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I isn't happy for the service offered to me, when I had file an insurance claim.

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I isn't wasn’t happy for with the service offered to me, when I had to file an insurance claim.

Wirtz Insurance Company Review

I have done business with Wirtz Insurance Company for a brief period of time and it was a disappointing
experience too because I had been sent to them with an imminent recommendation. There were
several issues in on regards to customer service, along with many billing issues. Afterward, Afterword
they double billed me several times and I had to for deal with their bad customer service quite
frequently. The agents were always rude and seemed as though they had other business to attend too. I
was often put on hold one time an agent even implied that I was mistaken, even though I had my bill in
front of me. These continuous issues combined with other minor miner problems including things such
as, long and inconvenient applications, and hidden fees, simply made this company a nightmare for me
to deal with. This was such a wastewaist off my time.

Ashford Insurance Company Review

I have car insurance with Ashford for two years now. Their customer service; is absolutely amazing. I was
really glad because they help aide me with to whatever I needed. I have had some financial difficultiesy
and they have always worked with me too make sure that my coverage never lapsed. They never made
me felt like i was embarrassed to call because of my financial difficulties. This subject is hard to deal with
and they always made me feel like a part of their family. I would recommend this insurance company to
anybody! Also, on in top of all this, their coverage is phenomenal. I have never had a wreck but if I ever
do, I know I will be covered just fine. My friend, whom is also with them, had a wreck and they took care
of her immediately. I am 100% content with Ashford. They were even understanding when my children
braked a small ornament in their office.
State Farm Insurance Company Review

My experience with State Farm has been extremely unbearable., Even though i have been a long time
customer with state farm, I am constantly running for issues with them. About 4 years back I had gotten
into a small wreck with someone on the highway., Information was sent cent and State Farm fought me
to the very bitter end to pay for anything. It was obvious they were wrong, they just needed to go back
to the sitecite of the accident! At least the agent did come out to the see seen and brought a bunch of

I also run the problem with them that whenever I have been pulled over at checkpoints, border
checkpoints, or random checks. Whatever the case may be, my insurance policy is only found half of the
time. What is my agent just constantly messing with my policy or something? On top of all of these, the
ridiculously high price that I have to pay just for certain coverage is insane to say the least, definitely not
worth the money, the customer service is terrible.

The Robbin’s Insurance Company Agency

I bought a new car in July Fourth Forth for my Wife to commute to work. So the dealer suggested The
Robbin’s Agency for getting the car insured. Initially, i was a bit reluctant as I wanted to go with my old
insurance company, but later thought that I will just get all the required information and only if I am
satisfied will go ahead with the insurance. When I saw the premium, I almost fainted feinted! It was half
of what I payed paid for to the same coverage. Secondly, they don't have any hidden charges and
application processes areis very simple with least paper work. The customer service also removed all my
doubts. I signed up in that Fourth of July Forth, and I haven’t looked back since.

Capital One Credit Card Review

I have always been a fan of Capitol One. They are by far my favorite credit card company. This card in
particular is one of my favorites. It's simple and straightforward. No hidden fees and or agendas.
Basically, it’s the credit card of on dummies. I make every effort to pay each month so I don't get charged
any interest, however, when I do have interest charges they thwy are not bigger any more than any other
credit card. Capital One are the greatest when it comes to too customer service also. Their There
representatives are well educated and can answer just about any question you have without a hitch. I
definitely definately recommend Capital One for anyone looking to get a no hassle, straight forward
credit card. From what I hear here they are definitely expanding and they deserve it!
Bank Americard Credit Card Review

I recently got a job and was on the market for a credit card. The Bank Americard caught my eye because
it had something I wanted that no other eligible card had. I used the card for mostly gas money because
it had an amazing cashback on travel purchases. So it's great if you intend to use it for those types of
purchases. The best feature is the grace period, even when my payment date had passed past by two
days they graced it because I was still within my grace period limit. That's was amazing because I am still
young and tend to forget payments. I only had one very minor miner complaint; they refused to upgrade
me to a new card, later latter on! After all I have gone through thru with other credit card companies
that was really very tolerable!