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Tentative Duration
3 Months
Studyabroad.shiksha.com is India’s largest study abroad website attracting more than 2 lakh student visits every month. It
offers in-depth information about tuition fees, entry requirements and application procedures for nearly 2,000 universities
from around the world.

Shiksha.com which is the education vertical of Infoedge (India) Limited – the company known widely for its flagship web-
site – Naukri.com. The company is India’s largest internet company which started its operations in 1995 with Naukri.com
and soon launched many successful websites like 99acres.com, Jeevansathi.com among others.

Shiksha apply of studyabroad that offers advice on selecting colleges outside India and through its transparent process to
take student applicant from college application to visa processing. It helps students in 3 important aspects:
1. University Shortlisting: Finding the universities best suiting student applicant’s profile
2. Application Process: Editing support of SOPs & LORs & the entire university application process for student applicant.
3. Visa Counselling: Guidance in Visa Application - documentation and interview prep on successful admission in
shortlisted university.

There is a need to know the reason behind less no of users registering on study abroad for UG courses and what changes
we can make to improve it.

To get an overview of the student candidate who plans to go abroad for UG courses or/and their parents who supports
them and play a major role in the decision making by understanding their behavior, thought process, requirements,
expectations, struggle and pain points that will finally help in understanding the key issues through User Research and
User Testing.

To do user research and user testing by using the range of methods, techniques and approaches and take the insight that
can be used to inform design and improve development of our product and services.

Primary Audience
Existing Users SA UG student applicant and their parents
Potential SA UG student applicant and their parents

Secondary Audience
Current Client Universities and Potential Client Universities
People searching for the study abroad information

This research will be built with only for UG student applicant (existing + prospective) and their parents keeping our services
in mind.
Defining the need of Primary, Secondary users
Detailed consumer profiling of UG student applicant
Analysing the need of Primary and secondary users.
Justifying the feature and functionality
Identifying non functional system for understanding user requirement helpful for business.
Identifying the problem areas
Getting exposed to various process
Documented report

Data Collection
Data Recording
Compiling both qualitative and quantitative data.
Consumer Research and Profiling
Trend and Market Research
Analysis and interpretation of research

3 Months minimum depending on circumstances and availability of Users.

Documentation of Research containing Personas, Case Studies, Consumer profiling, Findings, Analysis and Interpretation.


1. Expectation from Researcher
To do thorough research and user testing on the brief and research area given
Identifying resources within and outside the company
Appropriate use of research findings for product and services addressing to brief

2. Expectation from Management

Provide infrastructural support within and outside the company for research, sourcing target audience
Provide feedback and inputs during progress of the project as and when required.

Dependencies for Interview and surveys:

1. For Personal Interview: 10-15 UG users and their parent
2. For Online Survey: Arranging online surveys for the for SA applicants for quantitative feedback. More users are better
to have
3. For Telephonic Interview: List of contact of the registered users on SA site
(TIME-LINE: as per the researchers speed and circumstances. )

Phase 1: Gearing Up for Research

Planning, Consumer Study, Market Research, Trend Study and User Profile Study, User Study (User
Environment, behavior, thought process, requirements, expectations, struggle, pain points etc),
Need and Opportunity Area Mapping, Data Collection and recording, Developing questionnaire for
Telephonic Interview, Online survey and Personal Interview,

Objective: For building understanding of UG student candidate and their parents

Activity: Reading, Field Study, Interacting with Students, Referring related previous documents,
questionnaire building

Phase 2: Getting Qualitative and Quantitative Insight

Telephonic Interview**, Online Survey**, Personal Interview**, Building Report, Reviewing and
Revising, Statistical Analysis of Data, Persona Building, Understanding Cases and Scenario Building,

Related Objective: Knowing the real stories of the users

Activity: Online Survey, Personal Interview, Personal Interview, Combining Qualitative and
Quantitative insight.

Phase 3: Analysis and Finalisation

Brand Positioning*,Understanding Competitors* Identifying key issues, Related Insight,
Feedback, Analysis and Documentation

*Tentative **With Dependency