Brazil

was a summ Evart $2,000. Garland said
what Amer- feet to

Luther woma
in Days www.classic chevyonline CoURTesY PHoTo quarter.
that “signify
related..Clerk Jessica
McBa .com is of my had to moveByto another Petoskey InvitationalNielsen explained that that doesn’t go far, and
1-800-55-4LESS Ginger “I am soHe
46 is all about.” proud Rick chaRmoli
because of all of
‘It's always
to Your Town. Your Paper. Your Voice.
rEEd city ica weigh in beginning Saturday While because the board meets

on the invoicing system

Mattos, 13 an
girls audio
for record-
not giving CadillaC News , weekend

NEWaygo making items they amassed Dec. 9, through Wednesday paper. just once a month, it
sto- the back happy

on credit cards issued

of Luther, ing withthe thegame personal and clawing the years. , To vote, go to https://
By Ben Glick holds her in it,” NMC
ries of almost everycoach vet- Jason throughout 017 was a
Dec. 27. The following
15 stories
with nice to win
to county employees can be burdensome
26 The museum expansion big year for big were docs.google.com/ the win, things like housing
ks early on Dec.
, “We just said
legacy. chosen by the Cadillac would make purchases and
Weekly Voice son, Makaio a lasting
eran forTowers said. stories, 2014 the dueCadil-
was started in and forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc furnace grants.

arrives four wee

shortly after Main Events Complimenat halftime ting thisthat the game’s lac Newsgwants and was
News newsroom as the
you, the debated which staff VP91xAcrU7wU7fb51gL
ea0- Rangers your first
more transparent and
coach Ry- easier to track. The topic received

Makaio Mattos
REED CITY — Tracie to overcrowdin
Koop- his birth on impressive not over. They had
collection of nine
stories should i-
means “gift madereader,possibletoby individ-
decide 7gucSVjo2a-5QpitP9cF an Hiller much discussion during
ew, which man was a high school junior Tuesday. Wrestling:
photos are points from six
a variety of feet behind
which make the list. caQ/ knows game.’ Garland also proposed
sion of Matth she left Reed City and Makaio was Manton Invitation- ) line.ualTakewas
and thegroup donations.
biggest. viewform?c=0&w=1 the commissioners’
mas baby Brazil landed in items related to the mili-
the (three-point town Once the voting has conclud- or vote his team revising the county’s fi-
inthis the Cadillac News’ Facebookvia
UsHer of God.” al. 9 a.m. With
“People thatin nance committee meet-
By Karen Hopper ered a ChristSao Paulo, Big Rap- in 1986. the first tary andthose U.S. away conflictsand it’s a five- mind, readers
extremely gen- ed, the top five stories purchasing
Hiller policy.
Still consid 26 arrival, the will havebeen has to do Ryan ing Thursday.
CadillaC News Dec. Recalling
familyit more than 30 baby born at Hockey:
from thepoint game. ry
Revolutiona have the opportunity to announced in the Dec.
will be or Twitter accounts. Purchases
manton boys under $500
despite his gave the later, Livonia Franklin at erous,” Bennett said. Area 7 a much would Commissioners are
r woman Auxiliary years aftershe was surprised Big Rapids today. seniors really 30-Jan. 1 See be considered

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to “The re- full
S — A Luthe ids Hospital baby born Hospital after Cadillac. Noon.
War Bennett said they STory on A8 better job basic basketball coach due to vote Tuesday
BIG RAPID a few hours too late t. The first bytoo. how quickly a remark
of Such items
stepped up andaled the team finished a 1,500-foot Area 6
include and routine.
during the board’s regu-
son a gift baske will get one, interest to the local rotary Christmas of fromquitcently and rebound- Employees n
d her . woodenback. wheelchair They never would be
baby the new year sack,
a sleep into club addition onto the west He was also childhood ing, lar monthly meeting.
t contains turned a WWII- expected to and

‘Getting your house in order’

to be a true four 2017. era,their composure.” be prudent
io Mattos
was born The baske a blanket, a stuffed an- a plane ticket to the WWIkept
theof the building will
taking care of the ball
On Deck side kusher@cadillacnews.com | 775-News
way, his Brazil’s mostletpopulated city - era Jeep, a chest used by after
led 14-10 friends with museum (6397)
But Maka clothing, bibs,onesies, while brace Manton Labor Day, they hitting free throws.
ture. In that at Spec- a babyshe
s, a knew a word g officerand was up this 28-14 founders Neil Perry
weeks prema 26 imal, a book, to Bill Keran
barely first quarter
a high-rankin holding a special event "It's always nice to win
a.m. on Dec. according Portuguese.
of ’s NMC beout- and John Robbins, who
birth at 3:19 Big Rapids Hospital and a cap, list at Spec- in George Washington
at halftime before
to invite the public
to this your first game," Hiller
trum Health r, was both early
and tions specia The transition from a army, vintage
scored the Rangers 19-2 in theit out.
uniforms passed away earlier
communica small check said. "I think our expecta-
Birthi ng Cente
trum Health
. town to a larges,
in at 7 pound atcity is daunting
from every third branch
quarter Communities hope to encourag
lead 33-30.
In the meantime, Ben-
“It’s a tough loss for tions are pretty high
late. s, Makaio’s
mom, “Makaio weigh
ed enough,
inchesbutlongto do so in a differ- military, and Manton coach Jon Paul
on said he
e growth
opens the with redevelopment program my team knows it can

Call 231-775-6565
Ginger Matto“Christmas sur- s, and was 20 ent county , other priceless
Katona said the loss is
artifacts. nett us,” Bennett said. “John
her 12 ounce releas e stated and in a different
said many of museum to interested
By Ben Glick
a good friend
wasprogram of better than it did tonight.
called him language was a challenge,
birth,” a newsillacnews.com | 775-News (6397) Bennett him. the week The assesses the readi- and "There were a few times
she getCadillaCduring
do-job tovisitors I knew him my

Your community news

News Evart submitted its resolu-
prise.” ame. remembered. the items “I have feelbeen
it’s my and Sat- ness mine.
of investment
to BehindTheN ver-
Re-covered the on Fridays
or develop- we could have put them
According them over theto playand ment whole life.” tion around the
io is the Hawa
iian Koopman, now an English nated tothe girls ready CADILLAC urdays,
veter- the museum is
— Area communitie in communities based on six City submitted same time. Lake away but let them back
com, Maka DNR tells Reed City teacher at Reed City years bygame families and ofI failed to do that
are adopting to 4sp.m.best practice criteria its resolution in work
bridge needs Middle Tulio Herani Oliveira, an exchange passed away.
“I thought
from noon
policies to encour- that include November
News reporter 2017, and Reed City it. We've got a lot to
said. personally keeping CadillaC

Two-day forecast
School, remembered ans whotonight,” heage an updated fi-
to be replaced a mo- his home country. Tulio’s mother, student from Brazil, speaks to a group of students Rick cHARMoli | Weekly Voice museum
in theand economic makingMardi
Suhs contributed this submitted its resolution on and I think our guys
ment when she was at The veterans
we were a step
growth of the vet- zoning ordinances on Dec. after
Carla Oliveira, was also an at Reed City High School about Man-through knew a most easy to 4. nally understand that
dinner statewide “Our focus for community
pagE 2 with her host family. The exchange student at Reed
City High School. started its second life in the
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Vieau | cadillac news
halftime. It was 46-39
Baker, 100, . program, a technical and
News MAG: 1.00
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Code Type: 3075-Cadillac
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Marie Lewand
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& find out how you can start saving today!

By: Up Flexo Width:
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Patricia them already Corporation, Conference contest.
Send us your draw
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Polarity: 3
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77, of Sheboy and she passed away its resolution of intent your house
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14 rebounds while Jayden
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Noreen A. Robinso family for Carla was from draw? in cen-
March 2016. Towers also commended with the MEDC in February (2-0 overall, 1-0
to business.”
News, Madelyn Yount paced NMC Crews work onPerry Salani
you like to a city
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Lions hope Abby Brown paced Man-For more,
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Hey kids! Brazil
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details. • Merchandise Under $300
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Date Run: 01/07/2003
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• Freebies

not long after she felt snow falls. Koop-

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Heated win the family.
like one of When Carla returned
to Bra-
man said.
In January 2017, Tulio • Lost & Found

Stay Up
zil, Koopman and arrived

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Fully immersed in the
Competition gets heated culture remained close. her family in Reed City, following said.
your classified
chili cookoff
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years later. Call Jessica or Jenifer 565 or email
cadillac news
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or but il not only traveled to “It’s a good experience.
specialists today 231.775.6 shots but weren't getting
pagE 8 Text
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to adapt also thrive. She Brazil in 1997, they
everything she did. It’s
146 No.cadillacn
ews.com. CADILLAC — Cadillac
Send us your drawings!
a lot of second chances,"
to your Phon service@
stayed with Carla.
remembered the excitement
ool Clos ings“When pretty customerVol. 152
Sabina, first grade, St. Ann’s dropped a 4-1 decision
Alerts sent she neat,” Tulio said. he said. "They were really
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sads/ Livonia Franklin in

ts • Breaking of a conversatio www.cadillacnews.com/clas Hey kids! Do youtolike good in the defensive zone
all those years, it was Koopman valued the
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Weather Aler lerts n the dinner
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Sign up at
“It was a much different Carla, her husband and
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EVART — With the lead Cadillac N 12 Cadillac, MI, scored
The Patriots Fast-moving flames force
more physical presence
ex- visited the U.S. they s with,” she said. 49601, and look for
it on goal of the first pe
6 • weekly voice www.weeklyvoice.net | Thursday, March 14, 2019

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Feeding America traveling food bank makes stop at Evart Middle School Photos by Victoria Martin

Pies, bread, doughnuts and other baked goods. Onions, potatoes and carrots were set up on different tables to be handed out Evart School Board President Alan Bengry sets up the desert and
at Evart Middle School during the Feeding America food bank. bread table.

Volunteers bagged bushels of apples to give out at the Feeding America. A variety of bread was set up to hand out at the
Feeding America food bank.

Baskets and boxes were filled with fruit, vegetables, bread and
other goodies as community members went through the Feeding Boxes filled with apples waited to be handed out at the Feeding Volunteers bagged vegetables to hand out to people at the
America food bank at Evart Middle School on March 7. America traveling food bank. Feeding American food bank at Evart Middle School on March 7.

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Reed City Middle School bands receive high marks for first year
By Victoria Martin
weekly voice


City Middle School bands
placed with an overall
“excellent” rating in their
first year participating in
the District One Band and
Orchestra Festival in Big
Placing with an overall
rating of two, the seventh
and eighth grade Reed
City Middle School bands
went home from the Feb.
27 Michigan State Band
and Orchestra Association
Festival in Big Rapids feel-
ing like they were on cloud
nine, said Reed City Band
Director Mike Klepp.
For many of the stu-
dents, this was their first
time on a big stage, Klepp
“It was really cool for
them to be able to get the
feeling of playing on a
large stage,” Klepp said.
“It was a little bit like deer
in the headlights when
they first stepped on,
but they overcame that
The bands played three
pieces each that were
picked and practiced prior
to the festival. The bands ceiving an overall rating dents on their own.
played a march style song, of one in sight reading, “They had to put in a lot
a required piece picked they had nothing to worry of personal time,” he said.
from a list of 50 provided about, Klepp said. “They really showed the
by the festival and one of Leading up to their initiative and put in many
Klepp’s choice. moment in the spotlight, more hours outside of
Once on stage, the bands Klepp said his students school than inside.”
were judged by a group of put in their normal hun- When they were able to
three judges who score the dreds of hours worth of practice at school, Klepp
bands on a scale of one to practice time but this year said he had the students
five; one being a rating of was a little abnormal due focus on site reading to
“outstanding.” to the weather. prepare them for that por-
After performing its “We rehearsed like nor- tion of the festival.
three prepared songs the mal during school hours,” To prepare for next year,
bands are given a song that he said. “This year was Klepp said he does not
they have not practiced a little different with 20 plan on doing much dif-
and asked to sight read. snow days though. I actu- ferent as the students are COURTESY PHOTOs - MIKE KLEPP
“The kids were wor- ally only got in maybe 10 more excited to go next The Reed City Middle School seventh and eighth-grade bands took home an overall two or “excel-
ried about sight reading,” actual practices in since year. lent” rating for their performances at Michigan State Band and Orchestra Association Festival in Big
Klepp said, “but they (the kids) got back from “They got to see what all Rapids on Feb. 27.
thought it was much easi- winter break.” that hard work means,”
er than they anticipated.” With the pile-up of snow he said. “They are a little Going forward, Klepp pieces to perform than the said. “They want a chal-
And with the Reed City days, the majority of the more enthusiastic seeing does, however, plan on ones chosen this year. lenge and I want to chal-
seventh grade band re- work was done by the stu- that it all pays off.” choosing more challenging “They want more,” he lenge them.”

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