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9 Calculation for Planetary gear mechanism

1. E ngagement between Internal gear and pinion Basic gear axis for Planetary gear train mechanism
(External gear) (2K-H)
Centre distance ‘a’ for the Internal C C C
gear trains are shorter than the Ex- B B B
ternal gear trains. Internal gear train
operates in the same gear direction. S S S
(External gear) Calculation formulas for transfer ratio
‘u’ are as follows. A A A A : Sun gear
a B : Planet gear
a) When pinion is driver C : Internal gear
No. of teeth of Pinion (a) (b) (c) S : Planet carrier
u= (speed reduction)
No. of teeth of Internal gear (Types of planetary) (Types of solar) (Types of star)
Internal gear
b) When Internal gear is driver Types of Fixed Formula of
Input Output Ratio range
No. of teeth of Internal gear mechanism member gear ratio
u= (increase speed)
No. of teeth of Pinion
(a) Types of Internal Planet
Sun gear zC + 1 1/3 - 1/12
2. Planetary gear mechanism planetary gear carrier
Most mechanism of Planetary gear 1
Planet carrier comes with compact design and high (b) Types of Internal Planet
Sun gear zA + 1 1/1.2 - 1/1.7
reductive gear ratio consisting of Sun, solar gear carrier
Planet, Internal gears and Planet car- zC
rier. 1
(c) Types of Planet Internal
Sun gear − zC 1/2 - 1/11
Sun gear star carrier gear
Internal gear Planet gear
・z: No. of teeth. A & C: Sun and Internal gear
・’-‘ symbol indicates output revolving direction

Interference of Internal gear

Interference will occur when design provides insufficient Number of teeth between Internal and Planet gears (External
gear) during assembly. Please refer to the causes and types of interference as follows.
Interference Phenomenon Cause Interference Phenomenon Cause
Unworkable conditions when a Tooth During assembling, pinion can
Insufficient No. of teeth for Trimming Same as trochoid
Involute interference tip of Internal gear cuts into Deden- be assembled to axial direction
pinion interference interference
dum of pinion during operations. but not to radius direction.
Insufficient No.
Tip of pinion after engaging with Sun Difference in No. of teeth Tooth tip of pinion touched
Fillet of teeth for pinion.
Trochoid interference gear interferes to Tooth tip of Internal b e t w e e n I n t e r n a l a n d Dedendum fillet of Internal gear
interference (insufficient Tooth
gear causing unworkable conditions. Planet is insufficient. causing unworkable condition.
depth of pinion).

Relationship among the gears in a Planetary gear mechanism

A= 20°
When designing Planet gear, please achieve following conditions. 100
z2=∞, z1=17.1
Involute interference curved line

No. of teeth of Internal gear (z2)

g nc
in rfe
① No. of teeth of Internal gears = (No. of teeth of Sun gear + 2 ) × No. of teeth of Planet gear. 80
70 of oc
No. of teeth of Internal gear + No. of teeth of Sun gear lin
= Should be integer number 60 rv
② The number of planet gears Cu rv
50 Cu
③ Prevent the Tip interference among Planetry gears. z1
40 z2
m( ZB + 2) < m( ZA + ZB ) sin (n : The number of Planet gears) 30 z2=33.2
(z1=26.8 , z2=35.2)
n 20
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
The number of Planet gears(z1)
Fig. 6 Interference of Internal gear
Range of Number of teeth for pinion and KG-Internal gears
No. of teeth of Internal gear Range of No. of teeth for pinion No. of teeth of Internal gear Range of No. of teeth for pinion
60 21 - 44 96 19 - 80
72 20 - 56 100 19 - 84
80 20 - 64 108 19 - 92
84 20 - 68 120 19 - 104
90 19 - 74