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Republic of the Philippines )

City of ) S.S.


I,__________________________________________of legal age, with office

address at ________________________________________________________,
being duly sworn, depose and manifest that:

1. I am the assigned Supervisor/Coordinator of STARBOARD MANPOWER

SERVICES, INC. handling Calamba employees;

2. That on March 4, 2018, The complainant Aldrin Caringal and Respondent

Starboard Manpower Services, Inc. thru the undersigned, executed a
quitclaim and release for NLRC CASE NO. RABIV-11-02067-18-L;

3. That Complainant Aldrin Caringal by these presents, and for and in

consideration of the total amount of __________________________
(P_____________), which he acknowledged to have received to his full and
complete satisfaction from the Respondent, I hereby declare that he has no
further claims whatsoever against the Respondent Starboard or any of its
managers, staff, directors or officers and that he hereby releases and
forever discharges the said Respondent from any and all claims, demands,
cause of action, or liability of whatever nature arising out of his
employment with the said Respondemt;

4. That the attached quitclaim and release herein executed by the

complainant and respondent constitutes a release and that no further
claim, suit or proceeding of whatever nature may be filed in any court or
agency of the government against the herein Respondent or any person
acting in its interest, since any and all claims in connection with the
previous employment of the said Complainant have been finally settled
once and for all;

5. As such, the respondent hereto respectfully request the National Labor

Relations Commission to treat the above-captioned case as CLOSED and/or
finally DISMISSED with prejudice;

6. That this affidavit/manifestation is executed to attest to the truth of the


_______ City, _____ day of ____, 20__


SUBSRIBED AND SWORN TO before me on this ___ day of ________ 2019, in _____________,
Philippines, affiant exhibiting to me his/her TIN __________________________.
Notary Public

Doc. No. ___________

Page No. ___________
Book No. ___________
Series of ___________.