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Respected Sir,

This document contains the proposal for association of AMERICAN EXPRESS with
Ranbhoomi 2019, which will take place from 18-20 January 2019.
This proposal is meant to give you an idea of how AMERICAN EXPRESS can be an integral
part of Ranbhoomi’19. It is negotiable and can be tailored in accordance with your needs as per
our future discussions.

We want to give AMERICAN EXPRESS a premium position within our fest; and offer
extensive associations and marketing opportunities to AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Our team would gladly take any queries and conduct further negotiations with you via
different communication mediums (telephone, email, meetings).
Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the proposal.

Warm Regards,
Anish Nag S
Member || Corporate Relations
Ranbhoomi' 19
+91 8073087895
Deliverables from Ranbhoomi'19 to AMERICAN EXPRESS

• Promotion through Ranbhoomi’s pro night with an expected footfall of 25000
• Promotion with flash mob to be conducted near Indore airport with an expected visibility to 200
people offline and another 3000 people through social media
• Promotion through Raahgiri, an exclusive Indore health and fitness road block initiative with
expected participation of 1000.
• Promotion through Sahodya, the annual sporting event of school students at IIM Indore with an
expected participation of 1000.

• AMERICAN EXPRESS’s inputs shall be highlighted for our initiatives in association with i-
Help, a students’ organisation that strives for the holistic development of underprivileged children
in Indore.
• AMERICAN EXPRESS’s association to be established in our nationwide walk-a- thon
organized with Impact

Offline/ Tangible
• Offline promotion through flexes, banners and standees within the IIM Indore campus.
• Banners on institute buses plying throughout Indore city
• Email about AMERICAN EXPRESS’s services to be sent to all the participants of the IPM
program for promotional purposes.
• Mention in sponsor pool for the next three years
• Promotion with multiplex partners, print media partners and expected radio partners
Digital Footprint
• Promotion through various youth and sports related YouTube pages with a net expected
viewership of 5000-6000 people
• Promotion through the second edition of Ranbhoomi Impact League, with an expected
participant pool of 1500 students and college staff and an approach pool of 6000- 7000 people
• Promotion through all the social media presence of Ranbhoomi
• Promotion through at least 50 different event marketing platforms so as to capture different
target audiences.
Thank You.