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Volume 12 Issue 25 FREE March 15, 2019

Sea level rise

at Our World
lecture series
M I T I G AT I O N ,
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer

here are two main causes of Sea
Level Rise,” said Dr. Kristina
Dahl during a presentation to
an Our World Lecture Series audience of
approximately 120 at Kiawah’s Municipal
Center on February 14.
The speaker from the Union of
Concerned Scientists (UCS) told
attendees, climatologists have measured
an aggregate increase of 1.4 degrees
Above: Ocean Park. Inset: Rhett’s Bluff. Photos provided. Fahrenheit in temperatures since the
80s. Everything expands when heated,

19th Annual Kiawah including the ocean. Just add water from
melting land ice in Greenland and the
Arctic, and you transform the climate

Island Art and House Tour

change/global warming debate from the
abstract to an observable fact of life along
the coast.
The arc of Dahl’s education culminated
BY CARROLL DUNN in a Paleo-climatology PhD. from the
For The Island Connection Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Dahl said she had always assumed a

career in academics was on her horizon,
he 19th Annual Kiawah Island Art and House tour tour. Freshfields Village is located at the corner of Betsy Kerrison but ultimately chose UCS because the
sponsored by Arts, etc. offers visitors a rare glimpse into Parkway and Kiawah Island Parkway. Homes are not disability organization’s penchant for applying
the art and architecture of 5 spectacular homes in the accessible and children under 12 are not permitted. science meant making a difference. Albert
gated community of Kiawah Island. The tour takes place on Two of the featured tour homes: Einstein once observed, “If you can’t
Friday, April 5 from 1-5 p.m. Cassique explain something simply, you simply
The homes feature unique architectural designs, superb This beautiful home overlooks marsh grasses and the 17th hole don’t understand it.” Dahl has the knack,
artwork and spectacular views. Proceeds from the tour benefit on the Cassique golf course. As you enter the home into the living which makes her the perfect candidate to
the youth of Johns and Wadamalaw Islands through visual and room your eye is immediately drawn to the many large paintings corroborate a recent study of sea level rise
performing arts. Arts, etc. also supports the Gibbes museum and flanking the walls. which were designed to accommodate the size by the like-named committee on Kiawah.
other local arts-oriented organizations. of the artwork. Visitors will admire a wonderful collection of art Riding past the debate over the causes
Advance tickets are $55 each and can be purchased online at from renowned artists; Wolf Kahn, Chagall, Charles Dwyer and of rising temperatures, Dahl stuck with
BrownPaperTickets.com (use the keyword “Kiawah”) and at the Kiawah Mickey Williams. Beyond the living room, there is a solarium its effects. SLR in the Charleston area has
Island Real Estate office in Freshfields Village. In addition, tickets will be with a baby grand piano and a large window that overlooks a increased over 5 inches since 1970. If it
available at Freshfields Village the day of the tour. beautifully manicured yard. Don’t miss the yard art! continues trending along the same lines, it
Tickets purchased in advance must be exchanged for a tour
brochure at the Square in Freshfields Village on the day of the Art & House Tour continues on page 3 Sea Level Rise continues on page 5

For Your Health Martins Return to SC Putting For Paws

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2 March 15, 2019

Seabrook Island Town Council

Lynn Pierotti
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer

he Feb. 26 meeting of Seabrook Committee met Feb. 11. The meeting process. Updating content (About, Town
Katy Calloway
Island Town Council was called to focused on a winter storm preparedness Government, Town Services, etc.) takes
managing editor order promptly at 2:30 p.m. Town exercise conducted Jan. 15 and 16. The time. He and his team are also working to
katy@luckydognews.com clerk/treasurer Faye Allbritton confirmed disaster sub-committee is already working define an editorial process for the Town’s
the Mayor’s assumption; the Town had to draft provisions/lessons learned, use of social media; who can/not post,
Jennifer Tuohy complied with all legal requirements for and they expect the documentation to what can/not be posted, and expects a first
contributing editor the assembly, and elected officials got be completed in March. The Town’s draft in April.
straight to work. Five sets of minutes were Comprehensive Emergency Plan will then Councilmember Wells opened his
jennifer@luckydognews.com approved with little/no modification as a be updated with the new information in remarks with an apology for the flooding
medium sized audience looked on. time for hurricane season, Gregg said. along Seabrook Island Rd. He said phase
Alejandro Ferreyros Mayor Ron Ciancio celebrated a He also expressed disappointment with one (a.k.a. the Gatehouse project) was
senior graphic designer financial report for the previous month the normally reliable Town newsletter for nearly complete, despite encountering
alejandro@luckydognews.com which boasted $136,000 more revenue failing to pass along the Town’s request some hurdles along the way.
than anticipated. The amount is $96,000 for volunteers. “1. The Town’s lack of easements
better than the same period last year, and The disaster preparedness team is for drainage outfalls across adjacent
Lori McGee the mayor attributed the windfall to a trying to build a list of volunteers willing properties and along the property lines on
sales manager surge in business licenses equal to 7.1% and qualified to help (e.g. medical both sides of Seabrook Island which has
lori@luckydognews.com of projections for the year. Expenses also backgrounds, backhoe familiarity, take between 18-24 months to complete.
came in better than expected accounting experience in a commercial kitchen, etc.) 2. Development of contractual
for only 2.8% of the annual budgeted in an emergency. Some events could documents, advertisement and selection
Senior Staff Writer
amount. render roads impassable and leave the of TRIAD to perform the contract.
Town Administrator Joe Cronin island isolated and without any sort of
Gregg Bragg 3. Approval by OCRM for the
chimed in to explain the budget would staff available to assist. The Town is still
installation of additional flapper gate
continue to be expressed as a percentage seeking legal advice on how/if they can
valves in critical outfalls nearly a year after
Contributors of annual projections, which he argued proceed in implementing the idea, but
the issue of the basic contract to TRIAD
Carroll Dunn was a better indicator of performance. remain interested in building the list all
Engineering,” Wells said. Worse he
Sarah Perry The arbitrary numbers used in the past the same.
concluded; drainage enhancements at the
Barbara Radin Fox contributed to a choppy ride last year, and Gregg nodded as he reported the town marina didn’t dovetail with the Seabrook
the use of percentages will paint a better sent a check to the Seabrook Island Utility, Island Rd. project as hoped.
Joe Siegrist picture of how the year is playing out, he and drew a smile from SIU liaison Tim
Norman Powers Wells also requested volunteers for this
suggested. The Mayor tagged back into Morawski. The check represents SIU’s
Julie Murdock year’s dolphin education program. Wells
the conversation to make the point that share of funds reimbursed by the Federal
pitched improvements to conditions for
despite spending nearly a million dollars Emergency Management Agency for costs
volunteers moving into the 2019 season.
repairing Seabrook Island Rd. last year, incurred as a result of Hurricane Florence.
A box will be placed near Captain Sams
the Town still has $276,000 more than Seabrook applied for over $28,000 in
inlet stocked with chairs, umbrellas, and
the previous year, a total fund balance relief, of which the federal component
etc. The supplies will be stored there to
just shy of $5M, and is still able to transfer of FEMA agreed to return about
make volunteering for the program easier
money to the Town’s emergency fund. $21,000. The amount does not reflect the
this year than last (e.g. walking 1.5 miles
Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem possibility of further reimbursement from
in the rain to fetch an umbrella will no
John Gregg said the Club’s Long Range the SC Emergency Management Division
longer be necessary, for example). He
Planning Committee didn’t meet again (the state level element of FEMA), which
also said last year’s 4 hour shifts will be
last month, and didn’t know when they could increase Seabrook’s total refund.
replaced by 2 hour shifts.
would. Gregg seems confident upcoming However, Gregg appeared doubtful as he
announced it. Mayor Ciancio opened his remarks
elections/board changes for the group
with a motion to move over $138,000 from
means there will be a meeting, and is Councilmember Crane said upgrades
the general fund to Seabrook’s emergency
puzzled by the silence. to the Town’s website were nearing the
fund. The new total is just shy of the long
Gregg said the Public Safety last, most labor intensive part of the

Civic Calendar
K iawah Island Town H all
Published by 21 Beachwalker Drive
Lucky Dog Publishing Kiawah Island, SC 29455
of South Carolina, LLC Phone: 768-9166
P.O. Box 837 Town of Kiawah Town Council Town of Seabrook Fax: 768-4764
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482 Meeting
Ways & Means
Board of Zoning April 2, 2 p.m. Seabrook Island Town H all
843-886-NEWS Committee Meeting
Appeals Kiawah Town Hall 2001 Seabrook Island Road
Mar. 19, 2:30 p.m.
Mar. 18, 3 p.m. Seabrook Town Hall Seabrook Island, SC 29455
Future submission deadline: Planning Commission
Kiawah Town Hall Phone: 768-9121
March 20 for the Meeting
March 29 Issue Town Council Fax: 768-9830
Ways & Means April 3, 3 p.m. Email: lmanning@townofseabrookisland.org
Committee Meeting Kiawah Town Hall
Mar. 26, 2:30 p.m.
Op-Ed articles and letters to the editor do not Mar. 26, 2 p.m. Seabrook Town Hall Johns Island Council
necessarily reflect the opinion of Kiawah Town Hall Arts & Cultural Meetings are held at the Berkeley Electric
Lucky Dog News or its writers. Events Meeting Co-op located at 3351 Maybank Hwy, Johns
Planning Commission
Arts Council Board April 4, 2 p.m. Island.
Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
April 3, 1:30 p.m.
The Island April 1, 10 a.m.
Kiawah Town Hall
Seabrook Town Hall
Charleston County Council
Connection 4045 Bridge View Dr, N. Charleston
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC News Updates
Publishers of Island Eye News, Online at City of Charleston
The Island Connection facebook.com/ 75 Calhoun St.
islandconnectionnews 724-3745
March 15, 2019 3
sought after and sometimes elusive goal loss again, and Morawski warned that
of at least $2M in the rainy day account. SIU was also in the market for two new
The Mayor’s diligence means crossing the trucks to replace the 23-year-old vehicles
threshold before the end of the current currently in service. He anticipates a cost
legislative session is just a short putt away. of approximately $24,000 for each of the
Ciancio also reminded attendees of two vehicles.
the Town’s plan to replace its auditor, not There were three measures before
because of any deficiency, but as a matter Council for a first reading, and all three
of good governance. However, the timing were good news for the Greenspace
of the change in the face of an RFP would Conservancy. Ordinances 2019-01, 2019-
create an overlap in the fiscal/calendar 02, and 2019-03 were all approved for
year forcing the new auditor to come in rezoning to conservation districts. 2019-
to a work in progress. SITC has decided 01; 1146 Ocean Forrest Lane. 2019-02;
to wait until the end of the calendar year 2096 Seabrook Island Rd. 2019-03; 2326
to make the change, and since it budgeted Cat Tail Pond Rd.
for more than it is currently paying for The three properties were acquired
the service, there will be another, small by the Greenspace Conservancy and the
windfall for the Town. titles will be transferred to the Seabrook
Town Administrator Joe Cronin had a Island Property Owners Association.
lengthy report that opened with details of Seabrook resident Dale Leibach
changes to beach patrol. More weekends added a spark to citizen’s comment by
in March and September will be covered resurrecting the issue of Seabrook’s leash
than last year, as well as every day from ordinances. He entered a petition into
March 31 to Sept. 3, for an additional 16 the record which tallied 100 hundred
days more than last year’s contract. Eleven signatures so far, and it is still growing.
members of beach patrol were named as They are asking for an area for dogs
code enforcement officers. Cronin then consistent with the area previously
moved for and got unanimous approvals defined, requesting a formal hearing, and
to fund the Lowcountry Marine Mammal asking to revisit the electronic dog collar
Network’s Dolphin Education Program prohibition passed/clarified last year.
for 2019, sell the old jeep, and buy a new There being no further business, the
truck. meeting was adjourned. The next meeting
Tim Morawski reported normal of the Seabrook Island Town Council will
operations for SIU during the previous be Tuesday, March 26 at 2:30 p.m.
month. The utility operated at a marginal

arts & events

Tid e Char t
Date High Tide Low Tide
Mar 15 3:09am/3:46pm 9:45am/9:56pm
Mar 16 4:21am/4:58pm 10:53am/11:04pm
Mar 17 5:31am/6:04pm 11:55am
Cassique. Photo provided.
Mar 18 6:34am/7:05pm 12:09am/12:52pm
beckons you to sit down and dangle your toes.
Art & House Tour continues from cover Mar 19 7:32am/8:01pm 1:08am/1:44pm
The cook’s kitchen (the homeowner
The spacious kitchen is a gourmet is a culinary school graduate) features
cooks’ dream. It features a large island two La Cornue ranges, one gas and one
Mar 20 8:25am/8:54pm 2:04am/2:34pm
and on the back walls there are two wine electric, as well as hidden refrigerator and Mar 21 9:16am/9:44pm 2:57am/3:21pm
coolers with televisions above to create a freezer, pot filler and both quartzite and
sense of symmetry and balance. Beyond granite countertops. A caterer’s kitchen Mar 22 10:04am/10:34pm 3:49am/4:08pm
the kitchen is a gallery solarium that leads you to the dining room with its tall
serves as a study and sitting room with a wainscoting and welcoming aura.
Mar 23 10:51am/11:23pm 4:40am/4:54pm
fabulous art deco bar. The main-floor master suite features an Mar 24 11:38am 5:30am/5:40pm
The master bedroom suite located airy and elegant master bath that includes
on the first floor also features a unique a freestanding tub, heated floors and a Mar 25 12:13am/12:26pm 6:22am/6:28pm
contemporary design in the bath area. steam shower. As you enjoy the view of Mar 26 1:04am/1:17pm 7:15am/7:18pm
Throughout the home you will admire the park from the master, be sure to notice
many whimsical furnishings that reflect the unique rain chain. Upstairs there are Mar 27 1:57am/2:11pm 8:10am/8:13pm
the homeowners’ sense of humor. two guest bedrooms flanking a gathering
Ocean Park room that invites you to sit and relax, as Mar 28 2:54am/3:08pm 9:08am/9:13pm
Nestled in a quiet cul de sac near the well as a wine cellar.
Ocean Course, this light filled home takes Arts, etc. is a charitable 501(c)(3)
Hurricanes, storms, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.
full advantage of its proximity to Ocean organization of Kiawah and Cassique Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can be
Park. As you enter the two-story foyer with women. Its purpose is to raise funds, through very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they can be
its open stairwell and iron balusters, your donations and events, to support the arts wrong so use common sense.
eye is immediately drawn to the spacious in the greater community and to provide Source: saltwatertides.com
and comfortable great room and its adjacent educational and social opportunities for its
outdoor spaces. The screened porch is membership. Distribution of funds will be
unframed to allow unobstructed views, while at the discretion of the organization. For
the deck features a semi-circular pool that more information visit KiawahArtsEtc.org.
4 March 15, 2019 March 15, 2019 5
daily daily

SC politics: Plastic’s Ban on Ban

H E A R I N G O N S E N AT E B I L L 3 9 4 S C H E D U L E D M A R . 2 0
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer

omething to know before visiting water in and around Richland County,” Neither Dr. Weinstein nor Sarah should be included in that list, that
the Statehouse in Columbia; water said Weinstein. College of Charleston Nell were comfortable weighing in on Seabrook and most Myrtle Beach area
from the drinking fountain contains graduate student Sarah Nell usually the politics of plastics, but the Coastal municipalities are considering ordinances
microplastics. works in Weinstein’s lab studying Conservation League’s Land, Water, similar to their coastal brethren, or
The National Oceanic Atmospheric the effects of microplastics on grass and Wildlife Program Director Emily that the Small Business Chamber of
Administration defines the substance shrimp. Because of her experience with Cedzo lives for it. She recently touted Commerce echoed her sentiments.
as any plastic debris smaller than 5 mm the emerging science, Nell was tapped the findings in a call to action following S0394 is modeled after the House
(about the size of sesame seed, they say). for the project in Columbia and did a the resurrection of the “ban on [plastics] version of the bill, which failed during the
Dr. John Weinstein, Chair of the Biology lot of the fieldwork for the study. Nell ban” in the current legislative session. previous legislative session. Asked who
Department and Professor of Physiology and Weinstein’s findings came at an Cedzo’s email of Jan. 22 said in part, was behind the resurrection, Cedzo said Graphics created by Dr. Kristina Dahl, Senior Climate Scientist, Union of Concerned Citizens.
at The Citadel said during a phone call interesting time for a couple of reasons. “Senators Talley and Climer, both from many American Legislative Exchange over $1 trillion in losses by 2060. The when you take people out of the equation, will affect you. There is also a model
on March 8, he was probably the only “The Atlantic” reported in an article the Upstate, are sponsoring Senate Bill Council (ALEC) backed organizations Sea Level Rise continues from cover accompanying blow to the local tax base it just doesn’t work. There’s no explanation available, which incorporates home values
person who wasn’t surprised by the dated Feb. 27 that Newcastle University 394—a proposal that violates home rule, like the SC Retail Association, the SC from forfeited tax revenues precipitated for the increase in temperatures. But across time and over wider geographies
findings in a study he administered for professor Alan Jamieson found and would prevent towns and cities in Manufacturers Association, as well as will result in “nuisance/chronic” flooding
during king tides and/or rain events by the losses means municipalities will if talking about cars is going to prevent UCSUSA.org/Underwater.
The Citadel. microplastics in every single critter South Carolina from passing local bans the SC Chamber of Commerce. She also quickly lose funding sources needed to your community from moving forward or
pulled from the Mariana Trench. on single-use plastics. noted the headquarters of several plastics defined as occurring 26+ times/year, and The Island Connection previously
“What around us isn’t made of combat the threat. confuses the issue, don’t do it… There’s reported the findings of the SLR
manufacturers are located in Hartsville, will impact a total of 11% (200) of the
synthetic materials? Everything is The article reads, “The world produces “Noticeably missing from the bill? A Asked in an interview if real estate values no longer any debate on causes in the Committee. To summarize, the group
SC, and may be contributing to S394’s homes on Kiawah and Seabrook by 2035.
wrapped in plastic. Tires are made of an estimated 10 tons of plastic a second, clause grandfathering in communities would be better off in municipalities that scientific community, and I wasn’t sure of decorated academics worked for a
rubber and plastic elastomers that deposit and between 5 million and 14 million that have already taken meaningful steps reintroduction. about Kiawah. We don’t debate the causes
masked/denied the issue, Dahl expressed year and a half on their own report. It
on roads and wash into Charleston tons sweep into the oceans every year. to address single-use plastic[s including;] The bill is currently in a subset/ a preference for those that addressed the so we don’t focus on them, and talking incorporates similar studies done by UCS
harbor with every rain… [Microplastics] Some of that debris washes up on beaches, Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, Surfside sub-committee of the Labor, Commerce, problem head on. Miami Beach, Florida, about the effects helps get everyone out of and the National Oceanic Atmospheric
are everywhere we’ve ever looked; in the even on the world’s most isolated islands. Beach, Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, and Industry Committee, but will likely for example, plans to invest $500 million their political silos. So let’s start here, talk Administration (NOAA). The study
air, Acrtic ice, on mountain tops, beer, About 5 trillion pieces currently float Charleston, James Island, Beaufort pass to the full committee after a hearing
table salt and in water,” said Weinstein. in surface waters, mostly in the form County And every single municipality in scheduled for March 20.
much of north to shore up infrastructure. She added that about what’s happening and what we can also cross examines the studies of their
drooping land mass is also contributing to do about it,” said Dahl. peers, and provides long lists of possible
Weinstein first started looking in of tiny, easy-to-swallow fragments that Beaufort County.
Contact information for South Carolina
america was the problem. Another benefit of applied science is mitigation measures.
earnest when studying the effects of have ended up in the gut of albatrosses, “We need to call out this bill for what officials is available at LuckyDogNews. covered in “Much of North America was covered making SLR models available to the public.
microplastics in Charleston’s own back sea turtles, plankton, fish, and whales. it is; an industry-backed proposal that is For even more information see
yard was added to his bailiwick in 2013. But those pieces also sink, snowing into meant to blunt local progress, and your
com. glaciers...the in glaciers... The land sagged beneath the You don’t have to wait until the water is in
the work of the SLR committee for
weight of the ice mass, because they were the garage next time to witness the effects
“WISTV’s Paul Rivera first contacted the deep sea…” right to protect your waterways, wildlife land sagged so heavy, and now it’s adjusting. It sprang of SLR on you personally. You can visit
yourself, KiawahIsland.org/departments/
There are also political considerations and public health…” environmental/floodandsealevelrise/.
us about doing the study… so we looked beneath the back - it’s like a spring [finding its center] UCSUSA.org/RisingSeasHitHome to see
at reservoirs, surface water and tap when it comes to plastic. It is worth noting that Georgetown exactly how present and future flooding
weight of the ice after stretching back and forth,” said
mass, because The question of adding soil comes into
they were so focus, especially as it relates to the marshes
heavy, and now surrounding Kiawah and Seabrook.
Marshes need room to migrate and can’t
it’s adjusting. be restricted without killing them off and
exacerbating the problem that adding
fill was intended to solve. This point was
emphasized by Kiawah’s SLR Committee
Dahl indulged the question about
The figures use projections extracted her focus on the effects of warmer
from the “intermediate” list of probabilities temperatures, instead of its causes. She
(e.g. 2nd lowest) and the picture gets said the causes are no longer debated in
worse over time, effecting 40% of homes the scientific community, and said there
by 2060, 70% by 2018, and 90% by 2100. are three primary factors driving SLR: 1.
The effects of SLR on real estate values Carbon emissions – oil, coal, and gas, 2.
is another component of science being Agricultural practices – focus on raising
applied in a way that resonates. The animals, 3. Deforestation – crippling the
same “intermediate” model displays the solution for removing CO2.
loss of nearly $200 million in property “Our models take things like volcanoes,
values on Kiawah/Seabrook by 2035, and solar variability, etc. into account, but
6 March 15, 2019

Preserve residents
question KICA
BY GREGG BRAGG and separate Preserve covenants meant the
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer decisions of KICA were final, and could not
be appealed or litigated. The issue has since

he joy of living on Kiawah has evolved into an island-wide concern, because
reached an ebb for residents of of the emerging mindset “if they can do it to
the Preserve. The Kiawah Island me, they can do it to you” as Preserve resident
Community Association’s (KICA) budget Gary Rice observed in an email to the Island
for 2019 includes a fivefold increase in the Connection.
posh subdivision’s “Segment Assessment,” “The Preserve community is not
which sums to a 50% increase in every objecting because of the dollars involved.
Preserve owner’s annual assessment. We are objecting because KICA this year
In addition, representatives of a group imposed large segment assessments on
of Preserve property owners that is two neighborhoods for the first time in the
opposed to the assessment told the Island history of the island and, on Tuesday, not
Connection that they weren’t notified only asserted unprecedented authority to
until after the Nov. 5, 2018 meeting of the issue segment assessments across the island
KICA Board of Directors. but claimed such assessments are final and
Concerned by the announcement of the un-appealable by property owners,” said Rice.
increase, which followed November’s board “Such authority, if fully utilized, would
meeting, Preserve residents began questioning allow KICA to roughly double the amount
the decision immediately. They say they are of the assessments it takes from property
frustrated by the piecemeal way responses owners. All of these decisions were made by
came to them from KICA COO James Bailey KICA behind closed doors and, in our view,
and other KICA staff members, specifically a clearly violate the governing covenants. This
lack of consistency from KICA and no legally is a governance issue,” he continued.
stated opinion to support the increase. “KICA’s argument that 31 other
The group says that cost estimates don’t neighborhoods already pay more is
add up and seem to vary from one email/ misleading. Most of these are condominiums
meeting to the next. The increase was agreed or similar properties and the fact that they
to by the KICA Board without public review hire outside landscapers to do landscaping
and not as a separate measure but as an up/ on their property is no more demonstrative of
down vote on the budget as a whole. It KICA’s assessment authority than is the fact
went into effect with a letter sent to Preserve that I, like everyone else, pay a landscaper
residents on Jan. 10, 2019. to maintain my property. And gated
The Preserve has been assessed $200 a year communities of course pay to maintain their
to maintain its signature, split rail fence since own common property because residents of
2009. This is on top of the annual assessment the rest of the island don’t have access to that
all residents pay. Fence maintenance was used common property,” said Rice.
as part of the justification for an increase of A 5-page letter was sent to all Preserve
over $1,000. Article V, section 5 of the KICA property owners on January 26. It was signed
covenants was also invoked. However, Brad by Brad and Maura McIlvain, Gary and Eileen
Mcllvain, a retired attorney with several Rice, Glenn and Karen Thomson, Richard
decades of large-scale litigating experience, and Laura Ames, Steven and Karen Brody,
told The Island Connection that he had said Randy and Nancy Carleton, Philip and Leila
to Bailey it didn’t apply because there had Cuthbertson, Paul and Andrea Leiman, Gerald
been no additions in the Preserve, which and Pam Levy, Perry and Marlene Molinoff,
Article V deems a requirement. and Chester and Christy Murray. The letter,
The decision was deemed “final” by KICA provides a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of
when Bailey forwarded a letter to Preserve their concerns and concludes by saying they
residents on Wednesday, March 3. The letter could challenge the ruling in court for about
was written for Bailey by Trenholm Walker, the same cost as the segment assessment. Rice
the attorney that represents both KICA, and said the number of calls and offers of support
the developer. Recipients, including Mcllvain following the letter is trending upward.
were surprised by the letter’s claim that a Bailey did not respond to a request for
unique combination of KICA covenants comment as of this writing.
March 15, 2019 7

SCELP files in Charleston

1 6 C O A S TA L C I T I E S D O U B L E D O W N O N S E I S M I C B L A S T I N G F I G H T
BY SCLEP allow seismic companies to harm and “As Mayor, I recognize the value of our “The members of the Gullah/Geechee Sea
For The Island Connection harass of hundreds of thousands of marine military and retirement community, and our Island Coalition receive funds to continue
mammals. attraction as a tourist destination, which will their mission through offering ecotourism

The sixteen municipalities that SCELP is be put at risk by the proposed seismic blasting and cultural tourism tours, as well as
n February 28, South Carolina
representing, Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, activities. I am aware that the Department of providing education presentations to various
Environmental Law Project, on
Port Royal, Beaufort, Edisto Beach, Defense opposes seismic testing when put local and tourists groups. Approximately
behalf of sixteen South Carolina
Seabrook Island, Kiawah Island, Folly forth in President Obama’s five-year plan 75% of our work is reliant on the tourism
coastal communities and small businesses,
Beach, James Island, Charleston, Mount for energy exploration which was in the end industry,” said Queen Quet Marquetta L.
is heightening efforts to prevent seismic
Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Awendaw, Pawleys withdrawn by that administration,” said Goodwine, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee
airgun surveying that stands to devastate
Island, Briarcliffe Acres and North Myrtle Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling. Nation and a native of St. Helena Island.
the Palmetto State’s thriving, multi-billion
dollar tourism, recreation and fishing Beach, are concerned about the economic He continued, “Our economy is built on She added, “The members of the
industries. and environmental impacts. The South the value of our natural assets, specifically Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition are
Carolina Small Business Chamber, also a the abundant opportunities for recreation tremendously concerned about the impacts
SCELP filed a motion for a preliminary
plaintiff in the lawsuit, points to the fact and observation of marine life, alone with the proposed seismic testing will have on the
injunction in Federal District Court in
that seismic blasts drive away fish, whales recreational, commercial and sustenance ecology of our fisheries habitat, including
Charleston, asserting that seismic blasting
and dolphins that help support the fishing fisheries. Tourists come here especially the consequences of many species being
will cause irreparable harm and is contrary
and tourism industries along the coast. to observe marine mammals and our displaced because of the activity. To our
to the public interest.
Moving forward with explorations will businesses depend on our healthy and knowledge, seismic gun testing will change
Seismic airgun surveying is a precursor vibrant population of marine life, including the ecological balance of the waterway in
have grave consequences for our beloved
to drilling off our shores, which every dolphins and sea turtles. Our fishermen which it is done. This will cause certain
coastal ecosystems, which is why SCELP
coastal community along the state, from depend on the ability to catch fish in waters ocean species to migrate away from the
has asked Judge Richard Gergel to block
North Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head Island, off our shores, and commercial fishing still coast of our Sea Islands.”
companies from initiating seismic tests in
has opposed. The blasting process sets off supports the livelihood for many families,
search of oil and natural gas deposits off the “The coastal municipalities and small
extremely loud, continuous and damaging In addition, we have businesses that
South Carolina coast until he can hear and business chamber rely on the health and
levels of noise that could deafen, injure or provide fishing excursions and commercial
rule on the merits of the case. vitality of the marine ecosystem to support
kill whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other charters that take people from one of our
“The economic damage from seismic the quality of life and livelihood of their
iconic marine life. It causes massive damage three marinas into the City into waters
surveying for offshore oil starts on the first air residents, as well as their local tourism and
to zooplankton, the base of the oceanic food off our shores. We have major seafood
gun blast,” said Frank Knapp Jr., President/ fisheries economies. They have very real,
chain, and dramatically reduces the catch operations that distribute nearly all locally
CEO of the South Carolina Small Business scientifically-supported concerns about how
rates for commercial and recreational fishers. caught seafood throughout the State and
Chamber of Commerce. “The destruction seismic blasting will harm marine life, which
When SCELP filed its initial lawsuit on beyond. And we have boat dealers who are in turn will harm tourism, recreational and
from that first blast and all the subsequent
Dec. 11, 2018 in Federal District Court, dependent upon these businesses, as well commercial fisheries, and the quality of
blasts can never be undone. That’s why it
it contested the validity of five incidental as an estimated 10,000 plus recreational life of their citizens,” said Amy Armstrong,
is imperative that seismic surveys not start
harassment authorizations issued by the boaters and three marinas within the City executive director of SCELP.
while the legal process is ongoing.”
National Marine Fisheries Service that that serve local and transient boats.”
8 March 15, 2019

Respite Care receives $25,000

For The Island Connection

he Roper Saint Francis Physicians For more than 20 years, Respite Johns Island, James Island and North Dementia is an umbrella term that
Endowment has awarded a Care Charleston has provided half-day, Charleston. encompasses a variety of conditions that
$25,000 grant to Respite Care community-based programs for “The stress of caring for a loved one impair memory, behavior and the ability
Charleston to support the non-profit individuals with ADRD, allowing with dementia is immensely challenging to think clearly due to the death of neurons
organization’s non-medical services for caregivers the opportunity for emotionally, physically and financially, in the brain. Dementia symptoms can be
those living with Alzheimer’s disease and respite and offering participants and there are few affordable options for caused by strokes, traumatic brain injury,
related dementia (ADRD). The grant therapeutic activities focused on social short term relief,” said Bernie Buonanno, Parkinson’s disease or, most commonly,
will support with RCC’s day program for engagement. The only service of its RCC Co-Chair. “This grant will allow Alzheimer’s disease. In South Carolina,
individuals living with ADRD, including kind in Charleston County, RCC cares us to maintain our low program fees an estimated 16.7% of persons 65 and
updated technology, volunteer training for an average of 45 people per month and provide scholarships that ensure no older have been diagnosed with ADRD,
and other program expenses. at sites in Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, family is turned away due to financial a much higher rate than the national
challenges.” average of 10%. As the population in SC
The Roper Saint Francis Physicians continues to grow, the state is expected
Endowment was established by the to see a 34.8% increase in Alzheimer’s
Medical Society of South Carolina to by 2025, the 8th highest rate of increase
provide grants to improve health, wellness in the US. Of the nearly 100,000 South
and access for residents of Berkeley, Carolinians with ADRD, approximately
Charleston and Dorchester Counties. 70% live at home with family caregivers.
For John Holloway, CEO of the Respite Care Charleston is a 501(c)3
MSSC, the program helps meet an nonprofit organization dedicated to
emerging need for the under- and providing support and services to those
un-insured. “The rate of Alzheimer’s and living with Alzheimer’s disease and related
dementia is rising in South Carolina, yet dementia. For more than 20 years, RCC
few people have insurance to fund short- has provided support groups, social day
term, non-medical care. By supporting programs, education and other services
Respite Care Charleston, we’re helping to families in Charleston County. RCC’s
ensure caregivers have access to affordable trademark of MORE.GOOD.DAYS.
care for their loved ones, sustaining their illustrates the commitment to improving
quality of life and promoting aging in the quality of life for family caregivers and
place.” individuals with ADRD.
March 15, 2019 9

Dealing with pain

BY BARBARA RADIN FOX In recent years, physicians have given their patients wide variety of conditions from orthopedic or nerve pain
For The Island Connection opiates as the quick and effective solution for pain, but as to anxiety or the problems associated with chemotherapy
we are unfortunately finding, the use of opiates is causing and radiation.

arch has come in as a lion, as the old saying it’s own problems, including death from overdoses or There is also a way to decrease or eliminate pain by
goes, and will hopefully leave as a lamb. One mixing with other drugs. Some doctors believe that it using a system that utilizes LED lights. Another relatively
could also hopefully say that about pain and its is the fault of the patient if they use too much of the new way to reduce or eliminate pain and anxiety is the
treatment. medication, but they do not seem to understand how and use of hemp oil, also called CBD Oil and of course some
why addictions get started. Actually, historically, doctors states have legalized marijuana for medical use. Hemp oil
The number of people who are suffering with pain and nurses have had their own addiction problems
seems to have mushroomed over the past several years. products are legal throughout the U.S. because they don’t
starting with morphine and they supposedly “knew contain THC, which causes the “high” in marijuana use
This may be because we have more and more people who better.”
are 60 or older than ever before. Or it could be more and is considered by some studies to cause neurological
people are being “saved” by medications and surgeries The good news, though, is that as a result of the very problems with long-term use. (Some hemp oil products
who would have died as the result of their illnesses or recent push to not prescribe so many opiates, other ways contain trace amounts of THC, but are legal because it
injuries in the past, but these medications and surgeries to treat pain have appeared. In some cases we can go doesn’t cause a “high”).
aren’t able to alleviate the pain associated with their back to the basics, such as using moist heat or ice for There are also some medical and surgical procedures
conditions. some orthopedic pain, or get moving more with exercise, that are gaining pain-relieving results such as dorsal
physical therapy, chiropractic therapy. stimulators and injections, which I will write about in a
Pain happens for many reasons. Numerous people
suffer from orthopedic pain of all types due to New “old” treatment using acupuncture, which has future column.
problems with their bones and joints. Others have been in use for 3000 years in Asia is a very effective pain
For any comments or questions, please email foxb@
some type of nerve related pain, including fibromyalgia, treatment, even though our “Western Medicine” point of
gastrointestinal pain, pain caused by infections and other view doesn’t seem to see the benefits of it and insurance
diseases such as arthritis and cancer and so many more. doesn’t usually pay for it. Acupuncture can be used for a
10 March 15, 2019

Early Bird: Purple

Martins return to SC
For The Island Connection

n a sure sign that spring is not far
behind, the first Purple Martins of
the year have been spotted in South
The birds were seen on Feb. 5 in the
small town of Calhoun Falls in Northwest
SC by a Purple Martin enthusiast – one of
many throughout the eastern and central
United States who track and report on the
birds’ annual migration on behalf of the
Purple Martin Conservation Association.
"The Purple Martins arrival in South
Carolina show the birds are making The Purple Martin. Photo provided.
steady progress northward since they first thing keeping the species alive east of the
made landfall in Florida four days after Rocky Mountains.”
Christmas,” said Joe Siegrist, President Siegrist says the very survival of the
of the Purple Martin Conservation species is due in large part to scores of
Association. “Tracking the migration dedicated conservationists who invest
is not only fun, it also provides us with their time, money and hearts into
valuable information that helps inform maintaining housing for the martins.
our research and strengthen our efforts to
make sure we’re doing everything possible “The landlords provide critical shelter
to sustain the population of these amazing for the martins,” Siegrist said. “In return,
birds.” they are rewarded with a family-like bond
with the birds who return to the same
North America’s largest species of colony year after year like clockwork.”
swallow, Purple Martins winter in the
rainforests of Brazil before making up To follow along with the Purple
to a 7000-mile migration north into the Martins’ migration and learn more about
eastern United States and Canada. how you can help conserve this treasured
bird, visit PurpleMartin.org. In addition,
The annual migration is a testament people interested in learning more about
the martins' resilience as well as the how to attract and care for Purple Martins
unwavering dedication of thousands of can receive a free booklet by contacting the
‘martin landlords’ who maintain multi- Purple Martin Conservation Association
compartment nest 'condos' that are by emailing info@purplemartin.org or
essential for the birds' survival. Once calling 814.833.7656.
widespread in rural America, this species,
that eats billions of flying insects annually, Based in Erie, Pa. the Purple Martin
has been disappearing at an alarming Conservation Association is an organization
rate, experiencing a loss of one-third of its dedicated to the conservation of the Purple
population over the last 50 years. Martin through scientific research, state of
“The decline seems to be the the art wildlife management techniques and
combination of a few factors: nesting public education. The PMCA serves as a
habitat loss, competing invasive species, centralized data-gathering and information
decreasing prey availability, and climate source on the species, serving both the scientist
change,” said Siegrist. “Over the majority and Purple Martin enthusiast. The PMCA’s
of the Purple Martins’ range, they are mission is educating martin enthusiasts in
unable to nest naturally any longer. the proper techniques for managing this
Human-provided nest boxes are the only human-dependent species.
March 15, 2019 11
arts & events arts & events

Partners for holistic Hallie Hill is Putting for Paws

conservation F U N D R A I S E R A P R I L 1 AT
MUSEUM For The Island Connection

BY NORMAN POWERS allie Hill Animal Sanctuary is
For The Island Connection set to host its annual Putting for
Paws golf tournament fundraiser

he Seabrook Island Natural History on Monday, April 1 on Crooked Oaks
Group is pleased to partner with the Golf Course at the Seabrook Island Club.
Charleston Museum to welcome Players are invited to participate in an
to Charleston Brian Badger, Director of 18-hole shotgun scramble tournament
Conservation for the Cheetah Conservation including on-course contests and awards.
Fund, on April 13 at 2:30 p.m. for a free, Following the tournament players will Loew. “This year's tournament is hosted
public program at the Museum’s Arthur M. be treated to a banquet lunch and the at the Seabrook Island Crooked Oaks
Brian Badger, Director of Conservation for presentation of contest and raffle awards,
Wilcox auditorium. course which is both picturesque and
the Cheetah Conservation Fund. in the Atlantic Room of the Seabrook
Brian Badger is a well-known Photo provided.
challenging. Should make for a great day."
spokesperson for the Namibia-based Cheetah Island Club. All funds raised will support the 501c3
Conservation Fund, the world’s largest conservation in a lively and informative Players may register foursomes, animal sanctuary whose mission is to
organization dedicated to preserving one of presentation suitable for both adults and twosomes or single players who will be rescue and care for abandoned, abused or
the world’s most endangered big cats, with children. grouped into a foursome. Registration neglected animals who have no other home
fewer than eight-thousand remaining in the Born and raised in London, Badger’s includes 18 holes with a cart, tee gifts, or shelter. An integral factor in Charleston
wild. Namibia is home to the world’s largest passion for wildlife conservation began range balls, and on-course contests and becoming a no-kill community, Hallie
population of free-ranging cheetahs. three decades ago working with falcons awards. Registration is $600 per 4-person Hill provides respite and rehabilitation
“Real conservation is conservation that and led to a lifelong interest in predators team or $200 per individual. Hallie Hill for dogs and cats preparing them for
succeeds and is sustainable,” Brian says. and large carnivores. He has been involved is also seeking sponsors who will enjoy adoption, and provides a loving forever
“A holistic approach to conservation is the in conservation-based field studies of lions, exposure throughout the tournament, home to those animals who are unable to
key to the future of any species, cheetahs leopards and tigers in addition to the cheetah. pre-promotion and online exposure and be adopted.
and humans included! CCF is one of the He joined the CCF staff 18 years ago as complimentary participation at some
Operations Manager at its international levels of sponsorship. For more information about Hallie
incredibly few organizations that both Hill Animal Sanctuary and Putting
practices holistic conservation and teaches it headquarters in Namibia and now serves as "Our golf tournament is a fun way to
its Director of Conservation and Outreach. enjoy the gift of giving, providing needed for Paws, visit HallieHill.com or find
to individuals and organizations across the them on Facebook and Instagram at
globe.” For more information about SINHG visit resources for animals who need our help,"
says Hallie Hill Board Member, Harvey HallieHillAnimalSanctuary.
Badger will discuss the concept of holistic SINHG.org.
March 15 Island Connection Calendar March 26
ONGOING WHERE: Parking lot behind Hege’s WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and Charleston’s only year-round market. Ashley Greenway (McLeod Mill Rd. nr. Main Tickets $175 per person. To purchase tickets, WHERE: East Beach Conf. Center MORE INFO: Visit SeabrookIslandBirders.
Mondays WHEN: 10-11 a.m. Activities JohnsIslandFarmersMarket.com. Rd./SR S 10-20) contact Sara Berkowitz, at sberkowitz@ WHEN: 7:30 p.m. org or send an email to
WHAT: Family Trees MORE INFO: Bookmobile is back the WHERE: Aiken-Rhett House WHEN: 7:30 a.m.–noon charlestonstage.com or 843.647.7363. MORE INFO: The GRAMMY® Award- SeabrookIslandBirders@gmail.com if you
WHERE: Walton Hall at St. John’s Parish, first and third Tuesdays of the month. The WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Third Saturday of the MORE INFO: Visit SeabrookIslandBirders. winning, North Carolina-based sextet bring would like to attend or have questions.
3673 Maybank Hwy. schedule for the summer is June 19, July 3 & MORE INFO: Family tours start on the Month org or send an email to WHAT: Learning Together (SIB Birding their progressive bluegrass sound to Kiawah
WHEN: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. (beginning August 13) 17, August 7 & 21. half-hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 WHAT: Sea Islands Cars & Coffee SeabrookIslandBirders@gmail.com if you on Crooked Oaks Golf Course) on the heels of the release of their live-recorded WHAT: Friendly Fairy Party (children)
MORE INFO: Begin exploring the process of pm. Docent-led scavenger hunt tours, WHERE: Freshfields Village, Kiawah would like to attend or have questions. WHERE: Seabrook Island album, Out In The Open. Tickets $10 WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library
clearing title for heirs’ property by defining the Wednesdays historic games and toys in the garden. WHEN: 9-11 a.m. WHEN: 9–11 a.m. available Mar. 7 at the Municipal Center or WHEN: 3 p.m.
family tree. For more information or to make WHAT: Block-In Art Class HistoricCharleston.org for information and MORE INFO: This free event will feature WHAT: SC Native Plant Society SALE MORE INFO: Visit SeabrookIslandBirders. online at KiawahIsland.org/events. MORE INFO: Practice the magic of
an appointment for an initial assessment call WHERE: Todd & Huff Art Center, Bohicket to purchase tickets for the date and museum antiques, classics, exotics, concepts and any WHERE: Charles Towne Landing org or send an email to friendship! Create your own fairy persona
843.810.1036 marina house you would like to attend. other cool cars. Coffee and other refreshments WHEN: 9 a.m.-noon SeabrookIslandBirders@gmail.com if you FRIDAY, MAR. 22 and participate in fairy-themed crafts and
WHEN: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. available for purchase by Java Java Coffee MORE INFO: Arrive early, plants are sold would like to attend or have questions. games. For more info visit CCPL.org or call
WHAT: Charleston Coastal Choir MORE INFO: Class covers line drawing, WHAT: Live Music at The Andell Inn House. If you have any specific questions quickly! Members start shopping earlier! WHAT: World of Wonder: What Lies 843.559.1945.
WHERE: Church of Our Savior drawing with a brush, transparent wash, alla WHERE: The Andell Inn Hotel, Freshfields about the event, please contact Bruce Volunteers and Master Gardeners on hand TUESDAY, MAR. 19 Beneath
WHEN: 1 p.m. prima, monochrome value underpaintings, Village Stemerman at bstemerman@gmail.com. to answer plant-related questions. For more WHERE: The American Theater MONDAY, MAR. 25-29
MORE INFO: Local, mixed community toning a canvas, working wet into wet, WHEN: 6-8 p.m. information visit SC.Audubon.org/events/sc- WHAT: Conservation Coalition Lobby Day WHEN: 6 p.m.
chorus, open for membership. Season runs and glazing. See PatriciaRHuff.com or MORE INFO: Relax with cool jazz every THURSDAY, MAR. 14-APR. 4 native-plant-society-native-plant-sale. WHERE: Capital City Club, Columbia MORE INFO: The finale of the SC Aquarium’s WHAT: Spring Break Explorers Camp
October through March. For information ToddHuffCenter.com for details. Thursday evening in the lounge of the Andell WHEN: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. 2018-19 Holland Lifelong Learning series will WHERE: James Island County Park
contact Director of Music, Van McCollum at Inn Hotel. Drinks and food available. No WHAT: CSOL Symphony Designer SUNDAY, MAR. 17 MORE INFO: Join the SC Conservation take place March 22, 2019 at 6 p.m. at The WHEN: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
404.401.0678 or vanmccollum@bellsouth.net. WHAT: English Conversation Club cover charge. 843.793.6050. AndellInn.com. Showhouse Coalition for the 16th Annual Conservation Lobby American Theater. The program, titled “World MORE INFO: Kids will spend their
WHERE: John’s Island Regional Library WHERE: 16 Rutledge Ave. WHAT: “Growing the Green” Casino Day. NOTE that schedule will be released later and of Wonder: What Lies Beneath,” will take a days having a blast doing arts and crafts,
Tuesdays WHEN: 2 p.m. Third Thursday of the WHEN: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sun. 1-4 p.m. Night Gala is subject to change based on the legislative calendar. dive into the future of deep-sea exploration cooperative games, canoeing, and playing in
WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and MORE INFO: Practice speaking English Month MORE INFO: The house is generously WHERE: The Island House, Seabrook Island Club Following Lobby Day, join us for our annual Oyster with a keynote by ocean conservationist, Fabien the dirt...just like you used to do. Fee $225,
Activities with a small group. Beginners to advanced WHAT: Spring Sip & Stroll provided by Wendy and Allen Gibson and WHEN: 5 p.m. Roast from 5:30- 8 p.m. at 701 Whaley St. Dress Cousteau. Following the keynote Dr. Nadia ages: 6-10. Visit CharlestonCountyParks.org
WHERE: Nathaniel Russell House learners welcome. A children’s program and/or WHERE: Freshfields Village represented by Margaret and Richard von MORE INFO: Benefit for the Green Space comfortably for a day of walking and standing. Drake, a National Geographic Contributor for details and registration.
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. craft will be provided during the club meeting. WHEN: 4-7 p.m. Werssowetz of Handsome Properties. Conservancy, evening features drinks, food, Most people will be in business casual. For info visit and science reporter, will lead a panel discussion
MORE INFO: Family tours start on the Registration is not required; call 843.559.1945 MORE INFO: Visit participating stores Charleston Home + Design Magazine is the music, dancing, live and silent auction. Tickets SC.Audubon.org/events. of emerging tools and technologies in ocean TUESDAY, MAR. 26
half-hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 for more information. and restaurants during the monthly Sip & media partner of the 2019 CSOL Symphony available at SIGSC.org. exploration. Panelists include: Dr. Dave Ebert,
Stroll for special in-store events, sales and Designer Showhouse. All proceeds benefit WEDNESDAY, MAR. 20 shark expert and author, Dr. Grace Young, ocean WHAT: Waterwise Gardening
pm. Docent-led scavenger hunt tours,
Thursdays promotions along with sips and light snacks. the Charleston Symphony and CSOL Music WHAT: Romantic Interlude with CSO engineer and aquanaut and Dr. Daniel Wagner, WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library
historic games and toys in the garden.
WHAT: Beginning Oil Painting Scholarships. $20 advance tickets available WHERE: Holy Spirit Catholic Church WHAT: SINHG Evening Program NOAA expedition coordinator. Tickets $20, WHEN: 11 a.m.
HistoricCharleston.org for information and
WHERE: Todd & Huff Art Center, Bohicket Thursdays & Sundays Jan. 14-Mar. 13 online CSOLInc.org. Tickets WHEN: 4 p.m. WHERE: The Lake House members and students $10. MORE INFO: Representatives from the
to purchase tickets for the date and museum
marina WHAT: Live Music at the door will be available beginning March MORE INFO: The Kiawah Arts and WHEN: 7 p.m. Clemson Extension will explain how to conserve
house you would like to attend.
WHEN: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. WHERE: Forty-Eight - Wine Bar & Kitchen 14 for $25 each. Cultural Event Council presents Ken Lam MORE INFO: Dr. Norman Levine, director SATURDAY MARCH 23 and use stormwater runoff to support healthy
and the Charleston Symphony Orchestra of the Lowcountry Hazards Center at the habitats in the home landscape and protect clean
First and Third MORE INFO: Class includes drawing, WHEN: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
College of Charleston will explore potentially WHAT: Backyard Birding at Bridle Trail Drive water in the community through rain gardens,
Tuesdays composition, color theory and painting MORE INFO: Featuring 48 wines SATURDAY, MAR. 16 performing music from the Romantic era,
techniques. See PatriciaRHuff.com or by the glass every day. For details visit Wagner, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky. dangerous natural events unique to the WHERE: Seabrook Island, SC rainwater harvesting, native plant gardens and
WHAT: The Charleston County Public
ToddHuffCenter.com for details. FortyEightWineBar.com. WHAT: The Plantation Singers Complimentary tickets available at the Lowcountry. $5 charge for non-SINHG WHEN: 8–10 a.m. vegetative buffers. For more info visit CCPL.org.
Library Bookmobile
WHERE: 5605 Katy Hill Rd., Wadmalaw Municipal Center of online at KiawahIsland. members. Pre-registration at SINHG.org.
Third Friday of the WHEN: noon-3 p.m. org/events.
Month MORE INFO: Join local gospel artists and THURSDAY, MAR. 21
WHAT: Homeschool History Days a taste of the island’s best Gullah cuisine. $15 MONDAY MARCH 18
donation at the door. For info call Bertha WHAT: Seabrook Island Grief Support
WHERE: Charleston Museum, 360 Meeting St. Group
WHEN: 10-11 a.m. Middleton at 843.557.8408. WHAT: Pearlstine Theater, Grand
Opening WHERE: Eagle’s Nest at The Lake House
MORE INFO: A special program for WHEN: 7 p.m.
homeschooling families. Programs feature WHAT: Barrier Island Environmental WHERE: The Pearlstine Theater, 1401 Sam
Education (children) Rittenberg Blvd. MORE INFO: It takes strength to make your
one of our field trip classes, a chance to way through grief, to grab hold of life and to
go through the Museum, and an activity. WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library WHEN: 6:30 p.m. cocktails, 7:30 p.m.
WHEN: 3 p.m. curtain let it pull you forward. Grieve and share with
Free with paid admission. To register visit people who understand while gaining strength
CharlestonMuseum.org. MORE INFO: Learn about the local MORE INFO: “The Pearl,” benefitting
ecosystem and animals with representatives Charleston Stage’s Education Programs, from each other. New members welcome.
of Barrier Island at St. Christoher, and meet which reach over 18,000 Lowcountry Participants include but are not limited to those
Saturdays who have lost a spouse as well as those who have
WHAT: Johns Island Farmers Market some friendly critters. For more info visit youth annually. Performances by Mayor
CCPL.org or call 843.559.1945. John Tecklenburg, The Hungry Monks, lost a child. For more information contact Mary
WHERE: Charleston Collegiate campus, Fleck at marybfleck@gmail.com. Non-residents
2024 Academy Rd. The Plantation Singers, Charleston Stage’s
WHAT: Beyond our Backyard – Biking & resident acting company and members of may register to attend by contacting in advance.
WHEN: 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
MORE INFO: Local farmers, vendors Birding the Greenway Charleston Stage’s 8 and 9 grade performance
WHERE: Meet at parking area for West troupe, (featuring Julie Mathias, clarinet). WHAT: Steep Canyon Rangers
and artisans, live music, food trucks.
14 March 15, 2019
financial focus
Own property in an
What should you do
Opportunity Zone?
with an inheritance?

I can put your property in

For The Island Connection

f you were to receive a sizable Save for college. If you have children,

front of the right buyers. inheritance, what should you do with

it? This money could help you achieve
some of your important financial goals, so
or grandchildren, whom you would like to
someday send to college, you might want
to put some of your inheritance into a
you’ll want to think carefully about your college savings vehicle, such as a 529 plan,
choices. which provides tax benefits and gives you
Of course, everyone’s needs are great flexibility in distributing the money.
different, so there’s no one “right” way to Build an emergency fund. If you haven’t
handle a large lump sum. But here are a already built an emergency fund containing
few suggestions that may be useful: six to 12 months’ worth of living expenses,
Pay off some debts. Depending on the you may be able to do so now, using part
size of your inheritance, you may want of your inheritance. Keep the money in a
to consider paying off some, if not all, of liquid, low-risk account, so that it’s readily
your debts, such as car loans, personal available to pay for unexpected costs.
loans and student loans. You might even Without such a fund, you might be forced
consider paying off your mortgage, but to tap into your long-term investments.
you may not want to, as you might be able Above all else, you may want to get
to get a better return on your money by some help. If you don't already have one,
investing it. Also, if all your money is tied a financial professional can recommend
up in a house, you’ll typically have less ways of using the money to help you
liquidity than you would get from your meet your goals. For one thing, you could
investments. further diversify your investments, which
Contribute more to your retirement is important, because diversification can
accounts. You may now be able to afford help reduce the effects of market volatility
to contribute more to your 401(k) or other on your portfolio. (Keep in mind that
employer-sponsored retirement plan, as diversification can’t prevent all losses or
well as to your IRA. These accounts offer guarantee profits).
tax benefits plus an array of investment And a financial professional can help
choices, so they are excellent ways to build you determine how much your plans
resources for retirement. could change due to the inheritance. To
name just one possibility, you might be
able to move up your retirement date.
If so, you’d need to adjust many aspects
of your financial strategy, such as when
to take Social Security, how much to
withdraw each year from your retirement
accounts, and so on.
You’ll also need to consult with your
tax advisor, because some inherited
assets, such as an IRA, could have tax
Your loved ones worked hard, and
probably invested for many years, to
leave a legacy for you. So, to honor their
memory, do whatever you can to handle
your inheritance wisely.
Dimi Matouchev is a financial advisor
with Edward Jones, located at 1517-C
Palm Boulevard, Isle of Palms. For more
information, call 843.886.9229 or visit

Alejandro J. Ferreyros
(843) 202-9226

Commercial Brokerage
Sanddollarsc.com • (843) 530-8100
2205 Middle St Suite 203 • Sullivan’s Island, SC • 29482
March 15, 2019 15

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