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ICT Tools

ICT is defined as ‘Information and Communication Technology’ (ICT, 2019). It is used in

educational programs to support, improve, and adjust the delivery of information, or to grasp
learning efficiencies through a different scope of learning techniques. ICT is vital to use in
classrooms in today's society to broaden individuals learning and to better the educators
teaching methods. Personally, I have used a range of ICT tools in order to create lessons
gathered from the Western Australian Curriculum on the topic of Australian animals.

The ICT tools that I have used to widen the learning attributes of individuals consist of:

Butterfly Pegs
Butterfly Pegs are an electrical device shaped like a butterfly, that is easily used by any age.
To produce the sound that has been recorded or to make the sound be heard you press the
eyes. This audio file can then be listened to over and over later on for the lessons
requirements. They are being used in the FPD for an Australian animal treasure hunt in the
outdoor environments in which the animals chosen would live. This I found a really good
ICT tool to use as the children can record the instructions themselves for example, "What
animals live in water; What animals live in trees; What animals live on rocks" and then go
and find them in the boundary areas for an educational learning area. They are easily
accessible, easy to teach students how to use them, they are engaging, and allow children to
listen carefully to learn the instructions of given advice.

Book Creator
Book Creator is an app that allows individuals to create their own creation of an eBook on the
comfort of a personal or shared iPad in a classroom. This app is being used in the FPD to
cater for the topic of Australian animals through the following activities. Making a book with
voice-over narrations for the students to tell the external features of each animal chosen by
the students and retelling the story ‘Rainbow Serpent' on the topics of how it got here, what
did he/she do. I chose this app ‘book creator' was chosen as it is a beneficial app that children
can manage themselves after a five-minute demonstration by the educator. It caters for
creativity and personal imagination it is a great way for children to grasp their understandings
on a specific topic. It is a powerful ICT tool to incorporate for ages starting from pre-primary
and is easy to create and share finished pieces.

iMovie is an app located on any Apple device, that is simply making a video of choice or
importing photos and video files. It has a variety of filters, texts and so on. This app is being
used in the FPD to cater for the chosen topic through making a movie and recording the facts
provided by the educator about the animals presented in the Wombat story, or Australian
animals from the strew. I chose this app as it is a great resource that is easily accessible on
any Apple device. Children can use this app without assistance to capture personal creativity.

Green Screen
Green Screen is an app that allows students to create their own personalised green screen
videos. This app is being used through students making stories of all the animals from the
story ‘Wombat Stew’. Students are to either retell the story, create their favourite part of the
story, or a follow on from the story. I have chosen this ICT tool in my FDP as green screen
allows students to create their own story of their choice, as well as caters for creativity by the
educator incorporating props to use freely as well as different backgrounds that are easily
accessible for students of choice. It is hands-on in which caters for positive engagement.

Word Cloud
Word Cloud is an app that allows children to create an image composed of words that are
allocated from a topic chosen by the educator of a classroom. The size of each word indicates
the frequency and or the importance of such. This app is being used by students collecting
nouns that are represented throughout the children's literature ‘The Rainbow Serpent'. I have
chosen this ICT tool in my FPD as it is easy to use, so students can work on this freely
without the educator's assistance, creative, a great source of software to capture the children's
attention and cooperation. It also can then be easily uploaded to other digital tools such as
‘Seesaw' to show other peers, and for parents to see what is happening academically in the

Puppet Pals
Puppet Pals is an app that allows individuals to create a cartoon/ animation using a variety of
themes and characters that are inbuilt within the app. I have chosen this ICT tool in my FPD
as it is easy to use, caters for creativity and imagination. This application is being used by
students to describe where the Rainbow Serpent could go as an environmental factor. For
example, through oceans, rivers of up streams, up mountains and or up valleys.