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What is “code sharing”?

A code sharing is an agreement between two airlines that one airline sells ticket and operated by
another airline. It’s a marketing strategy to maximize airlines profit that one airline sell tickets on
behalf of other airline. In order to provide wider choice of destinations.

Here is the example of code sharing that our Pakistani local flights operated by fly Dubai. Fly
Dubai operating its flight from Lahore to Karachi. And it is possible with the help of one
agreement between Pakistan and Oman known as stand-alone cabotage. So code sharing and
stand-alone cabotage is related to each other. And agreement between international airline with
other country government. Stand-alone cabotage is not for domestic and regional carriers.

What is “stand-alone cabotage”?

We have total 9 freedoms of air in which ninth freedom of air is called as stand-alone cabotage.
It is an international agreement between two countries and one side party is always government
to allow international airline to operate their flights in other foreign country. This agreement
gives permission to international airline to carry passengers from its own country (A) to foreign
country (B).And carry foreign passengers from point (B) to point (C).

From example:
From Dubai to Pakistan in Lahore and also carry passengers from Lahore to Karachi. This is an
example of stand-alone cabotage.

By emirates airline.