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Senior Capstone Product Proposal Form 2019

Student Name Kaitlyn Tippie, Sienna Cornejo Class Period 3, 5

Research Topic Healthy Snacks for kids

Thesis Statement I want to show kids a healthy way of eating, and a healthy lifestyle
What you intend to prove

Description of Product Healthy eating for kids

Form of Product ❏ Video/Documentary/YouTube Channel

(Highlight all that apply) ❏ Creation/Art Work/Tangible Item
❏ Education
❏ Service
❏ Social Media Campaign (must include another selection)
❏ Other

Please explain your My friend and I, will be making healthy snacks for kids, and showing
product (with specific them how to make sweets, to have as a treat. We want to create
details?) fun cooking activities for kids, and make videos, on the steps you
will take to make these fun filled foods.

Describe the connection The connection between my research, and my annotated

between your research bibliography, is I asked some questions like, what are some healthy
(annotated bibliography) sweets, kids can make at home?, or what are some fun cooking
and your product. activities, for kids?

How will you display this I will make video, or take pictures of the foods we make, and create
in your digital portfolio? a channel full of educational eating.. These snacks may be filled
with vitamins, and essentials/ nutrition that kids need.

Estimate the number of I will need at least 12 hours, to make the food , and make fun
hours needed to cooking games. I will also need that time to see who has subscribed
complete ALL of the to our channel, and see if they make any changes in their life or in
items on your to do list their kids life.
(page 2) including your
final product. You must
document at least ten
(10) fieldwork hours
outside of class.

Explain how you will I will take notes of the recipes we use, and the games we play, and i
document each and will make a printed copy of everything, just in case anyone wants to
every step for see it on paper, or learn about it some more. We will have video, of
completing your product us making these healthy foods, and fun activities.
(journal, blog, video blog,

What do you hope to I hope to learn, how to change kids lives by giving them some tips
learn during this on healthy ways to live, and learn about how to help others on their
process? journey to weight loss, and living a healthier life.

My To Do List
Below list the steps and timeline you will attempt to follow to complete your product. As you complete
the product,
make additions or subtract steps as you go if and when necessary. The log will be turned in on March
18, 2019!

Steps Completed by Date

1. Make youtube channel 3/2/19

2. Find healthy recipes 3/3/19

3. Find fun cooking activities 3/5/19

4. Make some fun videos, on cooking 3/9/19

5. Make videos on healthy meals 3/12/19

6. Complete videos 3/12/19





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