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6 For my FS task:
1. Contact group
2. Talk with FS
Name of FS Student ___________________________________________________________ teacher

Course_____________________________________ Year & Section_____________________ Preparation Tips:

1. Review your
Resource Teacher ____________________________ Signature ________________________ understanding
School ______________________________________________________________________
the principles
and theories of
Your Target curriculum
At the end of this activity, you should be able to give some principles by reading
involved in designing a curriculum. your bulleted
notes in
Your Map Episode 3 of
this FS.
For this process, go through the follo For this episode, please use the Activity Form provided for
2. Note down the
you below. curriculum
elements you
wish to give
more attention
to when you
Name: Jeanelyn L. Rosales Year Course: BSED will soon
Visit a analyze
school and the syllabus.
2Take note of
choose a
School Observed: Banisil National High School Subject Observed:
3. Share your
class to be the different notes with your
Filipino learning
observed. classmates and
Then environmen 3 Find out FS teacher,
arrange with t provided whether or and get their
teacher that in the not
you are lesson plan strategies
going to for specific are alignedng Liham
The subject matter was about “Pagsulat 4Reflect
conduct a subject with the
area. your FS
Generate expe-
information rience and
Teacher’s Objectives: assessment
on the share
of learning.
following thoughts,
Make a
 Nabibigyang kahulugan
Objectives, ang liham pangangalakal.
matrix of
Strategies, and
 Natutukoy ang iba’t ibang bahagi ng liham pangangalakal. feelings in

 Nakasusulat ng liham pangangalakal.

Describe the Strategies:

The teaching strategy used was discovery method and it was

accompanied by a data retrieval chart. It allows students to break down a
concept or idea into its components and explain the concept. It was best
suited to the needs and interest of the students, and it was highly effective
to achieve the objectives successfully.

Describe the Assessment Tools Used:

The assessment method used was a formative test, specifically a short

quiz and it was administered after the discussion. The intent was to measure
the retention of the students. The other assessment method used was a
seatwork and it was administered before giving a short quiz. The intent was
to give opportunity to the students to practice their skills acquired.

(Write down the (Describe the (Describe the (Write your

teacher’s strategies used assessment personal
Learning by the method/s & judgment on
Objectives) teacher’s) tool/s used) the alignment
of the
Strategies, and

 Natutukoy Discovery The assessment The formulated

ang iba’t method was method used objectives were
ibang bahagi used as a was seatwork observable to
ng liham teaching and a short quiz. the behaviors of
pangangalak method. It was The intent was to the students.
al. best suited to measure the The selected
the students and retention of the teaching method
it was highly students and to was appropriate
effective to give opportunity and applicable to
achieve the to the students the objectives.
objectives and it to practice their The selected
benefits the acquired skills. assessment
students’ needs method was
and interests. appropriate
because it
perfectly fit on
the objectives,
methods and to
the needs and
interest of
The assessment
 Nabibigyang Inquiry method used
kahulugan method was was a formative The formulated
ang liham used as a type of objectives were
pangangalak teaching assessment measurable and
al. method. It was through giving a specific and
appropriate for quiz during the attainable, the
the lesson and discussion in strategy was
was effective in order to appropriate in
 Nakasusulat
arousing the determine teaching the
ng liham
pangangalak students mind in whether the subject matter
al. understanding students gained and helped the
the lesson. understanding of students to think
the lesson before critically. The
ending the assessment
lesson method adopted
was appropriate
since the level of
understanding of
the students on
the lessons was
before the lesson
be ended, the
revision of the
strategy can be
made of

Why do teachers need to align the objectives, strategies and assessment?

When there is alignment in our objectives, strategies and assessment, we are assured
that we are doing the right thing in educating our students. Sometimes because of external
pressures, teachers tend to stray from their objectives, teachers tend to prepare strategies
that will not benefit everyone in the class when students’ needs and interests are too
diverse from one another, and lastly when doing assessment, teachers forget that not all
assessments can cover all students in demonstrating their achievements. That statement
was according to the idea of FS3 Student BEED3 in San Jose Christian Colleges, but in
contrary with this statement, teachers should strictly observed their objectives, prepare
strategies that will benefit the students’ needs and interest, and lastly teachers should use
an appropriate assessment method that can help them provide feedback, guidance and
mentoring the students so as to help them make a better plan and execute their educational
program. Planning is a crucial part of teaching so before we go out to teach students, we
have to make sure that we have done our best in planning our instructions.

How should teachers align their objectives, strategies, and assessment? Suggest some

In aligning objectives with the strategies, they must be planned together. Objectives
will be the basis of the instruction, so prepare an objectives that are observable to the
behaviors of the students. Then, select teaching strategies that can benefit he needs and
interests of the students, and that are suited and effective to accomplish the objectives.
Lastly is the assessment, this should not be taken for granted. A high quality assessment
must be clear, appropriate, valid, reliable, fair, practical, efficient and ethical, and must have
positive consequences. If those characteristics are present in the assessment, it will be easy
for the teachers to evaluate if they have accomplished their objectives and if they had used
appropriate teaching strategies. By this, we do not waste time and effort in trying to teach
our students, and soon we can provide a competent, productive and a student that is
responsive to the needs of the society.

Your Reflections

What has been your most meaningful experience in this episode? What makes it
meaningful to you? How could such experience help you become a better teacher?

Failures are just learning experiences, the only failure is the one from which you have
learned nothing.
Our most meaningful experience in this episode and mostly in this FS4 was when we
observe a class. Its significance helps us to understand the principles and theories of
curriculum development that lead us to become more eager to be in the field.

The experience opened our eyes to the hardships a teacher undergoes just to teach
students effectively. We realized that to be effective teacher, we should have an outstanding
personal qualities such as “passion” that refers to our dedication and love to our work and to
our students, “humor” in such a way that has relation to the topic so that none of the
students lose interest in listening, “values and attitude” that can eliminate discriminations
thus we must be unbiased and objective in judging our students work and performance,
“sincerity and honesty” which is exhibited in words and actions, “patience” refers to our self-
control and persistence, “enthusiasm and full of energy”, and lastly flexible with our
schedule whenever the situation demands it so.